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Welcome to the official Christmas 2014 challenge thread... this is where you register and post your results.
The challenge is officially completed and if you do need some time for a final weigh in feel free to update us when you are ready. Well done to the 15 that made it..

(*As reported by challengers to Jan 6)
1. Member 34 @Debs, November 5.
2. Member 92 @mas54321 November 22
3. Member 21 @judithn Dec 1
4. Member 102 @panda_po Dec 7
5. Member 69 @Kelly25-tr Dec 6
6. Member 109 @WarriorPrincess Dec 10
7. Member 43 @bofa45 Dec 13
8. Member 106 @Maryann Dec 15
9. Member 10 @MadCatLady Dec 15
10. Member 36 @Tammae Dec 16
11. Member 35 @Triphopmamma Dec 16
12. Member 5 @Brand-ie Dec 19
13. Member 21 @barbarita Dec 21
14. Member 29 @lizbean Dec 30
15. Member 45 @peonyblueJan 6 (maintenance)


The hard work started on October 1. The challenge will finish on December 22, no extensions. Just under 12 weeks of challenge time

The first Xmas challenge in 2013 got about 150 members participating and 36 reaching their goal, 1600 replies on the forum, and a whopping 240kg lost by the group. Last years thread: 5-2-diet-chat-f6/register-here-to-joing-the-69ers-club-t8676.html
I decided not to do any group tallying this year as we have more maintainers and a group weight loss is probably not relevant for the individual... plus the spreadsheet work too a bit too much out of me as im a bit of a perfectionist with numbers and never got to a final tally).. Also no extensions. There will be a new challenge by someone starting Jan 2015 I am sure.

Last year we got so many to their goals and let this year be as successful..
Set reasonable and achievable goals. indeed err on the side of caution and if you think you cant lose 10kg set it to 5kg. (if you have 10kg to lose)

This year we are having an optional extra challenge.. the minimise XXX challenge. What can you cut out completely or minimise consumption of, even on a non fast day.
You might wish to minimise on carbs or some other "nasty" or something that does not help your weight loss/fitness plan. May even be an extra challenge related to more movement /exercise... in other words minimising time " on a chair. Whatever it is tell us
Remember if you keep doing what you've been doing and losing only 1 pound every other month then something has to change. Let us know exactly your method .. what you were doing and what you plan to do come October 1.
My "extra" challenge is no extra sugars on a fast day (even coffee) and minimal sugars even on non fast days. By sugars for me that's the white or brown stuff you add to food and while you cook.. However, I will continue to eat sugar as fruit.

COME JOIN ME.... :grin:

Member 1 : @Juliana.Rivers Final update Dec27
Start weight : 72.8kg (Libra trend weight). actual was 72.9
Goal weight : 70.0kg (Libra trend weight). (so actual weight should range from 69.5 to 70.5kg and to say goodbye to 71.5 or more after November 15.)
result is 73.4kg (libra) ummmm

Extra challenge: minimal "extra" sugar; cakes and cookies are out, but fruit is ok
New Method : continue 4:3; stricter fast day monitoring and the xtra challenge.

Oct 6 72.7 Libra (72.6 actual) - loss of 200g on Libra weight
Oct 14 72.5kg Libra (actual 72.3) - cumulative loss of 300g on Libra weight
Nov 6 72.0 Libra (actual 71.9) -
Nov 20 72.5 Libra (actual 72.8)
Dec 1 73.2 Libra (actual 73.6)
Dec 8 73.1 Libra (actual 73.1)
cumulative gain of 300g since starting challenge... hmmm not sure the reason as my eating quantiy and appetite is low. Must admit i havent followed my no quit sugar but not eating anything to excess so a bit of a mystery this one

Dec 25 73.4 Libra (actual 73.5) ... i guess i wasnt going to make it. Didnt do the quit sugar very well as I found it hard to do though admire the many on that have done it. Not particularly eating lots so not sure what happened.. Strange thing is ive never felt better or from my own point of view, looked healthier (in the face) so maybe even 71k is too low for me. Sounds like an excuse but met a neighbour in the shops and she has my problem.. a tummy problem she cant budge but she says at 76kg she is just fine with that. I need to research set points i think. help me someone.


Member 2: @Katharina Last update Dec 24
Start : 134 llbs.
Goal: touch on 126 lbs (9 stones) (8 lbs loss).
My add-ons to 5:2 and daily 16:8 for this challenge are tackling sugar and all carbs by counting and monitoring. Fruit kept in moderation but cakes, biscuits, toast, any pastry, chocolate, wine and desserts out. Have already been trying this out with success at last. It bodes well for trying to reach my goal.

Oct 5 133.4lbs

Oct 11 131.8 lbs. overall loss 2.2 lbs
2 weeks after start and chuffed with the incredible changes which must be because of extra promises which I kept and it is easy: Especially with this renewed motivation.

( this weekend up in London will be a challenge but I am determined not to wreck my progress. So....I "cannot drink wine because of my cold", and have " lost some appetite" excuses should anyone comment!)

Nov 14 I will log in with data next week

Nov 29 reporting in after at least a month of silence and unfocused eating and set-back on the challenge. My OH had unexpected heart surgery and although I was aware of my eating I could not be careful. Thankfully he is now at home and slowly on the mend.
So I'm now back with my 5:2 and really glad - I now have NINE pounds to lose to reach that elusive goal of 9 stone. (When I started the challenge I had EIGHT pounds to lose.) It could be much worse and with about 4 weeks of challenge left I should still be able to have some success. Thankfully clothes still fit!

Dec 24 #2 here,Heartfelt congratulations to all of you who achieved goal, just wonderful, we all know the effort involved! :like: Soldier on those who didn't :clover:
My report is really good given the constraints we had. I am back to the weight I started the challenge with, and the higher plateau shows a little downturn even. I feel fine, still buy my size 12 off the peg and that's the treat of a lifetime!!
1) OH had heart surgery 2 months ago and even though I felt mindful, eating outside my regime was a comfort, joining in with those around me. Weight went up 4lbs and I didn't like feeling bloated. Wine and lush food in the evenings after unhealthy daytime snacks had helped to ease stress...( My sensible self now asks why is all that a comfort?)
2) I am back on 5:2 track as a matter of course and without neurosis. It works - along with exercising in the Gym 3x weekly plus HIT on the bike when I remember, only takes 10-15 mins a day never mind all the rushing about, "fetching and carrying". OH is now fit to drive, it's miraculous. All set for a quiet steady Christmas but not without treats!
3) Very unfortunate I had to draw back from my Challenge but it has helped without doubt to follow the forum and thanks to @Juliana.Rivers for all that hard work efficiently and encouragingly done! :heart:
I will reach my goal in time.
Happy 2015 to all!


Member 3 : @Isis Final update : Jan 7
Start weight : 12 stone 3.5lbs
Goalweight : 11 stone 8 lbs
Method: I will continue 4:3ing, 16:8ing on other days
also exercise routine . I must start my exercise routine again of cycling & doing Jane Fonda wrinklies Dvds! but will have to fit around my Latin, Roman History & the free Futurelearn online course about Hadrian's Wall!

Extra challenge: I will try to eliminate or much reduce bread, pasta & other carbs. I don't have sugar in drinks but can be seduced by lovely cakes baked by others & if my OH decides to eat biscuits. I also love cheese & cream crackers with butter so I suppose occasional cheese without the crackers

Oct 4
. I am going the wrong way & have gained 3/4 lb! :confused:
I must get back into my exercise routine & the kitchen is now clear of cake! No more cake & much reduced carb intake from now on!
Oct 11: a loss of 1 lb 2oz!

I'm so relieved because on Wednesday my weight was 2lb more than this. No idea what my body is doing at the moment but probably because of less exercise because I suspect I have a shin splint in my left leg so I've been resting it. I have celebrated with a glass of wine & a chocolate eclair but back to eating more carefully tomorrow :lol:

Oct 18: Stayed the same this week despite 4:3ing but not being able to exercise much at the moment is having an effect & awaiting blood test results because my GP thinks I have an irritated nerve in my leg & maybe B12 deficient.

Oct 25 . I gained 2oz this week despite three fasts! I suppose it's almost staying the same but frustrating that I am no longer losing weight.
Nov 1 : Oh dear 2lbs up I knew I shouldn't have ruined my fast day yesterday with eating lunch & then Hallowe'en chocolates bought by my OH for children that never arrived on our doorstep! So much for just in case buying :cry: I suspect too many calories & carbs resulting in increased fluid retention?
Nov 9No 3 checking in with 1lb loss this week but not yet back to even my lowest weight with just bouncing up & down the same 3 lbs. Well off to Japan on holiday next week so hoping the food there will not be too calorific & with much walking will at least result in no weight gain. My goal of getting below 12 stone before Christmas seems a long way off :frown:

Dec 6 I have lost 4 & 1/2lbs this week since getting back from Japan last Monday from where I gained 8 lbs in weight. I am back on track now with two fasts last week but there is no way that I can meet my Xmas Challene now. Could the challenge be extended to include January to help us all deal with the Christmas aftermath?
I'm having one of my varicose veins injected on Monday that I suspect will also involve me having to walk for at least twenty minutes each day which may help on the exercise front but may prevent me from cycling on my exercise bike. I will try to stick with 4:3ing & hope I can keep reducing in weight but I don't regret my unavoidable weight gain in Japan because we had a fabulous time & learnt much :grin: :like:
Dec 15 No 3 reporting in. Well done everyone who has successfully completed their Christmas Challenge :like: :star: :star: I will not be one of you! I have lost another pound this week so I am working back to my pre-Japan weight but unfortunately I have no hope of even getting below 12 stone let alone 11 stone 8lbs! So I will have to keep plodding on to get there & eventually to my end goal weight of 10 stone next year. I am rather depressed that my tracker seems to have accurately predicted that I am unlikely to get there until October 2015 because of my slow averaged weight loss with holiday gains slowing things up. However I was always in here for the long haul & will now follow this WOE forever :smile: Thank you for organising the challenge Juliana
Jan 7 I am still trying to get back into a proper fasting routine with working through Christmas leftovers on my eating days & have today had a last mince pie & a slice of pannetonne :shock: Being honest I am also struggling with my motivation to keep on fasting at the moment after the freedom of not fasting most of December! My OH & I did complete a fast day yesterday & I feel pleased about that but I do need to get my head around the benefits of fasting & I'm rereading The Fast Diet book to try & bolster my motivation. I still have 2 & 1/2 stone, 35lbs, to lose


Member 4: @Sue.Q
Goal weight : 90kg
I will be away at the start if this challenge but I'll set my goal before I go taking into account my holiday gain!!!! I've reset my interim goal at 90kg and will probably go with that as a goal. (I'll be back on that one ) I gave up sugar in my drinks earlier this year so my extra challenge is to keep this up running along side my lower carbs

Member 5:@brand-ie Last Update Dec 19
*** GOAL MET DEC 19 ***
Start weight 192.5 Weighing in on Fridays
Lose 10 lb
Goal 182.5

Oct 4
Checking in with no weight change this week.
Oct 10: 1 lb loss I've not done proper fasts this week and only run once and not even walked like I normally do because of this horrid cold. Despite this 1lb loss.
Oct 18 0.75lb loss . Quite pleased with that this week.
Oct 24 Had a really bad week this week and put on 1.5 lb. Never mind next week will be better.
Oct 31A tiny 0.25lb of a lose but it is TOTM so not overly disappionted. Plus this month I have lost 0.5 inch of my waist so am happy at that. Overall that's 0.5lb lost since this challenge started.
Nov 7 I am 1.25lb down Yay. But I am off out for a Pizza hut dinner tonight with chocolate cake for dessert.
Nov 15 1.25lb up. A week of chocolate and cake will do that though and my shape has changed so not too disappionted.
Nov 22 loss of 1.25lb. I am blinking well yoyoing around this same 2-3 lb and it's getting annoying now. Still a loss is a loss so I'm happy with that.
Nov 28 I have been properly ill this week and it's resulted in a 3.5lb loss. Hopefully I won't put it all back on next week :wink: Since starting the challenge that's a 5lb loss.

Also have passed my interim goal of 13.5 stone which means I have now lost 4 stone overall

Dec 5 Not run this week again due to breathing problems with this cold that's still hanging around. Hopefully I cam start again next week.
Loss of 2.75lb this week. I am really pleased with this. That's 7.75lb overall in this challenge so far. After a slow start it seems to be back to losing again.
Dec 12 checking in with a 1lb lose. Yay Plus I have gone jogging this week as well again. :grin:
So I am only 1.25lb off target. Even if I don't make it I think it's been great.
Dec 19 I've hit my goal :grin: :victory: :grin:
Can you tell I'm pleased about it.
This morning's weigh in 181.75lb
. That's 2 lb loss since last week and 10 3/4 lbs lost in this challenge overall.
Thanks to @Juliana.Rivers for running a fantastic challenge and keeping us all honest :grin:
Thank you to the rest of the forum for continued support.


Member 6: @CandiceMarie Last update Oct 10
Goal: 5 pounds loss
Method: 5:2ing for the 12 weeks
PROGRESS: Oct 10 A bit baffled.. According to doc's scales,have lost 3 lb ( unlikely) and on friend's scales,lost nothing (unfair).
Seems to make sense to go for 1.5 lb? ( 0.680 kg)

Am cautiously joining..i was very successful with last year'sCrimbo Challenge but havent done well since Hope i don't sound too negative, but i know my limitations this year,so i won't be adding any extras,just the simple hope of 5:2 ing for the 12 weeks x x

Member 7: @hazelnut20Final update Dec 22
Start weight 12st 3lbs
Goal weight 11st 7lbs
Final result 12st 1lb - which is a loss of 2lbs overall.

If I can get to 11:7 by Christmas, that will be 4stone 1lb lost since starting 5:2! Obviously, I'd prefer to lose more than that to give me Christmas wiggle room.....but at the same time I need to be realistic.....and 10lbs is more than enough, probably.

On top of 5:2 & 16:8....I pledge to do at least 10 minutes everyday on my new target my tree trunk thighs......and, to get to bed before midnight at the very least on fasting days, hopefully on a few more days too.

Nov 27 Well hello all! #9 slinking in after a hefty absence......

Haven't updated since early October. Fell off the wagon big time and now weigh 5lbs more than when I started the Christmas challenge.
Dec 22 Hello all.......and a very Merry Christmas to everyone!

#7 reporting in with my final weigh in for this challenge. It hasn't been as straightforward as the other challenges for me, as I have lost my way quite a bit over the past few months. The comfort eating urge has been strong.....and I have, as usual, gone with it. There's loads of work I need to do with myself and I am doing what I can, when I can.

My final weigh in was 12st 1lb - which is a loss of a pretty miserly 2lbs overall. I'm not saying I'm pleased with that, but taking all my situation into account, it's a wonder it isn't a 10lb I will grab my 2lb loss very gratefully thank you very much!

We have all read it here time after time - but we really are on a lifelong journey of getting to grips with our relationship with food. Some will get there quicker than others...and sincerely, very good luck to them. I am not in a competition with anyone else, in fact the only person I am at times fighting with, is me! Old habits die hard, but die they must.....Since the start of my journey on 25/11/13 I have lost 49lbs.....a jolly lot! I have "failed" this particular challenge, but I have also learned valuable things about myself which will be helpful for the next one. See you on the other side!

Big congrats to everyone for taking part in the first place and very good luck all for the future!

Member 8: @maryannemcconnell
Last update Nov 9
Start weight : 89.8kg
Goal weight 86.8 kg (3kg loss)
Thank goodness Day ONE is here! Todays weight is 89.8 kg and my GOAL is to lose 3 kg = 86.8 kg. No sugary stuff Mondays to Saturday (maybe a treat on Sunday?) and no snacking after supper. Good luck everyone - lets GO!!!
Extra challenge : quitting white and brown sugar
I don't even have to think about it - SUGAR is my downfall ... so will be giving up the white and brown stuff too

Oct 7
1st Weigh-In : 88.9 kg feeling good!
Oct 15: weight 88.2 kg. Struggling with the sugar on a couple of days, but a good day yesterday! Have an acidity problem which is affecting my health generally, so really have to stop. Will be good from now on!
Oct 22 Not good but here goes - Weigh in today 89 kg. Only managed half a fast on Monday and yesterday 16:8. Time to pull my socks up!


Member 9: @Doodlepuppet Last update Nov 30
Start weight: 79kg
Goal weight 76kg
Method/extra : I will add in x2 high intensity exercise classes like metafit and insanity on top of my gym / walking. I also want to be a bit more efficient at low carb diet getting in under 100g carb or less each day. I will continue to 5:2 or 4:3 depending on life each week and some liquid only fasts others will be 500 cals dependant on life and my bodies demands! I'm off now and possibly won't be checking in until next week possibly as my son gets married on Friday and we have a family birthday as well so a whole 4 days of merriment to be had! Good luck all challengers x
Oct 10 Weight 78 kg A 1 kg loss...

... so rather happy what with the wedding and weekend long celebrations I thought it may have been up! However I did notice I was eating less of everything I did eat, and I ate whatever I wanted I didn't even think "I shouldn't eat this" once. I also only had 1 alcoholic drink as didn't want or need more.
Nov 5 75kg
Hi challenger no 9 checking in, huge apologies for the long delay since I last checked in. The short explanation is that life got complicated. Things are still very stressful but I am at least more in control. The happy upshot is that I weighed myself today for the first time since my last check in and I am now 75kg. Hope everyone is doing well. I will try to read all the posts but it may take quite a while! X
Nov 18 Weight this evening is 73kg. Loss of 2kg since last post. Good luck to everyone
Nov 30[/b I began this challenge looking to lose 3kg , on the 4/11/14 I weighed in at 75kg and reset my goal on the 5/11/14 to lose another 2kg which would have taken me from my start wright of 79kg to 73kg. I weighed myself yesterday and[b] am now 70kg. I'd love to say it was through fantastic 5:2 and that I had achieved my exercise goal too, alas I haven't been to the gym in 10 days due to a horrible chest infection . I am not physically unwell please let me reassure everyone, at least I don't know I am if I am! Life has been unbearably tough and food is low priority for the first time in my life, anxiety is out of control a... I will keep following everyone but feel I should stop being part of the challenge as my weight loss is not truly fast diet . Good luch everyone! X


Member 10 : @Madcatlady updated Dec 15

Start weight : 15st 2lb
Goal :14 stone lose 16 lbs
PROGRESS: Oct 8 I'm 4lb down on last week - not 4 "new pounds" though so will suspend celebrations until that happens! Have managed to stay off the alcohol this week and compensated for some big meals by not eating anything else that day. Exercised Sun, Mon, again tonight and hopefully tomorrow.

Oct 16 I have stayed the same this week - somewhat frustrating but at least no gain!

Oct 24 I'm down to 14st 8 today so that's 4lb since last week (and the week before!)
Very pleased with that. Giving blood yesterday may have helped but hoping to not see a gain!
Nov ...Very pleased to report that I am 2lb down on last week's weight (think I lost it before Scotland and somehow managed to keep it off!). Very glad now that I skipped a few meals while away and made an effort to walk as much as possible - enjoyed a few treats (no alchohol though) and didn't come back to any regain which makes it all worthwhile!

2lbs away from my original target now so will see how this week goes then revise it down.

Nov 8 no loss here this week but no gain either so that's OK with me as I've lost 10 lb since we started this challenge, which I'm very pleased with - I'm hoping I will achieve the 12lb goal I set and be able to achieve a bit more on top of that as there are a few weeks left yet so watch this space!

Nov 15 Pleased to be reporting in with a 1lb loss this week so I am 1lb away from my Xmas target and a total loss of 3 stone -
To keep up the challenge I am therefore revising my Xmas target to 14 stone, which will be a total of 16lb over the course of the challenge I believe.
Nov 22
Not quite sure what to report - I briefly saw 14.4
but then some heavy eating due to socialising has pushed me back up and despite fasting for 2 days, scales say 14.6 this morning (although I am overdue a trip to the loo) so if nobody objects I think it is fairest to say I am the same as last week at 14.5 and will hopefully be able to properly report in at 14.4 next week!
Dec 5 #10 checking in - down to 14st 2 now so a stone gone since the challenge started and 2lb to my revised goal...............
Dec 15[/b I'm not reporting my current weight as due to working away and a Xmas dinner on Friday, it's not great BUT since last check-in [b]I have actually seen 13.13 on the scales, 1lb under my revised target and 1 stone 3 from the beginning of the challenge so that will do me for now! Just need to get rid of as many pesky pounds gained this week as possible before Xmas.............


Member 11: @Peebles Last update Dec 27
Starting Libra 7 day Trend Weight: 138.8 lbs
Goal Trend weight by Christmas Eve: 135.8 lbs
Final result I ended up pretty much maintaining a pound higher than my lowest weight of the quarter, rather than losing anything,
I'm using my Libra trend weight from September 23, which was the last day I weighed. I'll weigh for a week during the week from Sept 15-Sept 21 as I won't be near a scale on Sept 22-25.

Oct 22 139.1

Well I weighed over the last 7 days, and the Libra trend is 139.1, which is a very slight gain since this time last month.

Nov 1 Despite not missing a fast, and fasting twice since I got home, I'm up 2 lbs from where I was
before attending my conference last Weds. 139.4 after a fast, and 140+ when not fasting.

I think this is largely do to having to eat a lot of carbs at the conference. I think it really boosted how much glycogen I have stored in my liver, as my waist also expanded. I am familiar with large glycogen-caused weight gains in the low carb diet, but I had assumed since I'm eating more carbs on non-fast days that the glycogen would be refilled. But this is the third time I've gone off on a brief vacation after fasting extra before and/or after to keep the number of fasts steady only to see much higher weight gain than expected.

Nov 12 I haven't missed a fast and I have been eating reasonably, nevertheless I've gained several real pounds. This is 5 fasts after my 5 day conference where all this weight came back on.

All I can figure is that this is about hitting a set point. I got down near 137 lbs, which is the same weight I bounced up from the other two times I reached it over the last 11 years. The difference is that the other times I wasn't dieting and I was actively trying to gain back a few pounds. This time I was, so finding myself over 141 after a fast this morning was quite depressing. I was below 138 only 3 weeks ago.

Nov 18: ... have finally made it back under 140 lbs, but only after a fast. That is two pounds heavier than I was after fasting in September.

I am starting to think that 137 lbs is my Set Point weight. This is the third time I have reached it and then bounced right back up over 141. I will just keep fasting, but it will probably take developing a wasting disease to get down to 135. And that's not to mention that Thanksgiving is coming next week, both kids will be home....I.

Nov 24 ...
I'm up 2 lbs from my lowest weight.
And this is with fasting on my usual schedule, no fasts missed in two months.

So no way am I getting to my goal on this challenge. Just getting to where I was when the challenge started unlikely.

All of which gives me huge respect for the idea of a weight setpoint. Every time I have hit 137 lbs I have bounced back into the 140s. This is the third time. ...i'll keep fasting, though I'm skipping a fast day this week for Thanksgiving. This is only the 2nd fast I will have missed in 9 full months of fasting.

Dec 10 I am maintaining within the range of 139-141 lbs, with no further weight gain
, despite Thanksgiving festivities, but 2 lbs of what I gained at my conference in October seems to have become permanent.

Nevertheless, maintaining this time of year is quite an achievement, especially as I have been enjoying quite a lot of holiday food and OH has filled the house with expensive, very delicious, mail order candies, French cheeses, and artisanal sausages. I was 152+ this time last year.

So I will continue my plan which is just to keep on fasting 2 days a week, though in January, I might have to go on a candy and treats diet. OH is one of those unemotional Yankee men who expresses his love by fixing things around the house and bringing home food he has hunted--in his case, mail order candy. Twice a year he says, "I love you" but he brings home an awful lot of candy and yesterday he presented me with a compact phone charger, which, since I am always letting my phone run down, is yet another of those Yankee expressions of romantic love.

Dec 27 #11 here.

I ended up pretty much maintaining a pound higher than my lowest weight of the quarter, rather than losing anything, but that is pretty good for a quarter that included a visit to my son and eating at his new restaurant and lots of other fine places, a 5 day conference with lavish buffets provided, Thanksgiving and the runup to Christmas.

I was 154 lbs this time last year, lost 2 lbs low eating carb/low cal through January, and then started 5:2 in February at 152 lbs. My Libra trend weight as of last week was 140.0 lbs. (10 stone for you Brits!) I have only been weighing for that one week a month, as planned, and like not being so enslaved, emotionally, to the scale. If I can maintain near 140 lbs I'll be doing fine.

I'll keep on fasting twice a week until the end of February and then, when my year is over, decide if I want to cut back to perhaps 6 fasts a month.


Member 12: @chinchin Final update Dec 23
Start weight: 80.9kg (178.7lb)
Goal: 78.2kg (172.8lb)
Loss: 02.75kg ( 6 lb)
Final result 78.8kg
Method: I'm regularly doing 5:2, sometimes adding a 1000 calorie day between fast days. I am way over my head in the SRINGING into FALL challenge, didn't take into consideration how difficult 13 lbs would be for me to lose on 5:2. So in a more practical vein; 6 lb is my Christmas challenge target.

Oct 11 80.4
Loss: 0.5kg (1lb)

Oct 18 80.2 200 gm/7.0548oz loss

Oct 25 80.4 --> .200gm up

Nov 1 79.9 --> Down: .500gm Loss so far: 1.4kgs/3lb.50z
This is the first time in a number of years, perhaps 5, that I have seen this figure on my scales. I sincerely hope that it is for real.
But, I have seen it, that's what counts.
I'm working on cracking a fairly long plateau and it may just be happening
My good news is that I have lost cm's off my waist, hips and other spots, altogether the loss of cm's adds up to 7cm overall, since the 15th August.
At last I have some downward movement happening. I have been on a plateau for some weeks, hopefully it's time for a decent weight loss.

Nov 8: This week: 79.7
Down: 200gm
Loss so far: 1.4kgs/3lb.50z
It is possible I will make it to my challenge weight. Slow and steady. :koala:

Nov 15 79.5

Nov 22: 79.4
Down: 100gm
Halfway to the end of the challenge and halfway to my goal. :)
I am also seeing results on the tape measure:
2.5 cm off my waist
3 cm off my hips - since November 15th

Slow and steady!

Nov 29 This Week: 79.3k
Down: 100gm

Getting there at snail pace - but getting there.

Dec 7 This Week: 80.2
Up: .900

I missed my Thursday fast, life got in the way. I have gotten so used to my regular fasting routine, Monday and Thursday; that to miss one really makes me feel out of sorts. That with the humidity this week and I'm up on the scales, which is how my body reacts to humidity and heat.

In the past that would have really upset me, but now I know that the scales are only one indication of what is happening to my body. Body measurements and how clothes fit are truer indicators of what is really happening to our bodies. So, less stress about what the scales read. I can't believe I actually feel at peace with this after so many years of being an emotional prisoner to my scales.
Dec 12 This Week: 78.8
Down: 1.4
Actual Loss: 500gm

I was surprised and pleased to discover the 900gm I held at last week's weigh-in is gone plus 500gm.
Loss so far: 2.1kg

:clover: to all! It's been exciting to see all the losses! Even more exciting to see how we all tally up at the end
of the challenge.
My challenge loss is: 2.75, so I still have 650gm to lose; in two weeks. Will I do it?
Hope so!

Dec 23 # 12 checking in.
Same as last weight 78.8
Neither up nor down. Even though I didn't meet my challenge goal I'm still down 2.1kg...Happy/lighter me! Thank you @Juliana.Rivers, for hosting this challenge.

Merry Christmas 5:2ers


Member 13: @Sassy1
Last update Nov 24 - opting out at this time
Start weight 56.7kg
Aiming to return to 55kg (goal) and then stay below this; ideally reach 53.5 (lowest weight previously on this WOL)
Will try not to eat after 8.30pm....

Week 2 weight: 55.2kg, down 1.5kg from Week 1

My weight has dropped a bit over the week, but that is because my start weight was high due to excess carbs and water retention. When I calculate actual body fat, I appear to have lost 300-400g fat, which would be about right based on my consumption.

Early days, and only a week, but this is the longest I have managed not to snack in ages!
Not sure the reason for my "success" - partly that I am home and in a normal routine, with no social engagements or other demands beyond the regular ones; partly cos I do want to shift the extra fat I have put on since I first reached goal (although I am almost at goal again, I am carrying over a kilo of extra fat for the same weight :( :( ); partly cos I want to get back into the maintenance tent; and partly cos of this challenge.
Rather an essay, sorry!
Looking forward to reading how others are going (haven't looked at the thread yet; I have written this on the notepad and will copy it into a post - have had too many instances lately of losing a post due to the screen freezing....)
Good luck all

Oct 16 update: Start of Week 3 weigh-in.
Week 1
56.7kg (was inflated due to water retention)
Week 2
Week 3
Estimated total fat loss - 500g

Continued same eating pattern as previous week, ie "healthy" mainly non-processed foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, home made baked (carby!) dessert, some fruit/dried fruit and nuts as snacks, only apple and piece of bedtime choccie after dinner. Did have 3 fasts.

So all continuing well, tho I am hungry today (fasting, cos I know I will eat over TDEE on the 4 day caravan mini-break starting tomorrow!)
Oct 23
Weight: 54.1kg
(averaged over past 7 days)
Total weight loss so far: 2.6kg (though as noted before, a lot of that was water - estimate may now have lost about 1kg of fat :) :) )

Food consumption strategy remains the same. And although I had one day when away in the caravan when I ate twice my TDEE, the rest of the weekend I was able to compensate, as well as doing extra exercise, so no net gain. :)
No HIT at the moment tho - have aggravated my ACL replaced knee and think I need to give the intensive cycling a miss til I have seen the physio.

Oct 31; Slight increase in weekly average total weight (from 54.1 to 54.2) but I see that as within measurement error, not a real change.
Average body fat percentage over the week was up by about 0.5kg though.
However, my weight and body fat measurements taken today are about the same as a week ago...
My daily average calorie intake was around my TDEE this week, so don't think I have actually increased the amount of fat.
I THINK these results may be a product of eating above TDEE for 3 consecutive days, which pushed up the bf, but after a fast and a couple of under TDEE days, the bf has come down. The previous week I just had one "binge" day, followed straight away by a light day and a lot of exercise, so I think the fat levels weren't up for long, so the average was lower.
Not sure if that will make sense to anyone; really just noting it for my benefit!!

Nov 8
Late checking in because I don't feel my weigh-in day weight is a real reflection of where I am at.
I had a weekend where I overindulged in carbs, eating much more than I needed on each of 2 days. Example of one day - breakfast of muesli with full cream milk, huge bowl of fresh and stewed fruit and yoghurt, sour dough multigrain bread and butter, small amount of ham and cheese, and almond croissant. Lunch of large roll with ham, cheese, and other fillings, rocket salad with walnuts, ricotta cheese and dressing, and huge cake. Dinner of 3 course meal in restaurant, including risotto and (deconstructed) Eton Mess (VERY unusual). Chocolates, dried fruit and nuts, apples and carrots for snacks. It was our wedding anniversary...
So after 2 days like that, my weight was up 3kgs. Have done 2 fasts since, and 2 normal days, and 2kgs have gone as of this morning. I am not really sure what to report for end of Week 5 - I have been reporting an average weight but as I didn't weigh on the weekend, not sure what the average would be.
But clearly there has been a gain!!
Nov 24 For various reasons I have not posted updates in a while...

I did see the 3kg loss I hoped for recently, tho only briefly. But I do feel that I have shed some of the excess fat I was concerned about and given my relatively low BMI, I think I should stop "worrying".
Also given I can have a 1kg or more difference in my weight from one day to the next, fussing about small changes doesn't make sense.

Re my other challenge... On some nights I am able to stop eating after 8.30pm, but not in general. Though I do believe that eating in the evenings is not the best thing to do, I enjoy it. And, again, given my BMI, my %body fat, and the fact that all the tests the doctor did (to find out if there were other reasons for my loss of weight than diet) came back showing I am very healthy, then I think I can get away with some evening eating providing I eat reasonably mindfully.


Member 14: @croftmaclean
Method : 4:3
I would love to join you - been so busy in August I have fallen off the wagon and need to get back on. From Monday i will get back into 4:3 and i'll take it from there! I'll let you know my goals next week

Member 15: @rawkaren Last update: Dec 10 - opted out of challenge as at today
Start weight : 65.5
Goal : 3lbs.

earlier post: I didn't achieve last years Xmas goal which probably means I won't do it this year either
Nov 3
One whole month in ketosis and using fasting windows. 3 carb feeds all inside my TDEE. Counting everything going into my mouth. Total loss 1lb. I had an initial loss of 2lb's but that would have been water. However my body fat is down 1.5% (it's been trending down all month). This number is more important to me. No movement on waist measurement.
To say I'm gutted is an understatement. :confused: Please can you change my goal to 3lb's. Thanks.


Member 16: @Sallyo
Goal : maintain at 69kg
Extra activity : 5kg of walking at least 4 days a week
I would like to join but I'm not setting any weight loss goals. I will continue with 5:2 and hope to maintain at 69kgs. However from Oct 1st I want to up my walking practice. I want to walk at least 5kms at least 4 days a week. I will need to get myself a pedometer again. Otherwise I have no food restrictions except 5:2.

Member 17: @Barbarita Final update Dec 21
Start weight for challenge 29/09 122 lbs = top of my maintenance band and at target.
Final result: 120 lbs, 3 lbs down, on target and at my goal weight for the first time since 15 September!

Oct 8
Weight 06/10/14 121 lbs 1 lb down and within maintenance band - on target.
Oct 14 Weight: on 13/10/14 123 lbs, up 2 lbs, now 1 lb over target, oops!
Wheat free: Yes, but grain-free no. Aberration of the week; creamy rice pudding. The rice; bad, the sugar; bad. Oh dear.

Oct 22 Weight: on 20/10/14 121 lbs, 2 lbs down, back on target.
Wheat free: I have been an obnoxious goody two shoes this week - no wheat, no grains, no sugar that wasn't in berries and Apple. It helps that I have found easy recipes I like for low,carb pizza "dough" and pastry. My efforts look primitive, plenty of room for improvement, but oddly enough my OH likes them. Good thing, because I've got him on carb reduction too!

Oct 29 Weight: on 27/10/14 123 lbs, up 2 lbs and over target by 1lb again
Wheat free: wheat free and grain free all week, caught a little sugar by having mayonnaise. Thought it was regular mayonnaise but it was the light kind, don't know who bought that but when it's gone it's gone forever.
Nov 12 Weight: on 10/11/14 123 lbs, no change 1 lb over target
Wheat-free: Yes, grain-free yes, small amount of sugar in dark chocolate and salad dressing.

Pretty much what peebles said, I am not prepared to do any more so if my weight does not go down to my summer minimum, c'est la vie!
Nov 19 Weight: on 17/11/14 124 lbs, up 1 lb, 2 lbs over target
Wheat-free: Yes, grain-free yes, a little sugar in dark chocolate and mayonnaise.
The upward drift continues! What am I doing "wrong". Well, I am absolutely brilliant at fasting, I can fast until the cows come home; but I am not doing the other 50 % of the job which is, first eat a good balanced meal when the eating window opens (check), then listen to the appetite as regards how much more to eat before it closes NOT have a feeding frenzy. Will really have to tackle this, or I will not dare show my face in the maintenance thread this month.

Nov 26 Weight: on 24/11/14 123 lbs, down 1lb, 1 lb over target

Wheat-free: Yes, grain-free yes, and added sugar, just the homeopathic amounts the seem to have to put in dressings. At least one week in the right direction. You can't take your eye off the ball for one minute, alas!
Dec 3 Weight: on 01/12/14 123 lbs, no change, 1 lb over target
Wheat-free: Yes, grain-free yes, added sugars tiny amounts in salad dressings etc

Reflecting on my wheat-free experiment I am amazed by how much more energy I have and how much better my mood is these days, even in the gloomy pits of November. This switch from my usual tired, gloomy, doomy and anxious has come about in stages since I began fasting, but the grain elimination has definitely given it a boost. Of course more consistent exercise and dumping other types of junk food will have played a part, but I think I will continue being mainly grain-free after the challenge ends.

Dec 10 reporting at the end of week 10 Weight: on 08/12/14 125 lbs, up 2 lbs, 3 lbs over target. Sigh!
Wheat-free: I think I managed to eat the filling of a quiche without ingesting any crust, and avoiding the little sponge bits in a trifle, but a few molecules may have got past! Also a more sugary week with creme brulee and madagascan vanilla cream.

Dec 21 No 17 reporting a day early because I have to get up early tomorrow to get to the Liverpool meet and won't be able to weigh myself at my usual time:

Weight: on 21/12/14. 120 lbs, 3 lbs down, on target and at my goal weight for the first time since 15 September!
Wheat-free, grain-free and sugar-free.

Thank you @Juliana.Rivers for all your work, and congratulations to everyone who made their goal or just gritted their teeth and carried on anyway. I have learned a lot doing this, which I will detail on the maintenance thread, but one thing is that formal challenges do not work for me, they make me try too hard in ways that are counter-productive. The last 2 weeks I basically gave up on everything except bog standard Fast-5. Paul McKenna may have helped too!


Member 18: @Loversghost Last update Oct 2
Start weight 62kg.
Goal to be less than 60 kg.
Extra: abstain from bread
I'd like to be 60kg or less by Xmas (63.3 now) but my loss is all over the place just lately. I will still do 5:2 but will try and add another lower cal day (say 800) once a week. I'd like to try abstaining from bread too (I have a sandwich once a week) but not sure that's realistic!! Already eat low carb.

Member 19: @Nicky_94 Fina update Dec 23
Start weight (Oct 10), 64.8 kg (0.8 over maintenance target!!!!!)
Goal - get back to lower end of maintenance (62 kg) and stay there!!
Final result .. within maintenance weight range of 62- 63.5 and weight 63 on Saturday

1st goal is to get down to the lower end of my maintenance weight of 62 kilos, I'm currently hovering around 63.5/64, so that's about 2 kilos to lose. Then I must stay at that weight!

My extra - I have 2 which I've started on already - 1 is to do some exercise daily, and the second is to cut out excess sugar (e.g. be careful of products with sugar added, no sugar on fast days, limit refined carbs...) but not in an obsessive way!

PROGRESS: Oct 10 as above (late start)
Member #19 finally checking in, I decided to wait until after my son's birthday, party etc. at the beginning of October and am starting the challenge today, now that all of the cake etc. is out of the house.

Oct 31 ...end of month update - I've lost one kilo and now weigh 63.8 kg, so back within my maintenance weight but only just.
I have failed miserably on my side challenges though, as I haven't exercised every day or cut sugar!

Nov 22 still weighing 63.8, which is just within my maintenance range, so I'm OK with that. Next week I'm going to try hard to fit in 2 fasts on Monday and Wednesday as we are taking my daughter to Disneyland at the end of the week which will involve more eating than normal. Work has been mad so have not fitted in exercise, the no sugar is not going perfectly but it's at least better than a month ago!

Dec 23 I am within my maintenance weight range of 62-64 kilos, and weighed in on Saturday at 63.5, so I'm happy with that.

Thanks Juliana for running the challenge and helping me to keep on track this winter, maintenance hasn't been that easy this year so I'm pleased I have managed to avoid weight gain!

Well done to everyone who got to goal!!


Member 20 : @swan51 Last update Oct 25
Goal: Lose 5 lbs
Method: 4:3
Extras: Low carb (20 - 30gr on fast days and 75 - 100gr on feast days) plus walking for 1 hour 5 days per week.
Oct 6: 157.7 lost: 0.4lbs

Oct 10 Current weight : 156.4 Total lost: 1.7 lbs
Oct 18 Current weight: 155.8 Total lost: 2.3 lbs
Oct 24Current weight: 154.4 Total lost: 3.7 lbs


Member 21: @judithn Last update: Dec 1
Start weight : 147.8 lb./ 10stone 7.8 lb./67.1 kg.
Goal 140lb/10 stone/63.6kg
Method: using 5:2, low carb but may tweak that.
Oct 9
This weeks "official" weight is 146.1 which is down 1.7lb. :victory:

Nov 10 checking in after one whole month. Current weight is 146lb./10s6/66.4 kg. This only looks like a 0.1 pound change, but I shot up over 3 pounds and then lost them in that month so I am actually pleased. Not drinking alcohol this month so will see if that long as I don't replace it with chocolate/ice-cream, etc
Nov 20 glad to report a weight of 144.6/10 stone 4.6lb/65.8kg - down 3.2lb./1.5kg :victory: . I am doing an ultra low carb, 16:8 regimen until the end of Nov. and it seems to have kicked me off my plateau
Dec 1 Ecstatic to report GOALLLLLLLL! I reached 140lb. /10 stone / 63.6 kg. today and want to report it before it evaporates :grin: , like all good messages from the scale do :razz:

Going to focus on maintenance and may wander over to that tent shortly.

Member 22: @Fern
Last Update Oct 16
Weigh in:1st Oct: 11st 9.5lbs
Goal: 11st 2lbs - so weight loss of 7.5lbs.
Plan: 5:2.
Not to eat after 7.30pm on most none fast days.
Exercise x3 weekly.
Keep sugar mostly cut out and work on reducing carbs gradually.
Oct 8. 11st 6.5 (loss of 3lb)
Oct 15. 11st 6.5 - nil change


Member 23: @slimmer
- bowing out of challenge as at Nov 22
Start weight 15st 10lbs.
Goal weight 15st 3lbs (updated Nov 1) 14st 13lbs.
Method - 4:3 - 16:8 - low carb
Extras. - Walk at least 30 minutes at least 5 days a week
- No alcohol between Sunday and Friday
- Reduce the amount of wine drunk at weekend!
PROGRESS: Oct 10: Delighted to report that I have lost three pounds since the beginning of the challenge. I know it has been 10 days, rather than a week, but I am the lowest weight since restarting fasting in June.
Oct 24 . I was AWOL last week as our son, DIL and gorgeous grandson visited from US. We had a lovely time and I enjoyed everything that was on offer including lots of carbs which I usually avoid. I put on 5 lbs!![/b[b]] but am one down today, which means (hangs head in shame) I am one up on the start weight for the challenge.
I must knuckle down now and lose this weight as we travel over to see them in less than 8 weeks.
Nov 1 today I weigh 15st 10lbs which is exactly the weight I was at when this challenge started!
I now feel back on control with low carb 16:8 and 5:2/4:3, however I lnow I won't meet my goal of 14st 13lbs. Therefore Juliana, please may I reset my goal to 15st 3lbs which just may be achievable?!


Member 24 : @hilaryjane Last update Oct 1
Goal: to lose 10lbs
Method: 5:2 "properly" and cutting carbs/sugar; follow Hairy Dieters recipes

Update 01.10.14
Just back from holiday in Turkey, with too much beer, baklava and chips!
First day of 5:2 tomorrow, Thursday as I am going back to my original Tuesdays and Thursdays, but went on the scales today and I would like to lose 12 lbs by Christmas as that will get me to the stone below!
Hairy Dieters recipe for tomorrow sorted (Chilli con Carne from book one) and feel very positive.


Member 25: @danielle21711

I'll be up for this - lost 5lb or so since starting out again on 1st Sept. Excited to see where I can get by december!

Member 26 @SSure
Final update Dec 31
Start weight: 107.4lbs
Target: stay within 105-110lbs.
Final result : maintained within my 105-110lbs range for the whole challenge so I'm pleased. I was 107lbs today which is fine.

:clover: over the holiday period to fellow challenge participants.
Method: 4:3 or ADF
Extra: My extra challenge is to incorporate One Moment Meditation into my daily routine. (There's a website of the same name.)

Oct 4 105.6lbs

Oct 11: 105.6lbs which is within my maintenance range so I'm pleased.
I've managed the One Minute Meditation every day but one so the ancillary challenge is progressing well for now.

Oct 18 106.2lbs which is maintaining nicely within my range of 105-110lbs so I'm pleased. Managed my One Minute Meditation every day which meets my additional challenge

Oct 26 107.2lbs which is maintaining within my range of 105-110lbs so it's OK tho' I'll keep an eye on the trend. (tbh, I think this is a TMI gut thing that will resolve over the next week so I'm not perturbed.) :roll:
I was a tad out of sorts during the week so altho' it would only have helped if I'd done my One Moment Meditation during those times, I didn't tho' I did on 5/7 days - so partial success on my sub-challenge

Nov 2 107.2lbs which means that I'm still within my 105-110lb maintenance range. So, on balance, I'm OK with this. I'm managing my sub-challenge of One Moment Meditation.

Nov 9 Member 26 - 107.2lbs so within my weight maintenance range of 105-110lbs.
Complete bust on the sub-challenge of One Moment Meditation this week. I'm not entirely sure what went awry because ironically my sleep has been very poor and you might think that this might prompt me to be more mindful but it hasn't. :( I'll need to schedule an official time to do it if I'm not going to do it spontaneously.

Nov 15 107.4lbs which is within my maintenance range of 105-110lbs so it's OK.
Still not improving on my sub-challenge of One Moment Meditation - I need to schedule it in if I'm not going to remember to do it as needed.
Nov 26 107.6lbs
which is within my maintenance range of 105-110lbs [/b]so it's OK tho' my trend is higher than I like.

Still not stepping up to my sub-challenge of the One Moment Meditation.
Dec 6 106.8lbs - still within the 105-110lb range which is :cool:

I've been useless with the challenge.
Dec 13 - I'm 106lbs so well within my 105-110lbs range and in my comfort zone within that by trend. :)

I'm pleased to be maintaining.

Dec 23 Member 26 reporting that I've maintained within my 105-110lbs range for the whole challenge so I'm pleased. I was 107lbs today which is fine.

:clover: over the holiday period to fellow challenge participants.

Dec 31 I'm utterly delighted to be maintaining. I was 60lbs heavier in 2011 (plus the weirdness of whatever happened to my lean body mass to make it disappear) and so uncomfortable that I literally didn't recognise the sensation of being in my own body. I couldn't judge the size of a gap through which I could walk. And, whenever I had a bad episode of IBS bloat, I had to support my stomach with a floor cushion if I wanted to lie down.

I'm pleased to be able to maintain: it's something I can't be complacent about because I know the statistics about regain but I know that I'm doing what I can. And a substantial part of that is participating in helpful fora - it's too easy to go awry when forum participation lapses. :)

Thanks again, @Juliana.Rivers.


Member27 @Juicydee

Hiya! Newbie juicy here.... I'd love to join the challenge too please! Not quite sure what my target is yet - will be a bit clearer once I get back from hols next week and see how well my strategy has been working!! I will also have an exercise goal but want to make sure I don't do my usual perfectionist thing of trying to fix everything at once.

Member 28 : @nursebean
Last update Oct 1
Well I weighed myself this morning (have decided to weigh myself on the first of each month...and not before...or after! Anyway, it was quite a shock (well not that much a shock I suppose, really, when I think of all the naughty things I've bean eating). Anyway the results are in:

11 stone 10 :shock: (WHAT a naughty Bean!)
Goal for Christmas: 11 Stone
10 Pound loss

Can Bean do it? Tune in later to find out...


Member 29 @Lizbean
Last update Dec 30
Goal : 2lb loss
:doh: Result... Reached goal as at Dec 30

Oct 10 125lb....... 0.6lb loss

1 pound to go

Oct 19: Slightly up on last week by 0.6 lb. As I am only 1.6 pound to goal (and have been for yonks) I'm going to post my weight from time to time and of course when I get to goal, which surely must be before Xmas :wink: save you posting.

Oct 24 Hurray, a cheeky one pound loss that brings me 0.6 lb from goal. :wink: I have a dinner this evening and birthday lunch celebration tomorrow so I'm going choose wisely and still enjoy myself.

Nov 1 ... 1lb gain. Now how can that be? :wink:

Nov 9 0.2lb loss. (1.4lb to go - again!). I have joined the 'sober October or anytime thread' - for November in the hope that moves me on. That means no drinkies at the weekend.

Nov 22 weigh in records a 2.2lbs UP :shock: . I am going in the wrong direction ....... I know the reason is due to ridiculously busy and stressful few weeks at work resulting in me losing my way over the last week. I fasted Sunday instead of Monday, then missed the fast on Thursday. It's time to draw a line under that and get back into my routine. Now 3.79lbs away from goal. I'm off to give myself a de-stressing session, plan the week ahead and immerse myself in all things 52.

Dec 7 1.8lb loss this week, 1lb to goal, lost 1.4lbs on this challenge. I have a plan. As I have been bumbling around the same few pounds for months and have yet to reach the elusive 124lbs, if I have not reached it come 30 Dec my Fastiversary I will call it a day, announce the weight and go into maintenance.
Good luck everyone

Dec 14 lost 0.2lbs :lol: 0.8lbs to go and only one Xmas lunch this week. Juliana, I record what the scales say on a Friday morning.
Big cheer for everyone, we are in the home straight :clap: clap: clap: :clap: clap: clap:

Dec 30 Today is my first fastiversary and I am very happy as I weighed in for the first time since 14 December, 124.4lbs (8.88 stone, 56.42kg). It’s so near my 124lb target that I’m announcing GOAL :victory: and officially moving into maintenance.


Member 30: @azaleagirl
Final update Dec 22
I'm in, goal 10 lbs loss
Final result I had hoped for 10 lbs but I am satisfied with the 5lbs I've lost. It is very slow going for me, Happy Holidays to all!!

Member 31: @rockchik
Last update Oct 4
Start weight on 1st October 72.4kg.
Goal weight 67.6

My average weekly loss since I started back on 5:2 four weeks ago is 400g so with a bit of luck I could be 67.6kg by Christmas.
This is the easiest weight loss method I have ever tried, and that's most of them! I live in Granada Province in Spain where every cold drink comes with free Tapas, impossible to count the calories in those. So I do have to watch how much I consume on a non fast day by reducing carbs otherwise it doesn't work.
Good luck to everyone:-)

Goal: 5 lb loss
Method: 5:2, 4:3, 16:8 depending how my week goes.
Just started again on 31st August. Count me in for 5kgs.
Using 5:2, 4:3, 16:8 depending how my week goes.
Current weight 73.2kgs.

Member 32: @bobshouse

Extra challenge: give up bread
Thank you. I am in desperate need of help. My goal is to get back to 5:2 and fast without fail twice a week until the end of the challenge. I cannot cope with getting on the scales so will not do so. Maybe in the new year I will have the courage to weigh again. I am also going to try to give up bread, I eat far too much of it. I have been comfort eating for the world and it has to stop. It may be that sometimes I fast but eat more than 500 cals and again I am going to be gentle with myself. I am slowly getting my head back in the right place. I promise to stick with this.

Member 33 : @Geekycat

I'm in.
Method 5:2 Mondays andWednesdays with the odd 4:3 on some Fridays
Goal - to be determined.
Minimise : coach potato time
Maximse : housework

Member 34: @Debs Final update Dec 21

Start weight 61.7kg (9 stone 7)
Goal: 60kg
[color=#BF00BF]PROGRESS :
Oct 4 61kg

Oct 10 60.8kg,
... a very small weight loss.. but it is definitely as struggle!! Very low carbs and sugar and calorie counting :cry: Still, it is going slowly.

Oct 14 Gone up a tad again for me to 61kg despite being really good. The last few kgs really are the hardest!!

Nov 3 Well like @rawkaren, I am barely moving either, still between half and one kilo constantly (1&2 lbs in old money). And I am frustrated too!
I have tried pretty much anything and everything!

Nov 5 After much pain and effort I have finally reached my Xmas target, last Xmas that is!!!!!! 59.9kg this morning. Can I hover there for a while? Most happy with that!

Nov 22 I forgot to weigh yesterday morning. Will do so on Sunday and post. I am dreading it as I am all over the place at present. I saw the specialist for my arthritis pain and he's changing everything about. as a result I am all over the place, with pain, sleep when I can and want to eat you name it I'm confused. Very tempted to bow out like "Slimmer". I am waiting on more scans and other tests and until then nothing will really change for me.

Dec 21 Well, I did hit my target but since then have bounced between 1 and 2 kg above, which is very annoying, so I concentrating more on gym and toning than trying to shed the kgs at this stage. I should be able to get into the gym every day up to the 6th when I leave for home.

Member 35: @Triphopmamma
...Final update Dec 16
Start weight : 90.3 kg so just over 5kg to my Christmas goal weight
Goal: 85kg
Final result 83.5kg *** REACHED GOAL DEC 16 ***
Method: 5:2 and exercising 5 times a week
Extra: cutting booze
Oct 7: 89.3 (1kg loss)

week 1 update, just weighed in at 89.3 kg very chuffed as is a 1kg loss. Missing the booze like crazy and was convinced I'd overdone it on treats and snacks to compensate but all is good.
This takes me to my pre pregnancy weight so was definitely a mini goal for me. I'm also within 2kg of my wedding weight so hoping to hit that in the next few weeks

Oct 14 1.1k loss
Very very happy as once again I was convinced my snacking habit, which has got worse since giving up alcohol was going to mean a sts at best...I think it's about time I started believing in this woe a bit more

Managed to stay alcohol free for 13 days so far (probably the longest since starting uni in 1997!) Despite a massive meltdown on Friday, thanks to @carrieoats and the rest of the sober tent gang for keeping me on track
I also ducked out of 2 running sessions, mainly cos my ankles are hurting, managed to fit in an extra step class so I still hit my 5 sessions of exercise

Only 3.2 kg to go left, hopefully I'll be able to set a new Christmas target soon
Oct 22 87.7 1/2 kg loss
...all exercise done and no alcohol this week. Had a terrible week eating wise, and after yesterday's sneak peak was fully expecting a monumental gain, but yesterday's fast must have gone well as I am reporting a 1/2 kg loss weighing at 87.7kg

Fresh start now, got a few family dos this week so am mixing up my fast days and sticking with no booze and will do my best not to overeat x

Oct 28- 700g loss, only 2kg to go....
My eating was pretty bad over the weekend but managed 2 successful fasts and am weighing at 87kg this morning. This is not a post fast weigh in so I am very happy with a 700 gram loss. Only 2kg to go but am not amending my target till next week as I think this challenge might get harder as Christmas creeps closer
Nov 15 as I had the first gain since starting 5:2 only 200g but I honestly think I deserved more as my eating on non fast days, especially the evening has become very bad. I've been working hard on it this week so hopefully will see a better number on the scales. Despite the small gain I also saw a reduction in body fat - does that mean that my gain is actually water weight anyway?? So 900g to go to my first goal of 85kg

Nov 27 Just popping on to say I'm still here but having a major marriage crisis, so my weight is all over the place.
Saw a new low last week but I was struggling to eat at all, then over the weekend I went to stay with my sister and put lots on, chickened out of Monday's fast and Tuesdays weigh in but managed to get through Wednesday's fast despite nearly going for a Chinese.
Weighed in this morning to try and draw a line under it all. For now my exercises goals are out the window I'm managing the odd class but that's it.
I am officially under my original Christmas goal at 84.7 kg. I'm going to try and reach my second goal but am taking it one day at a time and being kind to myself if I need it. I won't let him derail me (to be fair he is being very supportive with my eating) it's just my emotions are all over the place

Dec 16 #35 checking in for probably my last weigh in, after the marriage crisis and this week being in hospital for 4 nights with 2 of my babies I'm weighing in at a surprisingly low 83.5 I had in my head to maintain around my original goal before all the drama hit so I'm very pleased with this weight. Right now, getting my girls well and keeping my marriage is the priority if I manage to lose of maintain this year's loss whilst achieving that I'm putting down as a win

Well Done to all those who lost, maintained and especially those who reached their goals x


Member 36: @tammae
Last update Dec 16
* GOAL REACHED Dec 16***
Start : 213 lbs
Goal: -13 lb loss total (200 lbs weight)
Method: 4:3 and low carb diet
Extra Bonus Challenge: 25 modified push ups every day
Oct 6 no weight loss
Oct 13 208 lbs (-5)
Goal: 200 lbs
Also... I am keeping up with my push ups... even though I hate doing them. Lol

post as at 29th Sep
I am revising my challenge numbers...sorry for the extra work!
I want to Challenge myself to lose 13 lbs total which will make my weight exactly 200 lbs.
I will also stick with doing the 25 daily push ups.
Thank you!
Oct 28 a total loss of 6 lbs
. I hurt my upper back and can not do the push ups right now so I guess I have failed that part of the challenge. : (
I need to lose 7 lbs more to achieve the weight part of my challenge. : )
Nov 11 5 more lbs to lose.
Total loss for Christmas Challenge is 8 lbs.
Nov 20 36 I have lost 11 lbs on this Christmas Challenge with only 2 more lbs to the goal! So excited!
Weight = 202
Christmas Challenge Goal = 200
Dec 14 I need to lose 2 lbs to make my goal. I could have it by now... but I got off plan over two weeks in November and gained 7 lbs!!! Today I am back where I should be so if I can lose 2 lbs next week I will make goal.
Dec 15 I did it, Juliana! Today's weigh in is goal for me and that makes me so happy! Thank you SO much for having this challenge. The last two challenges on this site (Spring into Fall and Christmas) have really given me focus and I am down 42 lbs. total. God bless you for the work you did to keep all this straight! Thanks again. :)


Member 37: @Alexandra Last update Nov 24 - left challenge on Nov 24

weigh in today 116.0kg
goal loose 3kg
I have been steadily loosing for a few weeks but tend to hit plateaus, so going with a low goal that can be amended if need be.
Oct 9 : Weight 115.6kg
Loss of 400g from last week
Oct 13: Weight on the new scales was yesterday 115.9kg. That's a gain of 300g but probably just due to change in scales.
Oct 16: 115.9kg No weight loss this week. I am guessing that its down to very little sleep too many painkillers and the resulting side effects of that. Hopefully all will calm down next week.
Oct 23 Quite please with myself this week. :lol:
Nov 1 weight today 114.8kg
loss 1.1kg down from last week

Nov 6 115.9 Well I didn't fast this week as struggling to cope with cold weather and my arthritis pain is through the roof. Anyway as expected a gain but have to say that I am quite shocked at how much I put on.
waist 121cm
Nov 13 Tuesday 11/11/14
weight 114.6kg
loss 1.3kg from 06/11/14[
Nov 22/b] I forgot to weigh yesterday morning. Will do so on Sunday and post. I am dreading it as I am all over the place at present. I saw the specialist for my arthritis pain and he's changing everything about. as a result I am all over the place, with pain, sleep when I can and want to eat you name it I'm confused. Very tempted to bow out like "Slimmer". I am waiting on more scans and other tests and until then nothing will really change for me.
Nov 24 I am giving up. I weight yesterday knowing full well it would be bad but still shocked at the result. I am now heavier than when I started the challenge and it takes everything to stop piling on weight.

As stated before the consultant is carrying out test and experimenting with the medication for my arthritis. It is leaving me going up and down not just a few 100grams daily but kilos. One day I weight I might be 114... ( which I believe it should be) then the next day or on the day that I should be weighing myself it's well above 116....

So it's time to quit and concentrate on not adding more weight i.e. maintaining until my arthritis and medication is settled again.


Member 38: @Gill
FinalUpdate Dec 24/color]
Start weight : 136 lbs
Goal 130 lbs (at maintenance, or final goal).. 6 lbs loss [color=#0040FF]
FINAL RESULT That makes a 4.5 lbs loss for the challenge and 1.5 lbs off target

Hi, #38 finally joining in. I have just come back from 4 weeks away and was surprised to find I am exactly the same weight as when I went away. I did manage a couple of half hearted fast and was a bit careful not to over indulge, especially as my normal daily gym sessions were missing.

So my current weight is 136lbs and I would like to set my challenge goal at 130lbs, which is also my final goal. I then want to maintain. That means a 6lbs weight loss for the challenge. I think this should be doable, but is takes a while for me to restart losing when I return to the gym, the whole fat muscle ratio thing kicks in.

I don't think I am adding any extras as I don't want to restrict anything and feel bad, especially as I am nearing maintenance.

Oct 19: .
.. going backwards this week. The pound I got excited about last week has returned, but I know it is going back to the gym weights that has done it, so no panicking yet. Will press on for better news next week, with fingers crossed. I know my body so much better since starting this and have learnt now that the scales don't always tell the full story.

Oct 25 .. a 1lb loss. Hopefully this will start things in a downward motion for the rest of the challenge. I think my fat percentage has recovered from lack of gym while I was away, so this should be a proper pound.
So challenge statistics so far is 1lb. (Not so good when you say it like that.)

Oct 31 ... a tiny half pound loss, so 1.5 total for challenge. I did lose 1 percentage body fat and another half inch from waist, I feel this counts for more than the half pound really.

Nov 8 #38 reporting in with no change. I am finding these last few pounds very taxing. I still only have a 1.5lb loss since the start of the challenge. Since the goal was to get to my target weight another 4.5lb away I may have to adjust my target, both challenge and actual. I will wait until next week to make the official decision.
On the upside I did get in an evening dress I last wore when I was 18, not bad for my 60th birthday outing (I don't know how or why I kept it but is a super nice little black dress).

Nov 14 . Very pleased with a surprising 1 pound loss, so now I will carry on a bit longer with my challenge of 6 pounds. May not make it but at least I am in the right direction.
Total challenge loss 2.5lbs

Nov 22 this is a slow route down, but I found another half a pound to lose somewhere this week. Now I have a 3 pound loss for the challenge and am half way to goal weight loss. The tracker says I wont make it before the end and I tend to agree, but I will keep with the same goal. These last few pounds are clinging on until the very end.
Nov 29 reporting in with a half pound gain. I am pretty sure I am reaching what should be my goal weight now, so maintaining is not a such bad thing, but I will continue to try until the end of the challenge and see where it leaves me. I would like to see the elusive 23 BMI, but it is not the end of the world if I don't. At the start of this I just wanted 25, oh how things change.

Dec 6 a surprise 1.5lb loss this week. So the half from last week plus another pound. Now 4lb loss for the challenge and 2lb to go. Wont make it at this rate, but oh so close.
The reason for the loss was the fabled 'wooosh', one non fast night spent weeing for England. Next morning one and half pounds down and it stayed off. So now I believe, sorry that may be too much information , but for all the non believers it does exist.
Good luck everyone for the last couple of weeks.

Dec 13 reporting in with a half pound gain. I still have 2.5lb to go and as I average under a half a pound a week I know I wont make it. So total loss for challenge so far 3.5lb, bit disappointing, but better than nothing. May declare 133 to be my goal weight (rather than interim) next week and go into maintenance for the new year.
Dec 24 #38 with a final check in. A surprising 1 lb down this week. That makes a 4.5 lbs loss for the challenge and 1.5 lbs off target. I think for january I will go to maintenance, a challenge in itself I think. I am very happy with where I am now, I feel better than I have in long while and I am at a weight not seen for a few decades.
Well done to all the achievers and thank you for keeping the challenge going.
Merry Christmas everyone.


Member 39 @juliewil10
Goal : 6kg
Xtra: reduce carbs
Please count me in. Would like to lose 6 kgs and reduce my carbs.

Member 40 @carieoates
Final update Dec 23
Goal. my final target weight, 11st 11lb. Which may seem high to some but it was calculated by carorees so that my fat percentage and BMI would be in the healthy region.
Goal is 12lb loss.
final Result - lost 6lb

Method: 16.8, 4.3, low carb and no alcohol from now till 25th Octbober
No alcohol, and precise logging of food on MFP plus trying to remember to weigh most days.

Oct 4 : 12.9.2
1 lb loss
Oct 11: Weight 12.7.6 I've lost 2lb this week so that's 3lb So far.
9 more pesky pounds to go, I'm very very happy but also sad as I'm no longer Mrs average @carorees, maybe next week. :?:
Oct 25 ... another new lower number 12st 5, thats a pound off.

As I'm tall and muscly, if....sorry when I get there and I look ok to lose some more, I may.
Oct 18 ; Weight 12.6.2 ...another pound loss. Back to Mrs average :victory:
12.6.2. This is back to my all time low, and any weight I lose now is new weight and the lowest I've been for 18yrs, which happens to coincide with the "production" of our first born.
Better go and change my signature now.
Nov 1: Number 40 here. No weight loss this week. Been on half term and I shall blame this for not being in my usual routine. 12.5.6 it is then. Plus I can have a drink now that it's novemebr but am a bit apprehensive I can tell you. Will the dreaded wine stop me losing weight. We shall see..........
Nov 8 Whoops. I'm up this week. May be TOTM but 12.6.8 not a massive increase from 12.5.4. But interestingly I've had some red wine this week.
Will try harder next week to log cals more precisely
Have a few celebrations to go to from now till Xmas should be interesting how I negotiiate these. First one is a 40th Birthday meal out next Friday at Las Iguanas, as fast day so will have an eating window and drive so that I don't waste cals on booze. Yes that's how I see wine now as a waste of my cals.
Nov 14 I've lost the gain from last week. So now down by 6lb since the start of the challenge. Half way to my challenge of 12lb and we're now half way through the challenge period. Yay...
Nov 24 I didn't show a loss at weigh-in but since I've dropped a pound so 12.3.
I'm ati happy that the weight is coming off as I lose then maintain lose.loss, maintain. As long as I don't gain its all still a downward trend.
Nov 29 Checking in with a surprise loss. Now 12st 2.6 Goal 11.11
Will I do it?
Dec 8 I haven't reported a weigh-in this week. Been away this weekend and now need to repair the over indulgence. I did however notice that my food and drink choices are not the same as they used to be, so not quite so much to repair after all. Back to it this week,

Shhhh don't tell anyone but I did see an all time low last week.
Dec 13 , I've bounced up to 12.3....better than I thought it would be. Fingers crossed for next weeks weigh in.

Dec 23 This is my last post in this challenge, I wanted to lose 12 lb to get to goal and even though I started with great gusto it was difficult to keep up momentum and achieve the 12lb.
So i lost 6lb and my true weight app is showing 12.3.6. I'm very happy with that.

My next challenge will be to get to goal before Easter as we are going to Florida and I wish to be maintaining by then.
Thanks Juliana R. For being a great host and well done everyone no matter how much you lost. Above all lets remeber what we've learnt and put it into practice in the future.


Member 41 @Maggie Last updated Oct 17
Goal : lose 5kg
Method: 5:2
Extras. No sugar except fruit; bread to minimum

I have gained the 5kg I lost back in Feb and have struggled through all of this Winter, I need to lose it again for health reasons, Diabetes type2, IBS, et. I want to go back to two fast days, and on those days not have any sugar (except fruit) and keep the bread to a minimum (perhaps only two slices per week)
Looking forward to rejoining, I have been missing in action for a while I need to get my focus back and with your help, I know I can do it.
Oct 17
Now at 96kg.[/b]
Hooray for the nice scales :grin: - 1kg gone since starting back on 5:2 three weeks ago, I am totally committed to this WOE. :like:
Apart from two fast days, I am doing 16/8 most other days, keeping the carbs down very low by not having most wheat products and sugar, just some allowed fruit. (I am doing FODMAP as well for the IBS)


Member 42: @piper
Last update Nov 8
Starting weight 134.8.
Goal: less than 128lbs (normal weight zone)
PROGRESS 131.8 Oct 4

Nov 8 i have been in trouble, but I did not gain 20 lbs... i am reporting 133.8... which was a bit of a struggle. and I may not report for a few more times, but i will not give up.


Member 43 : @bofa45
Last update Dec 13
This week's weigh in......86.6kg.
Plan.......5:2 and reducing refined sugars/carbs. Fast days Mon and Fri.
Exercise Monday swim/ Friday cycle. Walk on other days.
PROGRESS: Oct 9: today's weight 85.5. A loss of 1.1kg!
Really pleased.......this does work! Carbs reduced greatly.

Onwards and downwards!!!
Nov 3....84.7kg today. Happy with this as feeling better and less sluggish. Just need to keep going as am the same weight I was when I started last year! Been up and down since then. Determined to keep on the downwards road. X
Nov 9 A very happy faster here........... down 2 lbs this week. Now 13 st 2 lb or 84.6kg. Lowest weight in a long time. Now to hit the 12 stone somethings! Feel this week as though my body is working better if that makes sense.
Nov 19 Now at 84.3 kg / 13 st 2 lb. That's a loss of 7 lb since I started
Really pleased and aiming for under 13.
Good fast yesterday but working out when my next one is this week as off work and meeting up with friends most days.
Might be a couple of 16/8 rather than full day fasts.
3.4 kg to my Christmas goal...... not sure I will make that but happy I'm getting closer!
Dec 1 Well a 2 lb loss this week taking me to 13 st/ 82.5 kg. 9lb loss since I started back in Sept. My goal was 80kg for Christmas..... which I don't think I'll reach but very happy with where I've reached.
Dec 13 #43 checking in. Down to 82.5 kg this morning. Just under 13 stone so I've achieved what I set out to do before Christmas! :)
Will continue after the festivities to shift another 10 lbs.
Sure there will be a New Year challenge started!
One more week to final check in so trying for 2 good fasts this week coming. Good luck to everyone still on the wagon before Christmas. X


Member 44 : @skinnyli
Last update Dec 10
Goal: 3kg
Method: 4:3 and 19:5
I'm in please. Have never done a weight loss challenge. Will set my goal at 3kgs doing 4:3 and 19:5 on Sat & Sun.
Also no alcohol at all till 31 Dec 2014

PROGRESS: Friday 03 Oct,2014 I weight 58.5 so 500g loss so far. Will weigh every Sat and report in. No alcohol has passed my lips and will stick to that till Dec.
Nov 10 .... no weight loss intact 1kg gain. Maybe the challenge was not a good idea for me, but will keep at it.
Dec 10 Well done everyone that met and exceeded their challenge.. Sadly I have only lost 1 kg an epic fail, but at least its still downward...


Member 45: @peonyblue
Final update Jan 6
Start weight 71.4 kg(..nicely within my maintenance band of 70-72kgs. )
Goal : 70-72kg maintenance.
Final result: 70.8kg
PROGRESS Oct 11 I'm a little up on my maintenance weight - 73.2kg today...but it's that ToM, and I always spike for a few days, so I'll just fast as normal on Monday and see how I am after that. Then I'll decide whether to schedule a second fast for the week
Nov 24 Hiya all - a belated check in...Anyway, hopped on the scales this morning and I'm 71.6 kg - nicely in my target for maintenance. Over the last few weeks I've occasionally crept into the 73kg range, but an odd fast or two has kept me on track. Pretty happy really :smile:
Jan 6 now is it the 6th January already? Well, I'm just getting in on the 12th day of Christmas with my final result for the challenge. Happy to say I ended up at 70.8kg, which is comfortably within my maintaining goal. I think the stress and madness of getting the wedding happening helped keep the Christmas snacking under control!

Apologies to other challengers that I haven't managed to keep up with how you were all going....hopefully you all had a fab Christmas and are ready and raring to go for the new year!

May the fast be with you all!

Member 46: @Riel
Last update: Nov 3
Start weight : 182 lbs
Goal : 10 lb stone loss
Oct 10: 178.6 (3.4lb down)
Hi, number 46 checking in, I didn't weigh in last week as my weigh in day is Friday and I didn't think 2 days would be useful. Today I weigh 178.6 and that is 3.4lbs down from my starting weight. Maybe being sober for October is helping
Oct 17 I weigh 177lbs this week which is 1.6lbs down on last week, I hope this continues
Oct 25 176lbs this week 1lbs down after a very stressful week
I am very pleased with that

Nov 3 I have gained 1.2lbs but I haven't fasted and I did have a ginormous homemade pasty so I am not surprised onwards and downwards for next week.


Member 47: @Sarah293 Last update Oct 1
Ok so this is my first day back on the 5:2, I did quite well when i first started in January and i stayed on it for a good three months or more and then it all fell by the way :confused: I am so glad Moogie has started to send news letters out as this as given me the encouragement to get back on board! So i first found that I needed to replace the batteries in my scales, I have to say i am more than a little shocked when I hoped on and found that I have not only undone all the work I did earlyer in the year but have also gained an extra 7 lb too it is offical I am now at the heavyist I have ever been :cry: so I have had my head in the preverbal bucket but now I need to channel all this into positive action and once again take control of myself! so for this challenge I want to loose a stone (14lb) I want to keep things realistic and for this to become a perment way of life! I will also get back and start exercising again. So this is my first fast day in a long while, here's to the hunger pangs.

Member 48 : @juliebulie10
Final update Dec 19
Start weight: 196.6lbs
Goal weight: 172.6lbs (revised to 184.6 lbs on Dec 8)
Final result 10.6lbs lost in the 12 week challenge.
Method: fast Mon/Weds/Friday, low carb on food days with a 'cheat meal' on Thursday teatime :) that's the plan anyhow!! I'm sure life will throw some curve balls but I will plan as best I can to stick on track!

Oct 8
I have maintained my fast plan, and fasted on Monday and will also fast today and also Friday. This is great for me as after hearing the sad news, old me would have though #£%& this! And just eaten lots of whatever I liked as my old attitude would have been 'life is too short to worry about simple stuff like should or shouldn't I eat'....... But that way of thinking is not helpful to me and my goals of actually trying to get myself HEALTHIER by getting to a more appropriate weight for me.

Oct 16 update:
WWAaaahhhooOOOOooooo!!! 4.2lbs (1.9kg) lost :) I've eaten well, I've eaten carbs, I've been on a weeks holiday!! SO SO so so so pleased today - I'm in such a good mood....
Weight this morning: 192.4lbs :)

Oct 23
...I'm pleased to see that I had another 2.2lbs (1kg) loss this week :) this is THE MOST consistent weight loss I've had in all my dieting in a LONG time AND, I'm still eating lots of the foods I enjoy and not feeling deprived at all!

I'm ahead of schedule on my tracker too WHICH I LOVE!! this is probably THE most motivating thing for me right now :)
I'm just under an average of 2lbs a week, so, still hoping to get to my 24lbs to lose target OR HALF WAY to a more modest 12lb loss ;)
:worship: :crossed: hope it just continue
Nov 3 ....I'm not happy with my check-in!!
I have gained 1.6lbs at the end of my week 4. I'm trying to not let it bother me as I have thought about all the different things that could be effecting this number on the scales! I wasn't ready to plateau or GAIN just yet!!

The last week however, I have swapped my fasting days, I have had my TOTM, I have been constipated, I have tracked ALL calories (or at least tried to) but its VERY hard to know EXACTLY the calories you are eating if you eat in a restaurant for example, on my food days I haven't eaten anyhwere near my TDEE and I have also eaten between 300-500 cals on my fast days. So I keep reassuring myself that this gain CAN'T be FAT gain, unless I am massively underestimating/tracking my calories on food days.....
My TDEE is 2465 calories, well on food days I'm only logging between 1600-2000??

So, like I say, that was the number on the scales and I'm not happy about it as its made a right mess of my progress tracker!(lol) AND stopped my nice run of consistent loss each week!

Anyhow, I haven't deviated from my plan, not even had any of the Halloween goodies as Im CONVINCED it will show a better reading on the scales at the end of my week 5. However, just to make sure, I'm going back to liquid (zero calorie) only fasts for this week to help!!

Nov 7: Yiippeeeeee!!! a 3.6lbs (1.6kg) LOSSSSSS :D making 8.4lbs overall.
So pleased I just stuck to my original plan, recognised the bodily fluctuations and changes last week that could have affected my unusual ~gain~ and I am rewarded - sorry, but I am 'patting myself on the back' today! Big shift in mindset for me :)
Back on the track according to my tracker too - woop-woop!

Nov 29 Hi, #48 here and without a check in AGAIN!

Man oh man... I've dropped off the radar both with my comitment to the forum AND i've been really messing about with my fasting days and food days the last couple of weeks....... I tell you, a gain on a weigh in day really does send me on a downward spiral.... :(

My first weeks back to IF were brilliant, I was losing 2lbs a week, I had a gain, I stuck to my fast plan and the gain came off then since then I've gained and lost each week... I know I've been eating more on my food days that I did in the first weeks which I am determined to get back to. Originally I was tracking about 16oo cals a day but recently Iv'e even stopped logging on MFP as I hit 2000.....

What trips me up is if I eat out I don't know what to guestimate the calories are if there isn't an 'exact' entry to choose. If I eat at a friends house... how do I know the calories??..... restaurant portions and ifnot is hit and miss.....

I am trying to do a back to back fast today and tomorrow to get me back in the groove and then I'm going to really REALLY TRY to log all calories on food days and fast days again.......

Dec 3 I'm waiting until my offical weight in day on Friday to get back on the scales, I thinks its been 3 weeks since I have been on as I've had a couple of up and down days over the last few weeks. Nothing bad, but swapping fast days, going over slightly on my fast days, eating to TDDE and over a bit some days 'just because'.... hhmmpphh...... Since Saturday though, I'm pleased I seem to have things back under control. I fasted both Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday, food day today and then fast tomorrow ready to weigh on Friday. I need to see a loss again to keep my head in the game.
I hate getting up in the morning and having to wear the same 5 outfits for work each week, simply because i can get my fat arse and massive boobs in my other clothes STILL!! It really makes me hate myself.
I seemed to be doing so well in the beginning with about 2lbs loss a week.... I guess I got a little too confident, started eating more carbs then I usually would, eating a few more 'treats' that I usually only saved for once a week... it tells me that this isn't good for me and my weight loss mission.... So this week, I'm back on it. I'm tracking every morsel that goes into my mouth, even the sugar-free breath freshners that have 5 caloires!!! I'm also trying not to eat food I don't know the caloric values of and saving meals like this for only my 'cheat' day on a Friday or Saturday, then it doesn't matter. Back to 1600 cals on food days and 500 cals liquid only on 3 fast days.
I need to get back the: "nothing tastes as good a remembering how happy I was when I was slim" feelings from the spring of 2012.
Keep going everyone, I love reading all your comments/stories they really do inspire me to keep going!!
Dec 8 Hi, I'm also waiting to update my latest weigh-in with an "Oh My Goodness I really really hope I see a loss from the last time I weighed in on the 7th November" weigh-in on the scales on Friday.
On it like a car bonnet since my fast on Sunday, counting every single calorie going in and sticking to 1600 or less on my food days (TDEE is 2045) I WANT TO GET BACK TO LOSING 2lbs A WEEK!!!

I'm revising my goal to lose 12lbs by the last weigh in on 19th Dec for me - think I'm at 8lbs lost so far.......................................................
I have already put in my planned fast days into my diary right through into January. I do still intend to fast TWICE a week (I normally have 3 fast days a week) over the Christmas Holidays. More to just even out the damage!! NOT that I intend to go wild - but when you haven't had PORK or ALCOHOL for 4 months I KNOW its going to be a pig fest!!!! LOL

Dec 13 Yey! Yey! Yey!! #48 checking in!!!

Down 2.2lbs...... taking me to 10lbs 6
...... after a 'proper' week again! 1600 on food days, 500 or less on 3 fast days of veg soup/liquid only..... So pleased, 1.5lbs left to lose over next week to my (revised!) goal!!

2 meals out, 1 food day and 2 fasts to go before my final weigh-in on Thursday morning!!


JB x

Dec 19Good Morning!!! #48 checking in for the last time :)
One for sleep for me and I'll be on a plane back to the UK to stay with my folks for Christmas for 2 weeeeeeeks!! YIPPPEEEEeeeee!!!

Nothing will make me sad right now........... not even the fact that I STAYED THE SAME in this last week of the challenge :) So, 10.6lbs lost in the 12 week challenge. I am thrilled.... had a wonderful last week at school/work with a couple of lovely meals out and I also missed a fast as I just WANTED TO!! :D

So,.... going forward over the next 2 weeks. I pretty much have my days planned with precision and in these weeks I have 4 fasts planned. I am also planning to still use MFP and track all my calories on food days - apart from the 25th/26th - when it will be a free-for-all!! :D

MY CHALLENGE to myself is to come home LIGHTER (OR THE SAME) as the last time I got on the scales!!


Love JulieBulie x


Member 49:@devo

Hi, I would love to be included in the 2014 Christmas Challenge group please, I will put up my goals nearer the time when I have really though about it. Good luck everyone.

Member 50:@Catscratch Last update Oct 11
Start weight 17st 11lbs. 249lbs. or 112.9kgs.
Target of 2 stone loss. We live in hope!

Extra: mostly vegan diet
I would love to join this years challenge. Like Julie (above) I've done this way of eating before and really gotten on well with it. Had some menopausal problems and completely fell off the wagon. I'd like to start again and use my enthusiasm to power me through the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas. I have a lot of weight to lose so fingers crossed.

My goal is to lose 2stones by challenge end.

My extra is to try and eat a mostly Vegan diet optimising fruit, veg and salad, beans,nuts and seeds. to do a lot more cooking and try loads more vegan recipes to keep things interesting.
PROGRESS: Oct 11 5lb loss. Now 17st 6lbs. Really pleased with that - a nice lump gone!

Member 51: @hippychoc

Goal : 10lb loss
Method: reduce complex carbs
Yes please can I register? Goal 10lb loss
Aim- reduce complex carbs

Member 52: @JanKenPon
Last update Nov 2
Starting weight: 63.6kg
Goal weight: 58.6kg (5kg loss_
Method: 5:2, being careful about what I eat on other days and walking at least 10,000 steps every day.
Wishing us all plenty of motivation, support and will power!
Oct 10 62.8kg
(0.8kg loss) So far, so good. Thanks for the motivation.
Oct 18 62.4kg (1.2kg total loss this challenge) Slow and steady - feeling good and motivated to make my goal. All the best to everyone.
Nov 2 61.8kg On my way to my interim goal of 60kg. This challenge is really helping me to stay on track. Thank you.


Member 53: @Deirdreg

Would like to sign up for this challenge

Member 54: @Mawdie Last update Nov 22
Weight aim: 70kgs ... goal 5kg loss
Method: Increase exercise, especially now the sun shines and the grass grows.
Nov 2
2 Past half way and lost 3 kilos. I am very pleased and determined to reach goal weigh

Member 55: @SoTellMe
Goal: 5kg loss
Extra; reduce extra sugar (severely)
Hey all!! I think I would like to give this a go! I am only just back into 5:2 after almost the whole year off and a whole lot ON!! I am very private about publishing my weight and will just log in losses/gains during the challenge. I would like to lose 5kg (or more) in this time and my extra challenge will be to severely reduce extra sugar!! We are on holidays for the first week of this challenge so that will be another challenge!!

Member 56: @lizchuter

Goal : 5lb loss
Hi, I'd love to join in, my goal would be to lose 5lb in the 12 weeks.

Member 57: @Nasus999

Goal : 5kg loss (and more if possible)
Extra: lose the extra sugar intake
Hi All
I'm a new member and I'd love to join the challenge.
I'd like to set my goal at 5 kilos but would really like to lose more.
I am seriously struggling with added sugar at the moment, so that had better be my extra thing to be aware of.

Member 58: @Hanayuki Last update Oct 9
Start weight : 77.8kg
Goal : 73kg
Method : 5:2 with a little 4:3
Extra : Limit Christmas goodies.
PROGRESS: Oct 9 77.1 kg today... so pretty pleased. I have a FAST day tomorrow, then again on Monday so I am hoping to see a 76 sometime next week

Member 59: @Jensen
Last update : Oct 2
Goal: 68kg by Christmas (5kg loss)
Method: 5:2 + low carb on non fast days
Also doing Stoptober so cutting out alcohol will definately be a good way to kick start weightloss.

Member 60: @TracyAndaluz
last update Oct 1
start weight is 175 lbs.
Goal weight is 159 lbs
Cutting out bread and refinded sugar as of today!
16 lbs seems a lot, but I know I lost 8 lbs very quickly when I started this fasting earlier in this year, so I am sure I can do it. I WILL do it!

Member 61: @swisscal
Last update Oct 8
Start weight : 76.4kg
Goal : 5kg loss and if possible. 6.4kg with 70kg end weight.
My start weight is 76.4 kilos and I'm hoping to be 5k lighter by the end of this challenge and if I get to 70k that will be even better. I'm doing 4.3 for the first two weeks as the following week I'm visiting my son in London and then meeting up with friends in Barcelona at the weekend. Eeek! I haven't tried 4.3 before so I'm hoping I might lose a bit more than the usual 300-500 grams to make up for things if I don't manage to do a couple of fasts during my week in London.
PROGRESS. Oct 8 Week 1: 75.8kg Loss 0.6kg
I started last week weighing 76.4 kg and decided to try 4.3 to give myself a kick start. After my second fast I decided (probably stupidly! :doh: ) to weigh myself to see if an extra fast day is worth it and to my absolute delight I had lost 1.2kg! I then went on to do my third fast of the week but imagine my horror when the day after this the scales showed a gain of 600g! :shock: So in total I have lost 600g this week bringing my weight to 75.8kg which is really good I know, but I shouldn't have looked after the second fast - won't be doing that again!! This is the first time I've tried 4.3 and I spent most of the week feeling hungry so I think I'm going to stick to 5.2ing from now on. I've managed to walk three times (5k) this week but didn't manage to stick to only drinking wine on a Saturday, blew it on Thursday as we had dinner out!! Probably the reason for the 600g weight gain on Saturday!!! Oh well!! Onwards and downwards.

Member 62: @jeannecmt

Goal: size 10
Method: 5:2/strict Paleo
I am ready for this! I will do a 5:2 fast, following a strict Paleo Diet, hoping to get back into my size 10 clothes.

Member 63: @Allthatglitters

Goal: 65k (10k loss)
Extra: 4l water a day
I'm in! I'm currently 75k and am setting a lofty goal of 65k, which is almost 2lbs a week. I am doing an extra challenge to drink 4L a day. Can't wait to get started!

Member 64: @minniemills
Starting weight 65kg
Goal weight 63.5kg (1.5kg loss)
Method: 5:2, low carb every day, one cheat day (16:8) a week
Extra challenge: I'm aiming for 4 alcohol-free days a week
I'm in please!

Member 65: @Patchworkperson Last update Oct 1
Goal: 14lbs (more would be totally ok)
Method: 5:2 - We eat at 6.30'ish so no food after my last meal of the day until 6.30pm the following day
Extra Challenge: No grains
Extra, Extra Challenge: No added sugar. While I don't drink much tea, I can't drink it without sugar & don't do sweeteners so going cold turkey & giving up the sugar.

#65 back from the holibobs & reporting in. I ate what I liked & managed to put on 2lbs which wasn't too bad considering. Must have been all the walking. :like:

Had a chat with my gym man about him recommending me giving up grains/potatoes/rice etc. so it seems to be basically paleo/primal I think. Told him I'd read up on it so did & decided I'll give it a cautious go although I may just give up the grains rather than go the whole paleo hog with dairy & all.
(so... goals and method as above)
Good luck all.

Member 66: @agmartin

Goal: 10lbs. by Christmas
Method: 5:2 and lots of exercise!
Would love to join this. I've fallen off the wagon for a good 6 months now. So as of today, I'm back on.

Member 67: @megsmum
Last update Oct 22
#67. Start weight 10 stone 13
Target to lose 7lb
Extra: exercising at least 3 times a week for 30 min.

PROGRESS: Oct 8 Start weight 10.13, today's weight 10.12 so 1 lb loss

Oct 22 Well not going so great. Easily doing my 2 day fasts, eating porridge in the morning and then nothing else all day except drinks. So no problem there but in the past 2 weeks my weight loss is 0 :cry: . I guess must take a serious look at what is going on the rest of the week. So total weight loss so far still 1lb.

Member 68: @Gosia
Last update Oct 8
starting weight: 140.9lb (63.9kg)
weight loss goal: 6lb (2.72kg)
Goal : 6 lbs loss
Method 5:2 and 16:8
Extras: no red wine with dinner
Hi Everyone, I'm, too, ready to join the Challenge.
My goal is to lose 6 lbs, current way just below 141 lbs through 5:2 dieting and 16:8, if all goes as planned. As the extra-curricular challenge, I'll forego the red wine with dinner..
Oct 8
- current weight: 140.1lb (63.5kg)
- lost thus far: 0.8lb (0.36kg)
method: 5:2 on Mon & Thur and lots of daily walking - my Fitbit registering daily step counts of 21K steps. All this walking takes me out of the kitchen and away from food, right?

Member 69: @Kelly25-tr
Last update Dec 10
Goal : 3kg loss
Extra: cut added salt on fast days.
Hello All,
I'd like to join you on the Christmas challenge too.
I have a target of 3 kilos to lose to get to goal weight. That would be my perfect Christmas present to myself.
Losing something .... I have been working pretty hard to get my eating and habits right but I would like to cut added salt intake on fast days as I seem to add salt to many foods on fast days (weird because I don't do that on regular eating days).
Let's DO THIS!

Oct 17
Hello everyone
Member No 69 reporting in for week 2 ... I am minus 0.4kg.
Now weighing 70.3 kg - edging closer to that Christmas goal :)

Nov 10 new weight 69.3 kg ...... 1.3 kilos to go to make target .....
Wishing everyone strength and determination to make it through the rough days and also the ability to enjoy the good days !

Dec 10 Hey Juliana,
Many thanks for the reminder. I am still on board and this weekend I reached my Christmas target :grin: I have since lost a few more grams. I am feeling FAB!
I hope that everyone else is doing well x


Member 70: @Wiltshire Jo
Last update Nov 14
Start weight 10st 2lbs
Goal: to get to at least 9 st 12lbs, and if I get to that, then to try for 9 st 9lbs; then maintain with that as my Libra weight. It might not sound like very much, but it's that last 1/2 stone that always eludes me.

My last WI (on Fri 26th Sept) was 10st 2lbs.

In terms of fitness, to keep attending exercise classes to increase endurance & flexibility, but not to pick up any more injury!

Thanks for running the challenge - Jo
Extra: cut alcohol; increase exercise

Oct 10 : Gained 1 lbs this week; which is not surprising, as I had a very half hearted FAST day yesterday. i.e. did fine until I got home in the evening and then it stopped being a FAST day, and turned into a FEAST - and that extra 'E' stands for eating!
Oct 17: 1lbs off this week
Oct 34 Another 1 lb off this week.

Nov 14 1lbs gain since I last weighed, so am now 10st 2lbs. Missed WI last week, as we were on holiday ...


Member 71: @qwerky
Goal : 7kg loss
Method: low carbs on fast days; moderate other days.
Extra : Callanetics; give up alcohol in October
I hope I'm registering in the right place as this is my first post! I'm adding this challenge to my Ocsober/Test the Teacher Callanetics challenge in October. As a Callanetics teacher, I'm testing myself and will do 31 days of Callanetics in October, along with giving up alcohol as part of Ocsober. I'm running a competition on my In Tune Callanetics page to guess how many cms I'll lose over the course of the month. My goal for the challenge overall is to lose 7kgs by 20 December, and I'm going to have very low carbs on Fast Days, and moderate carbs on other days. For me, it's the spuds/bread/cake/rice/crackers that puts on the weight. Good luck all!

Member 72: @Mokolodi

Goal : 5kg loss
Method: low carbs on fast days; moderate other days.
Extra : alcohol - Only 1 - 2 glasses wine once a week

Been ADF'ing since June 2014 and lost 8kg but stalled now for 4 weeks but still stayed on plan. Think it could be too many carbs and overeating on feast days although I have never strayed from <500 cals on fast days. Lose willpower with alcohol, even one small glass wine? Fast days after heavy carb feast day pretty difficult. Also changed hormone medication and went through weeks of flushes, moods and feeling starving. Seems under control now so lets hope to start losing again.

Member 73: @emilyandmeg
Last update Oct 22
Goal: 9stone6 by Christmas
Method: 5:2, and attempting to stop overeating on the normal days. One of my jobds is to keep the tuck shop stocked up at work, and I sit right next to it!
Extras: keep my nose out of the tuck shop, and give up booze in the evenings after work.
Oct 22 I'm down from 10stone4 ish to 9stone12ish
, so that's good. I've plateaued slightly 9'12 but hoping to get it going this week.

Last week I only managed one fast day, bit of a week of comfort eating. Determined to be back on it properly this week!

8 / 9 weeks to drop 6 pounds so should be achievable, hopefully I've picked an attainable goal


Member 74: @Karenm
I'm in too
My goal is 7lb and to be under 12 stone for Christmas.
I will achieve this with basic 5:2

I'm not giving stuff up as that only sets me up to fail! I crave the things I'm not allowed and usually end up bingeing.

Member 75: @mowdeur

Last fall I was steady on 5-2 and hit my goal by Christmas. Yet here I am again needing to lose. I am hoping Christmas club will help me with a sense of community to finally stop the yo yo of losing and gaining.

Member 76: @drDee
Last update Oct 9
Starting weight of 243 lbs.
My goal is to trim off 10 of those by Christmas. I am not sure whether I'll be doing a 4:3 or 5:2. The 4:3 appeals to me but I am concerned that I might not be able to keep it up, but then I guess i just turn it into a 5:2. And today is a fast day, so here we go! Dee
PROGRESS: Oct 9 I am down an amazing 5 lbs. since my original weigh-in. Whoo hoo! I suppose since I am just starting over again a big chunk of that is water loss but still I rejoice that I'm not lugging it around today anyway.

Member 77 : @faith
Last updated Oct 1
Start Weight: 247.5 lbs
Goal Weight: 227.5 lbs
My goals is to lose 15 lbs
Method to achieve this is i will follow 4:3
I will drink 8 cups of water per day and walk x3 per week

Member 78: @River Song
Last update Dec 2
Starting weight: 83.5 kg
Goal by Christmas: 79 kg (4.5kg loss)

Method ;5:2/and 4:3 if i can manage it
Fasting Mondays and Wednesdays, with Fridays where possible, and no alcohol except Saturdays and Sundays.

Extra: wine only on weekends
So back on the 5:2 wagon after a 3 month break.
Nov 3 1kg loss
October was a bit of a mixed month - lots of celebrations (three birthdays) and a short break away so I didn't manage 4:3 and the no alcohol during the week slipped a couple of times, but I kept to 5:2 and managed a 1kg loss by 1 November. This was not as good as I would have liked, but onwards and downwards in November, I hope.
Dec 2 I'm not getting very far with this challenge. I've managed to keep to two fast days, but haven't managed any weeks of 4:3 as I had hoped. I am struggling a bit with the onset of colder weather (this will be my first northern hemisphere/cold winter in many years) and also I've had a persistent cough/cold, so I suspect that I've been over-compensating on my non-fast days, hence the weight loss in November was only 0.6kg. This means I will not meet my target, but I'll keep going and hope to lose a bit more before the challenge ends.


Member 79: @Julieshaun

My goal weight is 65kg
I will do th 5:2,i have 300 cl on fast days and 1200 or less on the 5 days,and between 50 and 100 carbs every day it has been working so far but if I plato I will cut more carbs

Member 80; @lizzieh
Last Updated Oct 24
Goal: 11st (5lb loss from now)
Method : 5:2 + missing breakfast on 2 other days
I'm back after a summer break, and have been rewarded for strict 5-2-ing the past few weeks with a few pounds lost, so feeling optimistic. Having said that, last year I was TOO optimistic and got nowhere near my goal. This year let's say my 'ideal' goal is to break the 11 stone barrier (I'm currently 11st 4lbs.) So I guess that means 5lbs loss. I'm just going to do 5:2 but missing breakfast on at least 2 other days of the week. Thanks for setting the challenge @Juliana.Rivers, and good luck to us all!
Oct 17: 11.3.2 (157 lbs)

Number 80 checking in for the first time...mainly because I've been ashamed to post anything - since Oct 1st (11.4) I went back up to 11.7 then 11.5.6 then on Monday I was 11.5.2 and today FINALLY I can report a net loss of 1lb, weighing in at 11.3.2 (157lbs). :smile:

Slow progress but in the right direction. I've been pretty strict on fast days, so all I can assume is I've overdone it a bit on feast days. Fingers crossed it doesn't go up again after the weekend. It's not that I go mad at the weekend but I don't deny myself anything. During the week, however, I try to go easy on Wednesday and treat it like a fast day until the evening, when I allow myself a proper meal and a drink. So I suppose I'm doing 4and a half: 2anda half, if that makes any sense!
Oct 24 Scales hovered tantalisingly between 11.2.8 and 11.3, so as I'd just had a cup of tea I'm putting it down as 11.2.9! Which is point three of a pound down from last week - every little counts at this stage!


Member 81: @Rbrum
Last update Dec 9
Goal - 4.5 lb loss
Method - 5:2
Extra - exercise (she grimaces). At least weekly exercise.

Well, I lost 4lb on the Spring into Fall challenge so lets aim for 1/2 lb more. That will get me under the next stone marker, which would be great. Last year I started eating more in late November so I hope to be more vigilant this year...

Well, I seem to have missed a couple of months of this challenge! I had a stressful October so stopped and then have only just climbed back on the wagon...

I fasted yesterday so will weigh myself after my second fast


Member 82: @gillymary

I am in with a goal of IF 5:2 with reduced sugar and 3/7 gym
The secret of making something work in your life is to consciously hold the vision and see it working out without doubt or disbelief ... from E Caddy
my fasting buddie is lovely Sue.Q
progress journal

Member 83 @JennyH10
Last update Dec 13
Goal : 9 stone (lose 8lbs)
Method : 4:3 (otherwise 5:2)
Extra: upping exercise; lowering refined carbs

My goal is to lose 8lbs getting me to 9 stone. That was my goal last year but I've coasted ever since and now I need to get a grip of myself and actually do it.
I'm planning to do 4:3 unless life gets in the way and I'll do 5:2. I'm also upping the exercise and lowering the refined carbs if I can.

Oct 6: no change

Oct 13 Reporting a 0.6lb loss. Not a lot but it's at the lowest end of my normal weight fluctuations and I'm feeling good so hope to carry on going down. No booze is helping I think, just need to kick my bread addiction next!!
This challenge has been a great incentive to keep going and stay focussed so thank you Juliana :-)
Oct 16 Had a really bad feed day yesterday.
I've been doing so well on my fast days, always under calories. Yesterday though I made the massive error of going shopping the morning after a fast. Oh my, I bought cheese, bread, crisps, chocolate, pastry, bloody all kinds of junk. I also had a homemade cake and chippy chips (kids treat for after the school Halloween dance). What a mess. I'm thinking today's fast will now be damage limitation again instead of weight loss.
Dec 4 Oh delighted to report that I have lost 2lbs this week after my big gain on holiday last week. Phew!! I'm now back in the black.
Overall loss after all the ups and downs is now 1.6lbs.
I actually can't believe it's only three weeks until Christmas. TBH now I'd just be happy to see a new low on the scales, I'm not going to lose 6lbs. I am going to try to stick to 4:3/ADF though to minimise damage from upcoming nights out!


Oct 20 a 0.4 lb loss this week
taking me to 1lb in total in 3 weeks. Painfully slow but the right direction I suppose!
Oct 28 I had a slight gain BUT I'm putting it down as staying the same because I've seen a new low twice on the scales over the last week and it's my TOTM so I know this is a blip and I haven't gained fat. I've stuck to 4:3 religiously, no booze, careful on feed days etc. I'm hoping I'll go back to my lowest again by next week, once this bloating and water retention has gone.
Nov 5 Loss of approx. 1.5lbs this week which negates my small gain last week (TOTM) and taking me to a total weight loss of 2.2lbs in 4/5 weeks. Not exactly speedy but definitely the right direction. I won't meet my Xmas target either but I'm going to keep it as it is and just see how close I can get.
I've got a lot of nights out coming up as it's my DD and OH's birthdays next week and we're going away for a few days the week after too. Might do ADF as much as possible around these days to minimise damage!!
Nov 11 83 Slight gain of 0.2 lbs Anyway I'm down 2lbs overall from my start weight.
A massively busy two weeks ahead of me so hoping I don't gain any more
Nov 25 Big gain for me after 5 days away of eating and drinking a lot and no fasting. I'm also heavier than when I started the challenge. Am hoping to get a decent loss with 4:3 this week

Dec 13 Yeah, I'm in the camp of "if I see the weight, that's enough for it to count" :wink:
I saw a new low this week. 9 stone 4lbs. Total loss of 4 lbs since starting this challenge and the lowest I have been in over a decade since before I had my children. I'm really happy as I knew I wasn't going to lose the full 8lbs but I wanted to see how close I could get. It's the most I've lost all this year (despite having a big gain during the challenge due to a holiday) and people are commenting on my weight loss again.
I am going to carry on fasting 4:3 as much as I can over Christmas and I feel a renewed sense of appreciation for IF and I have a gut feeling I'll get to my target in 2015 (one stone and 4lbs to go) :grin:


Member 84:@nznicole
Last updated Oct 31
My challenge goal is: Lose 6lbs get to 139 lbs
Keep up exercise ( min. 3 run, 3 tabata/hiit, 3 weights & core/week)
Limit sugar. (None on fast days, of course, otherwise limited to special occasion home baking and fri/sat wine.

Oct 16
Hmm Well my Christmas challenge has so far had mixed results.
I seem to have lost two lbs in the two weeks so far is good.
My exercise has been very good.
However, my challenge to minimize sugar has been an EPIC FAIL.
I hardly touched sugar in any form before. but since making it a goal to limit it further, I've been eating so much sugar on my non fast days!! argh, psychologically messed with myself.

Oct 23 Doing the usual up and down on the scale: start 145,
end of week 2 down to 143, back up up to 147, back down to 145, yesterday, October 22nd, at 142 lbs.

None of those weights are immediately following a fast day. I never count post fast weight :) but generally seems to be moving down, exercise is doing very well, lots of running, still eating too much sugar on non-fast days.

Oct 31Christmas Challege goal, Lose 6 lbs, get to 139.
Start 145
Week 1: -1.6lbs / 143.4
Week 2:- .4 /143
Week 3: +4 /147
Week 4: -2 /145
First 4 weeks Xmas challenge Net loss = 0 (sigh).although I did hit a new low of 141.2 somewhere in the middle there.

Member 85: @revmk

I desire to join the Christmas Challenge 2014. I have been reading about the 5:2 diet and made a few attempts to eat latter in the day a few times to test my mettle, but I have yet to set my mind to it. I'd like to use the Christmas Challenge to make the 5:2 diet the beginning of a new way of life. So I'll think more on how to formulate this as a goal. Thank you for this opportunity.

Member 86:@Skippy
Last update : Oct 26
Start weight : 109kg - so shed loads to lose :frown:
Going to try fast days Mon and Weds and maybe add Friday too when thats doable.
Set what I hope is a modest target of 8 kg loss by mid December (amended from 5kg on Oct 25) when we're off on Christmas hols. More would be great !

Goal 1: Stick with 5:2 for the 12 week challenge
Goal 2: Lose 8 kg in the process
Goal 3: Try and move more - exercise at least 3 times a week

Oct 10 108.4kg (600g loss)
since the start of the challenge despite doing 4:3 this week I am a tad disappointed it's not more given it's only week 2 for me and I have 40kg to lose but, hey, a loss is a loss. I think it's just made me realise that this is going to be a longer road than I anticipated if it's just under 500g a week from the off as I know the losses will drop as it goes on. I have done well with fasting but haven't done enough of the moving more bit of my challenge. Maybe getting onto that more constantly will be key. Great to be part of the group though - other's motivation does rub off and help.
Oct 18 105.8 so down 2.6 kg After a slow first 10 days or so things have suddenly moved very quickly -you were right to advise patience! New weight 105.8 so down 2.6 kg from last week ( 3.2kg since Oct 1st start) which I assume is something to do with water and glycogen storage last week that has been lost this time. I've been good but not that good!! Finding 4:3 easier than 5:2 and now moving more which seems to be helping to. I think it also helps that I'm new to this and have such a lot to lose. I know this success is unlikely to be repeated!
Oct 26 105 kg today so 800g loss this week and 4kg loss so far.
Going to amend my target to 8kg to lose by Christmas as I'm hoping this might be realistic now that I've worked out I can stick to 4:3 quite happily.
Thanks to Juliana for supporting us all!


Member 87: @Kmaree
Last update October 13
Starting weight: 102kgs
Goal weight : 94kgs; loss of 8kg
Method 5:2 and occasional 4:3
extra: limit sugar intake + exercise as noted below
Good luck everyone in reaching your personal weight loss/health goals before Christmas! :clover:
Oct 8 Reporting in today with 1kg loss. 101kg now - double figures here I come!
Oct 13 #87 Weighing in today - 600g down.
Had alot on this week - BBQ's, get togethers etc. Tried to eat as healthy as possible, but only had 1 fast day. Did a little bit of walking.....
This coming week is my son's 13th birthday! So will try not to go too crazy (with food - don't drink)
The rest of the week pretty normal - so should do 5:2 better.
Only been 5:2ing for 4 weeks, lost 5.6kg and 15cm off my waist - happy with that! :like:


Member 88: @Carrieme

Really stuck so will combine with low carb and see if I can get to 89k by Christmas

Member 89: @Jai02

I have started successfully in Feb 13. About a year ago not sure what happend but started on a downward spiral. Health has not been great! But I am back again and determined to make a real go of this. My goal is to lose 12 pounds on 4:3 and 18;6 on non fast days. I will be 50 in 2 weeks! I owe it to myself for health reasons. I will give up chocolate (except options low cal drinking variety!) and crisps. I will also endeavour to use myfitnessl to log my intake.
I do pilates and would like to embark upon walking at least 2 times a week. The main thing is to increase my water consumption too.
I found this forum a godsend last time & hope to be a regular user. Wish me luck!!

Member 90: @Lianne K Douglas

My goal is to lose a stone by Christmas
Method: 5:2 style & my challenge is to eat clean so no gluten, little added sugar, no cow dairy (goats/ sheep milk cheese/ yogurt & non dairy milk) non- processed food. 1 daddy cheat (meal) & 1 baby cheat (smaller cheat) per week
This is exciting!

Member 91: @niamo
Last updated Nov 17
Goal 62.9
I have a habit of joining these challenges, doing good and then letting the bad habits creep back in...self sabotage maybe??
Got within 1.4 kg of my ultimate goal in August then I let it all slide! I just wasn't managing 2 fasts a week, barely one and was mega over eating on feast days :( I haven't weighed myself don't think I did too much damage but ultimate goal is 62.9. Will weigh this week then I will know how much I have to loose.
Nov 1 67.8kg
Nov 6 - 67.1kg[/b] Hi, I'm back! This challenge has turned into a 7 week plan, and I am doing a 6 week "get into the christmas party dress" with 3 girls in work - they are all doing slimming world - trying to put across the benefits of 5:2 but falling on deaf ears :)

Weighed in this morn @ 67.1kg - which is ok as saw 67.8kg last week!!
Nov 13 - weighed in @ 66.6kg on Tues which is a .7kg loss so far.
Nov 17 latest weigh in 66.1kg! happy with that


Member 92 ; @Frokenfemtva
Last update Oct 29
Starting weight : 68,5 kilos
Goal weight: 64,5 kilos (loss of 4kg)
Method: 5:2 Monday and Thursday. Exercise 2-3 times a week

I'm doing this challenge to shape up after giving birth to my second child 4 months ago. I'd love to hear if anyone else here also have some baby weight to shred.

PROGRESS: Oct 29 Member 92 checking in after 4 weeks. I have lost a tiny amount of weight each week but after 4 weeks it actually added up to something I was really happy with. My result so far:
Weight loss week 4: - 1.5 kg ( 67 kg)

No exercise so far unfortunately but I've had 2 weeks with 4:3 instead of 5:2 and I'm ok with that compromise. My goal for November will be to loose 1-1,5 kg. Another month of 1.5 kg will be tough but I'll try hard. Anyways I feel really proud of myself for the October results and I hope many of you feel the same.


Member 93: @Wannalose
Last update Oct 2
Start weight : 9 stone 9
Goal Want to get to 9 stone by Xmas.

Member 94: @Golarne
Final update Dec 22
Start: 60kg
Goal: 57kg
Final result : My weigh-in for yesterday is 57.4 kg - the lowest I've seen since starting the challenge, (although I did hit 57.5kg on 21st Nov).
Method: 5:2 with no biscuits/cakes in between meals except at weekends
Extra challenge... Gym once a week, fast walk round the block (very steep hill) twice a week.

Oct 11 59.3kg
so I've lost 0.7.
Big family weekend last week, and now fighting a virus so have failed at the exercise, but have fended off many cake temptations! I'm very pleased that the upward trend has halted!

Oct 21 60kg I've been fighting flu for over a week now, so no exercise and have had carbs in between meals. Result being that the scales were back to 60kg at the weekend. Today I managed to fast though, so I've not completely given up. Feeling fed up with being so tired. Grr.

Oct 25 59.4kg I certainly have lost momentum being ill, (partly due to the momentum hardly registering to start off with!) eating too many carbs and no exercise. Feeling better now, so motivation is high again.

Nov 1 58.7kg (down 0.7) Feeling better after flu, so more willpower over food, but still failing on exercising.

Nov 18 9th Nov 58.6kg 100g down
17th Nov 58.9kg 300g up. My daughter helped me to buy a dress to wear for a family wedding on 3rd January. It's a bit tight, so I've got to get my act together!

Nov 22 ... happy 57.9kg (lost 1kg) Down 2.1kg in total. :smile:
I've had a good week, which is a good job as we had a big meal with wine last night and another one tonight. Much reduced snacks between meals is making a difference on 'normal' days. Although I'm active, I'm failing at exercise though, so that's my goal for the week coming.

Dec 6 58kg (lost 900g) Down 2kg in total.
Fasted Mon & thurs as usual, though both were hard. Seeing family for a few days this week for present exchange and festive food, so I need to be mindful before we go. (I've started using my WiiFit for the first time in ages- ok it's not much, but I've done enough to get warm and a bit puffed!)

Dec 13 Well done to the goal scorers! :victory: And to everyone else for giving it a shot.
This challenge has meant that I've started the festive season at a lower weight than I would have. Thank you!
#94 here
13th Dec 58.4kg (up 400g) Down 1.6 kg in total. Fasted only Mon, then festive/birthday meals, so could be worse!

Dec 22 Congratulations to everyone for giving this challenge a go! :like:
Special cheers for the goalers :victory:
My weigh-in for yesterday is 57.4 kg - the lowest I've seen since starting the challenge, (although I did hit 57.5kg on 21st Nov). I know I won't hit my target, but I'm pleased anyway. Without the challenge I'd definitely by heavier than in October, not lighter, so thank you @Juliana.Rivers for this and to @CandiceMarie for sending me a shout on the 'Who's Missing?' thread in the autumn.


Member 95 : @greenmonster Last update Dec 10 - Bowed out of challenge Dec 10
Current weight: 9st 9lb
Goal: 9st 0lb (9 lb loss)
Method: Am thinking standard 500 cal fast on Mondays, Tuesdays eat as normal and then weds-fri do a 16:8 type thing. And weekends, we'll play by ear. I know you're not supposed to mix it up but I'll see what works for me - I don't like doing lots of exercise on an empty tank and I do do quite a it of exercise these days. And I'm Going Sober for October too. Not total self-denial on food though, that's a short ticket to failure for me, so I won't be cutting out sugar or chocolate or things like that - that's why I was attracted to 5:2 in the first place!

Exercise: aiming for burning 500cals 5 times a week. This will likely entail 1 Body Attack class, 2 gym sessions and a couple of days where I walk quite a lot (I walk to and from work which is an hour in total, so a couple of days where I do that then march about on my lunch hour should get me there). Hopefully doable as it's pretty much what I'm doing at the moment. I'm not exact on the calorie burn as I don't have a fitbit or heart monitor but it's a rough estimate.

Oct 9
.well...this is rather embarrassing but I haven't lost any weight at all since last weds- not a sausage. Now some would choose to blame the homemade pizza fest we had on Saturday or the fish & chips we had on Sunday but I am going to blame all this cardio and weight training (3x gym sessions & one body attack class) I've been doing, building muscle. Yes, that's it. *cough*

Anyway the positives are that I have exceeded my 2500 cal burn target and haven't touched a drop of booze so not all a failure. And I actually started in earnest again 2 days before the challenge began so when I first weighed in I had lost 2lb on the previous fast. So I am down 2lb since I started, just nothing since starting this challenge.

Oct 15 ... reporting that I have shaved 1lb off last week's weight. That Christmas target is looking optimistic. Oh well as long as I am healthy and strong... And can get back into those skinny jeans! Best go easy on the rice pudding for a while...

Oct 22 managed to shave off another pound this week. Slow going but scales gradually going down. Good as I am still using weights and building muscle at the gym. And the most exciting thing this week was I managed to get the skinny jeans I lived in last winter back on again, enough to leave the house in! They had been looking a bit too much like sausage skins!!

Oct 31 ... a big fat fail & a 1lb gain. Has been TOTM this week but I have also eaten far too much. I managed the gym on Tues but not Body Attack on weds as my tummy was pretty sore. So exercise not great (altho did walk a lot test).
Must get myself into a better frame of mind for the rest of this challenge or I'll be still messing about with the same couple of pounds at Christmas. Grr!
Nov 5 I lost 1.5lbs since last week which, given last week's 1lb gain, is a net loss of 1/2lb. Last week I had TOTM and was eating quite a lot so I'm not surprised I gained but it is disheartening when progress is very slow. I don't think I will realistically reach my Christmas goal of another 6.5lbs loss but that's ok, this time around it's more about how I feel than a particular number as I know that it can be a bit arbitrary, so if by Christmas, 9.5 st is an uncomfortable-feeling high rather than a skinny-Minnie low, then I think I'll be in the right ballpark!
Nov 11 checking in with a stubborn no change on the scales this week. Well I am more or less a daily weigher- can't help it and actually it helps me see my weight as being within a range rather than a fixed point. So my weight this week has been as low as 9st 5.5 and as high as 9st 8.5 but on my designated Tuesday weigh in this morning it was 9st 6.5lb, same as last Tuesday. Looking ahead to December I have lots of meals out so this will be where it gets really tough!

Nov 19 unfortunately half a pound on, so now 9st 7. I know I have been a bit lax on feed days, enjoyed my own home baking a bit too much! And on fast days I haven't counted religiously so probably eating more than I think. I am still keeping fit though and am largely happy with my body shape at the mo so keeping it in perspective. I have 7lb to go to target which was maybe a bit overambitious - I have lots of Christmas meals coming up so I think maintaining will be all I can hope for.

Nov 26 Didn't do my Friday fast and only did light eating on Monday (probably less than 1000 cals) and was just healthily eating and dropped 3/4lb on last week, bringing me to 9st 6.25. So only 4oz drop over all but hey I wasn't fasting so that's a bonus. Not enjoying the way fasting makes me feel at the mo, get so tired, grumpy and don't feel well, so might just stick with healthy eating every day as I am finding that it is helping me not scoff too much as my energy levels are more even. If I lose, I lose, if not, I can live with that. Not gonna reach target anyway unless I het norovirus, and I just want to focus on how I am feeling not the scales. Will still post updates, but prob won't lose!

Dec 10 I'm afraid I'm going to be dropping out of the challenge for 2 main reasons, well 3 really.

1. We have decided that in the new year we will be trying for a Little Monster, and being in my mid 30s, I want to make sure my body is as well nourished as possible to maximise chances.

2. I have also decided to train for a half marathon in May. Obviously should I conceive during training (well not technically DURING, that would be some feat!), I will consult the docs to see if it's ok to carry on, but I really want to give it a go. I know many folks train and fast but I know I will function better if properly fed all the time - it's going to be an intense few months, esp as I hope to be working more hours too!

3. I wasn't really losing any weight and, quite frankly, I don't need to or even massively want to any more. I have a good healthy bmi, I do lots of activity and I get hungry! I felt dreadful when I fasted on Mondays (the only one I was really doing properly) and I just realised I was punishing myself for a few vanity pounds- not to mention pigging out on feed days as my body was just tired and hungry. I have gone back to eating healthy real full fat scratch cooked food 90% of the time and you know what? I feel great and have gained 1lb in 2 weeks which, with quite a few meals out recently, seems not that shabby.

Sorry to bow out, I don't like to quit, but it seems pointless for me to carry on. Thanks to Juliana.Rivers for keeping us all motivated and, you never know, I may be wanting to fast again come baby-weight-shifting time. It worked for me when I was feeling a little tubby before, so maybe again. I'll keep popping on here to see how you're all doing but can't promise I won't be eating while I do so...


Member 96: @mas54321
Last update Dec 25 -


Start weight: 117.5kg
goal: 105kg
Method:4-3, and 16/8 on other days. High protein, minimal carbs.
High Intensity Interval Training 3 days per week.
I've virtually eliminated all bread, pasta and fruit juice from my diet this year. Next aim: banish empty calories - cold condiments (ketchup, bbq sauce, mayo), drinks

Oct 4 : 3.9kg weight gone!
Oct 11: loss of 1.8KG
It feels well deserved, since my hamstrings are still sore 2 days later, and my ribs hurt when I cough!!]
Oct 18 ; 2kg lost - which is 200g better than last week
Oct 25 -2.1kg
I was worried i might lose momentum, i was ill mon/tue, so had one less fast and one less gym session, but looks like it didn't matter
Oct 31 96 -1.7kg

Which leaves me 1kg from my xmas target of losing 12.5kg
Nov 26 LOSS OF 12.5KG !
I only go by my Saturday AM reading. So as of Saturday 22nd I have achieved my challenge goal of 12.5KG loss.

I still want to lose another 5KG to reach my goal for the end of the year. I am now at the point where tracking weight is a poor way to measure progress going forward though, I am doing a lot more weight training now (though with a large calorie deficit still, I'm not sure how the following statements can both be true)-
weight is dropping really slowly now (was near 2kg/week, now more like 0.8kg/week)
body fat is still dropping at an appreciable rate (as accurately as bioelectric impedance can be relied on, at least) clothing continues to get looser / drop a size
Dec 6 96 here.. this week another 1.5kg weight loss.

This result is surprising for me. I haven't worked out for an entire week now (I was very disciplined prior, 5 workouts a week and very healthy meals). This week has been a mixture of not eating, or eating some junk food. My daily walking has dropped from 6km/day to 0.6, plus surely a significant increase in cortisol levels from stress. I am torn. As stupid as it sounds, this forum (the weight loss) and my relationship seem intrinsically linked. I always knew how much she hated the weight that i'd gained, that I let her and us down - I was ashamed too, as a result I ducked and dodged photo opportunities for years. So many amazing holidays, travelling and moments, there's no memory of "us", no pictures of me. As much as for my own health and self confidence, I wanted to give her "me" back, give our relationship the real "me" again.

Now it all feels in vain, and in my head the weight loss is linked with a doomed 10 year relationship. That's something I have to get my head around, I worked so hard to transform myself, I must not let it regress

Dec 9 I already met my goal of 12.5KG last week, but I'm not done yet!
This weeks weigh-in (Saturday): -1.9K

However, having just had a rather sudden and unexpected breakup to a 10 year relationship this weekend... the real challenge lies ahead. My routine is broken, and i'm already missing my daily gym visits - I won't be able to get there at all this week, maybe for the foreseeable future. On the 'plus' side, since i am not really eating anything (just not hungry) at the minute.. I at least shouldn't gain any fat oh man :

Dec 15

I go by my saturday morning weight only, regardless of if i saw a lower weight in the week -eg this week i saw a great midweek result, but after the past two days of really heavy drinking/xmas party, it's showing a bit heavier this morning!

Anyway as of today
This week -1.5kg
which brings me down to 2digit kilos, my end of year target met, and 5kg below my xmas challenge weight.
I've lost 18kg since 30th September, and 25kg since april (first start date) .... Here's to a better 2015 with everything else

Dec 25 96 here. Forgot to add my final weighin. -1.7kg.

I had already made my xmas & yeah end target, so this is both a holiday buffer and an early start on 2015. Next aim: lose 13kg by April (holiday to Australia).

In 2014 i've had to throw away my entire wardrobe, going from waist size 40 to 34, and teeshirt size XXXL to L being loose.

I've been so embarrassed about my weight for a long time now - been losing for "years" (you know how it is). Any time I lost weight and people complimented me, I didn't take it as a compliment - just unwelcome attention to the rest of the fat still there!

When delivering presents this christmas I saw a lot of family that I haven't seen for months - many compliments from them, but the biggest change was me - how I handled them. Hell yes I look fantastic, I feel it too, and for the first time in a long time I'm not ashamed to hear it.


Member 97 : @Mavesse
Last update Oct 1
Goal: To lose 13 pounds, taking me from 162 to 149
Method: 5:2, and keeping calories to 1200 on non-fast days
Extra: No alcohol for the duration of the challenge, 8 cups water each day, tracking on My Fitness Pal

Member 98: @CaSuffit
Last update Oct 1
Goal: 10st 10lbs
Hello Everyone, After a long period away from the fasting WOL am now ready to try again and a goal to aim for seemes like a plan. So goal weight is 10st 10lbs.
Will be doing 5:2 and 16:8 on other work days. At weekends will be mindful and avoid cake and bread and too much wine

Member 99: @Antonio Last update Oct 1
I'm starting today. It looks like I got here at a good time.
Goal: 11 stone (currently 12'2).
Method: 5:2, long walks.
Extra: Cut down on meat. Cook more often.
Cooking more often is important for me, because it's easier to make good choices. The takeaway is my great temptation. Cooking is also a good skill to develop, and I'd like to feel at Christmas that I've not just lost weight but learned something. Less round, more well-rounded...

Member 100: @Gina2013

I'm in too, iv 9 lbs I'd love to lose, although I'm going on holidays on 11th of October, so I will be playing catchup when I get back.

Member 101; @pineconesjay
Last update October 4
Start weight : 96.7
Goal: under 90kg (6.7kg loss)
I'm planning to try 4:3 to begin with or even alternate 4:3/5:2 over a fortnight. I will be more conscious of what I'm eating on non-fast days but sick of counting carbs and just want to focus on eating more vegetables, but still enjoy the odd slice of bread.
Oct 8 105.6lbs Oct 4
Oct 9 Well my official weigh in day will be on Saturday. It's currently Thursday and in just shy of a week I've lost 3.6kg. BIG DISCLAIMER: I've been suffering some sort of gastro bug for the last two days so fast day was super easy :/
I do expect that when I get more hydration and some food into me the number will go up a bit...


Member 102@Panda_Po
Last update Dec 15 -
Starting Weight: 129kg
Goal Weight: 121kg (8kg loss) (adjusted down Oct 10)
Method: 4:3
I won't be doing anything "extra"... As I've only just started, sticking with it will be my main challenge. Though I do plan to make an extra effort to stick between 2000 cal and my TDEE of 2400 on my feast days, as eating like 'normal' is why I have so much trouble with weight in the first place

Oct 10 #102
reporting in with a 2.7kg loss... I am thinking that is due to it being my first week, eating a very large amount over the weekend before starting and water weight! Still, despite the inflated start, it's motivating to at least have a good start :)
I think I might add extra to my goal though, to combat this and aim for a total of 8kgs (121kg)... So with a start of 2.7, I now am aiming for a further 5.3kgs

Oct 24 Down another 0.8kg, putting me at 125.5kg with a total loss of 3.5kgs
Nov 9 down to 124.3kgs, with a lost of 1.2kgs... Slowly but surely getting there
Nov 16 Down to 123.2kgs which is another 1.1kg off. Only 2.2kgs left to challenge goal
Nov 24 122.6 this week... Giving me a 0.6kg loss. With a total of 6.4kg loss, only 1.6kgs left to go! I finally reached past 70000 steps a week, with each day over my 10000 goal. Just need to keep it up now!
@Nov 29 # This Week: 121.1kg Loss: 1.5kgs (total 7.9kg loss)
Only 100 grams until I hit goal :) I think I'm gonna focus on how far past it I can get :) Being at the start of my weight loss journey has probably made it a bit easier I will concede, but I'm happy nonetheless!
Dec 8 #102 checking for week 9!

Last week: 121.1kg
This week: 120.2kg CHALLENGE GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!
Loss: 0.9kg (8.8kg total loss)

Yay! Reached my goal for this challenge! A long way to go still but I'm happy with this start :) Now let's see how far I can get until the challenge ends

Dec 15 #102 checking for week 11!
This week: 118.8

Loss: 1.4kgs (10.2kg total loss) 2.2kg loss past goal

One more week left, just trying to do the best I can :) Any loss at this point helps for the gain over Christmas lol


Member 103 : @smash_m
Joined Oct 7
Start weight...93kg.
Goal 87kg. (6kg loss)
Plan.......5:2 and limiting processed foods. Fast days Mon and Thurs.
Exercise 2 strength training, 2 rowing, 1 bootcamp + morning walks 3 days per week

Member 104: @Guineapig mammy
Joined Oct 16
My 1st weigh in & I've lost 3 3/4lb & down 1 on BMI! :victory: onwards & downwards
Progress Oct 16 3/4lb loss am happy with that! Have struggled to fast this week, too many reason so list but persevering!


Member 105 @slimforevernyc
Joined 11 Oct 2014
Current weight: 227.2lbs
Goal: 212.2 (15lbs)
Method: I just started doing 4:3 on Monday, Oct.6.
Hi All!
I'm a little late to the party, but I'd like to register for the challenge!
So happy to be doing this!

Member 106 @Maryann
Last updated Dec 15

Start weight 68kg
Goal weight 65kg
For an extra challenge, I would like to minimize alcohol intake. I overdid it in the last month with a lot of leaving parties, etc., for some friends who left Okinawa about a week ago. I won't say zero, since it would cut out my social life, but I'll try for zero on my own at home, and low amount at parties, dinners out, etc. I really need to minimize sugar, but my previous attempt at that was a disaster so nothing official there...

I'll stick with 4:3 and reintroduce modified 16:8 on non-fast days (my modification is to allow a soft-boiled egg the morning after a fast outside of the 8h window).
Oct 18

I'm very happy this morning to have dropped 1.2kg from my starting weight of 68kg. I suspect it's mostly water weight as I recover from last Monday's half marathon. But I'll take anything in the right direction

Oct 22 #106 update: 66.1kg, down 0.7 since last report and 1.9 from the start.

Nov 18 66.4 kg this morning, so up from my lowest point since I joined the challenge, but lower than it had been. I'm happy as long as I can keep it going in the right direction. I need to avoid crazy weekends with friends! (and getting discouraged by little upward blips).

Nov 22 I'm at 65.5kg now. Still 2.5 kg from goal but 2.5kg down from the start. I'm not expecting to make it in time, but I don't mind as long as it keeps going in the right direction. I think last year I modified my challenge goal from 63 to 63. anything (then I ended up getting to 63 anyway. ) Perhaps I should modify my goal again this year too.

Dec 13 #. I'm at 65.4 kg today. I'll never make goal, but that's ok. I'll keep plugging along until I get there. Those last few lbs are so difficult. I'm happy with my progress.

Dec 15 64.9 kg this morning. It's been about 6 months since I've seen this weight.

Thanks, Juliana, for running this challenge!


Member 107 @happymama

Start weight 130kg
Hi. I am new to the 5:2 diet - I just started this week. I would love to be part of the Christmas challenge. I would like to lose 8kg by Christmas. My starting weight is 130Kg. I have a lot to lose and I am hoping that with some diligence some of this will drop quickly - I may need to reassess my weight loss goal according to my early results. I plan to add in regular exercise and I am working to cut most non-fruit sugar from my diet as I know that this is a trigger for me.
... I am going to play around with the different options to see what works best for me. I do have A LOT of weight to lose. I am hoping some of the initial weight comes off quickly but know well enough that it will slow down. I have recently started swimming - my aim is for 3 sessions per week and to add more walking into my daily routine. I plan to add some regular gym time in the next few weeks as well.

Member 108 @Matillian
Last updated Dec 17/color]
Start weight : 67.6kg
Goal : 62kg
Method: I'm doing salsa dancing for 1 and half hours 3 times a week.
I fell off the wagon a few months ago and I'm so ready to get back on it, I hope I can still join, the challenges really help me stay committed and all of you inspire me to continue when I'm feeling down even if I'm only reading your messages :)
My goal for December is 62kgs.
Thank you![color=#BF00BF]
Oct 25 65.0 kgs.
I had a huge drop of 2.6kgs,
but I think it was because my first weigh in was during my period, but still I think I actually dropped at least 1kg. :D yay
My additional challenge would be to stop eating cookies on non-fast days and eat fruit instead.
Nov 1; 64.4kgs. - lost 0.6 kgs.
I was only able to fast 1 time :( I'll try to be more disciplined next week.
Nov 8: I'm still 64.4kgs, no change this week. I overate :( too many tamales.
Dec 17 Hello! Matillian here, I'm still on it but I remain at 64kgs. The scale won't move


Member 109 @WarriorPrincess
Last updated Dec 10

Start Weight : 12st 7.5lbs.
Target is 11st 12, so 9.5lbs loss in 9 weeks.
I've stepped on the scales & weighed in at 12st 7.5lbs. Target is 11st 12, so 9.5lbs loss in 9 weeks. I've done 5:2 successfully before - ....
Method: I'm planning 2 fast days at 500 cals, one mid-day at 1200 cals & 4 normal eating days, but with cals max 1800. If it works, I'll have a BMI in normal range by 20th Dec. Good luck to anyone fasting today - its good to have company!
Oct 26
late starter so just one week in but delighted with the result, 12st 5.5lbs this morning, 2lbs down, just 7.5 to go in the next 8 weeks. I weigh daily so I knew it was going well & celebrated yesterday with friends and wine ... And canapés and cake. ... And my favourite dinner! Back on the wagon for week 2 with a fast day today. I know I can't expect another 2lbs this week, but it's wonderful that that less than a pound a week will get me from here to target!

Nov 3 - 2 weeks into my 9-week challenge & delighted to report 12st 4.5lb this morning - 1lb lost this week & 3lbs total. Big challenges looming though - my mum's 80th celebrations next Fri-Sun, then a work shindig, lunches out & probably post-work drinks too the following Tues & Wed. And the Thursday evening out! I've a military-style plan that fits fast days around all this for the next 2 weeks (beginning today), but the intervening calories may be astronomic!

Nov 16 Member 109 - 4 weeks into a 9 week diet, cos I started late. 12st 2.5lbs this morning - 2 lbs lost in the last 2 weeks, 5 lbs down overall. If I managed to continue a diet successfully during the last 2 weeks, anything is possible. I've had my mum's 80th weekend (incl. cake!), then 2 lunches & 2 evenings out. When I mentioned at work that I was on a diet a colleague said 'would that be the lager diet?'!!! Yet the power of the 5:2 is great! I've joined a gym (& even been twice!) and tightened my belt a notch this last week.
Yea for the 5:2

Nov 23 week 5 out of 9 for me. 12st 3 this morning - 1/2 pound gained and the first real downe
r. It was going wonderfully till Friday. The morning after 500cal Thursday I was under 12st 1 - quite brilliant. But 2 old friends had birthdays last week & we had a little celebration on Friday evening ... & it was obviously OK to eat & drink whatever I liked as I was doing so well. Then yesterday I found some chocolate biscuits my son had unaccountably left in a bag in the fridge when he went back to uni weeks back. They weren't even nice! Fastday today and next Sat for me, carefully planned calories this week & the gym mid-week. Now's the time to trust the process & behave myself!

Nov 30. - 12st 1lb this morning - 2lbs less than last week & 6.5lbs down in 6wks. My target is 9.5lbs in 9 weeks so it's looking possible. Looking forward to the first morning the number on the scales begins with an 11 (as in 11.13.75!) - that will be a huge motivator. If I do get to 11st 12lbs I'll be BMI 25, within 'normal' weight for height - which would be quite wonderful. BUT Xmas celebrations are beginning to pile up - the last week of the challenge already includes 3 parties. And I now have a stinker of a cold. It's ruled out weekend plans that would have jeopardised the diet even further - but today's a fastday & a little devil in my head keeps telling me you're supposed to feed a cold!
Dec 4 No. 109 - interim report! I weigh in properly on Sundays & will probably have put some back by then. BUT I began this challenge 6.5 weeks ago at 12st 7.5lbs - and on two days so far this week my scales have recorded a number beginning with 11 :grin: :grin: :grin: (11st & a lot of lbs, obviously ... but nonetheless, I now weigh 11 stone something!) And its looking like I'll make my 11st 12lb target - can hardly believe it!
Dec 7 09 reporting in at 11st 13.25. 1.75lbs lost this week, 8.25lbs in 7 weeks.
I just submitted a post which seems to have gone astray, so apologies if this turns up twice! My target is 11st 12 - which would be BMI 25 & me not overweight. Everything would be looking great if it wasn't that Xmas begins in earnest for me this coming Friday, with 4 parties in 7 days. I can think of only one way round this - I'm aiming to achieve target this coming week! I've planned my first ever 4:3 and 2 trips to the gym, & I'll declare diet-over on the day I weigh in at 11st 12 or less.

I'm not intending to put it all back over Xmas(!) I'll still weigh-in daily & might have the odd fast-day if things are getting out of hand. The plan is to return on 12th Jan, weighing no more than 12st 2, & to join all you lovely people in the next diet challenge.

Good luck to anyone else who's on the home straight this week.
Dec 10 - I made it!
Began on 19th Oct at 12.7.5 - weighed in this morning at 11st 11.25. That's 10.25lbs down in 7.5 weeks, Xmas target made and me at BMI 25!!

Have to admit yesterday was a fastday, so a little of that weightloss will probably have disappeared by tomorrow morning. But .. I've done it! :grin: :grin: :grin:

I'll see you all & resume in January, but for now I'm signing off for Xmas. And couldn't be a happier bunny!!!
Good luck with the end of the challenge - & Happy Christmas to all on the FastDay forum!


Member 110 @Tanmc
Joined 19 Oct
Starting weight : 57 kg
Goal weight :52 kg.
Method: fast on Monday and Thursdays. on non fast days really need to watch quantities and have decided no cakes, bread and only occasional dark chocolate. I used to be a nut freak I have not had any nuts for over two months so I can commit but he problem is it fluctuates!!!

Member 111 @blondie1002 Joined October
Hi:-) We(me and my daughter are on our week 4. Hpoe tihos counts for Christmas Challenge. Loosing wight and cm:-) Hurra!

Member 112 @Mystic
Joined 26th October
Start weight : I'm currently 138lbs.
Goal: 8lbs , 130
Extra: no sugar
Yes please, I'd love to join you and pre-register as with this message! Thanks @Juliana.Rivers.
I'll let you know what my final clear minimise adjustments are. ( I am thinking about low carbs 50 gm per day and no wheat = rye crackers in moderation, further reduced sugar I don't use much anyway though it's that choc!! but moderate fruit eating. Chocolate right out of the picture, but a choc Options drink now and again. Using Almond Milk in bullet coffee, delicious and lower carbs....) facts and figures to be posted on 1st Oct.
Meanwhile I am gradually turning round the weight trend to downwards. :like:
Juliana include me please! I have also posted on your other thread so disregard that !
I would like to be 11 stone by 20/12/14 & I will continue 4:3ing, 16:8ing on other days & try to eliminate or much reduce bread, pasta & other carbs. I don't have sugar in drinks but can be seduced by lovely cakes baked by others & if my OH decides to eat biscuits. I also love cheese & cream crackers with butter so I suppose occasional cheese without the crackers :?:
Yes count me in @Juliana.Rivers I will be away at the start if this challenge but I'll set my goal before I go taking into account my holiday gain!!!! I've reset my interim goal at 90kg and will probably go with that as a goal. (I'll be back on that one )
I gave up sugar in my drinks earlier this year so my extra challenge is to keep this up running along side my lower carbs. :heart:
I will be joining in too please. Need to think about the goals though.
Thanks for setting this up again J x
Am cautiously joining..i was very successful with last year'sCrimbo Challenge but havent done well since
Hope i don't sound too negative, but i know my limitations this year,so i won't be adding any extras,just the simple hope of 5:2 ing for the 12 weeks and losing a lb a week x x
Count me in please!

Will do as you say & have a good old think about goals etc before publicising.....

In terms of giving serious thought to......Maltesers.....but we'll see!!

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
Yes please count me in too! I don't even have to think about it - SUGAR is my downfall ... so will be giving up the white and brown stuff too. Thank you Juliana.Rivers
Hi I'd like to join the Christmas club! I've been doing the springy challenge and enjoyed the extra motivation of reporting in. I will do as you requested and think of how much weight I aim to lose and what I may minimise! Thanks for setting this up with time for us to think and remember to set ourselves sensible achievable goals which still challenge us.
Hi I'd like to join too - will think about goals, depending on what happens between now and the end of the month. Thanks for organising this.

wow 10 members already, ready to take up the challenge starting October 1. 2 good weeks to think about goals and methods.. some are already clear about goals.

Thinking we all try to put in an update once a week on a Friday (or alternate if you just cant be here on a friday. if you miss one, dont worry.

Oh and cause its Christmas... we are allowed to make exceptions for christmas parties and functions for those things you are avoiding. but its to be for functions with more that just the usual folk you are with so friend parties, office parties, big family do's etc. we dont want to spoil the fun of pre christmas merriment. I guess the fast day/window after, be extra careful to make up for it.

Ive updated post 1 with the full list and will keep it up to date with goals and progress.. added your intro as its sometimes very encouraging to see that. Might even summarise your achievements along the way. Yes, its going to be a long long post 1

Member 1 : @Juliana.Rivers

Member 2: @Katharina

Member 3 : @Isis

Member 4: @Sue.Q

Member 5:@brand-ie

Member 6: @CandiceMarie

Member 7: @hazelnut20

Member 8: @maryannemcconnell

Member 9: @Doodlepuppet

Member 10 : @Madcatlady

thank you for preregistering and good luck to all.
I told my sis who is making a Walnut tea cake it will be one of my last cakes till October 1.
so im already mindful of whats coming up.
Thanks for all your work on this challenge already, @Juliana.Rivers - your excitement is catching!

Put me down for the challenge...I'm hoping I'll be maintaining as my goal, but we'll see. It all depends how the current challenge goes! :wink: I'm not sure I'm going to go with the side-challenge...through this all the only thing I've really consciously reduced/cut out of my diet is fizzy drinks & fruit juice, and that's about as much as I can stand to change!
Hi, All!

My goal for this period is to keep fasting two days a week and to give up obsessing about the scale. I am thinking I am going to give up weighing daily, and will instead weigh only for seven days at the end of each month. This will give me a Libra trend weight but stop the daily obesssing about whether or not I've gained a pound overnight of what is almost certainly water.

My goal is to get down to whatever weight I can maintain for the next decade while fasting one day a week and otherwise enjoying my food. At my current weight the numbers work out so that I should be able to maintain this weight by fasting one day a week and eating the way I am eating now. So that suggests that I should be able to lose slightly less than a pound a month if I fast two days a week until Christmas.

However, since my weight loss is slowing, now that I have reached a weight very close to the lowest I've weighted in 19 years, I am going to set as a goal to lose only 2 more lbs (which should take me to a Libra Trend weight of 137. Anything more will be gravy.

Since I am transitioning into maintenance (which I will enter at the 1 year point, at the end of February) the most important thing for me is to NOT get into obsessing about food, but to just get to where I get back to the relaxed but vigilant attitude I adopted while maintaining a 30 lb loss for an entire decade. I'm already at a very good weight for my size and age. It's tempting to keep pushing for more weight loss, but given that my natural weight to maintain at seems to have been 142-145 lbs, it's tough to know if I can maintain at a lower value.
I'm considering, but nooooot quite there!
thanks @Peeblesand all the best. You are member 11. daily obsessing is something i stopped doing too. for me... my mind was too much away from the whole IF lifestyle and i gained a good 1.5kg . cant necessarily attribute it to the moving away from daily weighing.. probably it was just too much eating for me!!! and too much good cooking by sis. :lol:
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