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JakkiJ wrote: Can I join in please. I am new to the forum and just starting this week

@JakkiJ: Sure, just take a note of your measurements and weight now and report on the changes at next month's weigh-in!
I started 5:2 at the beginning of September, no weight loss for the first two weeks so started 4:3 and 16:8. It's working really well now and I have gone down from 67K to 64.4K in six weeks.I have lost 4 inches from my tummy (measured around the navel) and an inch from my waist & bust. Amazing stuff! This diet works. :victory:
hi everyone!

not sure if I am too late to report?
started back in July, at 9 st 13 lbs, weighed myself this morning and I am now 9 5 lbs, so well pleased! very slow but that's ok with me!!

I don't take measurements but I do know I have lost in inches as trousers feel much much looser lol, got to get a tape measure lol!!

yes this WOL does work and I never ever feel like I am on a diet :-)
Hi Caro, i didnt submit any weigh in September as only joined 3 Sept and i thought it was only for those doing Progress Tracking
I can only tell you i started 5:2 on 21 Aug....seemed to put on,take off a pound or two for several weeks...didnt really start losing properly til week beginning 27 Sept,since when have lost 15 doubt a lot of that was water,but nevertheless very pleased.
Not sure if this data is for you,is it just those who Progress Track on here? :?:
PS ..Got weighed today,last day of October,and have lost another a total of 16 lb! Cant wait to lose two more pound which will take me down into a lower stone number!
:grin: :clap: :clap: :lol:
That's a fantastic loss CandiceMarie! Keep up the good work and by the time we meet up next month there'll be even less of you! x
Whit Woo! You look great! X
27th October 71.5Kg 1st Sept 74.00 loss 3.5kg
Waist 27th October 93cm 1st Sept 93cm loss 3cm

I am new to this but would love to join in the monthly weigh in.

My starting weight is a wopping 17 stone 6lbs. Today is my first fasting day and so far it has been fine.

I have the decorators coming to paint lounge tomorrow so have had to move al furniture etc so no tape measure to hand as yet but will be taking my current measurements and will be happy to post them.

Good luck everyone with weigh in :)

Tracey x
Lost 2.7 kg in October. Lost 15.3 kg since February. That's 33.7 lbs in 34 weeks.
6/7/13 91.1kg BMI 37.92 w/h n/a waist n/a
28/8/13 87.0kg BMI 36.21 w/h 65.81 waist 102 cm
29/9/13 84.3kg BMI 35.9 w/h 65.16 waist 101 cm
31/3/13 80.0kg BMI 33.3 w/h 62.58 waist 97 cm

female, 62, medical conditions ME, osteoporosis,bipolar

Vary fast days but usually monday and thursday. Really pleased with results so far,but intend to start taking vit/min supplement and evening primrose oil as I want to ensure that I am not missing out on anything important. Main side effects are increased problems with temperature regulation and sleep, but as these are symptoms of ME I am prepared to endure them as it will obviously be easier to move a lighter body around.
Hi Chingola, i too am a sufferer of this horrible disease,but these days i would say i am between 60- 75% recovered,compared to how ill i was and how limited in what i could do some years ago
Sorry you have had increased probs with poor sleeping patterns havent worsened in the ten weeks ive been on this
I have never had a prob with temp regulation,so thats one symptom i can be grateful not to have!
I agree being lighter has got to help us!
I found reflexology helped me a great deal..i had weekly sessions for about two years and over that time,most of the joint pains and muscle sensitivity disappeared and mostly have never returned,so i wd highly recommend anyone with ME/ fibromyalgia to try it
Take care and happy fast and repairing!
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