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Hi Everyone,
I thought it might be good to have a thread where you can log your exercise. It doesn't matter what it is - HIIT or a 20 min stroll it's all good! I'm not a runner but love walking (I think I would bust my knees if I tried to run! :frown: ) my main form of exercise is rowing. I love it and have been rowing for 6 years now. I have my own rowing machine (Concept 2) and have clocked up well over 9 million metres. My ambition is to get out on the water in a single this summer but to be comfortable I want to lose 20lbs first. In the meantime I will get fit on my rower. So who's with me?
29th December
Rowing Machine - 1hr, 10,000m+ 450 cals
Hope to get out for a walk later. :smile:
I did strength training today. 3x11 sets if most of the machines.
Dog walked for an hour, ran 17kms (1H45m) so a lot of calories burned. The weather was too nice not to run, I've clocked up 80kms in the last 7 days which is probably too much (supposed to be resting according to my club coach).
Well done Mary Ann I need to do strength training too. :victory:

Fantastic work Franglaise that's a lot of exercise in one day! Well done! :victory:
I like to do classes at my local gym but haven't been in about 3 weeks! Am going to go tomorrow :oops:
I'm off soon for a wee hike in a forest/jungle with wild boar!
Five mile inline skate outdoors today, first time the weather has cooperated in awhile. And I just bit the bullet and ordered an Xciser stepper for HIIT...need something for indoor workouts that 1. Doesn't take up too much room; and 2. Doesn't take a long time. Will let y'all know how it works out.
Go for it Madcatlady - which classes do you like. I am going to look for some Pilates classes in the NY. Good Luck!

I've heard of running with Bulls but Boar! I hope you don't meet any Mary Ann! Yikes! :-)

Inline skating sounds like fun! Lucky you, ferret gal. Interested to hear about the stepper too. :-)
Tuesday 30th December

9K rowed this morning, nice and sweaty now, my fast day too. Feeling pretty good right now - hoping it continues :-)
My usual classes aren't on at the moment, as they're mainly based in school halls which are closed for Xmas,
But when I'm back on it there'll be four aerobic classes a week with 13k + steps a day. I daren't look at our Fitbit leaderboard, I'm usually in the top 6-12. :cry:
I am a "little old lady" (58) and my running days are over. I do about half hour Astanga yoga 6 mornings a week. Sunday morning is off. I walk half hour in the morning and an other half hour in the afternoon That becomes a bit over an hour a day actually. We also walk to the shop and back daily. We are looking after a neighbour's dog, so late last night as every night recently an other walk in the dark. Maybe only 20 min, but often the stars are absolutely stunning. I bought an exercise tracker for my son for Christmas, Polar Loop, and I tested it and it clocked about 9 700 steps for me every day. I find this regime helps me control my weight. I also go to yoga classes in town when my yoga teacher is not on her Christmas break. :smile:
Carrie, Wow, 4 aerobic classes a week! That's going some. Good for you. It's great to be active isn't it? :smile:

Margot, I'm 56, 57 in April and I do not class myself as old! No way! I can give some 30 year olds a run for their money :wink: You are 58 years young! Well done on the walking that's great! I treated myself to a Polar Loop in October, I am finding it quite a revelation. I have a sedentary job but was astonished at how long I sit during the day. It got me up and walking in the evening I can tell you. All the very best! :-)
I normally do 3 aquacize classes a week and have also recently added a couple of toning and stretching gym classes too. The gym is closed over the holidays but have kept up my exercise by walking nearly every day and still managing 12k plus steps a day average on my fitbit. Did a long walk on Boxing Day and clocked up over 16k steps...oh, and I'm 66!
Back from a lovely 8mile paddle which has left me tired & achey but happy :)
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