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Prunes work for me too.... only it's not their fibre, it's their sorbitol... I'm very sensitive to that! I learned that one day consuming some of those sugar-free "cool" mints some years ago!! Oh my.... talk about "nearly turned myself inside out" - the pack says 'Warning: Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect' I was young and reckless and didn't heed the warning. Turns out that I can't eat more than ONE mint without bloating up and getting gassy so you can imagine what a whole pack did....

Shame, coz I LOVE prunes....
As always Caroline - fantastic research. Thank you so much.

I have found that my much troubled stomach got worse since I went on 5:2 and clogs up horrible at times. Tries to remember to eat some "fruit & fiber" cubes that makes it all a bit easier....But occasionally I simply have to take some oral laxative - just hate it. :cry:
Do you drink Epsom Salts then?

Since I took up the high intensity exercise, I've been having lots of Epsom Salts baths as I'm one to suffer badly with sore muscles. I think it's helped with the transit issues too though as I think it's absorbed through the skin?
Interestingly, I've just put prune juice into My fitness pal.
100mls gives 75 cals, 17g carbs and 1 g fibre.
Thank you so much carorees for caring about my bowels :wink:

That is really useful information. I seem to be all over the place, well not literally, that would be really antisocial, but it is very odd! I have yoghurt, chia seeds, flaxseeds and prunes on my feed days but suspect that my stomach may be adapting to my ADF. I have been taking a fig based senna preparation and have to stop myself taking too much as it is very tasty!!!

I have also been taking metamucil three times a day, plus magnesium, but I keep forgetting, so thank you for the reminder!
My constipation must have been lack of fibre because I now have two tablespoons of ground flaxseed everyday and it seems to have sorted itself out. I would love to add chia seed into the mix too for the other health benefits but it's not availiable in Saudi and is also quite pricey.

Thank you for the info Carorees :)
Very useful, thanks @carorees and everyone else for comments and suggestions.

I will have to put a few things on my shopping list!!!
Thanks for this topic, Caroline. Can I just add my 2 cents' worth - since I regularly give anaesthetics for people having colonoscopies, I feel like I'm up with the topic somewhat. Senna is a bowel irritant and over time, causes atony (muscle weakness) of the bowel wall - which is not good for constipation! That just means you have to increase your dose - tolerance develops. It also causes a condition called melanosis coli - a particular dark appearance of the bowel wall, so it's obvious that you've been taking it. My advice would be to only use it occasionally as an absolute last resort. I think soluble fibre, probiotics etc are a much better choice!
Can I just ask about Fybogel, please?
My lovely sis in law has been advised by her doc to take this daily. My understanding (which is limited, I admit) is that it should not be taken on a prolonged basis. I'm obviously wrong on this, but does anyone have any further info on this please? She is naturally very thin.
As far as I can see, it should be okay as long as she drinks plenty of fluid, it's just a soluble fibre. Worst thing is that it's sweetened with aspartame...
My Nan took it for years as she had IBS and was prescribed it. I'm not actually sure it made any difference mind you!
I swear by probiotic yogurt to stave off constipation - my cat used to suffer regularly (no pun intended) but after giving her a little yogurt most days her bowels have been fine. Actually, I stopped giving her yogurt for a few weeks after finding out about her kidney disease and that yogurt is high in phosphorous - and sure enough, she got backed up. On the yogurt again and all is well in that department.

I also was advised to use paraffin oil to help ease things through her if needed. Apparently this is something the older generation might be aware of as it's an old remedy and a bottle can be bought cheaply from the chemist.

Thankfully it's not a problem I often suffer with, but maybe that's because most feed days I'll have yogurt on my granola for breakfast :)
Debs wrote: Thank you so much carorees for caring about my bowels :wink:

... suspect that my stomach may be adapting to my ADF. ...

Good thing that she is, else we'd have to ask for volunteers!

On a more relevant note realize that ADF cuts total weekly calories by 38%. That's almost double what you'd see with 5:2 at 21%. Fewer solids down the pipe, means fewer solids out the exit.

BTW, does Haribo make a "fig based senna" gummy bear?

Lots of liquid and exercise work for me.

If all else fails, those gummy bears are a complete solution: chat-f12/howling-with-laughter-here-new-weight-loss-aid-t10631.html
I'm glad to hear about the yogurt as my son got me a yogurt maker for Christmas & I finally figured out how to make amazing homemade yogurt (by following the directions)....
Looking forward to making it regularly now.
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