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Right.... I've had a fortnight of indulging and TODAY is the start of my Recovery Journey" I've already pledged to be back at my maintenance weight by Valentine's Day - when I committed to that I was only 4lbs over my target.... since then it has crept up again.

At least 5:2 and one 16:8 per week, possibly 4:3 depending how I'm feeling and at least three runs per week too. Going back to my "old faithful" 5:2, low-cal, low-ish-carb and sticking to 1480 cals per day on my eating days. Faithfully loggin on MFP. That's how I did it before and I'm feeling positive and motivated to get there again.

I took Dom for a birthday curry early yesterday evening and then watched DOI with a glass of Baileys and some Smarties. My last day of treats went out with a bang but I feel VILE this morning so I'm really looking forward to fasting.... serves me bleddy well right, eh? :wink:
Good Morning Domane, it really is scary how much alike we are. Today I'm starting again too after two weeks of over indulgence. This was the equivalent day that I started last year but then I weighed 12st 7lbs, (I didn't find 5:2 till Feb). I don't know what I weigh now as I am about to hop on the scales.
Good Luck to both of us :clover:

EDIT I just weighed and I'm 10st - that's a 6lb gain since mid Dec.
You don't know how comforting it is to know I'm not alone, Sian.... thank you for posting - and good luck to you too. Actually, we don't need luck, do we, we know what we're doing ;) xx
I'm another one. I just reached my target weight before Xmas which is bad timing for starting maintenance. I was about 2kg over my lowest weight after a week at my sister's house. I'm doing 4:3 to get back down to my target area, then I'll start with a maintenance plan.
Woops, lost my post.

In summary......let's all get onto that track together.

Actually john 2013 wrote something interesting about starting the new year with current weight as starting point and so I'm starting 2014 with a weight of 12.9. Not looking back at my 2013 starting weight of 13.6
Good for you all to nip any gains in the bud, eh? I am loving the tone of these sound so empowered!

It would be interesting to know (but I doubt anyone wants to do this experiment) whether, had you just continued with your maintenance regimen, the gains from the holiday period would gradually melt away, or whether a return to active weight loss mode is needed.
carorees wrote: Good for you all to nip any gains in the bud, eh? I am loving the tone of these sound so empowered!

It would be interesting to know (but I doubt anyone wants to do this experiment) whether, had you just continued with your maintenance regimen, the gains from the holiday period would gradually melt away, or whether a return to active weight loss mode is needed.

Since we are probably just dealing with water weight, a return to active weight loss might not be necessary. However, I am doing one week of active weight loss in the meantime just to be on the safe side and in my case, the extra fasting day that I will have on Thursday won't do me any harm.
Well I knew that this morning's hike in my weight was down to carb water-retention after enjoying some rice, poppadoms, naan bread AND a cheeky slice of choccy cake at the Indian yesterday (not to mention the Baileys and Smarties I had later in the evening - see? I told you my resolve really HAD left the building!!)

Anyway, I just came home covered in mud from paddling around poo-picking as best I could in water-logged fields so I stripped off to my underwear and did a quick hop on the scales and unsurprisingly, two pounds has gone already...

I've fasted a couple of times over Crimbo - AND had my first fast fail last week but today I am FULL of determination and motivation. Not had a single hunger pang yet....
carorees wrote: <snip>
It would be interesting to know (but I doubt anyone wants to do this experiment) whether, had you just continued with your maintenance regimen, the gains from the holiday period would gradually melt away, or whether a return to active weight loss mode is needed.

I think I'm possibly doing that experiment @carorees.

But that might be a bit of a cheat, what with my weight loss being so glacially slow / near stopped, my weight-loss program seems to have morphed into a maintenance routine anyway - without me changing a thing. Maybe there's something to be said for not revising one's TDEE.

Thus I wasn't going to change anything at all going into "official" maintenance, unless my weight went too low (which over Christmas / Hogmanay, obviously hasn't happened!) in which case I planned to simply up my calorie intake a wee bit at the weekend.

Not sure if I'm making any sense here - maybe I need some food?
I've just weighed myself this morning and from the latest results, I can see the point of continuing with my previous weight maintenance routine instead of going into active weight loss mode. Normally, I lose about 1.7kg with each fasting day which is about 3 or 4 pounds. However, having just completed my first successful fasting day of 2014, I have just recorded my biggest weight loss so far, which amounts to a massive 2.7kg or 6 pounds. That is enough to bring my weight down from 11 stone 13 pounds, to 11 and a half stone which is the upper limit of my normal maintenance range.

As things stand, I will still need a second fasting day on Thursday to ensure that I get within my maintenance range by Monday. Furthermore, that weight loss is bound to slow down over time as the additional water weight is further depleted. However, I will continue to monitor these daily weigh-ins throughout the week because with the current pattern of weight loss, it may well be that I actually get away with making this week a 6:1 week with no more fasting this week, and still get to within my maintenance limits by Monday (assuming of course, that I eat very carefully during the rest of the week).
Am joining Domane et al to get back on track this week with my usual 5:2 and a 16:8 thrown in, and will see how it works on the sudden surge (!) of 3 lbs. I was losing very slowly before Christmas and so near my goal too, so perhaps Carorees is right that it might peel off anyway but I want to be sure so that I can be maintaining one year after starting this WOE.
Well I'm hoping that reverting to my original "style" of weight loss will kick-start my body back into activity as I'd been doing low-carb, high-fat since the end of October.... tried running today and it was a real duff one. Not sure whether I am still feeling the after-effects of donating blood on Saturday or whether I am just full of toxins from eating that Crimbo rubbish, with a little alcohol thrown in. Suspect it is probably a combination of things really....
I hit my lowest weight for over a decade on 21st Dec and then had two fantastic weeks off eating everything. I also failed a fast day for the very first time, being off work and surrounded by delicious food was IMPOSSIBLE.
5lbs gain for me over the two week period as measured yesterday pre fasting and have dropped 2lbs today after my first fast!
Sounds like we are all very similar. I am sure I have gained 2-3lbs but hoping the rest is water weight.
Very disheartening to see a number yesterday that I haven't seen for 3 months still but yes we are empowered with the tools to regain control!!
Roll on Thurs and Fast day 2 of 2014 xxx
Well I did really well last week, 5:2 and CC got me 4lbs off. But then the weekend hit and I relaxed a little and we went for ANOTHER curry on Sunday! I had chicken tikka so no sauce, but I did have the most gorgeous naan bread. Then came home to watch Dancing on Ice and Sherlock with a glass of Baileys and some Smarties... oops! So back on it yesterday and today I'm back to where I was last Thursday.... with another fast tomorrow ahead of me. 3lbs to go to be back at target and maintaining again (by Valentines Day ;) )

I bought a lovely pair of "Gap" size 10 jeans this morning from a charity shop and I've been grumbling to Dom because they're a bit on the large size.... Then I caught onto myself and gave myself a slap with a wet fish.... grumbling because size 10 is too BIG???? How shameful, I should be shouting from the rooftops (*insert humble smiley here*)

Still struggling a bit with the running but have decided this week to do "little and often" and focus on beating my personal best on Saturday's park run. Last week I was less than a minute off it, despite finding it a struggle, so perhaps it's all in my head.

Can't believe how 3lbs extra makes me feel FAT now!!!
Struggling big time and failing fast (no pun intended) I'm fasting OK but I've become an "Evening pickers wear bigger knickers" person again :( I just can't seem to find that willpower and motivation that I had the latter part of last year. There is nothing you can say that will make me feel better... I know it all and I know what I must find the strength to do. I feel ashamed. This morning I was my heaviest since Christmas :( I'm fasting today and currently determined to make a fresh start. I hope it lasts.....
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