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So... 1lb per week = 20lbs by Xmas! :lol:

I am confused. Looking at the week by week weight loss graph for all forum users (in Progress Tracker), it appears that between month 3 and month 6, mean loss is much closer to 1/2 pound than to 1 pound, yet this thread continues to claim average loss of 1 lb. Please explain.

I should point out that I am quite happy with the 5:2 WOE. Over the last 6 months I've averaged a fairly steady 2/3 lb per week loss, and expect to be transitioning to 6:1 by about November. So I'm really just griping about the claims not appearing to mirror the actual results...

According to the latest figures:

5633 forum members are tracking their weight loss progress, 3530 of whom have lost a total of 14899.14kg over a combined total of 33005 weeks and 6 days (mean average 9 weeks 2 days).This is a mean average of 0.448kg lost per member per week

However, as time goes on the weight loss slows, inevitably.
Hi I have been doing the diet since 08/09/13 and today is my 8th fast day. I lost a lot of water weight in the first week or so. It seems to have levelled out now.
As a relative newbie just found this post ! According to my scales I lost nothing for 2 weeks, decided to give a month, and hey presto ! Dropped 6lbs overall in 4 weeks , well chuffed. Plus 2.5 inches off my waist. Its so true, this plan works long term and it took a few weeks for my body to get in the swing. So glad i persevered and am certain this is the best eating plan i have ever tried! And i have done Slimming world, weight watchers blah blah blah. Waking up up the next day and knowing I can eat 'normally' feels like Christmas twice a week ,
The longer it takes to come off the more likely it into stay off I have found when I did crash diets like slim fast it flew off but piled back on real quick
I am so glad you took the time and effort to document this! While 1 lb/week doesn't seem like much, it's much better than remaining like I was or even gaining!!
My daughter and I have been doing the 5/2 plan since July 4 and have both averaged 1 lb a week. Some weeks there will be a slight gain (<1 lb to a couple of pounds, oddly) and the next week loss of 1 or 2 lbs. So we've tracked our weight over the weeks and found we've averaged the 1lb a week. I'm happy with that!
I have been doing 4:3 for quite a while now(started 5:2 in April and moved to 4:3 in May) and at first was losing about 1.5 per week which would relate to 1 lb a week on 5:2, but now I am losing about 1/2 week on 4:3. I have lost a lot but still have a ways to go - about 30lbs more. Wondering if its even worth it to continue on 4:3 at this point as it doesn't seem to be as effective for my body. The good news is I am still losing, but its tough to do 4:3 some weeks and not show much in the results department.
Thanks for the info! I am new on the program and new in the forun.
I love to search and read in this forum.
Thanks again
Hannah :-)
My 1st post on this forum! I have a lot to lose, so do hope that my weight loss will average a bit higher. But, it's good to know up front what to expect so that I don't get too discouraged. I am confident that once I become used to the fast days it will be a great Way of Eating/Way of Life!
I started the 5:2 diet on the 17th of November starting weight was 173 after two weeks and 4 fast days my weight is down to 169.
By second week my stomach is tamed and doesnt growl at lunch time.I am having lots of water green tea and coconut water during the 12 hours between breakfast and dinner..Hopefully i shall greet the new year 12 pounds lighter.Feeling good and confident and in control.All my fellow IF-ers..hang in there it only gets better.Suchi.
Welcome willbefit. Sounds like an excellent start. My average loss over 3 months is .8lbs a week, so slightly below average but still happy :like: Good luck :clover: :clover: :clover:
It's all very interesting and I am very, very happy! Thank you carorees. :victory:
Well, I'm new to this but with only about 14lbs to lose 1lb a week sounds wonderful. I'm going to be doing 5:2 with the odd 4:3 week thrown in the try and manage the festive season.
thanks very much and we are happy to learn that we are "in the field"

This is our very first week and while the wife keeps hers a secret I am delighted to say that we had no problem at all and will adopt 5:2 as our life style

We are both retired and I am about to buy a Thermomix so making soups will be a doddle and as well we will be steaming most foods instead of frying.

We have in mind to have soup on two days of the week - chicken and veg on two days of the week fish and veg on one day and beef/lamb and veg on one day of the week.

Did not dream that just having toast and Coffey for breakfast - 1.5 cups of chicken vegetable soup for lunch and dinner could be so sustaining.

Just one week plus a 30 minute walk on three days so far my weight is down from 104k to 102k and my gut is down from 130cm to 123cm and I am delighted.

We have purchased a wii and will use that for exercise as well as at 74 one tends to slow down a little.

Thanks for all your hard work but it really cheers us up as we were not sure what the difference might be.

Merry Christmas and regards

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