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Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 12:33
Myself and the team thought it would be a good idea to post up a thread detailing the fixes we've got in place or are currently working on/towards so you can keep track a bit of whether a bug you've spotted is known/resolved. Other members of the team might post updates in this thread too, and so you can spot them I've set them up in a group with a different colour name and the 'FastDay Team' message under their name.

Password Reset Fixes
Thanks to those who emailed, it really helps us figure out what's going amiss.
From the emails you sent, we've been able to work out that some of you are getting links to our old test server.
These somehow got into Google search results along with the new server links (we've asked Google to remove them and they'll be gone in 24 hours). In the meantime we've put a re-direct in to get you to the right place.
It looks like lots of you are managing to reset your passwords now, which is great.
We're now cracking on with some of the other bugs.

Too Much Yellow!
There seems to be mixed opinions about the amount of yellow on the forum, and on reflection we agree it's a bit too much! I've prepped some alternative icons which should be set up soon and the yellow headings are going to be swapped to something less bright in the near future. Next week I hope to have time to play with some other possible colours for in and around the forum (the main yellow bar along the top will stay yellow, it's our bright & cheery FastDay colour!) and I hope to show you these ideas so we can decide together what looks best. Go team! :D

There are a few other fixes underway which should hopefully be done today, but I'll let the chaps post up about them as and when they're done.

Thanks for the continued feedback, I'm sure we'll have this place shipshape in no time! :like:
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 12:43
Thanks for all your hard work!!
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 13:23
I'm getting used to the new looked finding my way around quite well. Minor issue for me is that account setting box keeps appearing in right hand corner and I have no way to close it (using safari on iPad).
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 13:39
I can't even reset my password on my i phone just fails everytime. When i visit the site as a visitor only half the screen is visible....What am I doing wrong or is there a problem with safari on i phone and
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 14:01
Thank you for all your hard work Moogie & I hope you are doing well.
My avatar seems to have vanished?
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 14:01
Thank you for all your hard work Moogie & I hope you are doing well.
My avatar seems to have vanished?
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 14:21
Thanks for the hard work that it must be taking to redo and debug the site!

One issue that I am running into with the non-forum parts of the site are that the ads are not in any way differentiated from the actual site content, so that when I go into the "Food" section, the first thing I see is a spammy "Five foods to never eat" link that is actually an ad for some diet garbage from Google Ads but has a graphic not all that different from yours on the new site. A new visitor would be likely to click on it, go to the spammy ripoff diet crap site, and assume that was what FastDay is all about.

Similarly, when I go into "Your food favuorites" on my Nexus 7 tablet, the top of the screen displays an ad, but then the content "Fasting in Hollywood" is so similar in layout that I assumed it was another ad (especially since the title sounds like a diet spam ad.) Ditto the "5 Diets we can't begin to understand" link, which also sounds like one of those "5 Amazing tricks to lose weight" spam ads I see too often.

So you need to do something with your site design to make sure that people can tell the difference between ads and site content.

Also, it is possible to go into Google Adsense and block certain categories of ads from displaying on your site. I would heartily advise you to block all the diet and supplement ads, because most of them conflict with the message of the site and promote unrealistic diets and expensive fake pills that don't help dieters. There are plenty of other kinds of ads that you can run that don't conflict in this way with your site message. When I see an ad for a new car, real estate agent or a bank, I know it's an ad on your site, but when it is diet related it is tough to tell.
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 14:29
Thanks for the additional feedback. I'm sure I disabled the diet/weightloss categories of ads but will double check that this afternoon. It's tricky as I think some of them are sneaky and classify themselves in different categories. I'll certainly mention to the team about differentiating between ads and content.

Will also try to sort the avatars issue.
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 15:00
Is this the right place to add to the "to be fixed" list?
I find it hard to get to my blog and miss the old link that was on the top of the page.

Also, the text is not wrapping on my samsung tab 3. This means I have to read everything in landscape, but its harder to hold the device.

I dont mind the yellow though
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 15:01
I can live with the ads-but please can they go back to the bottom of the page instead of after the 1st post, which is where they are appearing on my iPad?
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 15:08
Auriga wrote: I can't even reset my password on my i phone just fails everytime. When i visit the site as a visitor only half the screen is visible....What am I doing wrong or is there a problem with safari on i phone and

Just a thought @Auriga I thought that my iPhone wasn't logging in until I pressed forums bit and I was actually in. But the screen looked like it hadn't happened.
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 15:16
I have the forum open on my desk top and ipad. On the ipad the side menu is now at the bottom of the page under the side ad and the top bar has a drop down menu. I had the PC version on my ipad before the change can't see any options now but it is definitely different to the desk top.
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 15:21
Moogie.... I'm having a bit of trouble with the Tracker. The loss to date is correct, but the Weight to lose is not calculating correctly. For example, today it is showing 0.583 pounds. But it should be 10.4 pounds.

Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 15:33
Thanks @moogie I emailed Paul on the link carorees gave and the new link from his reply seems to be working very well as I've logged in + out few times so will now bookmark this link.
My avatar along with many more has gone missing.
Well done to you and the team. :like:
Re: Forum Fixes
23 May 2014, 15:46
Hi @Moogie-
The desktop version is easy to navigate and access to content is improving by the day, thanks to all of you for your hard work.
One question about the Progress tracker. It keeps rounding my entry so it doesn't reflect actual weight loss - yes, it's only by .01, but I wanted to see that even number today for the first time and it just ain't happenin'!!
Ex: I enter 244. which = 21# lost; the tracker reads 20.99 lost - I know, it's a tiny thing, but I wanted to see that rounded number which indicates I've finally lost over 20#.
I also agree with @jools7 that I liked the wording of the previous tracker. It was encouraging and supportive, the "goal" language feels like pressure and my particular issue is with external pressure. I don't find that wording helpful, so if you would consider restoring the original wording, I'd be grateful. If not, I'll deal with it, I just don't find this wording as helpful. Thanks. :star: :star: :star:
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