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Thurs Mar 8
Weight: 167.7 (168.0) :smile:
Eating Window: 11-7 :smile:
Calories: 1271 :neutral:
Net Carbs: 99 :smile:
Water/tea: 5 :smile:
Steps: 1965 :frown:
Other Exercise: none

Well, I did better with eating yesterday, but didn't manage to get my walk in. Back to work today! Yay! I did have one little situation. Yesterday when I went to tutor my cousin, her mom had made me biscotti. She wrapped it up so nice too, it looked professional. To be honest, I wasn't even tempted by it, but I felt really bad not at least trying it. They were small and so I had 2 with a cup of tea, and let her know they were delicious. I will bring the rest to work today. The good news is that I didn't have my chai latte at Starbucks yesterday, so the sugar kinda evened out! I feel pretty good about myself that I'm not that tempted by sweets!
Fri Mar 9
Weight: 168.2 (168.1) :frown:
Eating Window: 12:30-7:30 :smile:
Calories: 1176 :smile: (estimate)
Net Carbs: 146 :frown:
Water/tea: 4 :neutral:
Steps: 7302 :neutral:
Other Exercise: none

Last night, I ended up treating myself to my favorite pizza, so I'm sure that's why the scale is up today. Today I don't have any real plans so I should be fine with eating and although it's cold and blustery here, I am planning to get my 3 mile walk/jog in. Tomorrow I'm going to this huge Beatles Fest in NYC. I don't know what I will be eating and I won't have time to get my regular walk in, but we should be doing plenty of walking throughout the day. I'm not feeling confident that I will lose any weight this week, but if I can stay the same as last week, I guess that would be , since it was an unusual week.
Sat. Mar 10
Weight: 167.8 (168.0) :smile:
Eating Window: n/a
Calories: 1165 :smile:
Net Carbs: 113 :smile:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 3791 :frown:
Other Exercise: none

Well, I did pretty good eating yesterday. My calories and carbs are probably a bit higher than that. I ended going out to dinner with my sister-in-law. I was good and got a salad, but they have this really good bread with hummus and I had a little of that. Still good for a weekend. Unfortunately though I did not get my walk in. I just can't seem to really get back into the habit. Hopefully when it starts to get warm again that will help. Also, we changed our clocks last night for Daylight Saving Time and so it will be later at night. I hope to get in a walk/jog at least one evening a week.

I'm off to the Beatles festival soon! I'm not really going to worry about what I eat, although I'm still going to try to avoid sweets. I'm hoping for lots of walking!
I don't have any stats today, but I did WI for my weekly WI. The scale is up 2 lbs. from last Monday. I can't say I'm totally surprised, but I also can't say I'm not disappointed. I feel like I've made some big changes this time around, especially cutting out so much sweets and yet all I've lost really is the holiday weight.

Last week was kind of a crazy week. And I had fun at the Beatles Fest and didn't think I ate that much, but it wasn't really healthy. Although I still didn't have any sweets. It was a very long day though and I did have a small snack before I went to bed at midnight.

Unfortunately, this week is shaping up to be another crazy week. I'm off today, but headed to an appt. this morning and might meet a friend for lunch. Looks like another snow day tomorrow and on Friday I'm going to/presenting at a conference. But I will try to do my best. I probably should really add a whole fast day in, in addition to my 16:8.
It's been my exerience that there's probably nothing more consistent than that 2 pound weight gain after eating pizza. It doesn't seem to matter if just two slices or half a pie. Don't worry. It's nearly all water (needed to process the carbs) and will disappear in a day or two. Been there, done that. (Love that thin crust Papa Murphy's.)

Hi @cblasz, I wouldn't worry about a 2lb gain, especially after a carb feast! It has been both my husband's and my birthday this week plus a party to celebrate his 70th birthday on Saturday, so I have 'gained' four pounds this week. In addition, I have been given several gifts of chocolate which are now calling me! It is just over eight weeks until our next cruise, so I will have to put 'birthday week' behind me, hide the chocolate and buckle down to some serious fasting! :frown:

You are doing really well and the whole idea of fasting is that it allows us to eat foods which would be 'forbidden' in other 'diets' . That is why I love this WOL so much and why a 'water gain' is a mere blip in the grand scheme of things! We just have to keep on, keeping on! :victory:
Mon. Mar 12
Weight: 167.8 (168.1) :neutral:
Eating Window: 12-9 :neutral:
Calories: 1281 :neutral:
Net Carbs: 124 :neutral:
Water/tea: 2 :frown: (besides this I had diet coke)
Steps: 2828 :frown:
Other Exercise: none

Well, the scale is back down to Sunday's weight (still up from last week). Yesterday was a tough day because I was really tired and didn't have my normal work day and met a friend for lunch. But, I still did my best.

Thank you @ADFnfuel and @StowgateResident for the encouragement and I wouldn't be so bothered by the 2 lb. gain if I'd lost more so far. I actually didn't splurge that much this weekend. I haven't really splurged much at all and could probably list the sweets I've eaten in the last 2 1/2 months. But yet, I'm basically at the weight I was right before the holidays and I'm up from where I was in October or so, when I was eating all sorts of sweets on the weekends.

So I don't think I'm doing really well, despite the fact that I'm trying really hard. I don't think the 16:8 fasting really does much for me, except help me reduce my calories, which is something but doesn't mean I can splurge otherwise. But, I know all I can do is keep trying. I think I'm doing the best thing, 16:8, reduced calories (a bit more on weekends), carbs under 100 (and usually no more than 150) and little to no sweets. I probably need to work on water a bit and definitely exercise. Hopefully when the weather is better that will help. Right now I just need to get through this week and the presentation I'm doing next week. Hopefully next week I can be super strict.

Anyway, I do really appreciate the support and Happy Belated birthday Val!! My birthday is coming up in 3 weeks, so that isn't going to help!!
Tues. Mar 13 (snow day)
Weight: 168.1 (168.1) :neutral:
Eating Window: 11-7 :smile:
Calories: 1257 :frown:
Net Carbs: 147 :frown:
Water/tea: 3 :frown:
Steps: 2011 :frown:
Other Exercise: none

Only an ok day due to being home with a snow day. I contemplated going for a walk, but it didn't end up happening. I'm hoping that's the last snow day for this year!

I need to get through this crazy week and then do better next week. I've also decided to always semi-fast on Thursdays. I will basically shorten my eating window to about 4 hours and will have less calories (probably around 800.) Maybe that will help shake things up.
Weds. Mar 14
Weight: 168.9 (168.2) :frown:
Eating Window: 11-6 :smile:
Calories: 1335 :frown:
Net Carbs: 112 :neutral:
Water/tea: 6 :smile:
Steps: 7110 :neutral:
Other Exercise: none

Yesterday, I caved and had a tiny bag of m&ms at a boring meeting I was at. I also have a cold that I'm fighting, so I ended up having a bowl of chicken noodle soup with my dinner.

Today I am semi-fasting. I''m not going to eat lunch and then have a snack around 3, then dinner when I get home.
Thurs. Mar 15
Weight: 168.1 (168.2) :frown:
Eating Window: 2:30-6:30 :smile:
Calories: 874 :smile:
Net Carbs: 82 :smile:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 8134 :neutral:
Other Exercise: none

My fasting went pretty well yesterday. I resisted pizza at work and had a healthy dinner! Today I'm going to the conference, so I won't have a lot of control over food etc. and can't really worry too much about it.

I really wish it would get warmer here, it makes it so much easier to get exercise in!!
Fri Mar 16
Weight: 167.7 (168.1)
Eating Window:
Net Carbs:
Steps: 6427 :neutral:
Other Exercise: none

I didn't really track yesterday being at the conference. I did treat myself to a chai and a croissant for breakfast and had 1 cookie in the afternoon at the conference. I didn't eat too much at lunch and I resisted getting fast food for dinner! The scale is down a little bit today. I'm headed to NYC later for see a U2 cover band. Should be a fun thing to do for St. Patrick's Day and I should get a lot of walking in. We are going to dinner, so not sure what I'll have there.
Check your bindings,CB.

It seems that you've slipped from the green to the black slopes on the progress chart.

ADFnFuel wrote: Check your bindings,CB.

It seems that you've slipped from the green to the black slopes on the progress chart.


Hi @ADFnFuel - not sure what you mean by that? :?:

I didn't track yesterday, but I did get 16,367 steps in! I'm planning to try to have a "perfect" week and stick to all of my goals, M-F and see what happens. If I don't lose weight then maybe I will need to adjust something!
Sorry. A reference to skiing. Green signs mark the gentle, "bunny" slopes. Black signs the steep ones for expert skiers. It's sometimes easy to cross over to a black run and not notice until things get exciting. Steepening slopes on the progress chart represent a greater weight loss rate.
@ADFnFuel - actually I do ski, so I did understand your figurative references, I just wasn't sure of your literal message, I guess. Are you saying that it's going to be harder to lose weight or that I will suddenly start losing weight faster? Because I've been at the same trend weight now, for a while!
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