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Re: fasting and CFS
04 Sep 2016, 13:02
Hi@nursebean,@CandiceMarie, it's me, the artist formerly known as MountianMyst. After more than a week of trying repeatedly to get on, changing passwords four times(which didn't work) being told my e-mail did not exist on the site, trying to register again and being told I couldn't because my e-mail was already in use(five minutes after being told it wasn't) finally setting up a whole new e-mail and registering again, only to find I couldn't see the confirmation to confirm I am not a machine(dark smudgy numbers behind a sunscreen .....really?????) I am finally here!!
I was afraid I would never be able to reach my friends again!! Beany, I looked and the Phyllis Denney you followed isn't me. Try typing in Phyllis Denney71 , that should get me. I need to figure out how to post a picture here and on there. As you can see from my struggles to get on here, I am a serious Luddite. :-)
I am so happy to be able to check in with you and Candy and chingola and all our friends. How are you doing, all ready for that holiday?? How is the BSD going?
Gotta run, sending you a big hug. Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
06 Sep 2016, 07:08
Oh Phyl!! There you are :smile: - sounds as though you've had the same sort of problems that I have!! So now you are @Phyllisblackdenney 0h boy!
I wonder who I'm following on Pinterest then (haha!)
I know Candy is doing extremely well with her BSD. In fact, I believe today marks the 8th week - woohoo! I can't believe she didn't have ANY bread in all that time - amazing!!
I was naughty yesterday and ate a little of what I fancied. I will try and be good today so that I can still get a loss before I head off for the Canadian hills! Its exactly a week now - hoorah!!
So how are you doing Phyl? Candy? Any excitements to report?!!
(I'm just hearing on the radio that there are problems with British Airways causing long delays - phew! I changed to Air Transat - hope they'll be ok!!) :bugeyes:
Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
07 Sep 2016, 09:31
(Just a test to see if I can post to this topic)
Re: fasting and CFS
07 Sep 2016, 10:05
Re: fasting and CFS
07 Sep 2016, 11:22
Hi beany@nursebean, I am sorry about the long name. :-) after hours of fighting with the web site, I gave up and went to take a shower. My hubby continued to work on it because he was determined to fix it for me. So I came into the room and he very proudly told me got me signed in and my new name. I didn't have the heart to complain. :-) and I sure as heck wasn't going to try and change anything. LOL
I know you are excited about your trip! I hope the trip goes smoothly and airport is cooperative. You are doing really well with your new way of eating also. Did you feel ok after your trying out a bit of what you fancied? Did you notice an increase in cravings or anything the next day? I find that if I indulge too much in surgery things I get the munchies. I haven't knowingly had wheat in a year and a half. I have eaten a few things with corn starch in them and didn't feel great after. Not sick, just blah. :-) I occasionally eat something with corn syrup and do ok if I don't overdo. Not high fructose just regular corn syrup. That high fructose stuff is in everything over here. So I rarely eat snack things or drink sodas.
I wonder who you are following on Pinterest also. LOL I was surprised to see so many of me. LOL if putting the 71 after, just look for one with a grainfree board. I also have one with papier mâché, as I am anxious to try it. I will watch for you.
Gotta run, hi to Candy and Chingola and all our buddies. Hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
09 Sep 2016, 21:12
Hi to our new pal@Phyllisblackdenney! x howdy Phyl! X
You,me and Bean have all had our probs wiht the new FD formula but hopefully we are all sorted now!

I lost 34 lbs on the 8 week BSD! Now doing round two of it,and hoping to finish the year with round three! I have to report reluctantly tho i dont feel any better for it healthwise..but next week seeing gp to see how my bp is doing and get some blood tests so perhaps there will be improvements there

DD s temporary job ..3 weeks in now and its taking its toll a bit..but has done her confidence the world of good as she's had marvellous feedback from her boss!
..she has a permanent job to go to in Oct..another p/ t one..i have a horrid feeling she will try to keep both going..but i really feel that wd be a bad move but i' m saying nothing right now!

Bean has only got three sleeps i think til she goes away!

How are you doing Phyl? @chingola hows life treating you? X
Happy weekend everyone! X
Re: fasting and CFS
10 Sep 2016, 15:37
Howdy Candy@CandiceMarie, I was just about to give up on getting back on f.d. So glad Dex was able to get me back on, even if he did get a bit carried away with the name. Now you know my full name so if you ever need to find me. :-)
I am so thrilled for you!! 34 lbs is amazing in eight weeks. I think you can do another eight weeks no problem. Might I suggest keep the carbs low and don't worry too much about the calories. It is easier to stay on long term, but you will decide what is right for you, I think you can do this. I love eating this way.
So glad your D.D. Is liking her job. I sure understand your concern about her trying to do too much. It is so hard not to, when you enjoy what you are doing. I hope all goes well for her.
I am anxious to hear how your blood work goes. I bet your triglycerides will be way down. My total cholesterol went up but my triglycerides are way down and my "good"cholesterol is up to around 80. Better than when I was a vegetarian and eating all those healthy whole grains. :-)
I wish I could say this way of eating is our cure, but I fear it is not. I do feel better in many ways, sleep more soundly and have less pain, but energy levels improved only slightly. Still, the benefits are great even if we aren't cured. Hopefully we will continue to improve. Hope your weekend is going great! Hug
Hi@nursebean, Beany, I hope your holiday is everthing you could wish! Have a blast and enjoy the time with your family. Big Bon voyage hug! Love to all, phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
18 Sep 2016, 10:56
Hi Phyl xx@phyllisblackdenney sorry havent called by for a while..taken time to get used to new look and had log in probs etc..we all seem to be settling in now! :like:
I think sadly i agree...our diet efforts are not a cure. If only we could find one! However yes its good to sleep better and i' m enjoying feeling lighter. Bp has improved.waiting for latest blood test 78 now for Candy of 800/ 50! Mulling over yr thoughts of watching carbs now not calories..its a good idea and think shortly i will cross over to that x
Hope you have a lovely Us Sunday, a Uk one for me and Beano in Canada! Isnt it fab how despite the miles we can feel close?
Take care my lovely pal,hugs to you and the family xx
Re: fasting and CFS
26 Sep 2016, 09:52
Hello my friend @CandiceMarie, I am so sorry I am so long in writing back, had a few computer issues and life around here has been insane. :- :bugeyes: ) we inherited a lot of things from my hubbies cousin and have been digging through tons of old letters, books and mementoes she and her parents had collected over a hundred and fifty years or so. Lots of interesting information, pictures of people we can't identify and dust and mildew. Just call me sneezy. LOL. I hate to throw things away, it feels like I am throwing away her life, but it has to be done.
Did you get the results of your blood work and check up? I fully expect your numbers are tons better. I am so impressed that you are doing so well. I love how you got started and are running with it! I do thing transitioning into staying lower carb and not worrying about calories so much will work, especially for maintaining. Plus it is easier, and allowis for the occasional grain free treat.
I wonder how our Beany is doing. Sure hope she is having a great visit. I do think it is wonderful that we can all be friends and get to know each other across the miles. It is so wonderful to have friends that understands at least some of what we deal with every day. Not to mention, you are a terrific person! :heart: Hope your week is off to a good start. Love and hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
04 Oct 2016, 21:12
Sorry for long silence phyl@phyllisblackdenney not been up to reading / writing much
That sounds v interesting even tho sneezy re yr cousins stuff!
Blood test results good..sugar levels fine,blood pressure lower,cholesterol best ever ..despite all that full fat!
Will write more when i feel more up to it,back soon,and Bean too!
Ps now starting week 13.. At end of week 12 had lost forty pounds..not bad for 12 weeks is it! So nice to have clothes i can wear! 12 weeks ago,nothing fitted,now lots is too big!
Hugs to you and the family Phyl xxxxxx
Re: fasting and CFS
06 Oct 2016, 22:06
Coooooeeeeee Phyl @phyllisblackdenney just swinging by to leave hugs and ask how you are and the family x
All ok here,DD coping well so far with work and loving meeting people and earning!
Its done so much for her self esteem..
this week tho she has started job 2 ,the permanent one,but hasnt given up the temp job monday and wednesday she was working from 12-9 ..quite long hours really for someone in good health never mind her. am keeping quiet and letting her find her own way..i just dont want her to end up back in bed...

We will soon have our dear @nursebean with us woohoo!

Lots of the tops i can now wear again,the sleeves are mysteriously too long..and something wrong round the necklines...sort of gaping...i must ve lost a bit from my shoulders..vexing coz my shoulders always small anyhoo and are the only part of my body i like!they didnt need to lose...
also have got slim fingers but now a ring i can only wear on my middle finger has started sliding round ( while all this is happening to shoulders and hips,tum and thighs are still chunkymunky tho much improved! Gahhhh!)
Tried on last winters jacket today and sleeves are too long, but on the good side,it feels nice n roomy instead of a tight tube like it was last winter

Sorry this is lengthy Phyl...big hugs to you all across the pond x :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
07 Oct 2016, 12:36
Hi@CandiceMarie, so good to hear from you and that things are going well. Doesn't it always seem that we lose in the areas we don't particularly want to lose in first. :bugeyes: I had to get a new coat this year as my old one was just too big. I got a pea coat at the charity shop for 10 dollars. Was rather pleased with myself. I had a really heavy coat for supper cold weather, the "new"one fills in the cold but not too cold times.
So glad your D.D. Is doing ok with her jobs. I hope she can continue without paying a huge price. I sure understand your concern. Deidre is in a big crash at the moment, she did too much helping her dad move all the things into the house and trying to sort through them. We still have boxes of things stacked all over. And just to make the week more fun, the plumbing is misbehaving AGAIN! I have decided I need to paint this house yellow because it is a serious lemon. :confused:
We are getting some cooler weather finally and I am enjoying making soups and such. Leaves are starting to change and sweaters are coming out. Love autumn!! I am thrilled with your progress on the BSD. You have taken to it so well. I love eating this way, as I do feel better even with the M.E. Still hoping that eventually the energy levels will improve. I am a never give up kinda gal. :grin:
Well, this is a really long note so I had better stop. Looking forward to hearing all about our Beanies @nursebean adventures soon. Love and hugs. Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
07 Oct 2016, 19:26
Phyl@phyllisblackdenney i hope yr DD recuperates soon..such a shame ..all we try to do is normal stuff isnt it! And its knocks us back..
Ditto for our looking forward to Canada and her darling sis,but even so,quite an ordeal making that journey.
Yes! i agree,dropping those heavy carbs helps everything,even ME symptoms..i noticed i was trotting along a bit faster today..but soon had to rein self in coz got shaky and dizzy..but still - babysteps..( literally!)
Phyl,i LOVE peacoats,autumn and yellow! :like: truly three of my fave things and all mentioned in one post! Hehe! :wink: xxxx
Re: fasting and CFS
12 Oct 2016, 12:51
Hi@CandiceMarie, so sorry to be so long in replying. It's been one of those months so far where life just runs me over. I am so glad you are seeing some improvements in the M.E. No matter how small. We will take all the good news we can get. Things are going ok here. Just slowly recovering from our crash, and trying to find some organization in this house. I wonder what a clean house would feel like??? I think the dust bunnies have killed my cleaning fairy. ;-)
Hope you are having a grand week. Hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
13 Oct 2016, 11:26
Candy@CandiceMarie, I just realized I forgot to ask how you are feeling. I didn't see the post on Hazelnuts thread until yesterday. Are you doing better with the dizziness and weakness? Some of us have those symptoms during a crash. I am glad you saw your doctor. Sure hope you are feeling better. Sending hugs and healing energies your way.
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