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Re: Any short people here?
13 Jul 2014, 10:08
I am not a shortie but I am sure there was a thread on this somewhere-try having a search.
Re: Really Short People Tent
13 Jul 2014, 10:35
I'm 5ft1 so I'm well and truly IN!

How do you guys come to terms with the demoralizingly low TDEE? :starving:
Re: Really Short People Tent
13 Jul 2014, 11:25
Hi @Pip - welcome to the tent. I guess it's all relative - it's a slow journey of reduction - my TDEE is now 1353 and fast day from 339 to 500. I definitely have to keep carbs low as I would eat over TDEE as they wake the hunger monster ................. I certainly don't feel deprived in any way - so that is the positive. :grin:
Re: Really Short People Tent
14 Jul 2014, 05:10
@Pip, I too can report that I've been maintaining for most of 2014, and it's not turned out to be as hard as I had anticipated. My TDEE is about 1400 (I don't count calories). If you can look at your restaurant meal and say to yourself "here's two (or three!) meals," it helps a lot.
Re: Any short people here?
14 Jul 2014, 08:54
Hi I am a shortie and I do remember a thread about this a while back you it's much harder for us,we need to eat so much less than others and like you I never tell people my weight cos I always get the same response,I just talk about my bmi
Re: Any short people here?
14 Jul 2014, 12:48
I am 5ft 2in which is quite small but there are folks on this forum who are under 5ft. There was a thread but that was a long time ago and it does no harm to start a a new one, give us all a chance to complain again about always having to take trousers up, and not being able to eat as much as others, even having to take more steps to cover the same distance. I am sure being tall will have disadvantages as well.
Re: Really Short People Tent
14 Jul 2014, 12:52
@wendyjane that's great to hear :victory:

Can you give me a basic day's food intake?
Re: Really Short People Tent
14 Jul 2014, 15:32
I am about half an inch too tall for the short people's tent, but I am an old shortish person so share the ridiculously low TDEE.

One thing, though, is that I have done a lot of portion weighing and obsessive food logging over the years, which has convinced me that the formula used on this web site isn't accurate for me. There is a better one, which is the Katch-McArdle formula. It requires that you enter your body fat percentage. There are several calculators online that will use it to calculate TDEE. One is at

It gives me a TDEE that is almost 200 calories higher than the one provided by the Mifflin St.Jeor formula used by this site's calculator. Since I have logged calories enough to determine what my actual TDEE is, I think it is a better match, because many of us smaller people will have a healthier body fat percentage than is assumed by the calculator. Especially if we have boobs or more muscle than average. I have both.
Re: Really Short People Tent
14 Jul 2014, 15:37
New shorty here! May I join you?

I'm 5'2 and also struggle with the low TDEE. Means my weight loss has been painfully slow/fluctuating, as a couple of nights out during the week and I've had it.

I'm attempting a bit of low carbing for a while to see if I can speed things up a bit - need to be wearing a bikini in 4 weeks!
Re: Really Short People Tent
14 Jul 2014, 20:12
Yes another 'shorty' here at 5 ' 2 and a bit. I would not consider self really short tho. But recently I had to go to a drinks do where all standing in pub with 'footie' on at least a dozen tellies blaring away. I was very conscious of everyone being taller than me and found it impossible to hear (bit deaf too) as could not line up with their faces to make out speech above the din. I suppose I do not help self by not wearing heels? Note to self = must check height, maybe have shrunk a bit :(
Re: Really Short People Tent
17 Jul 2014, 14:54
I've merged your thread with this tent...hope that is OK?
Re: Really Short People Tent
17 Jul 2014, 15:16
carorees wrote: @pip
I've merged your thread with this tent...hope that is OK?

No problemo :)
Re: Really Short People Tent
12 Jan 2015, 00:05
Well, it sure is dusty in here. I stopped by because @Wendy Darling mentioned the tent, and I thought I should extend a warm welcome to @CCC. As the Shortest Forum Member (I think), I am the self-styled official host of the tent :grin: :grin:
I just read my first post of this thread, from a shockingly long time ago, and I want to reassure those who are still in the losing phase of 5:2 that maintenance is not necessarily that difficult. At least it's easier than I thought it would be, 15 months ago.
Anybody else stopping by? How's it going? If you are over 5'3" (160 cm) you can come in and visit, but you must walk on your knees. :lol: :lol: :lol:
My daughter was a very late walker, and her intermediate step between crawling and walking was to walk on her knees. I have a vivid memory of being in a restaurant, and having all the diners around us laughing their heads off as our little toddler - about 15 months at the time - knee-walked between the tables.
Re: Really Short People Tent
12 Jan 2015, 00:16
Hi @wendyjane Ok, 5 foot 2 eyes of blue - oh no they are green :shock: - and I love them :lol: soon after joining the forum this tent was up and I popped in. Happy to say I reached goal - lost 24.6 lbs in 12 months and now on the journey of maintain.
Thanks for lifting the flap :cool: :heart:
Re: Really Short People Tent
12 Jan 2015, 00:22
I'm 5'2 and have a pair of trousers (albeit cropped) to go to the charity shop - size 22 and I thought to myself that they look as wide as they are long - I shall measure them and report back another day - just out of interest! :razz:
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