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Hi all,
So far not so good - I have gained a kg. Today I am doing my usual Monday fast (which I don't find too bad - it's the second day I struggle with). I do notice now that I get a lot of palpitations on fast days (usually in the mornings before I have eaten anything at all). I try and ignore them because I don't want to eat because it's obviously less calories for the rest of the day, but if I don't eat they just continue and as soon as I eat something they stop. I also believe they are connected to my gut. I drink plenty of fluids and no caffeine etc but it is a bit of an annoying problem (that I read can be related to low blood sugar). Have had palpitations and lots of extra beats for years btw and had them investigated last year as they got much worse when my menopause started. That is the only thing that is sabotaging my fasting because once I start to eat I find it hard to curb the appetite. (I always used to eat just once a day in the evening on a fast day). I think 68kg is looking unlikely so I shall aim to get back to 70kg.
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@loversghost, as someone who has experienced palpitations for many years, I suggest taking magnesium. It has been the only pill I've ever taken in my life that I can actually feel the effect of. I've read that there are some types of magnesium that supposedly work better than others, but I've tried a few different kinds and they all seem to work the same for me. So, whatever you can find at your local drugstore will be just fine (mag citrate will soften your stool, though, so if you have constipation great, but if you have loose stool often I would suggest a different form). I generally take it as needed, but I have found during months where I take it daily no matter what, I feel great. I would say try 400-500 mg next time you experience your palpitations and see how you feel in 20 minutes (I take as much as 1200mg a day some days depending on how I'm feeling). It might just change your life! :grin:

As for my weight progress, I'm down 0.4 lbs this week. I was 2 pounds lower for this whole weekend, so that's encouraging.

I sort of fulfilled my personal requirements, but not fully, so I'm going to say 1 star for this week.

Also, I went clothes shopping for the first time in forever this weekend, and I felt amazing and found a good amount of well-fitting clothing! I wear mediums and 8's now! :shock: :grin:
Thanks for the advice but I already take magnesium and have done for years - I take 750mg of mag citrate each day! Lord knows what they'd be like without them [incompatible emoji removed]
Dear @loversghost, the palpitations don't sound very good... What was the outcome of the investigation last year? I am sure you have googled possible solutions. Is there some food you could eat to stop the palpitations that doesn't make you want to keep eating? You could try a salty broth perhaps??

Annoying for you too for the scales to be up a kilo. Could that just be normal fluctuation, or do you think it is due to what you ate...

@Fancyfinch, things seem to be continuing pretty well for you! :star: Having a reduction in clothing size is certainly a reward. I will add your star to the first post in this thread.

What stars are other challengers awarding themselves? I am wondering if we should have a symbol for "tried hard but circumstances were against me"???
It's too quiet on here, so I guess I'll post. :grin:

Down to 152.8 lbs (my weekly weigh-in on monday was 155.2). This is following two days of NFDs, so that's promising! Although, I admit I have eaten only chocolate today despite it being a fast day (sometimes we have strong cravings...). I've stayed within my FD calories, but I still have 7 hours to go until bedtime. Sometimes I make poor choices :razz:

I am determined to stick to my FD calorie limit. I'll probably have some miso soup (25 cals) just before bed so I can sleep (can't sleep on a hungry stomach).

Hope everything is going well with everyone! :clover:
Sorry I haven't been around. I've been totally "off" this week. It has been a chaotic unstructured week and I've eaten like crap - donuts, burgers, fast food, chai, etc!! Haven't been getting my walks in either. Yet, when I got on the scale today it was actually down from Monday! It's crazy, I feel like I've been working sooo hard the last few months and barely lost anything and then I don't try and lose! But, I'm going to try to get back on track anyway. I don't feel good eating like this! At this point, I think if I can get through Christmas without gaining anything, that'll be good! This weekend is busy, so I'll get back on track on Monday!
Off to trivia night soon! Have a good night/day everyone!
I'm joining, too! Even if it's too late I'll just lurk around, I've been bad about checking in lately! I'm going to keep my goal from the Halloween challenge, I want to get to 159 lbs, break through that 160. I've never been below 160.
I mean I must've at some point growing up but not any time I can remember! So right now I'm 162 so it doesn't seem like the hardest goal ever, but the holidays are so dangerous for a sugar addict like myself, so I'm hoping to lose 3 lbs by Christmas!
I"m going to stay away from all sugar and grain. I'm going to eat low carb, healthy fat. I'm going to stick to a 16:8 eating window. I haven't been able to fast lately, I get so crazy at lunch that I eat, but maybe I can work in a longer fast at some point, too.
Good luck to everyone!
@cblasz, that seems to happen to me too! It's very strange isn't it? But thank goodness for it!
Sunday is my 'official' weigh in day and has been for years. I only started this challenge one week ago, after a couple of weeks of non-fasting and eating everything in sight, and I have managed to get down from 153.2 pounds to 148.8 pounds. If my maths is correct, then I have lost 4.4 pounds this week! :victory:

I know that most of this will be water loss, because my carb intake has shrunk dramatically, but it certainly is encouraging -
even though that I know that I may well lose nothing in the next week or two - not until the actual fat starts melting away! This is the lowest I have been since the end of September so I feel that I am well on my way to getting back to my target weight (147 pounds) by December 16th - when my Christmas Challenge ends and I put it all back on again on my Christmas cruise! :cry:

I have also managed to stick to the other challenges which I set for myself at the start of this, so I would like to claim four stars please, @Sassy1 Or if that's too greedy, then two will do - when you have time, of course - no rush!. :grin:

A quick welcome back to @nycnyc2013. I'm sure that Sasssy1 will be along to welcome you to the challenge so no need to lurk!

I , too, have had the same experience when I have had a 'bad' week, @cblasz, so congratulations but it's good to see you back on the wagon!

:clover: :clover: :clover: Good luck to everyone on their challenge and let's make next week a good one! :clover: :clover: :clover:
Down 1 pound this week! 2 stars, please :grin:
It's already 10.30pm so don't think I will be writing too much here today...

First, though, welcome @nycnyc2013, not too late to join and I will add you in to the first post when I get a chance,

@Stowgateresident, my original idea was that each week you can earn a maximum of 2 stars, but if you are so happy with how you have managed your eating, I am happy to award 4 stars. (I am not awarding stars directly for weight loss, per se. ) Let me know your decision. :grin:

@Cblasz, your week sounds like my holiday in terms of eating behaviour. Certainly no stars for me, and I assume not for you. Let's hope we are both able to get back on track this week. :clover:

@Fancyfinch, I think you must be the first person who admitted to fast day calories almost all from chocolate. :razz: :razz: :razz:

Can other challengers please let me know how many, if any, stars they have earned for their first (even second) week? Thanks. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
Welcome back @Sassy1 - I hope you enjoyed your holidays! That's what really matters!

You are right, definitely no stars for me. The scale is definitely up and I'm ready to own that. And I'm ready to get back on track today. I've planned my meals for the week and had my glass of water this morning! I walked yesterday and started C25K AGAIN! There's an after work walking/running group near me that I'm planning to join on Thursday night. It'll be dark, but that's why it's a group! I'm kind of excited about it as I don't usually get that kind of exercise during the week and it might be a nice way to meet new people (who are active!) I'm a little nervous, because I think more of them are walkers than runners, but they've assured me that some of the runners are very slow.

Anyway, my plan right now is to try to get back to a solid 165 and stay there until after the holidays. If I lose more great, but I know it's a hard time of year for me. But, then I will kick it up a notch after the holidays!

Well, I better get ready for work. I have another busy week!

Have a great week everyone!
Thanks for the heads up about the stars, @Sassy1. That's the problem about being late to a party - you never know what's gone on before! Two stars will be great, thank you, especially as I achieved all my aims for the week! :victory:

Yesterday was a non-fast day and this morning the scales were up over a pound! My head knows it's because it was quite a carb-heavy day (salmon sandwich at lunchtime and a small Chinese take-away in the evening - lovely! :grin: ), so fluid retention is the culprit, but at least I know that and it is not going to deter me from today's fast!

I'm off to see if anyone else has started a 'Dieting today' thread. If not, I'll start one! :smile:
Stars added for @Fancyfinch and @Stowgateresident! (Ff posted while I was writing my post last night and I didn't see it until just now.) Stowie, I hope the fast helped with that slight gain, for your own peace of mind!

Would be great to hear how other challengers are doing. Have things improved for you @loversghost? What stars do you wish to award yourself @Margotsylvia - you seem to be doing well. And @Matillian and @loz17, please let us know how you are going. We are here to support you, whatever is happening.

A reminder that you get :star: :star: if you have stuck to your strategies (almost) all the time over a week, and :star: if you didn't quite manage that but are still happy with your eating behaviour. You let me know.

@Cblasz, we did have a great holiday. It worked out even better than I had planned, in terms of what we were able to see and do. The Yorke Peninsula in South Australia has some spectacular coastline, and some glorious beaches with beautiful clear water. The weather wasn't overly warm most of the time, but I did manage a few dips in the sea.

Now we have just less than 6 weeks until Christmas - for some even less until the end of the challenge. That's not long! Let's support each other in sticking to our strategies so that we all feel ready for the Christmas period.

Best wishes and good luck to all! :clover: :clover: :clover: :smile:
Hi Sassy1. Glad you had an enjoyable holiday! One star for me, I think. Had a physical problem (flare-up of old injury). Stuck to 5:2 diet religiously, but had to forego much exercise, Osteo says 2 more days before I’m cleared for exercise. With my energetic background, I seem to need to do a lot in order to lose the weight. When exercising and on 5:2 all goes beautifully though....hopeful for next report in. Thanks for your efforts.
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