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Sun June 10
Weight: 168.8 (168.6) :frown: Weekly WI
Eating Window: 11:30-9 :frown:
Calories: didn't track
Net Carbs: didn't track
Steps: 1125 :frown:
Other Exercise:

Well, I had a really good time at the concert and got in around 11,000 steps that day. I was VERY tired yesterday though and did a lot of nothing, but did manage to eat plenty of not great food. The scale is up a little from last week. But, this is a new week. Again, I'm going to really focus on cutting down on sugar. I'm not going to have any sweets, except for fruit, dark chocolate, and the occasional Yasso bar. I will keep my sugar to UNDER 50 g (natural and added combined)

Before the concert, we took a group picture of the 6 of us. Partially because of the clothes I was wearing and my position in the picture, I looked HUGE! It was very disturbing and hopefully will motivate me to do better.

I have 2 full weeks of school left and then a week before I go away on vacation. I'm hoping to at least make a dent in the number on the scale before I go away!
Mon June 11
Weight: 169.6 (168.8) :cry:
Eating Window: 12-9 :frown:
Calories: not sure
Net Carbs: not sure
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 12327 :smile:
Other Exercise:

Well, the scale is way up. My guess is that it's partially carry over from the weekend and from my dinner last night. I attended our sports banquet at school and really had no choice but to eat the dinner provided, which was pasta and meatballs, salad and bread. I did NOT have cake though! I also helped out, so got a lot of steps in, in addition to the walk I got in during the day! I have a healthy day planned today, so hopefully tomorrow's number will be better!
Tues June 12
Weight: 169.3 (168.8) :frown:
Eating Window: 11:30-8 :neutral:
Calories: 1515 :frown:
Net Carbs: 181 :frown:
Sugar: 45 :smile:
Water/tea: 4 :neutral:
Steps: 10023 :smile:
Other Exercise:

Well, yesterday I was very tired and very hungry for some reason. When I got home from work I didn't feel like making the dinner I had planned, so I had leftovers, which were much higher in calories/carbs than what I had planned. But I did keep my sugar down and got my steps in!
Weds Jun 13
Weight: 167.2 (168.6) :smile:
Eating Window: 11:30-7
Calories: 1161 :smile:
Net Carbs: 116 :neutral:
Sugar: 56 :neutral:
Water/tea: 4 :neutral:
Steps: 10766 :smile:
Other Exercise:

Scale is down, but it could just be due to my monthly cycle, so I'll wait until Monday to really see where I'm at. I did make my healthy dinner last night. Tonight I'm planning to go to Starbucks and get a salad for dinner. We'll see how I feel though. I have a busy day ahead! I just need to get through this week and then I'm really in the homestretch. We have all half days next week, so it shouldn't be too bad! I still have not been contacted for an interview for the job I applied for, which is really annoying! I would've liked to have done that before the end of the school year. Oh well.
Thurs. June 14
Weight: 167 (168.4) :smile:
Eating Window: 12-8 :smile:
Calories: 1482 :frown:
Net Carbs: 122 :frown:
Sugar: 40 :smile:
Water/tea: 4 :neutral:
Steps: 7659 :frown:
Other Exercise:

Busy day yesterday, did good at school though. Thought about eating candy, but didn't!! I didn't have time for a walk though. I worked late instead of going to Starbucks, so I came home and had a frozen dinner instead of the salad I was going to get. Definitely need to work on increasing my water.

Scale is down again, but we'll see if it holds through the weekend. I'm going out tonight, but have reasonable choices picked out. No other real plans this weekend. I do have a wake to go to, so might get something to eat after that. Should be able to get my walk in both days.
Fri June 15
Weight: 166.2 (168.1) :smile:
Eating Window: 12:30-10:30 :neutral:
Calories: 1709 :frown:
Net Carbs: 99 :smile:
Sugar: 31 :smile:
Water/tea: 4 :neutral:
Steps: 11244
Other Exercise:

Scale continues to go down, which is good. But I do expect it will adjust a bit over the weekend. I went out last night and had a good time and did pretty well! Again not sure what I'm doing tonight for dinner, but headed out in a few for my walk. Going to try real hard not to blow it this weekend!! :-D
Got a "summer school" homework assignment for you CB! Click this link, then read on:

"Your assignment should you choose to accept it...."... psssssssst... ... UTF8&psc=1

What? No smile?
Thanks @ADFnFuel - I will definitely consider adding it to my summer "to do" list!
Sat June 16
Weight: 166.6 (167.9) :smile:
Eating Window: 11:00-7 :smile:
Calories: 1818 :frown:
Net Carbs: 177 :frown:
Sugar: 43 :smile:
Water/tea: 4 :neutral:
Steps: 8196 :neutral:
Other Exercise: 3 mile walk (with some intervals of jogging)

Didn't eat out yesterday, but still went a little overboard with food. Sugar still down though and I got in my walk. Scale went up a little. I have a big list of things to do and have planned my meals and will get my walk in again. Hoping for good results for my weekly weigh in tomorrow!
Sun June 17
Weight: 167.2 (167.8) :smile: Weekly WI - down 1.6 lbs.
Eating Window: 9-7 :frown:
Calories: 1500 :neutral:
Net Carbs: 153 :neutral:
Sugar: 65 :frown:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 10272 :smile:
Other Exercise: 3 mile walk :smile:

Well, the scale is down from last week! :victory: Now, I have to keep moving in that direction! I still have to work on doing better on weekends, especially if I'm not even going out to eat! This week I'm still working on the low sugar thing, but also going to try to get 5 waters in a day, since I've been getting in 4 a lot. We have all half days of school this week, so maybe I can get in a few full walks too.

Have a great week!
Mon June 18
Weight: 167.6 (167.8) :frown:
Eating Window: 11-8 :frown:
Calories: 1508 :frown:
Net Carbs: 164 :frown:
Sugar: 49 :smile:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 8066+ (fitbit died before I was done!) :smile:
Other Exercise:

I ended up going to Starbucks to do some work last night, so didn't have my planned dinner or the a salad! I didn't get a chai though either. I did decide to treat myself to the frozen yogurt place down the road, which I walked to. I got the kind with no sugar added and only put blueberries and strawberries on it! So I did good with my sugar, but was high in calories and carbs! Need to work on that. I will try to do better today!
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