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Ooh I say - that's wonderful news - Day 3 just about in the bag...and no calamities - that's what I like to hear! Well done you! Also great to read that you are in the right headspace already! That's super stuff as it will make things so much easier for you....

Congrats on the summer job! Guess you must live near a beach then?! That's very nice. Hmm, it could be a testing time to be surrounded by food all morning.....but you'll be so stoked at losing weight that I suspect you'll breeze through each shift! You might even get sick of the sight of all day breakfasts - who knows? Best of luck for your first day tomorrow, JD - I'm sure it will go well & will look forward to hearing all about it anon.

I have yet more catering to do at the tail end of this week - chocolate cream meringues, yummy chocolate Viennese biscuits, cupcakes and chocolate Rice Krispie cakes to name but a few - so temptation abounds. Then the following week, I've got another tea party to there's no escaping the cake mix...aaaggghhhh!!

Today has been OK thanks. Didn't manage to stew any rhubarb as I ran out of time, so no yoghurt today. Ate some tuna mayo with red pepper and a few bits of sweetcorn instead.....very nice! It's quite hot here, so I'm drinking a lime & soda (weak) right now having battled my way round town with my daughter after school. Feel a bit shattered now and just about to have my tea.....

Roll on Day 4!
can't believe I am actually doing this, day 3 done and dusted. I know I'll have difficult days sometimes but I think I can handle them. A few weeks ago I said if I did the BSD I'd be bingeing by the end of the week. Not going to happen, I just know I can do this.
I had baked Mackerel with runner beans in a tsp of butter this evening and was totally satisfied. Lovely meal. I did a few boiled potatoes too for DD and I didn't even want one. I don't know how you are managing to make all those yummy things though Pernelle, that really would test me. Sweet things are my weakness. I know you'll be ok though, because I know we're in the same zone and nothing will stop us now.
Just watching Horizon on bbc2, it's about obesity, very interesting.
Must get an early night tonight, ready for tomorrow. Another plus is the extra activity I'll get working every morning, instead of sitting drinking coffee.
Hope you managed to get your berries for tomorrow, although the tuna mix sounds lovely, will be trying that one. I loved the yoghurt I had mid morning, I think it helped with the hunger pangs today. Will be having it again tomorrow.
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

These are all for star pupil! The bit is well and truly between your teeth...and there it will be removed only to eat such delicious things as mackerel and beans etc!!!!! What is happening to us though? Not craving a potato??? Who'd of thought that was possible...and yet as you and I have both is!!

As I've said before, we could definitely be twins! My tooth is very sweet too. It is a minor miracle that I am not suffering enormously when doing my catering...but it is also testament to how committed I am feeling right now about the BSD...thanks to the results I've been getting these past few weeks.

Didn't manage to get my berries - long story...ran out of steam in town, plus DD announced that she had lots of homework & needed to get I had to shelve the supermarket shop. Will do it 2moz instead.

Best of luck for tomorrow!
I'm really enjoying your posts. Congrats on the job, JD. I'm in awe that you can cook that stuff Pernelle, and not feel the need to eat it and test it.

I agree about milk in the coffee. I have a Nespresso, so I spoil myself with it. I've managed to make it so I only need a tablespoon of milk in a cup of espresso, but I do need that tablespoon. I have a couple of teas I enjoy black, so I have two espressos then on to black tea in the morning.
You guys are doing great. Cheering you on from the sidelines. Love your posts!
Thank you so much @rawkaren and lovely to hear from you too! Hope things are going well for you?

We'll keep the posts coming....
I want to start by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone for all the support, it really does mean a lot. I'm so glad you're all enjoying reading our posts and watching us progress on this WOE. It makes it easier knowing you're all keeping an eye on us.
Hope you've had a good day Pernelle @Hazelnut20, you're probably writing a post now too.
I started my new summer job today and really love it. I forgot how much fun it is working in a bar. I have a very quiet life and don't spend much time in bars. It made a lovely change speaking to different people all morning. There is so much change in my life at the moment (for the better). I'm looking forwards to what the future may hold, for the first time in a long time. Only a few weeks ago it all seemed a lot less bright. Amazing how things can look so different in such a short time.
Anyway, another BSD day done already. Wow, that was fast, tomorrow is day 5 already. I had an early start today, so had some greek yoghurt at about 9am, after returning from town, before dropping my dad at the airport and then going to work. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat until after 3 and needed something to start the day. I was going to do 16:8 + BSD diet but I think I'll be having something light each morning. By the time I got home at 3:30 I was tired and hungry. I needed something, but what? I chose a boiled egg. Was very happy with self, there were loads of things I could of had but chose the boiled egg,,, Victory!!!! Next I dropped DD of at the beach to meet her friends. I then had to go to the supermarket to get chicken for dinner and was still feeling I needed something. I knew I wouldn't be eating until about 9:30pm, after I'd picked DD up, but I really needed something. I wasn't very hungry (just the odd pang), I just needed something for energy. Now, normally that would have been the end of any diet/plan (including 5:2) for the day, I would tell myself I'd been so good and done so well, it wouldn't matter if I had one afternoon off and started again in the morning. Not this time. I went into the supermarket, headed straight to the canned fish section. I don't normally eat canned fish but it works well on the BSD. A 90g can of sardines, 100cals and zero carbs, perfect. Victory #2 :) . The sardine did the trick and got me through until dinner. I must say here, I didn't eat the sardines with my fingers, out of the can, sat in the car in the supermarket car pack haha, I can imagine some of you thinking 'how can you eat a can of sardines on the go', I promise I did go home first and ate them there, mindfully. I really enjoyed them and will be stocking up. I will also be boiling some egg and keeping them in the fridge. For dinner we had 150g chicken breast (with herbs) and a very colourful salad. I am loving the food. It feels like I've been eating all day and I've only had 736cals and 24 carbs. I had more water today too. Being at the bar it's nice to have a glass of ice water on the go at all times. The food at the bar didn't even bother me, I was actually quite shocked at the size of the meals and the amount people eat. I suppose most of us have been there at some point or we probably wouldn't be here now. I haven't eaten really large meals for a good few years (may be around the time I first started 5:2, I don't know, I didn't realize until just now), my weakness (and the reason I'm obese) is chocolate and bread, pasta, cakes (CARBS!!!). This is turning in to bl00dy therapy :bugeyes: Anyway, I wasn't even tempted by the food. When asked my one of the staff if I'd like something to eat, I said no thanks, I'm ok. The girl (lovely girl by the way) went on to say, are you sure you don't want a sandwich, some chips, a breakfast. I ended up telling her I'd had a large breakfast before work. She seemed happy with that and stopped asking. I'm calling that 3 victories today. And the scale moved down a tiny bit more this morning could that be 4 victories today? No, I'm not going to be greedy now, I'll save that victory for my official weigh in day on Sunday.
Right, I have to stop typing now, I'm going on because I'm tired. Just one more cuppa and then I'm going to bed.
Sorry I've gone on a bit/lot. Most of it's probably not worth reading. If you've made it to the end of this massive post, well done you, I hope you can take something from it.
I'll say good night before I start another paragraph haha
Good night all :) @justdee - what a totally fabulous and inspirational post!

Victory on top of victory on top of victory - I gobbled up all your news and it was brilliant. You are clearly in a great place right now...and you thoroughly deserve to be there. You are doing this! It's all you....making the right choices and looking at things from a different angle. Am bursting for you, because I know just what a big deal it is!

Am in a bit of a hurry today - but have loads to say (no change there then!) so I'll check back in tonight & write some more...loads more....

Meanwhile, have a super day....and you go girl!! Xx
I'm also loving your posts and following. Keep up the good work.
Great job JD!!! Keep those victories coming!!! They sure do help you stay on track when you can feel so good about the decisions you've made :-)
Hi there @carieoates - lovely to have you visit on here..

How's it going for you? And what is happening to "Bean & Oates: Mad Eaters"??? I used to love reading that here's a plea for it to be resurrected...please! If for no better reason that Hall & Oates were amongst my favourite singers in the 70's & 80's.....but also for your collective wit & wisdom of course....

How about it? Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeee?
Ooh, just thought I'd share a minor victory that I had Asda...of all places! I popped into their changing rooms to try on a couple of t-shirt vests - had to try them on because they didn't have any size 16's I thought I'd try on the 14's and see how stretched I made them...

Well, the good news is that they looked OK.....but the really good news was that I was able to stand in front of a changing room mirror (harsh as they often are IMHO)..and not totally hate myself - which is a huge change for me! Only a matter of weeks ago, I was in total despair in a changing room - looking at the blob in the mirror and wondering what on earth had happened to me and my life.....

So, a small victory to some...but a huge one for me as it helps me to feel comfortable in my own skin - hurrah!
End of day 5 and all is good. I started the day on an egg. Then had another at half 3 when I got home. For dinner I made scotch eggs (without the crumb coating) and runner beans in tsp of butter. Ok today has been a very eggy day (so no good for you Pernelle), but I do love eggs. Don't think I'll have one tomorrow though, I'm all egged out :razz: :) . I took a pic to show you all what sort of things I'm eating. I think I've figured out how to share it. DD loved dinner too. When I told her what we were having she pulled her face. At dinner she said she loves them and wants me to make them again. That's a win, we will be having them again. I made a few potatoes (roasted in a few drops of oil) for DD to have with hers. How's your day been @hazelnut20?
scotch-eggs-BSD.gif (78.12 KiB) Viewed 242 times
That's great Pernelle, that's a huge victory. What a great feeling. I think we need to keep our eyes open for these non scale victories (NSV's) and celebrate them. They all show that we are changing a lot more than just our weight. Our habits are changing, not just eating habits but the way we look at and deal with stuff. I hope you bought the size 14 T's because you'll remember that feeling every time you put them on. Well done. :)
Hazelnut20 wrote: Hi there @carieoates - lovely to have you visit on here..

How's it going for you? And what is happening to "Bean & Oates: Mad Eaters"??? I used to love reading that here's a plea for it to be resurrected...please! If for no better reason that Hall & Oates were amongst my favourite singers in the 70's & 80's.....but also for your collective wit & wisdom of course....

How about it? Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeee?

@nursebean, looks like our presence is requested
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