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How did you hear about this forum?

google or other search engine
41 - mentioned in thread
mumsnet - mentioned in thread
facebook page
No votes
michael mosley via twitter
mimi spencer via twitter
No votes
myfitnesspal thread
Total votes : 180

I think it would be interesting to know how people originally came across this forum. Moogie set it up on evening of 10 Jan (I think) and it already has over 800 members at time of writing - currently rising by >100 per day.

It is becoming (well it already is IMO) the No.1 place for discussion and information about 5:2.

Maybe we need a poll, Moogie? In the meantime, people could post here. For instance:

google - mentioned in comments - mentioned in thread
facebook page (which?)

For me it was (I think) a mention in a comment at
I saw it in November in a daily mail article online, did lots of googling, then bought Kate Harrison's kindle book beginning of December - I'm so glad I did!
Thanks PollyChops, that's great but what I really meant was how did you find this forum in particular not about the 5:2 diet in general.

And welcome to the forum too, of course!
I went to the website and clicked on the forum link :)
Neat! ;) But how did you find the website?
I got directed to the Facebook page Moogie was on from comments on another forum. Got directed to 52fastdiet when it was launched by a notice/announcement on the FB page.
The FB page is now very quiet...
This is interesting, thanks dominic! I'm intrigued by the comments about clicking on the link on the website because I can't see a link to the forum on the website unless it means in one of the many comments that Moogie and I left on the site to try to spread the word about the forum. We are still trying to get a link in the official website so if enough people contact them about it, perhaps we will.
I didn't know I could set up a poll, how do I do that? Maybe this thread would be better closed and replaced by one with a poll?

I assumed that lisy.80 was referring to this website, not Dr M's. I agree there is no formal link there, but several postings that mention it (me too!).
I found the website on twitter through Michael Mosley :)
dominic wrote: I didn't know I could set up a poll, how do I do that? Maybe this thread would be better closed and replaced by one with a poll?

Ah ha! I found out how to make it a poll (didn't spot the option when I looked first). Done!
Thank you Caroline! The options might need to be expanded from time to time, for instance we should add Michael Mosley via Twitter? Is it something I can do?
You should be able to edit your original post and add things in - for now I've done it for you :) (I put Mimi on too as she has tweeted the URL before)
Thanks Moogie, after some time staring and knowing now that it must be there I finally found the option for creating (or editing) a poll. So I learned something new!
The Wikipedia article '5:2 Fast diet' has this forum as one of the 4 or so links at the bottom (and I don't see an appropriate option for that in the poll).
Oh? That's news. I'll add it as an option. I never thought to look at Wikipedia...hope the information therein is accurate?
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