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25 Sep 2018, 17:53
Hellloo? Anyone home? Its very echo y in here! I' ve been rereading the posts in this brilliant thread.....
how lively it used to be and so much info,encouragement and advice for all of us ...
fasters,BSD-ers,maintaineers,eat day-ers,cheat dayers - and any would be failures and quitters were soon sorted out and climbing back on their horses,clippety clop!
The owner of this thread was exceptional! She lost 31 lb i think it was on eight weeks of BSD 16:8.
A great feat in itself,but at the same time she worked in catering and was making delicious food endlessly for others to eat but not a crumb of it for herself!
@Hazelnut20 and many others too numerous to mention ! Heres just a few...@justdee @loveswalking @johns( hows the baby?) ...
how are you all doing now and what are you doing foodwise these days? XXX :heart: :heart: :heart:
CandiceMarie, it's good to hear from you. I have finally been sticking to the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet and have lost 7 lbs. this past couple of weeks.

How have you been doing?

28 Sep 2018, 16:53
Hi @happyitsworking great to hear from you too! And i' m "happy its working'" for you! Yay! :like:

Do you still go on the BSD site? I havent been there for a long while now.

I still think BSD on a 16:8 is what works best for me..anything where you dont feel hungry has got to be good,right? but it mightnt be best for lympho/ lipodema which i have quite badly in my legs...and i think its creeping into my trunk too :confused: i really dont like going on the lymphie forums coz its quite scary.
I 've read that high fat and low carb isn't good for my condition..and i' m reluctantly thinking,
yes, there must be some truth in it,coz tho ive lost a lot elsewhere,i havent lost anything on low carb/ high fat from my legs.
Am trying a few fruit n veg detoxes! And rebounding, and alkaline diet. Gahhhhh! Life is never simple is it!
Keep up the good BSD work HIW! XXX

28 Sep 2018, 16:57
Hi @merrymelb good to see another familiar name! How are you and how are yr doggies? Xx

30 Sep 2018, 03:56
A bit dated - re: lipedema - but still an interesting read: ... m-lipedema

30 Sep 2018, 11:56
Hi @CandiceMarie
Good too see you about too! The doggies and I are fine, but we could all do with some more exercise. Spring has been very slow in coming to Melbourne this year with cool days and cold nights persisting. Hopefully some warm dog walking weather will arrive soon.
I am trying to get going with 5:2 again. Had 3 very good weeks but have indulged this weekend, so back to it this week!
How are things with you and your part of the world?

01 Oct 2018, 22:40
Hi @merrymelb enjoy yr springtime when it comes! Here in uk the nights are getting shorter..i really dislike it going dark earlier! But i do love the autumn days,seeing the leaves change colour.
Well done getting back on yr horse with fasting..i am deffo doing a fast tomorrow..i dont fast very often now,but am starting a christmas countdown of healthy eating,fasting,low carbing,keto ing and exercise... to give myself a xmas prezzy of feeling and looking better..i think its 12 weeks til christmas day
Big hugs to you and the dawgies! XXX
@ADFnFuel thanks for the link...most of what i read about lympho/ lipo is depressing if not downright scary. i am at a loss for whats the best way forward food wise..some say very low carb helps but high fat doesnt...some also say do regular fruit and veg detoxes but thats not low carb
My gut feeling is do mainly keto and an eating window of plenty of green veg and some protein on a daily basis might well be the way to go,but lay off the dairy ( but i love my greek Yog and it keeps me feeling full :confused: ) xx
10 Oct 2018, 12:56
@[quote="CandiceMarie"]Hi @happyitsworking great to hear from you too! And i' m "happy its working'" for you! Yay! :like:

Yes I still go to the BSD site. I really don't come here to often.
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