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Start weight 87:70kg (tracker wrong)
Start waist. 94cm

Sept weight 76:70kg
Sept waist 80cm

Oct weight 75:70kg
Sept waist. 80cm

Weight loss since starting 5:2 on 8/3/13 is 12kg and waist reduced by 5:5 inches

Have reached an initial goal, further 2kg loss desired then review. I have gravitated to 5:2 liquid fasting and add extra 18:6 as my routine permits.
Sorry I can't post this month. My scale is buried in a box under other boxes in the middle of a temporary storage structure with the rest of our other "treasures." :oops: We're living in our motorhome while we are doing rehab to our house. Oh well, by next month the scale should be back in its accustomed place and I will give the 2 month totals. Hopefully, I will be at goal. :lol:
Thank you for doing all this Caroline! :heart:

Start date 13 March:
85 kg, waist 108 cm, BMI 32.79

September 4:
67.2 kg, 83 cm

October 5:
66.7 kg, 81 cm, BMI 25.73

Loss in the last month:
0.5 kg, 2 cm
Loss from 13 March:
18.3 kg, 27 cm, 7.06 drop in BMI

I have had a smaller loss than usual in the last month, due to holidays and family birthday celebrations. I am also getting very close to my healthy weight range now (interim target 1.7 kg away, and 'final' target 3.7 kg away) so the rate of loss was bound to slow down. I have been and am doing 5:2, with one of the two fast days a zero-calorie water (and black coffee) fast.

To be honest, I am amazed that I am at this weight after just under seven months; 5:2 has literally changed my life and has become my way of life now.
Hi everyone! I see some great results posted already... great job ! Here are my stats :

Previous weight (5 Sept 2013) : 60.4 kg
Current weight (5 Oct 2013) : 57.5 kg
This month weight loss : 2.9 kg

I'm happy with this result. My goal weight for now is 55 kg. I hope by next month I'll be in the 56's kg :).

Goodluck guys!

*edited the stats.. don't know why I put 7 sept & 7 oct in the first place when I wrote this on 5 oct morning, I must've been still sleepy :?: :razz: *
Sept weight 66.6kg
Sept waist 77.5cm

October weight 63.2kg
Waist 77cm

S lost a whole 400g and half a cm.
What is slower than a glacier? My weight loss. I'm doing 4:3 for goodness sake!!!!!!
Time for a shake up methinks.
Not chuffed.
Just 3 weeks of data here as I did not weigh at the beginning of Sept.

Weight: 65.32kg (10st 4.1lbs)
Waist: 80cm (28.5in)
Body Fat: 34.8%

Weight: 62.31.7kg (9st.11.3bs)
Waist: 77.5cm (27in)
Body Fat: 33.2%

Weight Loss: 3.01kg (6.6lbs)
Waist Loss: 2.5cm (1in)
Body Fat Loss: 1.6%

Weight lost since the starting on 21 August 9.61lbs :grin: and 3 inches off my waist *squeal*.
Some very impressive results in this thread especially when you take the cumulative. Well done everyone :victory: and janeg, hope next month is better for you. Sorry you feel gutted. :heart:
Maintaining at 112 lbs since the August weigh in.
Staring weight 281lbs (127.5 kg)(February 21st ish

29/8/2013 247.5 lbs (112.2 kg)
29/09/2013 241 lbs (109.3 kg)

Total lost in September 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg)

Total lost since starting 5:2 = 40 lbs (18.1 kg)

I was hoping for a bit more this week, but a stomach bug has caused terrible bloating (I look 6 months pregnant with twins) so it should come off Octobers total. Its also why I won't be posting my waist measurement as its back to my original size and is soooo uncomfortable.
17th sept
Weight 183lb
Waist 33.5"

5th oct
Weight 173lb
Waist 32" (half my height!)

3 weeks of 5:2
Weight loss 10lb
Waist loss 1.5"

This in only 3weeks of 5:2!!!
It had taken me the previous year to lose 43lb!
I am a very happy lady :grin:

My target is 11stone 5lb to get me a BMI of 27
My waist is half of my height
I have lost 53lb in just over a year :grin: :grin: :grin:
Sept weight: 70.7kgs/11st 1lb
Sept waist: 36"/91cm
Sept fat: 32.0%

Oct weight: 69.9kgs/10st 13lb
Oct waist: 36"/91cm
Oct fat: 31.4%

So 2lbs gone and 0.6% fat. Hurrah, I think!
I only started on the 12th of September so it's not a full month but I want to join in. :)

Start weight 12th Sept: 180lbs (81.64kg) waist 38in
weight 5th Oct: 173lbs (78.47kg) waist 37.5in

weight lost this month: 7lbs (3.17kg) waist -1/2 inch

I'm really pleased with this, it's a good start and half way to my xmas goal. :)
Some really good losses on here. Well done everyone and good luck in October. Thanks for all the hard work Caroline, it's very good of you to do this.
Dee :)
Hello Caroline
Thank you for the number crunching!
13/09/13. Because I was away at the beginning of September.
Weight was 13st 13.5lbs waist 36 inches.

Weight now 13st 10 lbs waist 36 inches but have lost inches from my thighs & upper arms!

Weight lost 3 lbs since 13/09/13 but up & down because of holiday weight increase.

I started 5:2ing end of January 2013 & have lost 22lbs. I am now 5:2ing with three days 16:8ing. :grin:
Weight 3 sept 157 lbs

Weight 3 oct 156 lbs

Waist 3 sept 35 "

Waist 3 oct 34.5"

Going off slowly but heading in the right direction! Fasting one day a week only and doing 16.8 twice or thrice weekly too. Throwing in a bit more exercise into the mix.
Slow but still going!
September 73.03
October 71.67

Haven't measured my waist but I have dropped 2 sizes ( nearly 3!)

4lbs to my goal of 11 stones (154lbs) on my birthday at end of October!
Starting (Aug 19): 153.5 lbs and 96cm
September (Sep 9): 150 lbs and 93cm
October (Oct 5): 147.5 lbs and 93cm
Lost 2.5 lbs in September
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