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The monthly weigh-in has come round again already! The official weigh-day is Saturday but for those who can't/don't want to weigh/measure on Saturday you can post early or up until Monday afternoon.

As not everyone weighs and as waist measurement is a better indicator of fat loss, we will declare either or both weight and waist.

Please include: current weight and/or waist and how that has changed since last month (if you have info on your September 7th weight/waist). Also your starting stats and target stats if you like and any other comment.

Next weigh in will be November 2nd.
Not that I was eager or anything Caroline but weighed-in because
I'm out later for an Indian buffet so I'll go first then
Stats for September
Lost 3.5 KGS
3 cm lost on my waist
Thank-you Caroline as you can understand I didn't want to get on the scales tomorrow :clover: Sue. :clover:
Thank you. As I'm still fairly new and I had not established a weigh routine I only have data from Sept 14. Is this still ok to submit?
I was 10 stone 11 lb at the start, and am still 10 stone 11 lb, with waist unchanged at 34". However I was on holiday during this time for two weeks, so you may not want to count me in this month!
Sue Q. I just re-read your submission. Incredible loss! Congratulations to you :victory: :victory:
I have lost 4lb this month. Down from 15 stone 3 to 14st 13lb. I am very happy with that!
rawkaren wrote: Thank you. As I'm still fairly new and I had not established a weigh routine I only have data from Sept 14. Is this still ok to submit?

Sure...we'd love to hear from you!
Weight: 73.94kg
Waist: 88cm
Body Fat: 37.0%

Weight: 73.48kg
Waist: 86.5cm
Body Fat: 36.6%

Weight Loss: 0.46kg
Waist Loss: 1.5cm
Body Fat Loss: 0.4%

On another plateau I'm afraid but the half inch off my waist puts my waist at less than half my height.
Lost 3kgs this months which makes me 4kgs closer to my goal :grin:

1 kg less than I usually do but it's normal as I have much less to lose :wink:
Wow, some good monthly losses being reported already! (@Sue.Q @Manderley) :like:

Keep the faith those whose loss is slow! :heart:

I'm somewhere in the middle I think:

Weight: 77.40kg (12st 2.64lbs)
Waist: 80cm (31.5in)
Body Fat: 39.9%

Weight: 74.7kg (11st 10.68lbs)
Waist: 77.5cm (30.5in)
Body Fat: 37.4%

Weight Loss: 2.7kg (5.94lbs)
Waist Loss: 3.5cm (1.37in)
Body Fat Loss: 2.5%

Weight lost since the start 30.3kg!!
October 10st 13lb (69.4kg) - lost 2 lb (0.9kg) since start of September (=the same weight I gained on holiday last month!)
Waist - no change this month

Thanks again, Caroline :)
I'm down 2.3 lb for the month. Waist down 1/2" at the belly button, 1" down at the midriff.

Loss rate is slowing but I'm staying positive.

Well done all.
Hi Caroline and thank you,

Started 1st April
BMI 25.1

3 May
BMI 24.1

31 May
BMI 23.9

6 July
BMI 23.39

Aug - away

6 September
BMI 22.88

4th October
BMI 22.5

Target Weight
57kg - this may be subject to change!

5:2 followed, mixed in with 16:8 the other days. It suits my appetite and makes me more mindful about what I am shovelling in because if I flip that hunger switch early on I will be rummaging all day. If I wait till lunchtime I can easily wait again till dinner. Am still really enjoying it but very slow weight loss. I am still weighing daily and using the True Weight app.

no waist or fat data etc available.
Start weight May 11th: 83.4kg (13st 2lbs) waist was around 87cm (34")

Sept weight: 67.1kg (10st 8lbs), waist 71cm (28")

October weight: 63.51kg (10st 0lbs), waist 69cm (27")

Target weight: 63.49 (9st 13lbs)- sooooooooooo close now!!!!
Weight - 10st 5.99!! Gain of 0.2 lb from 7th Sept! But
Waist - 33in. Down from 33.5 last month, and now half my height.

Started at 11stone and 39in waist at end April.

One of Juliiana's Christmas Club - to kickstart the route downwards again
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