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Not losing weight?

Help us to help you! Please give us as much information as you can about your situation in order for us to be able to help you as best we can. For example, it's helpful to know your BMI/weight, how much you want to lose, any medical conditions which might affect your weight and (if you've started fasting already) how you do your fasts in terms of splitting up your calories, what you eat etc. Thanks!
Remember, we're not here to judge, we're here to help.

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I have been on the diet for just over a year. After the first three months or so of going up and down, something finally 'kicked in' and it became effortless; I lost nearly a stone, and it was easy to keep it off -- I ate quite a lot on feasting days, but it didn't seem to matter! Happy days! Then, in early Dec, the weight started creeping back on again, even though I was doing nothing different. I put all the weight back on; it was heartbreaking, especially as I was still trying so hard at the diet.
Now, after working really hard at it since Jan, I have lost about half the weight again, but it's no longer easy; I feel like I'm holding on by my fingernails. I gain and lose the same two pounds over and over. That 'something' that 'kicked in' originally simply refuses to now! I genuinely am doing nothing different -- or if I am, it must be fairly subtle. I have tried eating less on feast days, but that doesn't seem to work either. It just doesn't make sense that it would work so well, and then not work. I'd be so grateful for any advice at all. Will of course stick with it, but it is becoming stressful to work so hard for no result.
Hi Kris,

There is no info about your BMI, the lower it is, the harder it is to shift the weight. Have you tried exercising too?

I'm sure there will be loads of real experts along soon to advise but knowing the trouble I had logging in, things might be a little quiet for a couple of days here!

There is a fair bit of info about not losing weight in the new site's fasting pages, I suggest starting here: Why am I not losing weight?
My story is much like yours it is almost scary!
My guess is that something has changed with my health - will go for a checkup next week to see if my thyroid values etc are ok. Also I suspect that I am pre menopause which might be another reason.
If I look at my habits I tend to eat more carbs, stress a little more and also do less I still have more factors to adjust/try.

I hope you find something that makes it work again!
This happened to me. Last year 5:2 worked on it's own and was brilliant... this year I lost 2lbs and then that was it, and I was nowhere close to my lowest weight. I researched paleo eating and now eat mainly like that and it's seemed to have helped.

Though saying that, if I lose anything this week I shall be amazed - lots of flapjack and tomorrow we are going out for Italian to celebrate my daughter's birthday.
Hi Sorry to hear that you are struggling. I'm one of the longer term fasters here and have had the same experience, yet I'm still here. Why? I gained a stone of my loss in 3 months and the reason was simple: I was eating more than my TDEE on non-fast days. If you stick to your TDEE (and count religiously), it will work. I'm back to that regime again now and the weight is coming off again, albeit very slowly. I'm middle aged and have to be very careful what I eat, so 5:2 is not the miracle in itself, you do have to be mindful about what you eat the rest of the time.
Hi Kris I know exactly what you mean about something " kicking in"
Same happened to me - in first 6 months I lost 24lbs & it had become fairly easy.
Had break of 5-6 months due to ill health & put on 10lbs.
When I started again it was hard - something didn't kick in - it's taken me 6 months of up, down,up ,down to lose that 10lbs.

BUT 3 weeks ago it become easier again - something "kicked in" - don't what it is but it feels different again.
Fasting is easier, I'm enjoying (?) fasting again & I'm getting that feel good feeling again which I haven't had this year.

So don't give up, it will improve, it did for me :heart:
After falling off the wagon myself and regaining, I found it almost impossible to stick to and lose weight with 5:2. I started doing 4:3 as I thought the extra day would give me a kick start and also let me eat a little more on non-fastdays. It did kick start my weight lost (-9.2lbs in 8 weeks) and I found I can't over eat on non-fastdays even tho it feels like I have. I still have lots of weight to lose and I'm loving 4:3 but not sure how it will be for someone with a lower BMI. Hope this helps. Come over to the 'starting again tent' for support. Good luck
Thanks, all, for the advice and encouragement. Have since been reading more posts from others in the same situation, so it helps to know I am not alone in my perplexity and frustration. Am trying 4:3 this week and really cutting down on my feast days, just to see if that's the kick-start my metabolism needs. Will report back if successful!
I am having the exact same problem and it's so disheartening! I was hoping it was due to menopause and stress, but still don't know how to get the weight off again without starving myself miserably, which just makes me feel ill.
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