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Domane wrote: Struggling big time and failing fast (no pun intended) I'm fasting OK but I've become an "Evening pickers wear bigger knickers" person again :( I just can't seem to find that willpower and motivation that I had the latter part of last year. There is nothing you can say that will make me feel better... I know it all and I know what I must find the strength to do. I feel ashamed. This morning I was my heaviest since Christmas :( I'm fasting today and currently determined to make a fresh start. I hope it lasts.....

Please don't feel ashamed. I found it affy difficult to get back into the swing of things post the festive season and OH's birthday (8th Jan). It's not quite a "diet fatigue", because 5:2 is not a diet, but this WoE does require a degree of mindfulness which, after festive season busyness can seem rather demanding. I am only just now beginning to comfortably cruise - in no small part due to the morale boost engendered by the V&P vary-fairy's generosity over the last few days. Stick with it, you'll be fine soon xxx FatDog
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If it's any consolation, I'm struggling, too. I keep blowing it. Getting sick and injured hasn't helped. We'll figure it out, though, I'm sure. We haven't come all this way to go back to where we were. Little setbacks will be handled!
Maybe eat more on non-fast days or earlier in the day on fast days. It might be emotional eating or it might be after a good long time losing weight, you might just need to eat more for a while and be just slightly heavier.

The thing here is going to be damage limitation in the short and medium term. For whatever reason, I'm slightly up and not losing so I'm speaking for myself here too. I figure after a year of major exercise and diet, maybe I just need a wee rest, a bit of consolidation if you see what I mean. For all of us who have done the exercise thing too, we're heavier in lean muscle too so maybe our "ideal weights" in our heads aren't going to be reality. I know I'm still getting more compact...
Good news! I've found my mojo again and been sticking to the plan and the weight has started to come off nicely this week. I'm now "only" 2.5lbs over my original target weight so I'm in with a chance of being back there by Valentine's Day. I've run a lot this week too which always helps to burn off calories and my mental status is back in the positive, motivated and determined zone. Phew!
Great news Domane! Running seems to be the key to success for you!
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