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Re: Britney's Back!
04 Mar 2014, 22:23
Officially enjoyed pancake day :) eaten lots of delicious pancakes, and not much else if I'm being honest! Looking forward to my fast day tomorrow to do some damage control, and think I'm going to try 4:3 again this week. Really motivated to make my feed days good, and then maybe have Tuesday (WI day) as a splurge day.
Have worked out that if I loose 1lb per week for 4 weeks, I will be officially under 11 stone by the time my holiday comes up so really up for that!
Re: Britney's Back!
05 Mar 2014, 21:28
Fasting today went well! 3rd fast of my journey. Was pretty hungry all day and had a headache all day, but managed. I kept drinking lots of water all day, and then had one big meal of soup, bread and a yogurt for my meal. Came to around 400 calories so pleased with that. Looking forward to my breakfast tomorrow!
Keep forgetting to weigh in daily! Will do tomorrow :)
Re: Britney's Back!
06 Mar 2014, 23:38
Went over my calories AGAIN on my feed day! Really not happy either because I have put on weight even after my fast day, so know I will put more on if I eat like this. I am well on my way to being the heaviest I have ever been! But part of me feels the need to eat more and more because I know I am fasting tomorrow. Going to try a liquid only 0 calorie fast to try and do some damage control. I just can't seem to stop, as motivated as I am.. It's just like an urge that I find very difficult to suppress. I need to plan my feed days down to a tee so I know exactly what I am eating and that it will not go over my limit. So feeling very dissapointed in myself today.
Re: Britney's Back!
08 Mar 2014, 16:45
Didn't manage a fast day yesterday. I did so well up to about 6pm, but then couldn't face a night shift on a fast. I was so grumpy haha! But decided not to be hard on myself. I haven't done this for 2 weeks yet, so obviously I'm not going to be that good at it yet! Hopefully it will come with time. So fasting today.
I think I know another point I have been going wrong.. confession time.. Sometimes on my fasting days I graze, especially at other people's food. For example, this morning when I got in my friends had had a chinese takeaway so I had a few prawn crackers. Just put them into MFP and thats 85 calories down the drain! And having a few of my friends weetabix minis - another 120 calories down! :cry: I think I graze without even thinking, so need to get on top of that. Means I only have 260 calories left for 'proper' food that fills me up! But glad I have found this out now rather than later eh. Have to do this properly today as it's WI on Tuesday and I am really not looking forward to it. Planning to try and keep my calories low-ish on my non-fast day between now and then as well. Fingers crossed eh, all experimentation! :confused:
Re: Britney's Back!
08 Mar 2014, 17:34
I have my fingers crossed for you. :crossed:
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