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Hello Fast Dieters

Just reporting back ... I took two weeks off, partly because I was going on holiday and partly in the hope that this might shake my metabolism up a little when I returned to the Fast Diet. Well, the reassuring news is that my weight is just 1lb up on my last weight posted, despite my having enjoyed myself on holiday in France :grin: . So, today I'm back to 500 calories twice a week, and hope to see that line going downwards!
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Has anything further been done on why there's so little difference between the 5:2 and 4:3 variations?
After all, mathematically the 4:3 version should result in 0.5lb more lost per week, surely? :?:
For example, could it be that people on the 4:3 are more likely to overeat on their feed days? or feel more tired and therefore exercise/move less?
dominic wrote: Here's a little table I made that predicts, without reference to the tracker data, what you might expect to lose following our 5:2 or 'fast diet', depending on your TDEE ('total daily energy expenditure' i.e. how many calories you need to consume to maintain your weight), in kg or lb per week.

Wow, thanks! The table is pretty spot on for me! It's reassuring too, as my weight loss has been excruciatingly slow...
Quite Surprised at only 1lb per week - assume this is without adding exercie into the Mix?

First Fast day yesterday, doing Mondays and Wednesdays. Goal is 13lbs by August Bank Holiday to look good when I go in the pool with my sons and to get rid of the muffin top.

Great site for ideas and looks like everybody supports each other.
I don't know if you realized that the OP is based on the stats from the progress tracker so it includes people who do no exercise and those who do lots, the average (in the real world, not calculated from theory) shows 1lb per week on average. Our monthly weigh ins show the same thing. Of course, an average does not mean there aren't people who lose more and those who lose less...there certainly are, but it's well to know that although it's called the fast diet it isn't a quick weight loss solution (but it is hopefully a permanent solution!).

We haven't yet examined the effect of exercise on weight loss but if other studies of the effect of exercise are anything to go by, the effect is likely to be modest.
Just spotted that it was your first post...apologies...I should have welcomed you to the forum first!


Do check out the progress tracker especially the forum can play around with the filters to see how people like you have got on.
redroseinexile wrote: Quite Surprised at only 1lb per week - assume this is without adding exercie into the Mix?

I think the assumption in the table is that the only change is 2 days a week of calorie restriction, so exercise (or not) is a constant.
carorees wrote: Just spotted that it was your first post...apologies...I should have welcomed you to the forum first!


Do check out the progress tracker especially the forum can play around with the filters to see how people like you have got on.

Thanks for your welcome. Comments noted. Fast days Monday and Wednesday, so just 2 so far but I know I can do this

I have just had my first weigh in after 1 week 2 days on 5:2 diet and have lost 1lb

Slightly dissappointed as I was hoping for more after reading all the amazing losses but I have also lost some inches. I know this is the average weight loss so hopefullly it will come off slowly.I dont have much to lose so I guess its good and I am aiming more for toning and liking what I see in mirror than what the sclaes say, so Ill keep going.

I'm enjoying being 'average' then! I lost 4lb the first week (but then I had eaten like a horse on holiday in Cornwall the week before!) but now 2 weeks after the 1st weight in, a pound last week and another one this week - which is brilliant. I have to keep remembering I'm on a diet! The fast days are proving relatively easy so I'm chuffed to bits so far. Another pound next week and that will be half a stone - a good milestone, though still another stone and 2lb to go to reach target weight. I just need not to get de-railed by holiday! Two weeks on a cruise in July could be a challenge :wink:
I just realised that I managed to remain above the 5:2 average, even though I had a 5 weeks plateau. I lost 13,2 pounds in 12 weeks.
I'm dreading of another plateau but now I know I can deal with it!
Surely if the shortfall in calories is about 1500 per fast day and a pound of fat is 3500 the expectation would be for 5:2 to result in amount a pound per week? After 6 weeks so far it does seem to feel more sustainable to me. I like the fact that the weight loss experience for 5:2 is the same as 4:3. Not tempted to try 4:3 at all.
Welcome to the forum Jar111! Some people lose a bit under a pound and some lose a bit more than a pound, so it averages out to 1 pound for all. I agree about not going for 4:3, although I would like for it to go faster, I enjoy eating more than fasting, lol :)
I'm so glad this forum exists - and provides many interesting answers to my questions! I was considering trying 4:3 fasting - but am happy togive up on that one after reading the posts and data here! I have lost a lot in my first few weeks on the 5:2 diet and, with a fast approaching holiday, hope to carry on losing at least 2 pounds a week. I've added in quite a lot of exercise too, which I hope will help.
I had been dieting before this for a couple of months, but had reached a plateau, so I took a break for just under a week and ate for England whilst friends were staying with us. My first weigh-in at the start of my first fast day suggested I'd gained 7 pounds, pretty much all I'd lost - but it dropped off very quickly together with another 7 pounds since start of June. I know fluid retention plays a big part, but I also feel I sometimes have to 'trick' my body into letting me ditch the fat as my metabolism seems to adjust very quickly to new eating regimes!
I definitely plan staying with 5:2 for the long haul, but I wonder if 'holidays' from the diet will be helpful in promoting weight loss.
Its really interesting and comforting to read that my weight loss reflects the tracker stats. I absolutely love this site, it is so informative, interesting and helpful. Thank you everyone who is involved in making it so good. Keep up the great work. :heart:
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