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Love this happy posting!
I am struggling to take in 12 pairs of hubby's trousers after he has lost 3 stones. He hates shopping for clothes after years of being very overweight, so I have to have a go at taking the waist bands in by 8 inches. He has already lost his pants whilst walking around the house, so we can't risk it happening outside!
I am into trousers that were too tight even when I bought them 10 years ago, so can't find an excuse to go shopping yet.
Thank you for your post! It sounds a lot like my inner dialogue at times.
Ooh, shopping! :cool:
Brilliant post. Made me spit my coffee lol

Please keep up the negative :)
Brilliant post! Made me chuckle, anyway! :lol: Shame about the trousers but life can be hard! Perhaps digging deeper into your cupboard will reveal even smaller cast-offs which you could use? Meanwhile, onwards and downwards!
Excellent :like:

I wish you luck in the trouser department :wink:

I don't know what you are moaning about - the problem comes when the undies fall down :oops: :wink: .
simcoeluv wrote: As I have been doing 5:2 for a little while now, I decided to go into the nether regions of my closet to retrieve a pair of trousers I banished there a few years ago when they became a bit too snug. I felt that since I have been 5:2ing, they might provide a little more service to me. You can imagine my dismay when, after properly buttoning them, I watched them fall to the floor and gather around my ankles. I mean, these were good, well made trousers that had much useful life remaining in them.

I am miffed.

This disaster has caused me to reflect on the 5:2 WOE, as it is called. I have refrained from saying much bad about 5:2 for some time now. But losing my trousers is the last straw. As this forum seems to allow negative comments about this 5:2 thing, I think it is time for me to vent. I am thinking about all of the negative posts I could have, and now feel I should have, made. So here are the posts I should have made, but did not. The numbers are accurate, and I thought of each and every comment along the way. I'm sorry in advance for the negative vibes, but I think people exploring 5:2 should know about these things before they go forward.

Day 1: Hello. Here I am. I've heard about this 5:2 thing and am interested. Nothing has worked for me yet, but given what I have heard I hope this is the answer! (Thinking - why am I doing this? It is just another fad diet.)

Week 1: Hi again. I think I did everything right, but I did not lose any weight at all! I'm wondering if this really works? But I've heard about this TDEE thing and I'll investigate. (Thinking - why am I doing this. It does not work.)

Week 2: I have been starving myself for two weeks and I have not lost one ounce!! I figured out the TDEE thing and have been doing it correctly. Why, oh why, am I not losing weight?! (Thinking - you idiot, why are you even here?)

Week 3: Wow, I lost two pounds. It is about time! (Thinking, probably just water weight.)

Week 4: Lost another pound (total of 3). God, this is slow. I read that maybe not weighing myself this often may be a good thing. I think I'll chuck the scales for awhile. (Thinking, this is really probably not worth it.)

Week 8: Hmmm. Lost 6 more pounds, total of 9 in 8 weeks. It is about time! But I am a male of above average height that weighs a lot and is active, with a reasonably high TDEE. I should be losing more weight - at least 2 pounds a month! What is wrong??? (Thinking, god this is slow, why am I putting myself through all of this?)

Week 9: (When the scales say good things, scales come back into favor.) 0 weight loss. What happened? What did I do wrong?? This is awful.

Week 10: (Hoping scales redeem themselves.) 0 weight loss. Clearly something wrong here. I'm doing everything right and not losing weight. But I have to lose weight, don't I? (Thinking, I think this might all be a sham. It has to be.)

Week 11: (On my knees praying before I get on the scales.) 0 weight loss. I am despondent and in despair. HELP!! What should I do. This clearly does not work! Should I do paleo? How about Atkins? Grapefruit? How about if I just stop eating altogether? 5:2 does not work, I have to do something!!!! (Thinking, What the hell am I saying. It is just another diet that does not work. Go look for something else that will work better.)

Week 12: Down 2 pounds, total of 11. I really, really should be losing faster. And I certainly should be going down in a consistently straight line (like jumping off a cliff with no wings). This 5:2 thing just does not deliver what I want and expect. And it takes so long. I'm not sure this is for me. (Thinking, god, this takes a long time. There must be a faster way.)

Week 13: Down 3 pounds, total 14. Lost my trousers today. I've had it!

All of you new people need to understand that if you do 5:2 right, all it will get you is frustratingly slow, inconsistent weight loss that will constantly cause you doubt and uneasy feelings.

And you may lose your trousers. :lol: :like: :clap: :clap:

I'm still trying to figure out whether you are content for losing weight or for losing your trouser around your ankles. (scratches head) :?: I dont get it.
Great post, is there a better way to lose your pants..... :lol: I dont think so. :grin:
Wildmissus look forward to my undies falling down :lol: :razz: :grin:
great post maybe we should take up a fundraiser for belts and suspenders for all the pant less people :lol:
:grin: that has brightened a wet Friday!

Long live the English sense of humour!
:oops: and the American one!
zamale - it's a tongue-in-cheek post.

Simoncoeluv is exploring what he said and how he felt on this week by week journey to losing a stone (and his trousers!)

He's pointing out - using gentle humour - that we humans can moan and groan each week at the lack of the 'Quick Fix' but if we stay with 5:2 the result is still weight loss and loose waitbands.

It made me laugh because that's EXACTLY how I've been feeling - a grumble and grimace and shaking my fist at the scales ... Yet, 5 weeks in I'm wearing denim shorts I haven't worn for FIVE YEARS.

Now I get it. I'm guilty of the same, I'm shaking my fists at my flashy nasty scales and I may have the last laugh cause I found some other bathroom scales I forgot about, and if they are different once more, I will no longer, worship or take them so seriously and my pants are looser too. so I will heed this post and think about it.

Thanks for the reminder.
Today I wore my favourite vintage trousers (don 't knock charity shops as they have the best vintage) anyway my 'fully lined wool crepe tumeric coloured' trousers kept on having to be hitched up and sadly I won't be able wear them when I reach my goal weight.

Like @simcoeluv it felt like my weight has been soooooooo slooooooooow but in actual fact I have nearly reached my target weight and yes it has taken 33 fasts with likely another few to go and then maintenance will be another conundrum.

Long story short guys, it's not unpleasant, rather an interesting journey with heaps of positives, what's not to like when you are forced to go out and buy new trousers because you are several sizes smaller and your original trowsers end up around your ankles
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