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I am sure the clever-clogs have thought of this but when we say that people lose on average 1lb a week - those of us very close to the goal or on maintenance will be lowering the average. EG. I lost really quickly in 6 weeks but am close to goal now and I am happy if I lose 1/2 lb a month. Have we thought of a way of getting those who are on maintenance to get off the 'track' or signal that they are no longer trying to lose weight?
You are right Caro. This is a 'known issue' and my workaround for now is that I will stop posting any results in the Tracker now I have reached 'maintenance mode'.

I think it is on Moogie's ever-lengthening to-do list!
Think I'd best move this up the list a bit :)

Actually, I've just sat and gone though the code a bit and made a few notes - doesn't seem to be such a big task as I'd originally thought, so will try to make a start on it today. Unfortunately it might not be ready until tomorrow or Tuesday as it's my wedding anniversary tomorrow - but being a fast day (I messed up with my dates & have arrangements on other nights meaning tomorrow has to be a fast!) we're having our anniversary meal tonight & a movie. A 3 hour movie.
Congrats on your anniversary!! How many years is that?
Happy anniversary Moogie and Mr Moogie. CongratuLations and have a great time
and congrats from me too to you both, Moogie. Enjoy!
Haha, Mr & Mrs Moogie - love it! :D
Just 2 years now, though been together a somewhat longer than that! Thanks guys :)

Anyway, have made a start on the maintenance mode now - the setting exists at least when you add data, I just need to implement the little changes to let the tracker know to ignore that data in its calculations. Woohoo!

Now it's time to go choose a curry :D
Happy anniversary! What dedication to the diet...I think I'd have gone for a 6:1 week in your position!
Dear Moogie,

Congratulations and happy anniversary!
I wish I'd noticed this thread earlier. I've only been losing about 1 lb a week during April and was sure I've been doing something wrong. I'd lost a quick 10 pounds in March, so of course, it was disheartening to hit a plateau of about 2 weeks duration [!], then move into a much slower decrease mode, after all that exciting quick start loss.

I don't eat much over 1,400/1,500 on my non-fast days, and stick to about 450 on fast days. I eat a healthy, well balanced diet, not junk, and I don't "cheat".
Great work Moogie and happy anniversary!! I was thinking re the people who are on maintenance they could have a little indicator on the their side panel that shows it. Eg. Under progress chart view.
I have been doing the 5:2 since March 8th and have only lost 2-3 lbs total. Im getting discouraged :-( I actually have no desire to quit since I oddly enjoy my fasting days... I find them oddly meditative. I also feel like I am becoming more in-tune with my bodies food needs. I just dont get why Im not losing. I exersize, I have a physical job. I did calculate my TDEE and I have not really been couting calories on my non-fasting days so that is probably why. I was just hoping not to have to count calories as I find it very tedious. Any suggestions? I have lost about an inch off both my waist and hips.
mecellist wrote: Any suggestions?

Keep going is the first thing, I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, I need to lose weight, but I hate counting calories day in day out, find it boring :curse:
Enter the 5:2 'diet' I can manage the 2 days quite easily and have combined it with my other 5:2 diet, alcohol, only allowed 2 days a week, Friday and Saturday.
The fasting days I find quite easy, I focus around just one 'snack' during the day and one meal, keep busy and it seems to go surprisingly well and quickly.
I'm only on week 3 but have lost just over a pound and a half each week, other weekdays just cut down a bit, no suppers, cheese n crackers stopped, on non fast days.
Didn't hold back at weekends either, ate and drank stuff that would put the 'every day calorie counters' into a right state.

But the shape is most certainly changing and I generally feel better, so watch the shape change the weight will no doubt start to drop as well :grin:

Funny, I was on a fast day yesterday, this morning got up 2 hours ago, made my coffee and though about breakfast, still haven't had it yet, might even leave it until after I've mown the lawns, suppose to be raining later.
I am new to this forum and after first 2 weeks on the 5:2 have lost 5kg. I have checked 3 times as I thought that it was a mistake. Seems like too much to lose in only 2 weeks.
johamblen - Enjoy it! The chances are that it'll settle out over the next few weeks, maybe stay the same, maybe even go up a bit. Have you measured? It seems to be a much more stable record of reduction.
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