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Thank you for sharing. Been following the media about this diet and the facebook support group out there.

I love your
"I'm comfort eating for WordPress"

All the best for the journey Hazelnut
Day 2 is already more difficult. Woke up this morning feeling really hungry, strange really because after a fastday I don't often feel hungry until lunch time, if at all. Wonder if it's because I had more fat than on a fastday or if it's all in my head because I know I can't eat normally. Anyway I ended up making courgette fritters for breakfast instead of lunch. I had a disaster with them falling apart, ended up putting mix in muffin tin and sticking it in the oven. Turned out ok and tasted great. I had about 300cals and 23 carbs at 9:30 this morning, more than I wanted to have so early, but it is what it is. I still feel hungry, just going to get on with it. With any luck tomorrow will be easier. Got a fence to paint now so that should keep me busy for a few hour. oh, and must remember to drink water...... bye for now
Ugh, just posted a long reply and when I scrolled up to check how Dee's name was spelled, I lost it >.<

Anyhow, you ladies are doing a wonderful job!! Like Justdee, I have used It's a great site and they never pressure you to pay. They have a huge food database, and they will tell you the nutritional profile of what you ate in a day. You can also add your own recipes and they will calculate that out for you. They will even let you sync your account or other pedometer.

Hazelnut20, I have to commend you on the excellent and inspirational work you're doing here! And with your job. That's fantastic!!
I hope your day gets easier Dee and that hunger monster gets under control.
Just checking in to cheer you gals on. Nice job. Looking forward to reading about the results. :clover: :clover: :clover:
Hello sweetie!

Sorry to hear that Day 2 has not got off to the best start. Please don't panic though - we just need you to ease into the right headspace to tackle the first few days/week. I absolutely know you can do this. We're going to take it just one day at a time...and before you know it, you'll be at the end of Week 1!

The first thing I want to ask is do you like tea or coffee? Personally, I find water a little soulless, but enjoy the comfort of something hot. If I'm hungrier, I will tend to choose coffee - don't know why, but it feels more substantial than tea to me...but then, I'm odd...probably! I have been drinking lots these past 4 weeks - just to give my mouth and stomach something to do! Of course, if you love water, then it will do the same job for you..I just think it's very important not to be nil-by-mouth for too long.

The good news is, you're already doing an excellent thing by keeping busy outside. You can't be thinking of/worrying about food all the time if your mind and hands are busy with something else! Also, I'm sure the courgette fritters will improve with practice. It's very naughty of them to misbehave for you! Might you have been better off with a straightforward omelette? I'm struggling here because I just can't relate to eggs at all - I detest them! Wish I could eat them though - coz they are so quick and convenient....& ideal for the BSD. It's probably a good idea to keep some other suitable foods handy (think yoghurt & berries maybe) in case you get really hangry and can't be bothered to "create" a small meal from scratch. I honestly think it's all about having the right foods to hand. Maybe that's where a few nuts could come in? As my name suggests, I love nuts! By the way, my real name is Pernelle - I just chose Hazelnut because of my nut addiction! Yes, they're calorific, but they are so beneficial on the health front and you don't need to eat too many to feel full. I have a small 50g packet of brazils in my handbag just for emergencies. Obviously, I can't scoff the lot in one go else I'd have very little left over for proper meals...but I could have four or five...chewed mindfully of course! Then wash them down with a drink... Just a thought.

Ooh, I'm not trying to preach - hope you don't think that - I'm just trying to make some suggestions that might help you ease into this particular way of eating. I do think the first week of anything is absolutely always the hardest. It feels like the days are stretching ahead...waiting to torture you at every turn. Also, because you are switching from 5:2, you will have the feeling that if you were still doing 5:2 you would be able to eat differently today, whereas the BSD doesn't let you eat differently - if you get my drift. Maybe I was lucky to jump straight into the BSD - but believe me, jumping straight into it after eating anything and everything mindlessly for the past 10 equally tough! But it's all about determination whichever direction you approach it from.

Could you do with a little inspiration right now? I don't mean to blow my own trumpet...because I'm honestly not accustomed to doing so, but I really am bursting to share with you the results of my Wk 4 weigh-in this the hope that you will be filled with fire for this excellent regime. Even though it is my TOTM and I always but always put on water weight...& can literally feel the bloat massively right now....I jumped on the scales and found I had lost 3lbs!!! Never in the history of the universe have I ever been able to lose weight for 4 weeks straight...because the water retention has always kicked in. I am totally gobsmacked! I am also beyond thrilled and out the other side....because this means I have lost 19lbs in 4 weeks!! Oh yeah...that's 38 packs of butter, tee hee!! Utterly amazing result for me and by golly it strengthens my resolve to continue for the next 4 weeks to see where I can get to. I weighed in at a mahoosive 15st 3.6lbs and today I am 13st 12.6lbs. I can't tell you what the psychological boost of leaving the 15's and the 14's and now being 13stone-something so quickly, has done for me. I can feel my mood sky rocketing, life is funny once more and I've got so much to say for myself these days. When I had success with 5:2 back in 2014, I became so high on life that I almost had to rein myself in in certain company as I feared I was becoming too much - but I just couldn't help it! Yes please, I'd like a bit of's so much better than the misery I've been in for the past 10 months.

Well, enough of that. Please know that I am here for you JD! We are in this together, so stick with it gal, and we'll catch up again later. I'm off to mash my strawberries
:clap: :victory: WOW Pernelle @Hazelnut20, another 3lbs, 19lbs in 4 weeks, that is truly amazing, you must feel on top of the world and people must have started to notice. Hearing your weigh in result has made me feel better already. I'm still on track but it has been a bad day for feeling hungry and trying to talk myself out of this WOE. I've stuck with it though and reading your post has helped loads. Please don't think you're preaching, your kind words are a huge support and the results you are getting speak for them self, so inspirational.
I haven't been very good with the water today (must drink some in a minute). I do drink coffee with milk but have limited the amount because I don't want to waste calories on too much milk. I do want to reduce the amount of caffeine I have, that's not something to deal with at the moment, one thing at a time.

I think I should have just had an omelette with mushrooms this morning. I'll not bother with the fritters again. I think I was trying to be too organized (if there is such a thing). I would have enjoyed scrambled eggs or an omelette more. I have some yoghurt for tomorrows breakfast/lunch. I know I'll enjoy that and it's super simple.
At the moment, even though it's tough today, I feel I can still do at least 2 weeks. I'm in a good head space and I'm determined to get rid of this weight. I hope the better weight loss with this WOE will push me to continue after my 2 weeks trial. It's difficult today but I know it won't always be this way.
You must really be on a high. Not much beats that weight loss feeling. Enjoy every second, you really have earned it. I'm so pleased for you having such a big loss on week 4. A massive well done to you. Imagine in 4 weeks time,,, wowzer!!! :clover: :clover: :clover:

Time to make dinner Whoo hooooo!!!!! Speak soon and thanks so much xx

PS. Nice to hear your real name. I'm the same with nuts though,,, LOOOOVE them. I have to say your username always reminds me of my fav choc though hehe not the best thing to think about on this WOE, but hay ho nice memory. You know my name is Dee,, really hate my username and wish I could change it. Really shows what my self esteem was like when choosing a name back in 2013. Shame I can't change it now.
Thanks for the support @Tracieknits and @Rawkaren :clover: :clover: good luck to both of you
Really great to hear about the headspace @justdee - I reckon the head thing is 90% of the battle anyway. All those little conversations you have with yourself throughout the day (or is that just me?!) about what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, needing a "treat", deserving a "treat", throwing in the towel threats...and so on!

So, hey, that's Day 2 under your belt, isn't it? Fantastic! Get through tomorrow and you're very nearly halfway through the first week, yippee...... I'm very glad to hear that you have your food planned for tomorrow - we don't want or need "fritter-gate" to rear its ugly head again in a hurry!

I've found that I have now slipped into a proper rhythm with the food. As you know, I decided not to eat anything until after noon each day - in a way, an arbitrary decision...but based on the principle of 16:8. If I get hungry before noon, I stick the kettle on. Though I still find hunger pangs a little annoying, I'm not scared of them anymore and in fact, they remind me to marvel at the new control I have over myself and my mind! Success breeds success - so yes, having lost what I have in such a short space of time, does help to focus the brain towards total commitment. I suppose the more I lose, the more I can afford to cut myself some emotional slack if I have a bad week on the scales. By that, I mean being able to talk myself out of disappointment or apathy - not something I've done in the past. I suppose it's human nature to look for the easy way out, isn't it? Giving myself the "What's the point anyway?" talk is something I've done many a time, shortly before throwing in the proverbial towel...I hope to goodness that I am moving further and further away from that possibility...but I can't be sure, because of my track record.

Ooh, I know something I've forgotten to tell you! Would you believe that I have totally failed over the past four weeks to account for a single drop of milk that goes into my tea or coffee...calorie-wise?! Forgot all about it at first...and then thought "oh stuff it" after that! I guess there are some things I just can't give up.....and hot drinks are they! I think it's all about swings and roundabouts anyway - some days I go slightly over 800 calories (depending on what meat I chose to have) whereas others I am well over 100 calories under (if that makes sense!) - so I suppose they level each other out when milk is thrown into the mix as well. Besides, I would be just plain miserable if I couldn't reach for the kettle in times of need :frown:

Maybe not sweating the small (white!) stuff has got me through - because they do say that stress can affect things, don't they?

Yep, once again it would appear that I am incapable of writing a succinct post! Why use 10 words when 100 would do - that's my motto! Better sign off for now & we'll catch up tomorrow to see what excitement Day 3 can bring!

Sleep well JD! Another time, we'll discuss self-esteem stuff, because my heart went out to you when you wrote what you did about your username....xx
Oh @Hazelnut20 I love reading your posts, 100 words are always better than 10.
Right, that's it, I'm stopping counting the milk in coffee. I think becoming a kettle addict too will help me loads. If it helps me to stay on plan, a little milk can't do much damage.
I'm thinking if I can get rid of a fair few lbs doing the BSD, I won't mind if the rest of the weigh comes off slowly with 5:2, as I'll already feel much better. And 5:2 will be soooo easy after this. I think one of the main things is, no matter what our head space is like, we mustn't go AWOL from the forum. I know (for me anyway) being away from the forum for too long makes me put the blinkers on and totally shut out this WOL.
Well, almost time for bed, just one more cuppa before I go :) wishing us luck for another BSD day.. Bring it on!!!!
I'm really enjoying your posts @Hazelnut20 and @justdee - keep up the good work! It has inspired me to write up my plan for the next three months (June 1 - August 31 - winter in Australia). I wrote a plan in January and stuck to it and guess what...... it worked!
Watch out the beaches of Europe - the girls are on their way!
Atta girl @justdee - am loving the fighting talk, it's just what we need to beat the bulge!

So glad about the kettle! Now it will be your friend and ally - as mine is for me. Life will seem much better now, I'm certain....pauses to slurp some coffee.....and besides, what's a few drops of milk between friends?! We are rebellious...we're not counting it...and that's that!!!

I'm totally with you on your view of shifting some of the weight as fast as possible JD...and then sliding back into the joy that is 5:2 for the rest. To me, that makes perfect sense. As I've said, I just needed to break the destructive pattern of mindless eating that I had been in for the past 10 months....and that's a lot of habit. I know myself of old...and only something utterly radical on the control front would do at first. 5:2 would not cut it in the first instance, but I have total faith in it as being the way forward - besides, it has the best forum members in the world, so who'd want to be anywhere else? Not me, that's for sure!

I also agree about posting lots and staying in touch. When I go AWOL, I stop making myself accountable. We need each other's support and encouragement! On here, I know you will all be genuinely pleased whenever things go right on the scales....and will commiserate when they don't. In real life, I think some friends get fed up with listening to me go on and on - but I need to! So having this forum to retreat to is wonderful! Keep the posts coming......

Thanks so much @pilchards for your enthusiasm and encouragement! I think writing a plan is an excellent idea - particularly as it worked for you before. I suppose it's back down to accountability, isn't it? If we don't take steps to hold ourselves accountable...then who will? We just have to! Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing - it will be great to have some new posts to read. We are all at various points in the same road, aren't we? I'm just as interested in how everyone else is doing as I am in my own progress and I love that we can all share suggestions and tips for getting through each day. Knowledge is power, as they say!

Well, JD, I hope Day 3 has started well for you? I'm on my second drink and am slightly panicky that I have run out of what am I going to put in my lunchtime yoghurt?? Going shopping later after I've taken my daughter for an eye test after school.....ooh, I know, there's some rhubarb in the fridge waiting to be cooked - perhaps I'd better do that. Hope it's not too sour....else I'll have a very puckered face whilst eating it. I'm puckering now just at the thought of it - good job you can't see me - it's not a pretty sight!

Anyway, am thinking of you lots...and willing you on!

Catch up with you later xx
Hello,,, Sorry can't stop and chat but wanted to check in and let you know day 3 is going well. No hunger pangs, had 2 coffees so far, a large glass of water and 120g greek yoghurt (just now). No berries but that's ok, I love it as is. Hope you're having a good day. We've got this in the bag :) Have a lovely afternoon, catch up later.
Oh PS,,, almost forgot, the scale has started moving, just a little, but it's moving :) yeah!!!! :)
Wow, you two are fabulous! Such an inspirational thread for me to read. Thank you and please keep writing up your wonderful days.
:like: :clover: :heart:
Day 3 has been a good day. A few hunger pangs this afternoon but very manageable. I've had about 3 or 4 uncounted coffees, it's nice knowing I can have one if I want it. Really need to work on water intake though.
A bit of good news today. I've landed myself a little summer job in one of the bars near the beach. Only mornings, I'll still have the rest of the day to do what I please, the only bad thing is, I'll be around food (English breakfast and such) all morning. Good job I'm in a good head space. I start tomorrow, I better get my food plan done so I don't go mad. Hope your day is going well Pernelle @Hazelnut20
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