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@hazelnut20 shaking my head in astonishment at yr ability to bake goodies and not eat them!
That is fab..if you can do that,you c an do anything! You have a will of iron!
By the way i love your real is soooo pretty and it suits you xx
Aw, thanks so much @candicemarie!

It has taken me many years to be completely comfortable with my name...but I really am now (aged 53!). Here's something to make you laugh though - before having children, I worked in Personnel (way before they invented Human Resources). Whenever I phoned someone, I had to start the call with "Hello there...this is Pernelle from Personnel"...whereupon most people fell about laughing! Silly choice of career.....considering my name!

Yes, even I am amazed at my iron will right now! It's so strange that I was so incredibly out of control just a matter of weeks ago...but now have my act together to the point where nothing naughty has passed my lips for the past 5 weeks. Long may it

How are things in your world? It's lovely to be back in touch as I've missed our exchanges! Xx
Quick shout out to @justdee - before I fall am utterly shattered.

Am hoping Day 7 has flown by in an uneventful fashion for All fingers are crossed for you for tomorrow. Will check in when I can....but am supposed to be madly gardening all permitting!

Night night....
Hello,,, OMG I can't believe I've done my first week. I'm loving the BSD. Day 2 was the hardest day but on the whole it wasn't too bad at all. I'm finding this WOE very very do-able and looovvving the food.
I can't wait for weigh in tomorrow.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend
Good luck with the weigh in @justdee :clover: and well done on doing a week of BSD!
Hope week 2 of yr trial goes smoothly x
@hazelnut20 i' m ok thanks..started yet another 5:2 attempt on 5 april...20 fasts in and most of them easy to get thru..the pesky non fast days are the prob at the moment! Waaaarghhhh! Losing weight tho and hopefully reaping tons of health benefits...
Heehee that was funny..Pernelle from Personnel! But it really is a rather unique and lovely name! X
Just wanted to pop in before running out the door, to tell I've lost just over 3.5lbs in week one. Obviously I would of liked more but very happy with it. Have a great day everyone, will pop back in later. :)
wow, have been so busy. daughter no 2's 18th birthday celebration weekend (I have 3 daughters). no baby yet :( but am on standby to go as soon as required. daughter is ok & getting rather impatient.
@justdee I am so looking forward to seeing the results of your first week. it really does sound as if this is your thing. have you had a sneeky peek at the scales through the week? do you think having a new job to focus on too has helped you move over to BSD?
Ive not done my usual weigh-in at boots yet. maybe find time today? have done my ususal 2 fasts though so pleased that I managed that with such a busy week.
@hazelnut20 loving this thread ~ cant believe its on page 5 already! Im sure Im not the only one contemplating joining in. if I get to boots today Im gonna pop into whsmiths & see if I can grab hold of the book (prefer physical copies of stuff).
good luck with the weigh in justdee. will pop back later to see how you got on.
best wishes. shelley x
Over on the BSD forum (which I only take the briefest of peeks at as it is so muddled & tricky to navigate - unlike this super one!)...there are tales of people losing 10lbs or more in the first week. There are also tales the other end of the spectrum where people lose a couple of pounds in the first week and are bitterly disappointed. I can totally relate to the disappointment - I've felt it myself on many many occasions....but I think it's vital we all get things into some sort of perspective (myself included as I am most likely not to have lost much when I weigh in 2moro - despite changing nothing and being really rather saintly all week)..

1) This is not a's a marathon!

2) There is no magic - our bodies are unique to us and behave just how they please - especially at weigh-in time. Comparing ourselves to others is fruitless because it gets us nowhere. Life is a bit unfair - some people shed the weight easily, others have weight that stubbornly clings on! We are only in battle with ourself...and we have to outwit ourselves at every turn where possible!

3) Put 7 packs of butter on the table @justdee...and really look at it! What a pile! That's what's left you in just one week! I've no idea if you retain water or anything, which often skews my results, but even if you don't and nothing changes physiologically from week to week for you, I still say.....bye bye 7 packs of butter.

I'll be back later....but I do want to say a huge well done to you JD! On top of the weightloss, you've changed your mindset - which is huge. You've gone from fearing the BSD to romping through your first week and finding it not nearly as difficult as you thought. You're ready to tackle Week 2 and, should you decide that it's not for you, you can walk away with greater knowledge and a good deal of pride that you gave it a go....and lost some weight in the process....In my book, that's brilliant xxx
Hi@johns, Ooh no baby yet? your poor daughter. I hope it won't be too much longer, for her sake.
We must have been writing our post at the same time this morning. I lost 3.5lbs. I know it doesn't sound much, but it's a bit muddled really. Last week I weighed on Saturday, after a semi-fastday, my weight was 176.4lbs, I then had the Saturday as a day off before starting the BSD. The morning I actually started the BSD (Sunday) I weighed 178.4lbs. This morning I weighed 173lbs. So really I lost somewhere between 3.5 and 5.5 lbs. I'll call it 3.5 for the sake of the tracker. I weigh everyday, I'll show you what my week one weight loss looks like:
Sat : 176.4 lbs (day after a semi-fast)
Sun : 178.6 (Day 1 of BSD)
Mon : 176.6
Tue : 175.8
Wed : 175.4
Thur : 175
Fri : 174.2
Sat : 173
Sun : 173
As you can see I lost weight slowly for some of the week, then lost about a lb a day on other days and stayed the same on Sunday. I'm just happy I'm losing and that it's faster than 5:2/4:3. On 4:3 it would have taken me over 2 or 3 weeks to get down to 173lbs and that's only if I didn't have any gains. I'll see what week 2 brings. Did you manage to get the book?
Aww thank you Pernelle @hazelnut20, you're so lovely. I'm happy with the 3.5lbs. I've always been a slow loser, it's just the way it is. I have read about people losing 10lbs+ in the first week, but may be their start weight was higher too. If I can lose 2lbs a week I'll be happy with that. I can't see why I won't carry on after my 2 weeks trial. I'm around food all morning, DD has eaten chocolate around me, I even went into a bakery today to buy bread (for work), the cakes looked amazing, but you know what, I'm not interested. I don't know why,, this really isn't normal for me. Good luck at weigh in tomorrow, I've got my fingers crossed for you. But don't you be greedy now, any loss is a step forward,, surly you can't have another massive loss, it has to slow down at some point, doesn't it? Well, that's week 5 (1) done and out of the way. Roll on week 6 (2) :clover: :clover: :clover:
thanks for the breakdown @justdee a 3.5lb loss is fantastic. do you always weigh in every day? you have done really well, especially being around food every day.
& @hazelnut20 good luck for your weigh in tomorrow :) your last post was lovely & puts everything in perspective.
my weigh in was pityfull. I lost nothing this week. my only loss was about .3% body fat according to boots scales. but on the plus side I did have fish & chips & a chocolate sundae at birthday bingo. a giant pizza & cheesecake for pud the same day/eve for a meet up with a friend over from aussie & birthday cake & party food over the weekend. no alcohol as on alert to drive daughter to hospital as & when but all in all a bit of a pig out since my last fast on thursday :)
back on it tomorrow & will try somewhere else for the book as couldnt see it in smiths.
my main concern is that I dont eat meat so I need to research the recipes. I love eggs so that wont be a problem. hoping that the meat free alternatives will be alright.
anyways, good luck ladies xx
Well now, I feel a lot happier now I know that you are historically a slow loser, JD. I have to say also, that I would definitely have taken whatever you actually weighed on the start day, Sunday, as your absolute starting point, irrespective of whether you had gained from the Saturday reading. Reason for this is, the Saturday reading was irrelevant because it was pre-BSD. Also, when you weighed in on Monday, could you really have put on 0.2 of a pound from your Saturday weight after a day of just 800 calories? I think not!

Whatever the true position, how lovely that the worst scenario is a 3.5lb loss....and the best is 5.5lbs! Goodness me, anyone will take those sort of figures....Also, I'm thrilled at the thought that I might well have your company for more than the next week - that would be just great! This thread is already on Page 5....and moving along nicely thanks to your contributions and other members' input & interest - so it would be lovely to keep it going as it is so informative for us all! We also have the prospect of Shelley joining us once things settle down on the exciting baby front - which will add another dimension. Fingers crossed for that....

Thank you for your good luck thoughts for tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it TBH...because I've hardly seen any movement whenever I've jumped on the scales this past week. Think the last time I checked was Friday - when I'd not even lost half a blooming pound! Was so disgusted, I decided not to bother again until tomorrow, when what will be, will be. I will have to tough out the disappointment (am a pessimist!) and move forward though..because I'm sure as heck not throwing the towel in anytime soon...because the results so far have been amazing for me. I'm not just talking about the obvious aspect either - I'm utterly amazed at the effect succesfully taking control has had on my mood and self esteem. Once this happened, I felt like I could stay on the BSD for a significant length of time. I'm a bit wary though as I've been evangelical before, done well and then thrown it all I don't have much of a track record. Something feels a bit different though. Tonight I watched my family trough their way through fried potatoes, chicken & vegetables, whilst I had pork chops, grated carrot, cherry tomatoes & a small amount of coleslaw. Didn't flinch once - just got on with enjoying what I was eating....which to a hungry person was delicious! That's unusual for me - usually I resent what I'm "having" to eat while others enjoy what I wish I could have. Maybe the sands are shifting slightly.....

Sorry if I've gone on a bit!
Not at all, Pernelle, we all love reading what you have to say and we'll be waiting, with fingers crossed, to hear your news tomorrow. I've read a few times that some people don't lose anything at around 4 or 5 weeks, only to have another good loss the following week. It will be fine no matter what the scale says tomorrow. We are both experiencing the same regarding what else this WOE has to offer. I too don't feel at all deprived and can easily be around anyone eating anything. Very strange, but I love it. Something has change. Long may it last, I say.

I agree, there is no way I gained 0.2 after only 800cals (in fact only 703). I'll say 3.5 for the tracker. But yes it is really 5.5lbs,,, Wwhoooo hooo!!! That does sound better haha. I'm happy either way. The weight is coming off. That's all I need to know.
I've also been moving around a LOT more this week. That must have some sort of effect on my body. I must be burning a lot more energy than before. For 5.5hr each morning I don't stop. I need to get a new battery for my pedometer, I'd love to know the step count. I'm just so happy I'm finding the BSD so easy. Who would of thought I'd be saying that, 'easy'. It's strange that it doesn't feel like a diet, even though I'm on less calories than I would put myself on on a "diet". Say if I put myself on a 1000cals a day diet, I would be raiding the fridge by day 5 and would feel totally deprived everyday. There's been none of that, not even on day 2 (difficult day), not even a feeling that I may want to. I feel totally content with what I'm eating and think I'm actually enjoying food more.
It's great to follow in your footsteps, as I can see that this feeling may very well last a while. Carbs have a lot to answer for if you ask me, so have the fat cat food industry people for tricking us and pushing them on us for all this time. And now they're doing it to our kids :-x
For most of the week DD has had the same as me for her evening meal. Only having carbs (other than veg carbs) on her evening meal twice this week. She eats carbs other times during the day, but I don't think reducing them is a bad thing. She's almost 14, I'd hate for her to be tricked like I was. She is also enjoying the food and not feeling like she's missing something with her meal.

How lovely would it be if @johns joined us? and may be even a few others. This thread could end up being the larges on the forum.

Pernelle, I'm so glad you are feeling positive effects on mood and self esteem, may be that's even more important than what the scale has to say. I too am wary of losing my mojo, it's usually happened by now and it's in the back of my mind that it could happen any day. We will have bad days, I'm sure of it, but we're ready for them. When/if they happen, we'll push through, as we know tomorrow will be easier. Hold on tight to our towels and just keep going **Keep on moving people. No towel throwing to be seen here**.
I've been back on 5:2/4:3/BSD for 9 weeks now and my mojo's never been in better shape. Only 1 more lb and I'll have lost a stone (14lbs) since being back in the game. Oh that may unofficially be tomorrow. I really need to thank @Pilchards at this point, for wishing me luck on the day I returned to this WOL and telling me how well she was (and still is) doing. Thank you so much Pilchards, you really helped me get through those first weeks of fasting. Reading about your journey really made me focus.

Oh this turned out to be another long one.
Good luck again for tomorrow@Hazelnut20
Must write something on justdee's progress before bed.
Buy for now
I'm impressed ladies - I think I'm almost most impressed by the length of your posts, my typing skills are minimal. I admire your enthusiasm and success- long may it continue :clover: :clover: :clover:
Awww what's going on now????.... I'm the same weight again this morning, 173lbs. I wonder why I've not lost anything for 3 days. I'm doing/eating the same. May be I'm not drinking enough water. Will up my water intake today, see if that helps. I do feel a little smaller. This won't throw me off though, just wish I was losing daily.
Hope you have good news Pernelle :clover: :clover: :clover: :clover:
Your body and its billions of organisms has noticed you're up to something @Justdee and is taking evasive action! It's ok, all shall be well. A little re-balancing is taking place with water and fat so keep going, make sure your water intake is good and smile, it produces endorphins :grin: :lol: :oops:
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