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Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
03 Mar 2015, 18:05
Hi all, i'm new to fasting and the forum. I started with 5:2 and found it easy to do, so i moved to 4:3. I fast Mon/Wed/Fri - it's easier for me to fast when i'm at work. I tried fasting on the weekends and i tend to cheat. I thought 4:3 was only supposed to be done for short periods like 6 weeks. I'm doing it during lent, but i may continue until i lose all 70 lbs. Yesterday was a fast day for me and I found myself ravenous at dinner time. It's the first time that's happened since I started. Not sure why, the only big difference in my diet was switching green tea instead of coffee.

This is by far the easiest "eating plan" (refuse to call it a diet) I've ever tried.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
06 Mar 2015, 20:31

I had not heard the 6 weeks limit for 4:3. I have not had any issues with it and even though I tend to not be very strict for very long periods of time, I have definitely gone longer than 6 weeks strict. Maybe that idea comes from the fact that most of the studies that Dr. Varady has done run close to that time period. Though I do think she has finished one of longer duration recently.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
07 Mar 2015, 10:59
I've not heard about 6 weeks - I've been following 4:3 since 2011.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
08 Mar 2015, 10:22
Hi everyone! I'm hoping I can come in with this group? My OH and I have been 5:2 ing for 2 years, and with great steady success. Here's the history!".....
My main weight loss of nearly 2 stones has kept off all that time, but I'm really fiddling about since the stresses around my OH's heart surgery last Oct. I did put on only about 6 lbs weight, eating/drinking randomly and extra... You all know what this about!

I am annoyed now with counting to keep below TDEE averaged over the week, not obviously dropping more weight, though some of that"stress gain" did come off. I now have about 6 lbs left to lose to give wiggle room for maintaining. There's no doubt that 5:2 is for life regardless. My OH is so much better and he'll start 5:2 again after his cataract lens operation this week. I won't be telling him about my 4:3, I'll just DO IT........starting today.

Having read nearly ALL the posts in this tent posts, (they are so good! :like: ) I am going to slip into 4:3. Tues, Fri plus Sun, taking it as routine which has been easy on 5:2. The the days between I think will be easier than before by all accounts. I have loved reading everyone's fabulously honest and heartfelt posts, thank you!
I agree it might stop me watching the clock on 16:8 between fast days and it seems more cut-and-dried just to add another fast day. I'll see if it helps get me down nearer to goal. I don't want to be obsessed, am getting near to it, but just a bit more successful over the last bit. I will measure each week again too. Success to all of you too! :clover:
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
08 Mar 2015, 15:23
Hello and welcome!

So in my SparkPeople fasting group, they have taken the idea from the book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and applied it to fasting/life. Asking basically what is it you want your life to look like, why are you doing this. I thought it was very clever of them to turn that into more than a purpose for tidying.

Of course in the book she wants you to keep asking 'why' for every answer you give until you get to "it makes me happy", but for me it is a given that it makes me happy in this answer...

What do I want my life to look like/what am I doing this for? I have children who will likely have children. I want my grandchildren to remember me as a fun crazy grandma who is always up for an adventure. I want to be able to take care of myself till I drop. I do not want to spend the second half (well yes I do intend to live to 100!) of my life trying to lose weight, I want to spend it maintaining my healthy weight effortlessly.

It does make me very happy to have finally found a program that works, not just in the sense that I can lose weight doing it, but also in the sense that I am not depriving myself of anything, that I am really not dieting in any form that I have ever done. There is no falling off the wagon or getting back on, it is just life. I cannot believe how much my attitude has changed toward food and hunger since starting the 4:3. It makes me very happy indeed.

Today is a fast day.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
08 Mar 2015, 21:24
What a lovely post deMuralist!
I'm having troubles to stay in my TDEE and go over it with 1000 cals!
I fast on sunday, tuesday and thursday. The friday and saturday are so hard; I'm eating lots of sugars witch I hardley did before ....
I wonder What is going on in my mind on those 2 days. Monday and wednesday are fine though.
Happy it is sunday, my F- day ❤️
It feels like a sort of relaxed :grin:
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
08 Mar 2015, 22:26
Hi there! Thought I'd join you in the 4:3 tent. I'm trialling it this week. I normally do ADF but thought I'd give 4:3 a go as I don't think the weight loss difference will be that great. I definitely need lots of fast days, though, so I may find I end up back with ADF. We'll soon find out I guess!
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 00:40
I'm back to 4:3 as well, nursebean. It's what got me though the 9 months of weight loss, so I definitely know it can work for me. ADF ends up feeling a bit relentless and inflexible, though I think it was useful to get my weekend overeating into check. So… these days it is MWF or MWSat for me. Having fairly regular fast days helps with planning--not so much my planning, but my friends seem to know to ask me out to dinner on Tue and Thurs.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 07:54
MaryAnn wrote: Having fairly regular fast days helps with planning--not so much my planning, but my friends seem to know to ask me out to dinner on Tue and Thurs.

Agreed, and for me 4:3 is invaluable in planning my sports commitments, regular gym sessions with a trainer etc. I like having a flexible weekend to cope with social engagements. 4:3 has worked well for me since 2011 because my life is fairly scheduled and dovetails with this sort of fixed timetable.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 08:26
Oh hello @MaryAnn fancy seeing you in here! Do you find the weight loss is the same with 4:3 as it was with ADF?
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 09:19
Good luck to @nursebean on yr 4:3 venture! I agree with@maryAnn..ADF seems relentless..exactly the word i was looking for MaryAnn!
@deMuralist loved yr post x
@jinta a lot of struggle with food days..try reading the thread on helps..
Will find the link for you it is...x
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 11:17
Thanks everyone for sharing the 4:3.
I think ( or more than think) that this is what I should try.
Stalemate with 5:2 and weight loss.
Will wait until after our 35 year marriage celebrations this weekend tho.
(Going away for the weekend - yahoo!) : :clover:
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 18:51
@Jinta, I actually find I do better if I don't overly obsess about TDEE on my non-fasting days. When I am tracking and worrying about them I tend to feel deprived and once that notion sets in, well I tend to binge. I actually do much better on those days just making myself eat only when physically hungry (now that I am learning what that actually feels like), eat exactly what it is I really want to eat (don't settle because I think it will be healthier), pay attention to the flavors, and most importantly, stop when I am no longer hungry.

I am not tearing up speed records as far as weight loss is concerned, but I am consistently losing over time, and I am more hopeful for my future regarding my weight than I have ever been.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 19:26
Thanks @deMuralist, I think you are right.
I read a book in which the author said she gave all her food a number. She did not eat food with a figure below 8 (out of 10).
I thought that was a good idea!
This en just like you said "pay attention to the flavors, and most importantly, stop when I am no longer hungry" will probably give rest while eating.
Re: The 4:3 tent is up.
09 Mar 2015, 21:02
Just checking this tent out!

With a history of comfort eating, it appears I can't trust myself to behave on non-fasting days, so I thought this week I would give 4:3 a go....& have decided on today, Wednesday and Friday. I am so cross with myself for stopping 5:2 for a time. The weight has piled back on horribly (fully deserved), but last week, I restarted 5:2 and am determined to wrestle back control & regain all of the feelings that made me feel so good when I was winning the weight battle last summer.....
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