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Best luck on the job prospect. Different scenery can help. Hopefully too, more challenge than the current.
Thank you@ADFnFuel! Yes, I currently teach computers to Kindergarteners through 8th grade, which I do love. But this would be a Computer Science teaching job at the high school, which will be more demanding and interesting for me, I think! If will miss the little ones though, if it works out!
Was a programmer 20 years - a lifelong fascination because of it's challenge.
I used to be a programmer too, until I decided to become a teacher!
How interesting that you were both programmers! My programming (such as it was) stopped once there was no longer a need to punch Fortran code onto cards - which I was doing in the very early 80's. Soon there were higher level languages, such as SAS, that I could use, plus the organisation I worked for developed some languages of its own.

The new job sounds like a great opportunity, cblasz, so I hope it works out for you if it is what you want. Will be quite a change moving to older students of course. And might not be lollies on the table at each meeting??! That reminded me that lollies on the table used to also be practice for day long meetings that I went to when I was working, if you had external reps at the meeting - I think that practice stopped however?? Certainly food is used as part of many "interactions". We are surrounded by temptation...

Despite Margot's warning about not comfort eating after an accident, it is proving impossible to not resort to eating due to boredom... I am still so limited in what I can do. But hopefully in another week or so my hip bruising and my general health will have improved enough for me to go for walks without risk. Will still be a while before I can do things that require fuller use of my left arm. I can sort of manage two handed typing, but have to be careful not to move my shoulder.

Oops, about me again...

Best wishes cblasz for making the decisions that you want when it comes to food! :clover: :like: :smile:
Well, I thought I did pretty good over the weekend, but the scale is up from yesterday and from last Monday. 168.4 :frown: I really just have to be stricter ALL the time!

I've decided that it is not the right time to give up diet soda! It's a small pleasure that I have, that doesn't have any calories. And I have never found that it makes me hungrier or crave sweets. I find it quite filling with the carbonation and it satisfies my sweet tooth. I will keep trying to get more water in. My goal this week will be stay under 50g of sugar again. I did well the week I did that before.

I have 2 evening activities at school this week, which means I'll get home kinda late and it makes meal planning hard. There will also be food at the events that I will try to avoid.
How are your runs progressing, CB?
Oh well, I did ok for the 5K, but I really prefer walking. So, what I'm doing now is doing intervals of 4 minutes walking and 1 minute running for 3 miles, which I intend to increase to 4 miles soon!
Mon Jun 4
Weight: 168.9 :cry: (168.1)
Eating Window: 12:30-8 :smile:
Calories: 1044 :smile:
Net Carbs: 124 :frown: (Sugar: 44 :smile: )
Water/tea: 4 :frown:
Steps: 9858 :smile:
Other Exercise:

Thought I did well yesterday. It was a very long day, but I resisted all the food at the event, including the cake! Today will be even longer. Tonight is a ceremony that I'm in charge of. I should be too busy to eat though! After tonight, the rest of the week should be a little easier!
Good for you. Think sugar/insulin/ hunger cycle instead of taste! We know these things, explain to others when they say, "Just one won't hurt you". Because one can and will hurt us! We know what just one leads to....
Tues Jun 5
Weight: 168.8 :frown: (168.1)
Eating Window: 12:00-9 :neutral:
Calories: 1012 :smile:
Net Carbs: 91 :smile: (Sugar: 46 :smile: )
Water/tea: 4 :frown:
Steps: 13394 :smile:
Other Exercise:

Well, as I stated, it was a long day yesterday! I didn't get home until 8:30. I honestly wasn't even hungry for dinner then, but I ate a little something. (I did also have a small brownie at the ceremony.) I'm very tired today and feeling a little down, so I'm not sure how today will go. There is breakfast provided at school today that I will have to resist.
Well, yesterday went badly. I did get my 10,000 steps in, but other than that it was a disaster. I ate food from the breakfast and candy at the meeting, so I didn't even try very hard with dinner! So, I'm going to pseudo fast today to try to make up for it a bit. I'm only bringing a banana to work and will only eat it, if I have to.
Thurs June 6
Weight: 169.5 :frown:
Eating Window: 12:00-7 :smile:
Calories: 1510 :frown:
Net Carbs: 164 :frown: (Sugar: 59 :frown: )
Water/tea: 3 :frown:
Steps: 7030 :frown:
Other Exercise:

So, I was having a lovely day yesterday and then right at the end of the day, in just 2 seconds, I accidentally deleted a quiz I had given my 8th grade students from the website that I use, and lost all of their data. This was a quiz based on work we'd been doing all year and that was needed for my own year end evaluation. It was very hard for me even to administer it to them, as I only have them once a week and the last 2 weeks they'd been on field trips. I was devastated. I emailed the help desk and they tell me they can't restore it. (I feel that the data must still be in the database somewhere!) My principal said that we will work it out, but still. The kids are going to be upset too, as they worked so hard. I do believe that even though it was my own fault, I do believe the website is poorly designed and didn't properly warn me that the quiz I was deleting was the same one that I'd assigned.

Anyway, I'm still sick over it, and of course, I turned to food. I ate a pastry in the teacher's room right after. Luckily since I had sort of fasted the rest of the day, the damage wasn't quite as bad as it could've been. But the scale is still up. :frown:
How upsetting and annoying, re the deletion of the quiz! I agree, not a good system at all if you can delete something so easily and it can't be restored. I can't believe there isn't a backup file from the previous day - though I am not clear where the data was stored - not good IT practice at all if the data were on your school server.

And how do we learn not to turn to food for such emotional reasons?? The Precision Nutrition article that lovemyparrot posted does give some ideas - though, as she said, we are probably aware of these strategies. So why don't we follow them? Because it is easier to eat than think and reflect - and take real responsibility for what we eat??
Fri June 7
Weight: 169.5 (168.6) :frown:
Eating Window: 12:00-8 :smile:
Calories: 1326 :frown:
Net Carbs: 142 :frown: (Sugar: 66 :frown: )
Water/tea: 3 :frown:
Steps: 7908 :frown:
Other Exercise:

Had an ok day yesterday, but didn't get a walk in. Today I'm going to see U2. It's a bit of a drive and we will be getting there early because we have GA seats, which means we don't actually have seats. We just stand, so we need to get a good place to stand! I'm sure eating/drinking won't be very healthy, but I will get a lot of steps in! I have a lot of errands to run before we go, but I will try to get a regular walk in too.

@Sassy1 - I use a website called Edmodo to post information for my students, as well as create and administer quizzes. That's where it was. So, the data is in their database somewhere. But I have no way to get to it, except to correspond with them via email. They did not respond to my last email where I asked again if there wasn't any way to get back the data. :frown:
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