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:lol: :lol: :lol:
Great post! If you really like the trousers, how about having them altered? It serves several purposes: if you don't like shopping you don't have to, saves money (even if you have it hired done), it is GREAT incentive for keeping it off, and you get to wear them again!
Great post - I am steady at 1.5lb per week, however my problem is weight going from arms, neck, face and NOT MY MUFFIN TOP. Guess patience is the thing, but any advice on exercise to lose weight around tum gratefully received. (can't blame pregnancy etc as I am a bloke!)

ps how do I show information about date started, weight lost etc
doh . it was tongue in cheek.

i thought you were complaining! haha
I almost didn't read your post because I thought Oh here comes a whinger, cant handle the plateaus, hasn't lost 6 stone in 6 weeks etc. But glad I did, it sums up the same thoughts I've had. :like: My old clothes went to the charity shop/recylers long before the falling down stage. Glad to see the back of them.
Now am very afraid to buy new trousers. But reading your post sounded like you read my mind. Got on the scale this morning, could not believe what I saw, so I stepped off waited then stepped on again. Yep lost but would not let myself believe it. Scale must be lying.
[quote="betoon"]Now am very afraid to buy new trousers.

Yes, be afraid, very afraid. I have a wardrobe now of trousers that fall straight to the floor. And this morning I had to put a belt on with the new pair I only bought a couple of weeks ago! This is going to cost me a fortune.
wildmissus wrote: I don't know what you are moaning about - the problem comes when the undies fall down :oops: :wink: .

Ohhh! Wouldn't that make you a pin-up girl?

@redroseinexileHelp is at hand to display your stats

To you left enter your progress tracker in user menu then go to edit settings and scroll down to include public link to my tracker
Hope that is clear
I had to read the replies to totally understand the irony. :?: You are happy, right? I am looking forward to a BIN full of too-big trousers, even if most of them have just been bought over the last six months. Well done!
LizBiscuit wrote: I had to read the replies to totally understand the irony. :?: You are happy, right? I am looking forward to a BIN full of too-big trousers, even if most of them have just been bought over the last six months. Well done!

Yup. :grin: :grin: :grin: :like: (Except, maybe, for the loss of my trousers :cry: )
Ive got this gorgeous sexy red trousers that im afraid i may have given away in a big clean out 6 months ago, before i started or even knew about 5:2 as it only reached downunder in April this year. Damn it cause i know i could have fit into them at a squeeze now and perfectly at least say 2 or 3 months time!!!
Hmmmmmmmmmm. Red is my favorite color. :smile:
This thread prompted me to try on a skirt which I had brought 20 years ago folks, when I was my slim self just before the confluence of issues which led to my weight gain. The skirt a beautiful item hardly worn I packed away, so out of the trunk it came and yesterday and granted, with a suck of my breath, up came the zipper. Waahoo! Right now a tad tight for comfort but could be my goal size

Amazed and amazing 16 short weeks ago this was just not possible. Pants falling down just rocks
Well, there's my skinny blue denim skirt from years ago - all my skinny pics are taken in that - didn't even remember keeping it but there it was - well, it fits, a tiny bit snug but it does up round the waist (no elastic in those days) - its not even that wonderful any more but THAT'S NOT THE POINT - even if I never go out in it - it fits, dam it and I'm thrilled !!!!!! :like:
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