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nice to see this page up here , too.
I am now 'maintaining' by trying to lose some excess weight :confused: .

Many, many years ago I lived in Holland for a while. I had my own 'fiets' = Dutch for 'bicycle', and I LOVED the excellent bicycle paths and the flat terrain. There even were separate traffic lights for bicycles!
Alas, I am 60 and do not cycle anymore. I walk a lot. though.

I am happy about my maintenance plan.
( What messed it up somewhat, was my wondering what 'ideal weight' I ought to have. I then ended up too big... A matter of few kilos only, though.)
Good luck to all maintainers :clover: :clover: :clover:
Well, @P-JK, you continue to set us all a very good maintenance example. Well done on your successful maintenance.

Mine hasn't been perfect but at least I'm hanging in there and have never got back to anything like my original weight!
Another couple of weeks on 6:1 are paying off. Moving away from the 64 kg upper limit and aiming to be steady in the middle of my range in 3 weeks time at the magical 36 months moment. :smile:
Celebrated 3 years of maintenance within my range last Saterday :victory: Today celebrating my birthday just in the middle of my range, so no need to hold back :grin: :cake: :drink:
Sorry for the Tuesday fasting members: this week I will not be with you :smile:
Happy birthday for yesterday, @P-JK, I hope that it was a good one! :smile:

One of the things that I really like about this WOL is that one can go out and celebrate and, if one puts on a bit of weight, we know that there is a way to deal with it before it becomes a problem. What a happy place to be in! :victory:
6 weeks later and steady on 63kg. Doing fine, mostly on 6:1. Might even skip this week (did not fast today and still on the spot). Interesting weeks to come as I will move from possibly calory burning conditions (8 degrees of frost and skating 2 times a week) into the start of summer in New Zealand two weeks from today. Do not plan to do a lot of fasting over there, so let's see what things look like in the mid January. Don't mind a bit of experimentation if it invoves having an extra month of summer :cool:
Back from holiday in New Zealand and a couple of days in Sydney. No fasting in six weeks and no gain after X-mas and holiday :cool: :grin: Spot on at 63 kg, same as when leaving. Walking and enjoying the country and family, rather then massive amounts of food really seems to work :victory:
Yay for not gaining on holiday! Walking a lot helps so much. In 2015 I went to Greece for a couple of days - we ate and drank so much, but also walked our asses off (literally). Granted, I also ran the Athens marathon while I was there, but I didn't hold back when it came to wine and food - but I came home 4lbs lighter!
10 days in March already and still no fasting needed yet. Seems like a pattern not to be needing fasts in winter time (now third year in a row). Speedskating might make some difference, but that could not be all. Burning more calories to keep warm?? Never did any research on that topic :geek: Having a week full of cake and a lot of food in the previous weekend might get the scales moving up again. Waiting for next week's weight to see if the first fast of the year is coming soon. :smile:
Wow, too much time since the last update. So, what happened? Nothing very exciting. Still on course for celebrating 4 years of successful maintenance tomorrow. Needed some fasts off and on, but only a few. When taken, they just work as always. Good to experience that the fasting strategy traditional style keeps on doing its work just as in the old days (for me at least). So it can be a long-term way of life, at least in case your normal way of eating is not that far away from what you need to stay in form. Moving into speedskating season, so expect no problem to keep on track for the coming months. :smile:
Wishing you a very happy 4 year maintaining anniversary tomorrow 8 October, what an amazing achievement, changing your life as best you can and it feels good in a healthy way.

Many congratulations P-JK., how are you celebrating?

I salute you :cool:

Maintaining 4 years
08 Oct 2017, 16:53
Thanks @Lizbean, good to see you back! Celebrating with a nice feeling of satisfaction for comming across such an effective way of eating. :grin: Nothing special in terms of food as coming Wednesday it's birthday celebrations, so I will take the cakes and other lovely food in a couple of days :cake:
New year and some effort is required. Five weeks of having a persistent cold have kept me from using my bike to work and speedskating. Combined with the holiday festivities and not fasting because of that proves to be really too much : 2 kg above my maintenance range for the first time. Work to do, but confident it will work
I have had the cold for 6 weeks but it is just about gone, suppose I should have stopped running but had just hit a run of good form...
Luckily being off-colour also stopped me over-indulging so my weight is unchanged - very unusual after Xmas!
Good luck in your efforts!
So, more than 6 months gone since the last updat (sorry for that), and 5 years on fasting (in a few days, but holidays are starting tomorrow). 5 years seemed to me at the start to provide a good indication of whether this strategy is sustainable or not. And as you can see in the tracker: it is indeed! :like:. Ever since the original start I never changed anything in my fasting routine: 3 small meals of whatever is being served. Last weeks I needed to fast one day every week to keep on track, after a couple of months without sports due to a small but inconvenient medical issue. That is settled now and lots of cycling coming up in the summer holiday, so things will be good I expect. The flexibility of IF and the simplicity (don't worry about what you eat, just reduce the amount) is a great bonus to me in terms of sustainability (combined with a lack of real problems when fasting, just a doable sense of hunger, but hey, that's how it's supposed to work).
So, up for 5 more years of maintenance :victory:
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