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I've been wondering the same thing about my chronic shoulder stress. I've be diagnosed with bursitis in my shoulders. Started taking glucosomine with chondroitin and msm at nearly the same time as starting this journey. I'm not sure if it's the vitamins, the little bit of weight loss, being careful to not set it off or reduced overall inflamation, but it isn't as painful and I'm trying to increase my range of motion.
Don't know if anyone's already mentioned this - I did on another thread. I find I'm much more productive on a fast day - I think because I'm not stopping for meals till about 3/4pm. Anyone else find that?
I've been on 4:3 for the past 9 weeks, and it's been an up and down ride, but overall really positive, and I would say that there have been lots of benefits:
- I've lost almost a stone, and reduced my body fat by about 6%
- My skin is so much softer now than it has ever been - I've always had eczema and dry skin up until now, but now I don't even need moisturizer anymore.
- More energy and bounce! I wake up more easily - although that may have something to do with springtime.
- I feel like I know when I'm hungry now, when I'm not, and when I'm full - rather than eating all the time.
- I don't feel guilty anymore about eating some treats - so it's a better attitude to food!
Overall I'm really content with it and feeling back in control of eating and my body. :)
As someone who feels like they have always been on one diet or another, from Atkins to rosemary Conley to slimming world to weight watchers, I finally feel free! And its thanks to 5:2 eating. I feel happier, more alive, slimmer, more confident, healthier and less obsessed about food. I'm only on my third week and the weight loss hasn't been huge, but its going the right way, and I really feel like I could keep this up. Thank you 5:2!!!
A week after I started I already mentioned a few positive side effects, but in the meantime I've noticed the following effects as well:
- feeling more active
- better mobility
- feeling less depressed
- weight loss, greatly appreciated by my slightly dodgy knees:smile:
- feeling very positive about life and enjoying all sorts activities
- more confidence in myself
I apologise if I am repeating what others already have mentioned, but in my view the positives of this way of life can't be stressed enough! As of yesterday we even have a FAST server, which can only be a good thing! Off to another sunny Spring day and good luck to all of you!
Two positive side effects: both having to do with saving money.

1. I fast on work days. Usually on work days I eat lunch out. Usually not an expensive lunch, but given that I work in a big city (Seattle), even an inexpensive lunch costs $10. Not eating lunch out two days a week = $20 saved per week.

2. I've lost 2 inches of my waist line so far. If I had the normal (non-expandable waist line) pants, it would soon be time for me to go out and buy new pants. But because I've never wanted to buy pants with a waist size larger than 36 inches, almost all of my dress pants have expandable waist lines. My waist size got to be considerably more than 36 inches, and still is, but is now 2 inches closer. So given that my previous denial of my actual waist size resulted in me buying expandable pants, now instead of having to buy new pants, my existing pants simply don't need to expand so much. :cool:
Things that I have found 6 weeks into starting 5:2 have been weight loss (10kgs down) my skin is better no big eczema flare ups I know others have had improvements just didn't think it would happen for me so that's great ,sleep had definitely improved on both fast and non fast day. Feeling of freedom in regards to food no more guilt which I have to say is the biggest positive of all.
shachat wrote: Don't know if anyone's already mentioned this - I did on another thread. I find I'm much more productive on a fast day - I think because I'm not stopping for meals till about 3/4pm. Anyone else find that?

Initially, I felt less productive. Being hungry was a bit distracting, particularly if I was doing things other than busy work. But now that I've settled into it, I think this (increased productivity) is true for me too. At work, I'm more likely to get on with things I need to do. At home, I'm less likely to sit around doing nothing but watching TV.
I learned how to spell ebullient. It describes my mood on most fast days. Unfortunately, it doesn't always last on feed days. In the past few weeks I've had some crazy mood swings, though it seems to have stabilized a bit. I've cut out alcohol for a month (that should cut out "hangover paranoia") and hopefully a HUGE stress at work will be gone soon.
A couple of funny things ...

I went to the cheese box the other night for some cheddar to grate on bake I was making (feast day!) and it had more or less gone off. I don't think I've ever experienced that - we used to get thru a lot of cheese but clearly now we're not using it in cooking nearly as much.

We are saving on dishwasher tabs and electricity because we don't run it on fast days as there's not enough dirty crockery or pans to justify it!
lizzieh wrote: We are saving on dishwasher tabs and electricity because we don't run it on fast days as there's not enough dirty crockery or pans to justify it!

I wish I could say the same - I was at home last Sunday, Liquid fasting, and I ran the dishwasher 3 times, clearing up from the weekend, catering for the kids, and doing some cooking for the week ahead :confused:
Oh dear! Well there are only 2 of us :)
Jumped on the pool and sank. I'm noticeably losing flotation and now I have to tread water more vigorously.
On which other diet could I sit in the garden with a glass of chilled wine perusing a 'diet' forum on my iPad and not feel guilty! ( it's not a fast day)
I just do a straight forward 5:2 with just an evening meal. I generally feel much healthier and alive and I've lost nearly 2 stone. This week I suddenly realised that I am now only washing my hair twice a week; I used to wash it every other day but now it doesn't seem to get greasy or itchy.
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