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Extra post (wish there was a way to delete it!)
So are you saying that having 10,000 steps as a goal is what motivates you to exercise? And that just aiming for 3@10mins brisk walking is not incentive enough?? (I only made the comment/suggestion to help you not have :frown: when you don't walk many steps because of not having been able to do the long walk! :grin: )

The transcript looks accessible enough but having seen the show, I haven't bothered to read thru. So I wasn't clear about the source of the material you included - was "Total nonsense" your comment - I wasn't sure what aspect is considered total nonsense. And I didn't understand what "go big or go home meant" either.

The benefits of exercise are general health and wellbeing of course, rather than as a weight loss strategy, I agree. Though, as you say, it can help - and allows you to eat a little more than if you don't exercise...!!

PS it is a bit annoying when we can't totally delete one of our own posts!
@Sassy1 - I think both the 10000 steps and more than 30 minutes of brisk exercise are important. But, yes, having my fitbit that tells me my steps is motivating to me.
Sassy1 wrote: So I wasn't clear about the source of the material you included - was "Total nonsense" your comment - I wasn't sure what aspect is considered total nonsense. And I didn't understand what "go big or go home meant" either.

Sorry; poorly worded final edits in an attempt to be brief. I meant that the idea that will power is our best (and by implication, only) solution is what's nonsense. It's one of those beliefs - like the fear of fasting - that seems more than obvious at the time, but is persistently contradicted with personal experience.
I am pretty sure that MM and his colleagues were also saying that willpower is not a reliable strategy!
Hi Everyone,

I haven't been around, because I decided to join WW again. I did it many years ago and was very successful, so decided I needed to try it again. I'm still fasting using 16:8, if I didn't, I don't know how I'd stay within my WW points! But it seems that I need the structure and strictness of the WW plan to really lose weight. I did it this week and it went well. I ate all my points and used my activity points and ate many of the "free" foods. I cross-tracked in MyFitnessPal and am eating around 1000 calories a day, with my high weekend days being around 1200! The Connect app (a.k.a. message boards) are VERY busy, it's kinda fun, although easy to get lost!

Anyway, I might pop in from time to time, but best wishes to everyone on your weight loss journey!
Congratulations on doing so well @cblaszwith your blend of 16:8 and WW.
Your posts are always inspiring, so I hope we get to see you popping in.

Thank you so much @MerryMelb!
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share that I've been very successful with my combination of 16:8 and WW. I've lost 12 lbs. since Sept 4th and my weight is the lowest it's been since Aug of 2015! I'm really amazed at how well it's working for me and how easy it is for me to stick to it. And I'm finding it very easy to track with the app on my phone.

I still use MFP occasionally to see how many calories I'm actually eating, check my carbs, sugar, etc. I tend to eat around 1,000 calories a day, but I splurge A LITTLE on weekends! I am still trying to keep my carbs on the lower side, but I've increased them a bit with WW (still whole grains and fruit and such.) You get points for activity, so I've been making an extra effort to get my 10K steps in every day.

The fasting component is definitely a big key. I think it would be much harder without it. I am really SO used to it now, it doesn't faze me at all. Occasionally on the weekend, I'll eat a late breakfast, but that's about it.

I hope everyone here is doing well!
12 pounds is FANTASTIC!! Major congratulations! There's everything to love about finally finding a formula that's easy to stick to and works.

:like: :like: :like: :heart: :heart: :heart: :victory: :victory: :victory:
ADFnFuel wrote:
Did you mean "fasting... harder without it." - ?

YES! It's funny, because after your post, I reread mine and kept reading "without" even though it did say "with." I finally saw it and fixed it!

Enjoying your posts! I recall that over the years on this forum a few people combined WW and 16:8, often with success. Does WW focus on centimetres lost or is it all weight centric? Having broken my toe playing basketball a couple of months ago I’ve dropped my fitness regime. With the help of fasting my weight is fairly even but I haven’t measured anything so I don’t know if waist and hips have changed. Should do that soon....
Thanks @Wmr309! Yes, it is just weight based. I am also only an online member. I don't go to meetings. Sorry to hear about your toe. Hopefully you can get back to exercising soon! I think it takes a little while to undo the results of your exercise regime. Maybe you can swim or something in the meantime?
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