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Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 08:03
I would never have a heap of chocolate in the fridge, @Debs, because I would have eaten it before it turned into a heap! Then I would just turn into a lump! :frown:

That's why I only ever buy one bar at a time! (A very big bar!) :smile:
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 08:09
I've just looked at the Selfridges link and the prices! :bugeyes: :bugeyes:
The most expensive was one penny short of £15.00 for 100g of white chocolate - I could buy 15 good sized bars of Cadbury's wholenut chocolate for that price in my local shop, I buy one each week so that's nearly 4 month's supply!
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 08:15
Ah, but coffeetime, Cadbury isn't real chocolate!! I don't actually like it, now milk Lindt, that is a whole other story!
Most of the choccy bar one is very expensive dark chocolate from 85 to 100% cocoa but I need a milk chocolate, i.e. sugar fix every so often, but I have been trying to kick the carvings this week.
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 08:56
Cadbury isn't real chocolate?!! :shock:

I'm gonna have to disagree with you there @Debs

Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 08:58
Oh, come on beanlet, it is all palm oil and vegetable fats!!!! And sugar!!
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 09:01
Tastes rather good though :wink:
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 11:12
Oh I know bean, and that is where all my problems started! :confused:
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 14:30
I'm glad I stumbled on this thread. I have had terrible chocolate, milk and cheese cravings ever since my operation. You could probably throw in a nut need as well. Not a nut craving, just that once I started eating them I couldn't stop. It could be a calcium need, rebuilding bones and all that? I wonder how long it takes for bones to fuse and other bones to repair?

I am shopping in a couple of hours, I will see if hubby wants to try Aldi's for a change and pick up some of the Moser chocolate.
Its a double birthday next week, so losing weight is NOT going to happen for a while.
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 14:56
I used to be very gung ho on chocolates and developed my taste from milky sweet to dark as hell. I don't know when I didn't fancy it so much anymore...but all of a sudden chocolate (and most sweets) was kind of uninteresting :shock:
But I keep on buying large bars of Fazer milk for The DH though...and have some darkish put away in the cupboard for cooking and baking....several bars of Lindt 70-80% (I do not fancy Lindt as candy) and some thick 70% squares just meant to use in foods. But - I ain't no saint, I do get the cravings for a "Kexchoklad" every now and then and do give in.

Thinking I would make the men happy, I have made chocolate mousse today for desert:
125gr dark chocolate
2 tbs instant coffee granules
2.5 tbs water
0.75 dl castor suger
4 egg whites

Some might go oy vey, but I use the microwave to melt chocolate, so put the chocolate, coffee, water in a bowl and let it swirl around in the micro until melted. Well honestly, take it out before everything has melted and stir until smooth. Whisk the egg whites to hard fluff, adding half the sugar as you go. Put the rest of the sugar in the chocolate mix and then gently (scoop by scoop) fold the whipped eggs into the chocolate. Divide in bowls (how many is up to you :smile: ) and fridge until set. I'm going to serve with some de-frost raspberries.

Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 18:48
@wolfie that sounds delicious especially with the raspberries :victory:
Re: Choc craving.....
03 May 2014, 20:53
Seems this thread should be moved to the foodies forum...
Re: Choc craving.....
04 May 2014, 00:10
You could be right ADF, for me the choccy craving isn't about the choclate per se but the sugar in it, which is why I crave the sweet milky stuff. Dark choc for me is a different experience altogether, not for when I have a craving. I have several bars of 85% in my fridge, and yes, they have been there a while! Theya re all of different origins and I find it interesting to try them and see the difference, and there is quite a bit, it is a bit like tasting wine.
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