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3 mile jog in 32 mins 20 seconds & thoroughly enjoyed it. was a bit muggy but not full sunshine at 10 this morning. came home bright red & sweaty just as normal. does this redness ever disappear. have been jogging around 5 years now but still end up looking like a tomato!! :) xx
Great job @johns! I'm still trying to become a runner. I've done C25K multiple times, but I still can't run a 5K straight. And right now I can't even seem to run just 1 mile. I'm starting to think it just might not be for me. But I'm registered for a 5K on Sept. 4th, so I at least want to try!
hi @cblasz it does get easier the more you do it :) but I couldnt have got to running 5k without the nhs c25k plan. it really was what kept me focused when I wanted to learn to run. having that structure was brilliant & knowing how often to run & knowing that I could repeat a run/week if I didnt feel ready to move on to the next week. not long to go now for you. good luck. shelley x
Thanks! I've done the C25K program using the Zenlabs app many times now and I do well until it gets to running more than 15 minutes straight basically. I'm not sure how to get to the next level. And then I stop training and practically have to start again. I will keep at it though.
Hi, I thought I would post here, with a call to @Hazelnut20, about how cycling does seem to be helping with shaping my thighs, so just wondered if you have ever been or would consider being, a cyclist?? I always think of it as a very English tradition!

I think I would have written in posts long ago that I used to be an avid cyclist and in my early 30s it was my main form of transport, as I didn't own a car. Since having a family I have lived (and still do) in a very hilly area, so only went cycling if I put the bike on the car to go to somewhere flatter. Didn't do that often.

I did get an exercise bike 15 or so years ago, and that was good for a while, but very boring.

When I was in Adelaide (a lot) earlier this year, I bought a bicycle (very flat there) and reminded myself how much I love cycling outdoors. So I decided to see if I could cycle up part of the hilly road close to our property (we are on a dirt road that runs off the hilly road). I started just doing a short distance, but soon was able to cycle down and up (we are almost at the top of the hill). Only took half an hour - not a huge distance though, maybe 3km one way?? Definitely needed the granny gears tho, as it is quite steep as you near the top.

That got a bit boring though. Then I realised I might be able to do a circuit - cycle up the last bit of the hill, then go on to the mainish road briefly, then down a side street to another hilly road, which is mainly downhill and takes you to an adjacent village, then a couple more turns to get to the hilly road which leads to our place - and the uphill slog again.

I so much prefer this ride - it is through forests and is just lovely. Takes me 50mins and I feel like I get a decent and enjoyable workout. My legs are definitely stronger and slowly getting more shape - some muscle is almost starting to be visible through the padding!

So I do encourage the cycling!

(I have been able to increase my activity level overall this year. As well as the 50min daily walk of the dogs, I swim 50 lengths once a week, do the hill cycle circuit twice, go to a local exercise class for the over 50s (the group of women are just wonderful), do a hill climb walk once a week, and go on the treadmill at home 2-3 times a week for an hour on days when I don't have an external activity. I love the benefits of the exercise. Especially the TDEE increase!!!)
A great thought @sassy1 - I'll get my bike out of retirement at the weekend and check it over! Thanks for that - it's a very timely and sensible suggestion - because it will target my problem areas.

My main problem is the apathy. I'm pretty useless at making myself go out and about. Always find other things to do that I deem more important than exercise - silly fool!! In six weeks time, I fly out to a family wedding in your words are very timely. I could make quite a bit of difference to myself if I were to start!!

This week, I've got back into the BSD groove, so it will be a great help to up my exercise at the same time. Thanks so much!
I recently got a bike from my mom. It's practically brand new. I've been biking once. But I don't really have anyone to go with. I supposed I should just go by myself!
Hi @hazelnut20 and @cblasz

Great to hear you both have bicycles! I usually cycle on my own - can go at my own pace that way. And hard to chat while cycling, tho nice to have a coffee with someone at the end. The park where I take dad and push him in his wheelchair up to the cafe is a very popular venue for cyclists, and I do envy them the social side of their cycling. Dad isn't up to much conversation any more.

Pernelle, yes, motivation is a difficult thing at times. I try to incorporate exercise in with my daily routine but mainly it is a case of just saying "I will do it at x time". I find it easiest to do it as early in the morning as I can, but I know that is not always possible. Perhaps as soon as you come home from work (can't remember what your working situation is). Even just half an hour. Could you cycle to do some chores - do you have a pannier or basket? Could you do some bits and pieces shopping perhaps?

Once you start, and hoping that you enjoy it, it may be easier to keep going. Good luck! :clover:
I guess just because I'm new at it, I'd like someone to go with. But, I do plenty of stuff alone. I've inline skated alone for many years. I love that, but I've fallen a few times in recent years and that makes me nervous. I don't have time for any broken bones!!
I LOVE cycling. I started my weight loss attempts in May 2016 and am combining IF with cycling. My results to date have been encouraging. I am fortunate that I live in a great area with safe biking roads and just the right amount of hills to make it a good workout. I encourage anyone who has trouble on indoor machines to give it a shot. I am horrible on the machines. Biking keeps my interest up and the time literally flies. I started in May thinking 7 miles was a miracle for me to complete and I am now regularly doing 100 miles a week.
You're right @sassy1 - i just need to grit my teeth and build it into my daily routine! I can see the wisdom in that...

I live on the outskirts of a village, about 8 or more miles from the nearest town, so there aren't all that many errands I can run locally - though I could definitely cycle to friends in the next villages along...for a coffee! Or just go for the pleasure of it (& the exercise of course!). I've recently acquired a Fitbit and was checking the app on my iPad today. Lots of great info that I never knew was there - so I'm going to try to use that to motivate me to get moving..

Will keep you posted....
Hi again @Hazelnut20

It sounds like cycling locally might be relatively safe? And you could build up to cycling into the town? Or is it too busy there? Any bike paths into town?? Cycling to friends in the next village sounds a great idea, for a cuppa (no cake!!) and back again.

The Fitbit would have all sorts of features I am sure. Look for ones that interest you and will help inspire you. How are you going with the 10000 steps a day? That is such good exercise too. One of the few other times I have consciously lost weight was when I made sure I walked that far each day, and ideally further. I was working then too, away from home for at least 11 hours a day (I could walk in my lunchtime) so did somehow make the time.

Being retired makes exercise AND food management so much easier for me. My stress level dropped enormously once I stopped work. I was very fortunate to be able to retire relatively early - thanks to a (working) lifetime career in the public (civil) service.

Re the squats, which are great, another good exercise is deep lunges - you can walk from room to room doing lunges. A long hallway is ideal. You don't have to do many to feel it!!!

Good luck with it! :clover: :smile:
hi @sassy1 it sounds as if you have a lovely route to cycle. having something nice to look at certainly makes a difference.

I ran 2.5 miles this afternoon & finished running along the clifftop looking out over the sea. beautiful. its times like that I love living near the sea. we take it for-granted most of the time.

pernelle @hazelnut20 how about putting time fo a cycle into your diary. for me if it goes in there before anything else, it becomes a commitment & I tend to plan other things around it.

shelley xx
Hi Shelley @johns

Yes, I do have a lovely route to cycle. Your run along the cliffs sounds great too. It can be easy to take the wonderful countryside that we live in for granted. I do try to put "tourist eyes" on sometimes, to help appreciate the surrounds I live in!
Hi Pernelle, @Hazelnut20

I just wondered if you had managed to start any cycling? I have kept meaning to ask...

I am finding that 2 @ 50min hilly rides a week are making a difference to my fitness and my leg shape. And my general wellbeing. The endorphins are certainly being released!

Hope you have been able to start.

Best wishes :clover: :smile:
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