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Thurs Feb 15
Weight: 169.1 :smile:
Eating Window: 12-11 :frown:
Calories: 1097 :smile:
Net Carbs: 119 :neutral:
Water/tea: 6 :smile: :neutral:
Steps: 7932 :neutral:
Other Exercise: none

Pretty good day yesterday, even managed not to have a beer at Trivia! (We didn't win, btw. :cry: ) Today though I'm feeling very much "vacationy." I haven't been productive, feel like comfort food and not much like sticking to any of my habits!! Hopefully this will pass. I haven't done much damage yet. I might go out tonight, but I'm not sure yet.
Fri Feb 16
Weight: 166.8 :smile:
Eating Window: 9-7 :frown:
Calories: 1018 :smile:
Net Carbs: 118 :neutral:
Water/tea: 3 :frown:
Steps: 1787 :frown:
Other Exercise: none

Well, I didn't end up going out last night and wasn't that hungry for dinner, so I just had a little snack. The scale is way down this morning, which is interesting, but I'm assuming that will go back up, especially because I am going out tonight and it will definitely be a high calorie dinner. There might even be ice cream for dessert! :shock: But I'm going to try to be good the rest of the day.

I'll probably have to use tomorrow's weigh in as my weekly weigh in, because I won't be home Monday and Tuesday mornings. So, that should be interesting!!
Sat Feb 17
Weight: 167.5 :smile:
Eating Window: ??
Calories: 1691 :neutral:
Net Carbs: 184 :frown:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 9394 :smile:
Other Exercise: none :frown:

Well, the scale is up from yesterday, but still down. Not bad after a night out. Ended up not drinking or having any sort of dessert. It was a fun night out. Got a lot of walking in and the show/concert we saw was really good. It snowed last night though (which we knew was going to happen), so it was a long, harrowing drive home. Took us 3 hours instead of 1.5 and I got home at 1 AM. So, I am exhausted today. I'm torn about whether I want to drive up to New Hampshire tonight to go skiing tomorrow, but I think I'm going to try! I have a lot of work to do before then. Not sure yet if I'll be using that weigh in as my weekly WI yet. If I don't go, I'll use tomorrow's, otherwise I'll use that one! :victory:
Had a weird and unproductive day yesterday. I didn't really follow any of my eating habits. I really don't function well at all when I am too tired!! So, I ended up not going to New Hampshire to ski. I just didn't have the energy and I needed the time. So I now have 2 extra days which I plan to use very wisely. Also, especially since I didn't go skiing, I plan to walk/jog both days. The weather is going to be strangely warm here this week, so it should be no problem!

So I was able to weight myself this morning and although up again from yesterday, I am down from last week! I am at 168.5, which puts me at almost 6 lbs. total! :victory: :victory: :victory:
Hey, well done @cblasz! You certainly are shifting those pounds and we are fortunate that this WOL allows us to overindulge from time to time without feeling bad about it. I am sorry that you are missing your skiing but it sounds as if the freed-up time will be more useful to you and you have planned in some exercise so good for you! :star: :star: :star:

I have missed being on the forum for a few weeks but have found my mojo and am back on track. The lack of desire to exercise is still a work in progress but I did fit in a good number of hours in the garden over the weekend, so that must be better than sitting down all day!

You are being very disciplined about filling in your daily results - congratulations! I shall look forward to catching up on the few threads that I have missed and yours of course! Stay strong! :smile:
Thanks @StowgateResident!! Glad to see you back! It is definitely hard to maintain momentum especially with exercise. When you get out of the habit, it's so hard to get back into it. That's kind of where I am too. Of course, weather and time constraints haven't helped. I'm sure gardening is good exercise and definitely better than sitting down and it's good to get out in the fresh air too! They say to get back into a habit, start as little as you have to. Maybe just 10 minutes or even just putting on your sneakers, or whatever, just so long as you are doing something to get back into the habit. And then it will get easier.

Posting my daily stats is really helpful. I know that I have to track everything to be able to post it and just tracking things makes you think about them more!

Thanks for reading and posting and good luck getting back into the swing of things!
Mon Feb 19
Weight: 169.1 :neutral:
Eating Window: ??
Calories: 1647 :frown:
Net Carbs: 175 :frown:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 9196 :smile:
Other Exercise: 2.7 mile walk :smile:

Being off yesterday, I treated myself to a chai and chocolate croissant at Starbucks. I'd been sort of craving it lately and decided just to do it to get it out of my head! It's the first chocolate croissant I've had in a while. I've been limiting my chais to 2 a week and sometimes it ends up being only one. But that's definitely what put me way over yesterday. On the other hand, I'm very happy to have gotten my walk in. I had to drive a bit to a trail that wasn't still snow covered and it started to rain near the end, but still I got it in! I also got some work in and some stuff done around the house. I was exhausted though after dinner, which I'm not sure why. Maybe the walk? Anyway, I'm planning to walk again today and get more done today. I'm pretty happy with my decision not to go skiing. I can go back to work on Weds. felling well rested and on top of things!
Tues Feb 20
Weight: 169.5 :frown:
Eating Window: 12:30-8:30 :smile:
Calories: 1522 :frown:
Net Carbs: 141 :frown:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 8810 :neutral:
Other Exercise: 3 mile walk :smile:

The bad news is that my calories were up yesterday. I abandoned the dinner I was going to make for a quick dinner, so I could keep working on something for work. But, the good news is that I got a 3 mile walk in and it was wonderful. It was a beautiful day. It's going to be almost summer like today, but then it gets colder again tomorrow. I'm hoping to get a short walk in at work.

Despite having the long weekend, I still feel like I have so much to do and I have another busy week. It was stressing me out a bit trying to plan my meals. So I've decided not to stress about it. I'm not gonna run out and eat a dozen donuts, but I'm going to do the best I can given my circumstances. I'll stick with my eating windows, track everything, stick with my water and try to get my steps in. My calories and carbs might end up a little high, but I can only do so much!!
Hi, @cblasz, and thank you for the comment you left on the Tuesday Fasting Today thread. I did make it through until bed time and today hasn't been too bad either. I am just trying to decide whether to fast tomorrow or Friday. I think that I will aim for tomorrow then I will have Friday in reserve in case I crash and burn!

Although you may not have a plan for your meals, at least you have plan on how to manage without one - you're not going to run out and eat a dozen doughnuts! :grin: That certainly sounds like a plan to me and you fitted in a walk which you so obviously enjoyed - that's much better than I've managed lately! :frown:

Good luck with the rest of the week and hopefully the scales will be kind to both of us! :smile: Valerie
Weds Feb 21
Weight: 168.4 :smile:
Eating Window: 12:00-8:00 :smile:
Calories: 1280 :neutral:
Net Carbs: 138 :frown:
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 10173 :smile:
Other Exercise: none

Well, I didn't do too bad yesterday (although that's partially because I didn't have time to eat my afternoon banana and peanut butter snack!) It was a beautiful day and I managed to squeeze in a 10 min. walk around campus, which helped me reach 10,000 steps. Unfortunately right now it's raining and it's going to get colder again. But I'll see what I can do! I am helping with an event at school tonight. My principal is buying us pizza. I decided I would just have a couple of slices and maybe there will be some salad too.

@StowgateResident - I think fasting today is a good idea, then you will be done with it and can enjoy tomorrow more! Hope it goes well!
Well done, cblasz, your strategies are obviously well thought out and not eating the banana and peanut was a bonus!
My fast day has gone well and will soon be over. As you said I can now enjoy tomorrow secure in the knowledge that I can have my Friday glass of wine!
Thurs. Feb 22
Weight: 168.6 :smile:
Eating Window: 12:00-9:00 :neutral:
Calories: 1106 :smile:
Net Carbs: 121 :neutral:
Water/tea: 4 :frown:
Steps: 9414 :smile:
Other Exercise: none

Very long busy day yesterday, but I still did good. I had made banana bread to bring skiing this weekend, so when I didn't go, I brought it to work. People were raving it about it yesterday, that almost made me want to have some of it! :grin: But I didn't! I did have 2 slices of pizza and some salad and I did treat myself to a frozen yogurt bar when I got home, which I probably didn't really need, but had anyway. Today I'm going to my favorite place to get a salad to eat while I work on my college class. So today should be good. I'll try to get a walk in, but not sure how the weather will be.
Fri Feb 23
Weight: 167.9 :smile:
Eating Window: 12:30-6:30 :smile:
Calories: 1310 :frown:
Net Carbs: 139 :frown:
Water/tea: 4 :frown:
Steps: 7434 :neutral:
Other Exercise: none

I was so exhausted last night, that instead of getting a salad and going to Starbucks I ended up just coming home. I made myself a decent meal, but it was of course more calories/carbs than I would've had. I went to bed early! But I'm up and at 'em this morning! I have a busy day. I'm getting together with my college friends and it will be a pot luck type thing, so I probably won't track. But I'll try not to eat too much and I'm not going to eat any desserts! Then tonight I'm going to my friend's son's play. In between I'll probably go to Starbucks, since I didn't make it last night, but I'll just have hot or iced tea there. This morning I'm going to go out for a walk. The weather seems pretty good!
Sat. Feb 24
Weight: 169 :frown:
Eating Window: n/a
Calories: n/a
Net Carbs: n/a
Water/tea: 5 :neutral:
Steps: 11234 :victory:
Other Exercise: 3 mile walk with 30 sec running intervals :smile:

I thought I did pretty well yesterday. I did have breakfast and then had snacks at the get together, without really worry about the calories. I did NOT eat a homemade chocolate eclair. Afterwards I didn't have dinner and went to the play. When I got home around 9:30, I did have a small snack. I got my walk in and started my running intervals, it went well. I still have trouble getting enough water in, I think I need to work on that. Anyway, the scale was up this morning, but I'm hoping it will be back down for my weigh in tomorrow. Going to try to stick to my eating window today (we'll see!) It's raining right now, but supposed to stop later, so hopefully I can get in another good walk.
It sounds like a good day, @cblasz, despite the weight going up a little and the really good thing is that you are not allowing yourself to become demoralised by those scales! Well done! :star: :star:

Fingers crossed for your weigh-in tomorrow! :smile:
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