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Well, I am back from my visit with my family. I had a nice time, except for the flight home yesterday. Due to storms in NY, we couldn't land so had to go back to VA. Sat on the plane for a while and then got out in the airport, before we finally got to finish the flight. It basically was 15 hours door-to-door for me to get home. (should've been about 7) So much for all the things I'd hoped to do yesterday before returning to work today.

Anyway, I did ok on vacation with eating. I manged to fast until lunch most days and didn't really indulge too much. I did have some sweets, that I wish I hadn't. I wish instead I'd avoided most of the junk except for the night we went out to dinner and ice cream afterwards. The ice cream should've been the one "sweet" I indulged in. But I went in without really having any kind of plan as to what I was going to try to do or not do. I did get two 3 mile walks in and the other 2 days I got my exercise by playing with the kids!

I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 169, which I'm sure is a little high due to flying, etc. But, I'm ready to get back on track. I didn't get to go to the grocery store yesterday, but I have enough to get by today. (Although no milk for my tea and I really am not enjoying it this way!!)

Anyway, now that I'm back and my birthday and Easter and vacation are all over, I'm hoping to really focus on my eating/exercising. I need to work on keeping it up 7 days a week, not just 5. I'll be back posting my stats again tomorrow!
Glad to see you back! I was missing your daily posts. Best wishes for getting back into the routine, though it sounds like you did do okay while away, and had a good time, which is the main thing. :smile: :smile:
Tuesday April 17
Weight: 168.2 (168.7)
Eating Window: 11:30 am - 8:30 pm :neutral:
Calories: 1354 :frown:
Net Carbs: 129 :frown:
Water/tea: 5 cups :neutral:
Steps: 7270 :frown:
Other Exercise: none

Slow start getting back into things! But, I made it to the grocery store last night and should do better today. Before I went on vacation I made a trip to Trader Joe's (probably an American thing) and got this really good pomegranate white tea, which will be great to have instead of "dessert" at night!
It was a very stressful week at work, so I didn't keep track of my stats and yesterday's eating was not pretty! I'm about to head out for a walk/run and will do it tomorrow too and will get back on track on Monday!!
Things are still busy/stressful. I'm not at all ready for the 5K on Saturday. Next week is going to be busy too. Just trying to keep from going off the deep end right now! Hoping to really get back on track the first week of May! That'll give me almost 2 months until summer!
I hear you... I know the feeling... Good luck and best wishes for getting back on track, :clover: :smile:
Off to the 5K soon. I'm not feeling at all ready, but will just do the best I can. I'm going to alternate walking and running and my goal is to come in at 45 minutes or less! Afterwards, I'll stay and walk around the zoo a bit! I raised $500 for Big Cats, so that's pretty good!
$500 ought to buy a sizeable bag of Purina Cat Chow!

How the run go?
Thanks for asking @ADFnFuel! It went well. It was a beautiful day! It would've been nice to have someone to go with, but I went alone, which was ok. I hadn't trained much at all due to weather/time, etc. So I decided I would alternate walking/running the best I could. I set my goal for 45 minutes. I did the first mile in 13 minutes, but I had to walk a little more the next 2 miles. I was right on track when I got to 3 miles and had 1/10 of a mile left. When I was really close I looked and I had 15 seconds to make 45 minutes, so I put it in into high gear. The course ended up being almost 3.2 miles though, so I ended up at 45 minutes and 32 seconds, but I was ok with that!

After that I walked around the zoo for a bit. I ended up with 17,000 steps yesterday!

Next year I will try to do even better, both with my time and money raised!
Well done, @cblasz! That’s a tremendous result, especially with the lack of training and you raised an excellent amount of money too! I think that I have done well if I go for a one mile walk so kudos to you!
Things have still been kind of busy/stressful for me. I'm leaving work early today and headed to Florida for my godson's graduation from college. I get back early on Sunday (if all goes well!) and will be back on track, posting my daily stats again next week. Of course it's Teacher Appreciation Week, which equals lots of food provided for us, so not the best week to start, but I will just have to try my best anyway!
Congrats on your fundraising - great cause! I hope your weekend away will allow you to de-stress and enjoy time with your godson and friends. I look forward to reading the next stage of your daily stats and experiences - and hope the teacher appreciation food is not too tempting!!
Good morning,

I have basically been off track for a little over a month, starting with my birthday/Easter, including my April vacation and ending with my weekend away this past weekend! But I don't have any more big trips/events for a while. The next 2 months will be busy at work, but I should be able to stay on track regardless.

I weighed myself this morning and I am 168.9 lbs. It could definitely be much worse!

My main goals for this week are to start tracking again and stick with my eating window and try to keep it to 7 hours as much as possible. I will have some of the food provided for Teacher Appreciation week, but will try not to overdo it. I will focus on a new goal every week and hopefully get this weight down by the summer!

Hope everyone has a great week!!
Well, my first day back went badly! I didn't even stick to my eating window! :shock: I did however take a walk on my break and was very close to 10,000 steps! :smile:

So, as the saying goes, "if at first you don't succeed...." I will try again today!
ACK!!!! There were donuts this morning. I tried to resist, but I just haven't built my will power up yet! I did put it in my tracker and will try to stick with the plan the rest of the day. Perhaps I will change my goal for this week to getting my 10K steps in, since that's going better, so far! :grin:
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