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Re: fasting and CFS
18 Oct 2016, 08:08
Howdy @phyllisblackdenneyx the meds are helping the dizziness thanks! Not just this spell of bad dizziness but also the low key dizziness/ clumsiness I ve had for years! Which feels good.
Doing a 24 hr blood pressure monitor right now but i think she fitted the cuff a bit too loosely.except for every half hour when it puts my arm into a stranglehold! :lol: Such fun! How are you,my old chum? XX
Re: fasting and CFS
22 Oct 2016, 10:47
Dear Candy@CandiceMarie, please forgive my delay in writing. My life seems to be on complicated mode at the moment, and my brain just isn't functioning properly. I am so glad your meds have helped the dizziness and the M.E. clutzyness we all deal with. I read on the BSD thread that you have made 100days on the plan, congratulations!!! And three stone gone is marvelous! I didn't reply on there because of the limited brain power at the moment, but wanted to say whoohoo!!!

I had my 64th birthday on the sixteenth. Had a good day and my family spoiled me. I have a bone density scan scheduled for Tues. but I think I proved last night, in a rather spectacular fashion, that I don't have osteoporosis. I was getting undressed, and with the clutzyness and balance issues I have, managed to fall. I should know better than to try and removed trousers whilst standing in the middle of a room, but apparently I forgot. So I bent forward and lost my balance, fell hard on my left hip, and manage to injure my right ribs in the process. But, I didn't break my hip, thankfully. Just a grapefruit size swelling and bruise. That's twice I have fallen in the past month. Turning into a serious clutz.

Deidre still isn't doing well, she is back to barely functioning. We are hoping that aggressive resting will help soon. Is your D.D. Still doing ok with her jobs?

Gotta run, I promise to try and check in more often. Hope you continue to feel better and your BSD continues to reward you with feeling better and getting skinny. Love and hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
02 Nov 2016, 08:25
Hey buddies!! I'm back!!!
I finally worked out how to remove my cookies from this site (my brain couldn't cope before - but when I scrolled down I realised there were instructions for Firefox - doh!!) Anyway, I'm back and I'm still Nursebean - hoorah!!

I've missed you guys so much. How are you doing? You still wheat-free Phyl? @PhyllisblackdenneyI keep in touch with Candy @candicemarievia email so I know how amazingly well she is doing on BSD. She's bean on it for over 100 days now - and hasn't waned - nope, not one bit!!

I had a fab time with my sister in Canada. What a beautiful part of the world she lives in. Oh I can't tell you how wonderful it was to spend time in the Fitzgerald household. I even helped out at my nephew's school - and they only speak French there (although the teacher was very kind to us and did speak english - now and again!!)

So how's it going? Tell me all your news.

Oh by the way - I've only gone and bean nominated again - this time its for Miss Slinky!! (Oh boy!!)

Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
02 Nov 2016, 11:58
Dear beanie @nursebean, I am so happy you are back! I missed you! Glad you are in touch with Candy and know how well she is doing. I have often thought we needed each other's e-mail address, just in case.
Yup, I am still grain free, and don't imagine that will ever change. It is just the way I eat. I am doing ok, recovering from a fall, but ok.
So glad you had a fun trip. Oops, just noticed the time. The outdoor kitties are going to wonder where I am with their breakfast. :-) have to go out today, but will be back tomorrow to catch up. Hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
07 Nov 2016, 08:47
Hey Phyl!! @Phyllisblackdenney and thank you for your welcome! I missed you too - and yes we must exchange emails just in case we get lost (again!!)

You and Candy are so impressive with your grain-free and you BSD. I seem to be struggling at the moment but I was super pleased with myself yesterday. I binged on chocolates and felt so guilty that I ended up going for a long walk - in the rain and the dark- with my headphones on and my hoodie up. I just wanted to shift some of the damage - and I LOVED it!

So what's happening with my buddies this sunny, cold Monday?!

Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
11 Nov 2016, 11:44
Dear Beany@nursebean and Candy@CandiceMarie, I am so sorry to take so long replying. To be honest, I have been so wrapped up in the farce of an election and dealing with the aftermath, I just couldn't post.
Beany, I have had my own chocolate binge the past couple of days. :- :bugeyes: ) have you recovered from yours? I usually eat about an once a few times a week of dark chocolate normally and it doesn't have much negative effect. The past couple of days I find myself craving sweets and junk. Moral of that story, eat chocolate in small doses. :wink:
You will get back in the wing of things soon, recovering from a long holiday would take a bit I think. Be kind to yourself, including making good food and enjoying it.
Candy, how are you ? I have missed catching up with you. Hope all is well. :heart:
Love and hugs. Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
18 Nov 2016, 08:48
Howdy Phyl @phyllisblackdenney and all CFS friends. Hope youre ok Phyl and that things are settling down over the pond after the hectic campaign trail and election. I was dismayed at result but felt the alternative wasnt very desirable either!
Not much news here...just plodding on. Phyl,is DD any better?
My DD was involved in TWO minor car accidents Monday,leading to a bad migraine and mild concussion. She went into work somehow Monday/ Tues but was forced to stay off Wed/ Thurs.
going back to work today Friday but i wish she didnt....i feel that resting today and weekend could only do her good.
It feels like years since ive done a 500 cal fast,so i feel like a phoney being here..but i' m on week 19 now of BSD,which i guess is sort of sister to 5:2,plus am following Julianas Christmas challenge so i hope i' m still a bona fide member here! X
Have a good weekend and sending big hugs xxxx
Re: fasting and CFS
20 Nov 2016, 14:07
Hi there Candy@CandiceMarie, so good to hear from you! I hope your D.D. Is recovering from her harrowing car mishaps, and that going back to work didn't add to her problems. Two accidents in one day is scary!glad she wasn't more seriously hurt.
My D.D. Is doing a bit better. We both seem to be having a bit of a relapse. We have a lot of wildfires in there area and the smoke is making breathing difficult, so it is tiring. She is a bit better though than she was.

Yes, this elections was horrible, and I didn't want to vote for either candidate, so I didn't, I voted third party. I live in a state that does not vote for democrats, so my vote doesn't really count. It is very worrying to be an American at the moment.

I think you do belong here! We are all trying to find what works for us, and your adherence to the BSD, I know if helpful and inspiring to others here. I haven't officially fasting in a year. I have days that I am sure I don't exceed 500 calories, but it is just because I am not hungry, not a restriction I plan. I think lower carb and high fat, helps us eat less naturally. I am still using sugar and may decide after the holidays to try going lower carb, to see if keto helps the M.E. I haven't decided yet.

Gotta run, Deidre is up and ready for tea. Love and hugs to you and all our buddies. Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
11 Dec 2016, 17:42
Hi folks and an early crimbo greeting! Hope youre looking forward to the festivitiesx
As usual when i come on the new site,i just feel exhausted..theres something about the new look that overstimulates or grateful to Moogie And team for all their hard work but i dont seem able to copevery well with it all
Phyl @phyllisblackdenneyleft you a private message which you mightnt have seen..not sure we still get a message to inform us like we used to at top of page..or if you havent calledinto the forum
Anyhoo hope all is well Phyl,Bean and other CFS pals! Xx
Wish Nutty wd call by..i hope she is just busy and all is ok....i know she has a busy oldtime with all her catering x
Re: fasting and CFS
13 Dec 2016, 16:12
Well hello there!

How are my buddies doing? @Candicemarie? @Phyllisblackdenney (wish you'd picked a shorter name!!) How's it going? Have you recovered from the shock of the election yet Phyl or is it still sinking in? Crazy times, that's for sure!

I'm actually going through my first fast in a very long time. Yes, I've bean using the 800 cal 'fasts' but I haven't done the 500 cals for ages. Its going well - so far! I've got a veggie kiev lined up for later. Then, later, I'm going to enjoy Mornflake Oatbran which is my current saviour from chocolate binges (although I ate rather a lot of choccies yesterday - doh!)

So? Is everyone ready for Christmas? I had to send a couple of parcels to Canada for my sister and her family. This is not cheap! Blimey Charlie! However, Parcel Pete is very efficient and the cheapest going. They even collect your parcel from your home to save you driving to their depot! Brilliant service!

Not much news here, just doodling along. Enjoying my little job but had a bit of a hassle about the Christmas meal we were having. It turned out it was going to be a full on dinner dance so I had to decline. I then got told I would be charged £98 for cancelling (even though I knew nothing about this). Anyway, it turned out ok in the end because somebody had my ticket - but I wasn't happy, that's for sure!

If I don't hear from you Phyl - Have a wonderful Christmas and here's to a really healthy 2017

Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
14 Dec 2016, 11:53
Hi @CandiceMarie, @nursebean, I am so happy to see you both!! Getting ready for the holidays has worn me down, but otherwise I am ok. Candy, thanks for the message, I tried to reply, hope I did it right. It took me ages to find it. I am such a technology dummy. My brain gets overwhelmed. I am afraid all I do on the forum most days is pop in here to see if one of you has posted. Hopefully after the holidays I can get more involved again.
Beany, I have not recovered from the election. So much anger and hate in this country, most of it aimed at the wrong people. I won't go into the many problems in this country, but I will say that I wish my chosen candidate (Bernie Sanders) hadn't been mistreated and had been running, we might have had some hope, now I fear we are in for a big crash, and the poor will continue to pay for the greed of the rich.
I am glad you are enjoying your job, Beany. The Christmas doo sounds a bit much. Candy, glad your D.D. Is managing her jobs as well. Deidre is slowly recovering somewhat from her big crash, but very slowly. We have finished up the holiday shopping and are planning to say in and just enjoy a quiet time for the next couple of weeks. Oh, and I wish my name was shorter also, don't know what my hubby was thinking putting my full name on here. It is a real pain to type all that in isn't it?? :-) ah well, he was helping. ;-)
Sending you both a big hug. If I don't speak with you again happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, have a cool Yule. Love, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
14 Dec 2016, 12:00
Oh how lovely to hear from you Phyl @PhyllisBlackDenney (and sorry about your name - I didn't realise your hubby did it - doh!!)

It sounds as though you are all settled and ready for Christmas. A nice, quiet, cosy Christmas? Sounds perfect!!

Hey! I've lost 3 pounds after my fast yesterday - woohoo!!

The world is a strange place at the moment isn't it. Very scary times, that's for sure. I keep thinking of Canada and how much I'd just love to live there. My sister is only 5.5 hours away from Maine too! Oh its so beautiful there. I guess it is where you live too - just a shame so much uncertainty is going on. Why do the poor keep suffering so. I guess it's not going to end well is it :-(

I'm toying with the idea of buying my two girls little reindeer antlers - Hmm I'm not sure they'd be very amused though!! ;-)

Beany hugs xxxx
Re: fasting and CFS
15 Dec 2016, 18:58
Oh yeh@nursebean deffo get dem antlers! Will be ultra cute! XXXX
Re: fasting and CFS
15 Dec 2016, 19:32
You really think I should humiliate them in such a way?!! Hmmm poor little girls!! :wink:
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