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Which meals do you usually have on a fast day?

Breakfast, lunch and evening meal
Breakfast and evening meal
Breakfast and lunch
Lunch and evening meal
Evening meal only
Lunch only
Breakfast only
No meals
No Snacks
Total votes : 987

How do I vote or is it too late?
Started with breakfast and dinner-3weeks. Tried just evening meal last week .Went back to breakfast today which I think I prefer. But who knows what I'll fancy on Thursday . Doesn't really fit the poll cos if I get up late I may well just have 1meal again or lunch and dinner.
Oh you're just perverse you are! :lol: ;-)
Today is only fast day #4 for me, but I have found in the last two times that I do best when I save all my calories for supper with the family. I can ignore the hunger well enough - if it gets insistent, I drink water/tea or go *do* something, walk, laundry, work if I'm at work, etc. - but for my body, once I start eating, I have a difficult time stopping.

For the same reason, on my fast day, I make sure that my main meal starts with a HUGE lettuce salad. I can eat six cups of romaine/spinach salad for less than 50 calories before dressings! I put it in a tupperware type plastic bowl with a lid so that a small amount of dressing and seasoning is adequate - I put the dressing on, put the lid on, and shake the bowl like crazy to distribute the topping. My whole salad ends up being around 150 calories for an enormous amount of food. I usually add carrots, onion and tomato - measuring calories with myfitnesspal - to stay within that 150 calories. Then I eat whatever else the family is having, sticking with mainly the protein portion of the meal in a small portion.

Tonight, family is having tacos, I'm having taco salad. :D I won't use any sort of wrap/shell, but my salad will be that much larger with the taco meat and plain greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and taco sauce instead of dressing.
I try not to eat anything at all, I just drink tea. I find it easier because I tend to get more hungry if I eat a little and I don't have to count calories.
I have only done one fast day, but I like to spread my meals throughout the day as I have a very active lifestyle. I am planning to fast on Tuesdays and Fridays, but this is my plan ie after lunch on Monday at 1pm, I have a light meal at 7pm (when I start my 500 calorie counting) breakfast at 8am the next day, lunch at 1pm and evening meal at 7pm (when I complete my 500 calorie counting) and then breakfast the following day. I also allow for snacks such as almonds, raw cauliflower etc during the day. I am a typical 'grazer'!
Breakfast, evening meal, and no snacks! Have got into the routine now.
Works well for us both and we aim to be well occupied and achieve a lot on those two days a week.
On fast days, I have a blended shake for breakfast (spinach, 1/2 pear and ginger). It sounds suspect, I know, but it is filling. I drink and drink and drink water all day. Around 3:00 I have a cup of green tea and then I eat a pretty regular meal with my family. I eat what they eat, except less. I also try to keep the meal to protein and lots of veggies. After dinner I drink chamomile tea.
Hi, I'm due to start next week and am planning on just having an evening meal, fasting either Monday and Wednesday's or Tuesday and Thursday's depending on what's on. This way, I'll still be eating with my husband and my diet won't really affect him.
I hope I can cope!!!! I'm already a big water and herbal tea drinker during the day, so bring it on
Wish me luck. :clover:
Have voted, no snacks. I save all my calories for my evening meal. Strangely I don't feel too hungry all day, I just have green tea, water and a cup of bovril at lunch time and another mid afternoon.

The replies to this topic are really interesting and I know I will come back to it time and time again when I am looking for inspiration.

I use the BBC Good Food website most days and have done for a few years. I always filter for recipes between 200 - 400 calories per serving, that way nothing has changed for my evening meal whether on a fast day or not. I use the same recipes that I always have and I can share an enjoyable dinner time with the family.

I am so glad of the little community on here, it's a good place to share ideas and encouragement :smile:
Evening all,

I stick to 2 meals: lunch (usually a bowl of soup) and dinner (a stir-fry with tofu or such like). Because I seem to become a bit faint at around 4 pm I usually have a mug of broth or a glass of tomato juice. Sometimes I have a snack in the form of some pickled gherkins. What a great site this is! Very informative, thanks to you all!
This is my first fast day and I've eaten breakfast at around 11am and now am about to eat dinner at 7.30pm. Slightly worried I've only had an 8 hour fast compared to others who do 12 hours (7.00am - 7.00pm)

In the book it states that one of the key researchers eats at 11am and again at 7pm and that this means she gets a 16 hour fast. Am I just being really dense or does that not add up..?
I only started this week (two fasts down) but so far just one evening meal at 7pm is working for me. No snacks, just black coffee/water/green tea with lemon/hot water with a slice of ginger/peppermint tea.
LauraBambi wrote: In the book it states that one of the key researchers eats at 11am and again at 7pm and that this means she gets a 16 hour fast. Am I just being really dense or does that not add up..?

The 16 hour fast is her over night fast, from 7 pm to 11 am.
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