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Which meals do you usually have on a fast day?

Breakfast, lunch and evening meal
Breakfast and evening meal
Breakfast and lunch
Lunch and evening meal
Evening meal only
Lunch only
Breakfast only
No meals
No Snacks
Total votes : 987

I started yesterday, just completed my first fast day.

Before I started, I knew that I will have to have three meals a day - to make the fast day as much similar as possible to my normal day - to make it less painful.

I have to say it wasn't painful at all. For example, I normally like porridge for breakfast, so I had it yesterday too - made with water instead of half milk...

However, I keep my mind open, as I see many people bravely talking here about liquid or zero calories fast days etc. It is very inspirational...

For now, I am sticking to my three meals a day and we'll see...
I have IBS so have to keep everything ticking along on three meals a day, without snacks. If I could manage on one meal a day it would be breakfast, because I'm fairly sure I would have gnawed my own foot off or eaten the cat if I went without food until dinner time.
I thought that would be the same for me, so I started 5:2 8 weeks ago with breakfast and dinner. My last 5 fasts I changed to dinner only. The first and second time I tried this it was hard. My stomach screamed for breakfast. My last two fasts were easy though. So I just changed my vote here from breakfast and dinner to dinner only!

It feels good to know that I am boss instead of stomach! :wink:
I used to do alternate day fasting... Then got diagnosed as gluten intolerant and had to fix my diet. I'm back to the fasting and have missed it!

I'm one of those people who prefer to have nothing but water and herbal tea on my fasting days. I find it easier!! If I eat that's when it triggers off feeling hungry. I'd urge anyone struggling with fasting days to try eating nothing for a day... If you're like me you'll find this easier than eating a small meal.

There is a liquid fast thread on here which starts every Monday for those who prefer that.
I'm celiac @girlwonder and find it fairly easy to go the 24 hours between the dinner meals twice a week. I do still struggle with craving carbs but still lost 40 pounds last year.
GoLinda 40lbs is awesome... I crave carbs. It's my real weakness that I think maybe shows up something lacking in my diet. I haven't had gf bread, potatoes or rice in months... And then yesterday ate seven slices of toast... Shameful!!

Good luck with carrying on the fasting :)

I have only an evening meal on my fast days. Anything earlier would set me into "eat all the food" state of mind.
I don't remember if I already voted however things didn't change since the last couple of years. I still only have a liquid dinner and no snack during the day only black coffee, black tea and water. Why trying to fix something not broken ? :cool: :wink:
I voted Evening meal only and Snacks, because some light days I have a "snack" of ff Greek yogurt and fruit after work (6pmish), some days not. I am more inclined to do it now, having access to wonderful summer fruit (fresh peaches, oh my!). Also, I did notice that on some light days, I waited till dinnertime to eat (9pmish for me), and although I didn't FEEL more hungry, I found that not having the "snack" meant I had more trouble resisting the urge to nibble while cooking dinner.
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