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If any American members (or even guests/lurkers!) have experienced success with The Fast Diet/5:2 lifestyle and would be willing to offer a testimonial for use by the media please would you make contact with me either via this thread, PM or through my email -

I've had contact from a publisher via Mimi Spencer who is in urgent need of some American testimonials as the media is apparently desperate for some real life examples/success stories.

Here's what she says they're in need of:
Short testimonials are ideal - and definitely some mention of just how much is different -- either weight-wise, or health-wise (or both, of course).

If the participants are willing to submit 'before and after' photos, that kind of material has been hugely useful... Obviously, if participants aren't comfortable, that's understandable.

So, short testimonials including how much weight you've lost in what timescale and any health improvements noticed/tested would be really useful. If you're happy/able to provide photos this would be helpful too, but not essential so please don't let this put you off getting involved. I've offered to be involved if they need me.

She has also mentioned that 5:2ers from the UK who've had success would also be really helpful for some upcoming projects. I don't have more info about these as present, but by expressing an interest you are not committed to anything, you'll just be contacted by the publisher with more information, at which point you can decide whether or not you wish to be involved.

I don't know if there will be any kind of incentive to be involved, besides the fact that you'll be helping to spread the wonder of 5:2 to more people and help change lives through it :D

Thanks for reading!
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(updated the above post to include more info from the publisher about what they need)
The problem with American testimonials, is that most of us just found out about this diet within the last month or so. There might not be any big losses yet. I've been on this for 2 weeks, and have lost 7 lbs, which I am happy about! But no big loss or picture change yet. I do love this way of eating and will continue until and after I reach my goal!
I think that's why the came to me, in the hope that at least a few users here found out about it sooner and have been doing it for a few months or more. I can think of a few American users who've been doing it longer than average - will have to try to find them individually and ask them :)
My husband has lost a stone since Jan 8 - is that good enough? He's thrilled and loves the diet.
Sounds good enough to me, would he be happy to give a testimonial? I'll need to pass his email address on to the publisher if so.
I'd certainly be up for helping out with the UK projects. I am nearing the 3 stone loss mark which would represent a 20% decrease in body weight over a 4 month period. (I've just about caught you up on the weight loss Moogie!)
Thanks Caroline, I'll pass your email address on if that's alright :)

Hopefully will get a few more volunteers before I email the publisher back!
You can pass mine on, too, if you think it would be useful. From UK and been on diet since August 2012, just about reached my target weight and among the 60+ age bracket.
Thanks Nora, that's great :)
My loss is very slow (mainly because the Christmas period was rather more feasting than fasting and I know I put a few lbs on !! - I've been doing 5:2 since November. Am happy for my email to be passed. My OH is also doing 5:2 with me and has lost a stone since Christmas - he'd be happy for his email to be passed on too I'm sure.
Thanks Sue, I'll pass your email address on and mention that both you and your husband can be reached through it - you can send his email address on to the publisher then if she needs it!
They definitely need positive testimonials, just had a brief look at google and seen the few American articles that have been published already and they're less than favourable. :razz:
It's annoying that people make assumptions before even researching about the WOE. Fasting has been around for hundreds of years, not even the cavemen into consideration! And this isn't even proper fasting anyway, I think the word "fast" scares people. I really don't see this as a "fad" diet and its frustrating that any old person can criticise before researching properly.
I just PM'd you hubby's email address. He's fine with it :-)
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