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February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 19:57
I've been reminded that we need to restart the monthly weigh ins. Sorry it is so brief but I'm off out in a minute and only just remembered I'd promised to start the thread!

So, please post in this thread your weight and waist loss this month (that's to say from Jan 3rd-ish to today/this kg and cm, please). The weigh in thread will stay open until late Monday. Then I'll collate the results and see what we've achieved!

Next weigh in will be 7th March.
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Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 20:00
5th Jan 89.9 Kg
Today 86.4 kg

Loss of 3.5 KG

I don't have a waist measurement from that early on but I have one from Jan 17th which was 107 cm and today is 104 cm a loss of 3 cm
Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 20:10
3 Jan '14 10 13 69.8kg
6 Feb '14 10.7 66.8kg
A total of nearly 25cm gone from my waist since Jan '13.
Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 20:16
1st Jan 71.8kg; today 69.2kg - 2.6kg lost. Not measured my waist for ages, sorry.
Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 21:07
3rd of Jan: 71.1kg
7th of Jan: 67.8kg

Loss: 3.3kg

Lowest weight in Jan was 67.1kg
Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 21:57
3rd Jan 2014 55.45kg
6th Feb 2014 53.86kg
My waist hadn't changed and I haven't measured it recently.
Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 22:08

Weight on 1st january: 74.8 kg, waist: 82.00 cm
Weight on 5th february: 73.5 kg, waist 79.00 cm

Lost 1.3 kg and 3 cm of my waist.

Very happy!!! :grin:
Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 22:14
I'm sorry to ruin the run of good results, but...
1st Jan: 66.68kg
Today: 67.36kg
...and this disguises the fact that actually I weighed 65.32kg at one point this month.
I haven't measured my waist, I really don't want to.
Well done to everyone else!
Re: February weigh in
06 Feb 2014, 22:23

Um 3.6kg from 30 Jan to date, so it seems sensible to say Jan loss 2.8kg.

Hope that helps.

Re: February weigh in
07 Feb 2014, 07:55
5th Jan 104.78kg
1st Feb 100.6kg
Re: February weigh in
07 Feb 2014, 07:56
3rd Jan 67.2kg
7th Feb 64.2kg

So 3kg lost in January :grin:

No change to waist measurement - still can't measure with any degree of consistency/accuracy
Re: February weigh in
07 Feb 2014, 08:56
Jan 7th Weight 63.5kg
Feb 7th Weight 61.4kg

Jan 7th Waist 76.2cm
Feb 7th Waist 73.6cm

Loss Weight 2.1kg
Waist 2.6cm

Verdict - a slow start, but overall pleased with the month
Re: February weigh in
07 Feb 2014, 11:09
Jan 6th: 59.4kg
Feb 6th: 59kg
Loss of 400g

Waist unchanged at 71cm.
Re: February weigh in
07 Feb 2014, 11:17
1st jan 80kg (12.8st)
Today 7th February 80.5kg (12.9st)

I'm happy as over the month I've been 3lb - 3.5 lb heavier, and I've only just started losing after my op and Xmas.

So .5kg increase. :confused:
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