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To compare and contrast with the Negative side effects/experiences topic

As in that topic, best to post an introduction to your style of 5:2 and then list any benefits you've experienced from this lifestyle.

I've been doing 5:2 since August, I started on lunch & dinner of 250cals but this made me extra hungry so after 6-8 weeks doing that I swapped onto a 400-500 cal dinner, sometimes allowing myself 50 cals of that to have a low cal soup or hot choc during the day if needed. I fast on Mondays & Thursdays.

Improved skin I used to have really bad eczema in my ears (is that TMI? Sorry), suffering from occasional ear infections and one really bad one last year which resulted in vast amounts of medication and a great deal of pain. Since starting 5:2 this condition has been noticeably improved, although I must say I've had a slight downward turn in it since Christmas - probably because my eating habits were not so good for a few weeks. I should think that now I'm back to relatively normal eating alongside my 5:2 that it will improve again.

Weight loss Well, obviously :) Done very well with this so far. Actually I've found as well that the weight seems to be coming off in places where it used to be quite stubborn. My thights, while still thunderous are a better shape than they have been in years and I haven't lost as much off my boobs as I would normally.

Better food choices and attitude towards food I will generally choose healthier food options these days and while I do snack regularly (as I've found I don't have to be particularly strict on feed days despite having done so at first) I don't vastly overeat.

Listen to my body more I'm not sure if this ought to be going on the negative list, but I find it to be a positive. My body definately tells me more readily now if I've eaten too much or had too many rich/sugary foods, I can't eat them in quantity anymore as it upsets my tummy (to varying degrees, from a bit of a gripe to, er, unpleasantness!). I see this as a good thing, I shouldn't be able to eat a few chocolate bars in a row and feel great about it. My body tells me this isn't good for me and so I listen, or better yet I try not to upset it!

And perhaps the most important side effect of all -
Contentment! I am so happy with this lifestyle. For years I've dieted on and off, calorie restricted daily, gone on slimfast, tried fads... nothing has been sustainable. I enjoy 5:2, I feel good about it and I can still enjoy my food. I have never been happier while losing weight.
I've been on this new path for just 2 weeks and still struggling with less food (greedy guts :oops: ), but the positives I have noticed are:

Weight loss and feeling more in control over food (not all the time, but most). This is it for me, I hope I will be able to edit this post in a couple of months and have as many positive things to say as you Moogie. Thanks for this forum, it's been a life saver :D
I think I'm a little less stressed these days. Can't attribute that definitively to 5:2 but it's welcome.

I don't think that weight loss is a side effect. It's the desired effect and I've certainly experienced that!

One unexpected thing I've found out about myself is that I really like peppermint infusions!
Your Funny Uncle wrote: I think I'm a little less stressed these days. Can't attribute that definitively to 5:2 but it's welcome.

I don't think that weight loss is a side effect. It's the desired effect and I've certainly experienced that!

One unexpected thing I've found out about myself is that I really like peppermint infusions!

Technically when Dr Mosley did the 'diet' it was about life extension and improving health. I believe he refers to weight loss as a side effect of the lifestyle, at least in the documentary!
If you're overweight, losing weight is something you do to improve health, anyway, but I take your point.

After watching the documentary, I thought that the science looked interesting but very preliminary, however as a way to loose weight it looked like something that I could do. That's why I started the diet and for me, the additional health effects will be a bonus side effect should they pan out with further research.
I have been following this diet since August, I follow the model Dr M used in the Horizon program, EG I energy restrict to a maximum of 600 calories within 24 hours 2 days a week. 24 Hours for me is when I wake up (6:30am) till I wake up the next day. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, usually split at 200, 25-50 and 300ish.

The measureable positives for me, BP, blood markers can be seen here

I also have blood test results that show other body functions such as my ALT/SGPT serum levels have improved a lot, this is measure of how well your liver works, I don't fully understand all the results so I won’t post them, but googling them appears to show most are improved.

Indigestion I don't seem to suffer from indigestion much if at all now and I never feel a sort of bloated discomfort after eating and drinking, I just feel full then stop.

Skin I would also say my skin feels better, softer and less red on my face. I have had a spot on the side of my nose for some time now, its not a spot like kids get more like a liver spot, since starting this diet its nearly gone.

Weight loss I have reached and appear to be able to maintain my ideal weight with only a little work, which consists of eating more on feed days.

I would also add I just feel better, I honestly think I look and feel better than when I was 40, I'm 48.
I have been following the standard 5:2 format since the end of October. I save all my calories until the evening meal as I find I can have the same as the rest of the family albeit smaller portions, which makes cooking so much easier.

Positive effects/experiences
Weight loss, so far I have lost 10 kg which equates to about 1 kg per week apart from over Xmas when I did not fast and gained a kilo (or two :oops: )
Reduced appetite: I have certainly noticed that on feed days my appetite is reduced compared with before I started the diet
Better attitude to food: I now don't worry about missing meals
Sense of being in control: Before I started this diet I felt that I would never get control of my weight as I had always put back on all the weight I had lost when on any other kind of diet plus some more, to the extent that I was afraid of starting any new diet. Now I feel in control, I can carry on with this lifestyle for good, Christmas and holidays are not a problem as any weight gained can easily be shed again.

I am hoping that when I next go to the doctor's I will find that my blood pressure and blood chemistry has improved...I will update if I can add these to the benefits!
Hi I have been following the lifestyle plan for 2 weeks, feel much better, less bloated, improved heartburn, weight down. I started it really as a lifelong plan to improve my blood markers. I have a family history of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and sadly all my close family have died of cancer. The weight loss will be brilliant but I no longer want to DIET I just want to feel good and take mo control of my life. It has certainly made me aware ow little our medical colleagues know about dietI mean really know. I await more research but in the mean time I hope to be helping myself. I am having my blood markers retested in April so I will let you all know hoe it goes. X
As well as the positive experiences mentioned in my post above, I have also noticed an improvement in my sleep, my tennis elbow, my (undiagnosed) trigeminal neuralgia, and even reduced hot flushes and the growth of those annoying facial hairs that plague women of a certain age :oops: . Whether any of those is related to the diet I can't say, but thought I would mention it anyway...

Just hoping to cure the tinnitus and the fibromyalgia and I will feel about 10 years younger!
As i said in the negative side effect thread, the negatives are outweighing the positives for me at the moment. I am however only 2 weeks in and on my fourth fast day today so am still adapting to this WOE.

I find i really appreciate food on a feast day now. Every mouthful excites me!
I wake up on a feast day and think about all the lovely things i am allowed to eat but when it comes to it i am mainly choosing healthy options which is always good
Flatter tummy and suspected weightloss (not allowed to weigh in until 11th Feb)!

I am sure there will be more positives as time goes by :-)
I am wondering if we will save money too, less meals and snacks to buy!!! ;) xx
I think you have all said the reasons I'm on it too - weight loss without dieting, healthy old age, feeling good about myself. I woke up today to find I was down to 77.8kgs, absolutely marvellous, and I feel light and energetic, something that has eluded me for years! I do feel cold on fast days but then it has been -1C for a week. Roll on Spring!
More ENERGY!!!!!!

Whizzing around like Superwoman. :lol:

Very unusual. Very unexpected. Thought I'd have to have a lie down ...
Just starting to feel the Superwoman energy. :lol: Into my fourth week now and it's fab. I have no complaints and really believe I can stick to this for the rest of my life. So happy. :D

I also have most of my friends on this now. :mrgreen:
I wonder if some people would loose more weight if they followed the principles of the Eat Right Diet. The Author Peter D'Adamo has done research into blood groups and food. He suggests that the way we have evolved and the blood group we have affects the digestion of certain foods. If we are tapping into genes to advance our health then I would have thought this would be useful too. anyone have any thoughts?
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