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Re: Forum Fixes
20 Oct 2014, 12:43
Mokolodi wrote: I can no longer see other members progress charts or more specifically the link to their charts under their avatar, signature or profile. I used to see the links and they worked when I clicked on them. Have tried Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome to no avail.

Hi @mokolodi, click on the cog symbol next to the person's name.
Re: Forum Fixes
23 Oct 2014, 11:37
I do like most of the changes, but I'm having trouble with the blue subject titles, when I try to skim through to find a topic my mind doesn't see them, it just focuses on the black writing which tells me who posted them. Does anyone else have this problem?
Re: Forum Fixes
05 Dec 2014, 05:18
When you look at "your posts" you can still see whether there have been replies since you last looked but I can no longer see how you can go immediately to the first one that you haven't seen :(
Re: Forum Fixes
01 Jan 2015, 19:48
Hey @Moogie and gang. Happy New Year! Is there still a way to mark an entire thread "read" if you don't want to read it? Is there a way to remove a thread from the "your posts" list? The reason I want to is not negative at all. Just that I posted once or twice months ago to these threads, but they are small group threads or peoples' individual updates, and I don't need to be reminded that I'm not keeping up with them. Trying to streamline my life, even virtually :grin:
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