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@Sassy1 I'm sorry but I don't think it was me mentioning the youtube clips - I may be wrong and having a senior moment - so please correct me if I'm wrong!
This week I've done well getting my steps in - 10K per day. But my appetite is way up - I ate like a crazy person yesterday, including half a bagel with butter at 1130pm because i was really hungry and really really really wanted it. The half bottle of wine did nothing to steel my will. >.<

I have no idea if the two are related. But I can't help but form a causal relationship in my mind.
Hi @Esta, it wasn't YouTube but online tutorials using your body weight for resistance that you mentioned. So if you have a link to those, that would be great.

Going swimming as usual this Sunday morning, after I have walked the dogs.

Happy exercising everyone! :smile:
Hi @Sassy1. These were the ones I'd seen ... s/#slide=1 but there are loads of ideas out there. I find a lot of interesting stuff on the livestrong website. Have fun!
I finally made it to the gym for a bit of weight training. phew!
So... that trip to the gym.... I now know what was causing my back problems :-/ No more twisty-twisty machine for me!

In other news, I cycled 28 miles yesterday, from the northern tip of Manhattan to almost the southern tip, and back again. I think the last time I was this tired was after a half-marathon!
One hour biking is one of my daily exercise routine for endurance reason.
Taking my niece and nephew to the adventure park today. 3 hours of climbing and zip lining. It's quite the workout! I hope I can move tomorrow!
Sounds like a great day @cblasz! What a wonderful way to get some exercise. :smile:

Yesterday I was a bit more adventurous with my cycling and rode up a 7km hill that is cyclists' Mecca near where I live, I was only game to do this as I had met a cyclist who encouraged me to give it a go, and in fact rode with me (at half the pace she normally rides - very kind of her). It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Because I live at the top of the hill, I did the downhill first. That was very enjoyable!
Spin girl! Spin!

Hills are exactly where RPM is your friend. ;-)
Absolutely @adfnfuel! I am very conscious of RPM and do my best to keep this in the optimal range. But I have a very heavy bike (one of the first comments my bike riding friend said was - get a new bike!) and I end up in a very low gear, so progress is slow. I do have a lighter bike (stored elsewhere) so when I get that back I will see if it makes any difference. Though I can't see my speed doubling! :grin:
I'm off soon for a wee hike in a forest/jungle with wild boar!
Had a longer bike ride yesterday, 27km, and want to build up my distance ready for a week long bike ride in early March. Need to increase the frequency of my cycling too!

What is everyone else up to, exercise-wise?
Hi Sassy1, I'm currently using my indoor bike (Wattbike) daily to maintain aerobic fitness - because my new-hip leg is complaining when I run - and I am doing 30 or 40km at a time aiming to keep heartrate averaging 115. Have ridden on the road once since Xmas, and maybe again tomorrow, but we have had rubbish cycling weather for ages, windy, freezing or both, and the roads are salty and greasy.
Roll on the summer!
Wow, @CreakyPete, 40km on an exercise bike! How long does that take? Do you watch TV, listen to music, or some such at the same time? I get bored very quickly on the exercise bike, I struggle to do more than 20mins. I admire your perseverance. Hope your new hip settles soon! :smile:
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