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Re: Stuff and things
20 Jan 2014, 18:49
Hopefully that 2lbs is just temporary from the indulgent weekend. Next week will be better! Remember it's a marathon not a sprint!!
Re: Stuff and things
21 Jan 2014, 09:37
Ach I know - even though I knew it was going to happen I was still dissapointed - it should all balance out again this week :)

Tuesday 21st January

homemade oat and raisin pot with frozen berries and low fat yogurt - 220

Salad with lentil and macaroni bake (surprise lunch made by my lovely colleague) - 500

Cajun chicken pasta with garlic bread - 800

Graze brownie - 110
Popcorn - 72
3 x gin & slimlines - 150


oh update on the planking challenge - my best is 65 seconds - could only manage 45 sec this morning for some reason so i'll have another bash tonight.
Re: Stuff and things
22 Jan 2014, 10:00
Wednesday 22nd January

rice krispies, 1/2 a banana & 1% milk - 300

Leftover lentil & macaroni bake with a salad with a bit of turkey and goats cheese - 350

I was at a yelp event and tatsed a few things - as it was wee nibbles and I had a small coffee I would say no more than 500

Jam donut - 175
Slice of toast and peanut butter - 200

Total - 1525
Re: Stuff and things
23 Jan 2014, 10:03
Thursday 23rd January

Turkey salad & cottage cheese salad with homemade beetroot soup & 2 crispbreads - 140

Beef stir fry - 300

Miso soup -18

Total - 458
Re: Stuff and things
27 Jan 2014, 13:01
I wasn't very well at the weekend and didn't eat much very much on top of having 2 having 2 fast days already so I am not having fast days this week - I will instead be eating 1,500 kcals a day.

Monday 27th January

Oat so simple with blueberries and skimmed milk - 180

Roast beef salad from philpotts - 400

Roast pork, roast potato, mixed veg, green beans and spinach and a home made yorkshire pudding - 600

Home made carrot cake muffin - 175

Total - 1,355 so far
Re: Stuff and things
28 Jan 2014, 09:34
Not had a chance to weigh myself yet - will do so later

Tuesday 28th January

melon and grape pot with low fat coconut yogurt - 280

Soup and a wrap - 600 (guessing as eating out)

Pork stir fry - 500

1,380 so far
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