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Re: fasting and CFS
22 Aug 2016, 10:22
Hi @nursebean, three weeks until your holiday!!! I think you just could lose those last five lbs, or at least close to it. Try to relax and just go with it. You are young with hormone fluctuations to deal with and such that can cause slower periods of weight loss. Be sure to take your measurements every couple of weeks, sometimes the losses don't show on the scale.
I don't eat any grains. No wheat,barley, oats, rice, corn, etc. I do occasionally eat potatoes, but not very often as they feel heavy. I eat mostly meats, veg, fruits, and nuts,eggs. I have very little appetite, usually don't have cravings. I read labels carefully and avoid additives, and eat very little soy. Wheat is hidden in many,many foods you will see it listed, or modified food starch,etc. so we eat very simply.
There is a man here in Tennessee that has a YouTube channel. He has a video called "butter makes your pants fall off" you might get a kick out of it, he has a very similar accent to me, although a little more "country" . He has one called something like the lying,cheating, no good dream crushing scale, LOL. Where he takes about measuring your success with a tape measure not the scales. I thought you and Candy might enjoy it.
As for the ticks, I expect we will have them with us until it gets cold. For now we are just taking precautions and checking ourselves and the dog after every trip out, they are very tiny( about the size of a sesame seed) not a lot of fun!!!
Wishing you a grand week and great interview! Love, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
22 Aug 2016, 10:58
Good morning Phyl! @MountainMyst - what a lovely message! And now I know what kind of accent you have (if I'm watching the right guy - Butter Bob Briggs?!!) I'd just like to say - I LOVE your accent!! :smile:
Wow! This guy is amazing. The amount of weight he's lost. It just goes to show that ATkins was right after all - we need to cut out carbs and sugary things don't we! And GRAINS!! I'm reading the Wheat Belly Diet (thanks again to you). The doctor says that you need to cut out cereals(!!) This is hard for little ole Bean - but I'm working on it - always working on it!! :wink:
I used to think that eating Ryvita was my way of avoiding wheat - but I think Rye is a type of wheat too isn't it. Its trying to find something to replace sandwiches isn't it, especially if you eat out.
Good luck with those ticks- euurghh! :bugeyes:
I must say I'm getting super nervous about tomorrow - and it doesn't even matter that much - doh!!
Yep! Three weeks to go! Just got the case down - getting excited now!! :grin:
Hope you have a great day - and thanks for introducing me to Bob! :lol:
Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
22 Aug 2016, 12:49
Hi@nursebean, yep that's the guy, as he says"ole butter Bob" he seems like a lovely man who is try to help poor people and anyone who will listen have a better life.
Sandwiches can be tricky, but we have found that getting some lettuce leaves, putting your sandwich things inside and rolling the whole thing up is quite good. Hamburgers wrapped in lettuce leaves, a bit messy, but really good and no stuffed heavy feeling after. Not eating cereal takes a bit of adjustment. But heck, with this way of eating you could have a full English breakfast minus the fried bread, and be ok. A whole lot better than measuring out a cup of cereal I think. Are you on Pinterest? If not, check it out. You can search for grain free or wheat belly or paleo recipes and get some great ideas. A lot of them are made with nut flours, but there are also a lot that don't have nuts. If you go on let me know and we can send each other recipes.
Keep reading the wheat Belly and trying no grain. It is really quite simple, I no longer count calories, or carbs(not meaning to say those that do are wrong) I have just found that eliminating the grains and minimizing carbs has worked for me and it's less complicated.
Glad you like the accent, I love British accents. Anytime we have lived in other parts of the U.S. People have always asked me"where exactly in the south are you from?) LOL fingers crossed for tomorrow!!!! Hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
23 Aug 2016, 10:13
Oh I love the idea of using lettuce to wrap stuff in. I shall definitely try that Phyl @MountainMyst - thank you!!
I am on Pinterest. I never thought to look on there for recipes. I'll have a look! I did see a recipe for a pancake type thing - but they keep using coconut flour and almond flour - its a bit difficult for little ole me with my silly allergies!! :doh:
Feeling a tad nervous at the moment. Interview is only an hour away - yikes!! :shock: Mind you, I'm wearing my new SIZE TEN trousers! I'm super happy about that! I've never bean small enough for a size 10 before!
So what sort of day have you got lined up Phyl? and Candy? @Candicemarie- I must say, I've bean well enough to do 15 min yogalates (a cross between Pilates and yoga) workout for abs. I feel pretty good at the moment what with all my supplements and things. The Thyroid tablets don't seem to have done any damage - so far!! All is good in BeanLand - how about with you guys?
Have a great day!
Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
23 Aug 2016, 11:14
Hi beany@nursebean, size 10 trousers!!! That is wonderful!!!! You are doing great!!
I know that grain free uses a lot of nut flours, sure wish that wasn't a problem for you. A lot of people with tree nut allergies can use coconut since it isn't technically a nut, but that is something you would need to discuss with your doctor. Not something to muck about with, even for so one like me who is prone to experiment. :oops:
I have seen quite a few recipes using chickpea flour, sunflower seed flour etc. that might work for you. I haven't tried any of them yet. Look for me on the Pinterest, I'm on there under Phyllis Denney. I have saved more recipes than I can organize so I am trying to do more categories.
We love our lettuce wraps! There are also some wraps recipes made with flax seed and egg based things, I haven't tried as yet. I tend to keep things really simple to minimize energy expenditure most days. I am going to try a new cake recipe this week as Deidre's birthday is Sunday. I found a couple with no nuts in them and thought of you.
I am so glad you are feeling better and able to do some exercise, that is fantastic!! I think you are probably in your interview about now, fingers crossed for you. I am anxious to hear how it goes. Hugs.

Hi Candy@CandiceMarie, how in the world are you? Sure hope things are going well. You have been doing so well I am excited for you. Love and hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
23 Aug 2016, 15:21
Oh thanks Phyl @MountainMyst! I could feel your good vibes! I thought the interview went well. Apparently, they'll let me know by the end of today so fingers crossed. Mind you, just doing the interview has exhausted me so I'm not sure if 5 hours is going to be too much now! Hey ho, I can but try and give it a go!
I like the idea of an egg-based wrap. I shall have to have a look at those. And you can even have a cake? Sounds awesome! I did make a gluten-free lemon drizzle years ago that used potato :shock: It sounds bizarre, I know, but tasted fantastic!
No exercise for Bean today. Pretty pooped now - sigh!
What's the weather like for you guys today? It's absolutely baking today! :sleepy:
Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
23 Aug 2016, 15:59
Beany@nursebean,so glad the interview went well. I understand the worry that 5 hrs might too much. However, the added stress of preparing for an interview and normal anxiety of hoping it goes well, is energy draining. Hopefully if you start the job that would not be an issue once you got used to it. Still, today you deserve a good rest and see how you recover. That should give you a bit of a clue.
Yes there are some cake recipes , most of the low carb ones have non regular sweeteners, although I have made some using honey or maple syrup. Another good grain free treat are meringues, there are several recipes for those. I am thinking of trying those next week. There is a cookie that is quite tasty, but not at all low carb, but has no grains. It's deep chocolate and you really can't eat very many, so once you get to where you are maintaining, you might want to try it also, occasionally.
The weather has cooled a bit, it's only supposed to get up to about 90 degrees today :wink: . I, for one, am ready for fall. It's my favorite season.
Gotta run, have a great rest. Hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
23 Aug 2016, 18:13
I got the job!! I now have to start training ready to start properly on 21 October! Lots to do, lots to do!
Mmmm meringues! I like the sound of those! I also love you talking about things for me to do when I maintain - in the not too distant future - hopefully!! :confused:
90 degrees?! Oh boy that's hot! Hope you're ok. Yes, I really like the Fall too. Beautiful time of the year!
Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
23 Aug 2016, 21:48
Just calling in to congratulate you Bean!xxxxxxx
Bed Now...will be back to read what ive missed! X
Re: fasting and CFS
23 Aug 2016, 22:03
Well done@nursebean . Something to look forward to when you get back from Canada :drink: :drink: :drink: :rose: :rose: :rose: can't find champagne so these will have to do!
Re: fasting and CFS
24 Aug 2016, 10:19
Beane@nursebean, that is FABULOUS!!!!! New adventures all over the place! I am so glad you got the job, and to get to visit your sister first is just the icing on the low carb cake :grin:

Oh, you will be maintaining before you know it. Try to stay as grain free as you can on your trip. That should help keep your energy up. The main thing is to enjoy your time with your family! I am so excited for you. Now to get your new skinny wardrobe together for your trip! :lol:
Sending you a huge congratulatory hug! Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
24 Aug 2016, 12:02
Hiiii @mountainmyst!isnt our @nursebean a very clever old Bean! I think she will be very good in her new job as she's a People Person! And looking so slim will give her added confidence.
Good luck Bean and well done on not only getting the job,but keeping an open mind re applying in the first place! We are all cheering you on xxxxx all you can do is suck it and see. DD is now Day 3 of her new 5-9pm Mon to Fri job...just training right now and all going ok tho made harder as she had a funeral to go to yesterday as well. I think she and you too Bean will benefit so much from being out,meeting people, long as you keep up those elusive energy levels.
Phyl ! Youre on Pinterest! I was looking yesterday at scrummy looking pumpkin seed bread..i wonder if it was yr recipe! And youre talking! I Love them!
I am now on day 1, week 7 BSD and have stuck to it like a stamp to a letter!
Happy bday in advance to your DD for Sunday xx!
Take care everyone,hugs all round! X
Re: fasting and CFS
24 Aug 2016, 13:02
Hi Candy@CandiceMarie, I think you are right. Our Bean will be great in that job! So glad to hear your daughter has started her new job and doing ok. Hopefully she and Beany can manage their energy levels and get to enjoy life out in the world.
I am really thrilled that you are doing so well on your BSD! Very impressive that you have stuck to it so well, loved the analogy by the way. How much have you lost now? I think you are going to needing a new wardrobe soon as well. :grin:
Oh, I am becoming a Pinterest addict. The recipe you mentioned wasn't mine, but I will look for it, sounds good! There are so many great ideas on there. I don't think I have ever had a meringue before, so I am anxious to try it.
Gotta run, Deidre just got up and I need to get the coffee on. We are off to go food shopping today. Love and big hugs, Phyl
Re: fasting and CFS
25 Aug 2016, 03:52
Thank you, thank you and thank you! You are all so kind with your words and they have given me a real boost. First training session this afternoon and it'll be so much easier knowing you guys are with me!
It's so muggy here tonight that I just can't sleep - great start!
Phyl @MountainMyst I must get on Pinterest and have a nose at your recipes. Like you and Candy, it's the meringues that intrigue me. I shall try and stick to grain-free as much as poss on holiday - but I'm afraid (not) that I will be partaking of the odd cake. Who knows, maybe I'll discover I've lost the taste for them :shock:
Hope you're both ok - and thanks @Merlin for your kind words xx
Bean :heart:
Re: fasting and CFS
04 Sep 2016, 11:13
Haven't bean on here for a while due to technical difficulties! Phil @MountainMyst I hope you're ok. I've just 'followed' somebody on Pinterest called Phyllis Denney (no profile picture) is that you? Hope so!! :wink:

Bean :heart:
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