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Careering into Day 6 already, eh?
Posting photos of your meals, eh?
Making roast potatoes for your daughter and not having any yourself, eh?

Oh yes, @justdee - that's you very much in the zone then - whoop whoop!

My day has been fine thanks. Right on track food-wise...though a little hungry right now so time to toddle off to bed methinks....Busy day 2moz - making cupcakes 1st thing, then off to collect my son from his residential home for the weekend, then more cooking....meringues, chocolate biscuits & chocolate Rice Krispie cakes....hmm, resolve will be well & truly tested then....!

Good luck for tomorrow!
I know!!! what have you done to me ??? I'm almost at the end of week one and no signs of stopping yet. This is easier than 5:2. Who would of believed that? And it's not just me, anyone could do this. It changes the need for carbs/sugar. I'm also in such a good mood regarding food/my weight. I'm enjoying the food and I know the weight is dropping. I am actually buzzing about this WOE. Have a lovely day :)
hello @justdee & @hazelnut20
fantastic read. am almost tempted to try it, but think I need to buy the book & have a good read first to get into the right frame of mind :) you are both doing so well. will be interesting to see what the scales bring at the end of the week.
up early waiting to hear from DD if we need to go to hospital yet (grand-daughter is 3 days late) she had contractions every hour from about 1pm yesterday, getting closer to 40 mins apart when we went to bed about 11.30 so was expecting a call in the night :) how exciting :)
am seriously thinking of joining you with the BSD ~ fasted yesterday mainly to give my belly a rest. had lots of bread & a cream tea with scone & clotted cream weds & belly was making lots of weird noises & felt really uncomfortable throughout the day. wondering if maybe its the bread as I havent eaten much of it over the last couple of weeks & may have been overload.
anyways, good luck on another day of BSD & congratulations on the new job justdee xx
You're so right, JD - who would've believed how do-able this is?? Guess it's a case of suck it and see...a leap of faith if you like. Michael Mosley has a track record of success and sense - so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the BSD works. All we have to do is give it a chance and invest some of our time in it...

Given how very out of control I was with my eating, I would never have thought I could stick at it for even a day..but once I found that it wasn't remotely pure torture (always my fear) the days just blurred into each other.

Am super pleased to read how well you are getting on! Your previous comments about working around all that food in your new job...really made me smile because it showed just how in the zone you are - yippeeeeeee!

Keep on keeping on - the first week is so nearly in the bag! Xx
Thanks very much for your kind comments @johns!

First things first - all fingers crossed for the safe arrival of your grandchild - exciting times!

I'm thrilled that you are even giving joining us a thought! It is definitely something that needs advance thought though - reading the book is a very good plan. As with many things - it's all about the headspace. Knowing what foods you are going to turn to, before you need to turn to them, helps enormously, in my opinion. We all know that when you need food, you need it right now...and if the right foods are to hand, it's easier to reach for them than the desperately unsuitable (though undoubtedly yummy!) packet of biscuits...

In my case, I found it really helpful to know that my initial commitment to the BSD was for a finite time, ie 8 weeks. Given just how many weeks I gave to overeating this latest time (about 40-odd!) - telling myself that I was going to take myself in hand for the next 8...wasn't really asking such a lot, I thought. I'm already nearly at the end of Week 5! How did that happen?! The other thing that helps retain commitment is the scales - I know they are not always kind...and I must admit I'm a little anxious as to whether it is possible to lose weight for 5 weeks in a row (previously unheard of in my case!) - but will report back on that one on Monday morning. We always have the trusty tape measure to fall back on as well...

Well, I'll leave you to your ponderings for you have much more important family things to concentrate on! Best of luck!
I think Michael Moseley is a very canny man. He re-packages other people's ideas and presents them to the general public, probably making mega-bucks in the process; without his activities I wouldn't have lost and kept off around 4.5 stones, so I'm grateful for his efforts, but it is others who are doing all the hard work. As I understand it, he developed his ideas after looking at the work on diabetes done at Newcastle University. My son in law seems to have kept diabetes at bay by following their ideas, and lost a fair bit of weight in the process. He went directly to their information before Michael Moseley got involved.

I'm also really impressed by Jason Fung from Toronto, who a number of people on this site know about. He has lots of information and lectures on the internet about his "Intensive Dietary Management Program" and has written an interesting book called "The Obesity Code" I find his ideas fascinating. There's a great deal to get your teeth into!!!!

I'm really pleased that people are benefitting from Moseley's re-packaging of other's work into fasting, insulin resistance etc and wish everyone continued success in their efforts, but he's not the one with all the ideas or the one who has spent years on research; he's a clever medical journalist, that's all! :heart:
@Bracken so he's the medical Martha Stewart! LOL Yes, I agree, absolutely. Thing is these great scientists weren't reaching nearly as many people. Certainly *I* wouldn't have heard of all this wonderful research without the good Dr. Mosley and his BBC program.
@JustDee and @Hazelnut you are wonderful and doing so brilliantly :like: :clover: :heart: :heart: :like:
I've just finished today's 19 hour fast and had bought some gluten free crumpets for OH for his lunch. Somehow one found its way into my mouth before I'd hardly noticed, whilst preparing my own omelette in coconut oil with red onion and tomato, half avocado and some olives. Three cubes of blackcurrant jelly and a black coffee followed, so you can see keeping to 800 calories is hard for me :curse:
There's chicken in tomato and olives for dinner with veggies, oh and half a Greek yogurt waiting to be eaten up
I'm hopeless!
Good luck to you both, keep inspiring me :clover:
Thanks @azureblue! So nice to have you rooting for us...

Really relate to the "things finding their way into your mouth" concept! GF crumpets must be especially badly behaved!! Jumping in like that without so much as a by your leave! You're certainly not're another word starting with "h" what is it.....oh yes, human!

Every day is a victory when you've not eaten as "badly" as you might have done....IMHO. Just think what you could've shoved down your neck on any given day...then give yourself a pat on the back! Day by day....that's all we can do...
P.S. Forgot to say...a 19 hour fast is definitely not to be sniffed at! :star: :star:
Right @justdee and @hazelnut20 - ladies I will soon be heading into the Land Without Internet but I am so keen to see you doing well that whenever I find somewhere with free Wifi I will come here for a peek. Keep up the good work!
Stands back in amazement! Phew just read this whole thing from start to end!
@hazelnut and @justdee respect! Well done you guys!
Hazelwhat a tremendous achievement and massive boost you have given yrself with yr incredible loss over the last weeks!
Take my hat off to you both and thanks Hazel for the BSD info..
Great idea giving self a boost then returning to 5:2 feeling a lot more lithe! X
:like: :clover: :heart: :victory: xxxxx
@johns please keep us posted on yr family news! XX
Aww thanks everyone for all the lovely support. I have so much to say with so little time to say it. I've not been on the forum as much because of the job (by the way thanks for all the congrats on that) and trying to fit everything else into the day. I can tell you though, I promise I will NOT be going AWOL. I'm sure I'll get used to my new timetable soon enough.
Work is going well and I'm so much more active (wow, aren't I just).
I'm still on plan with the BSD. tomorrow is day 7, one week already :) . Sooo pleased with self, but feel that taking credit for it is sort of cheating because I'm finding it so easy. I know some people must be thinking, 'oh, ye, whatever', but it's true.
I have been in a really good head space since returning to 5:2, on the 13th of April. I'm sure it can't all be down to good head space though, because it never normally last this long. I haven't read the BSD book but have read loads of stuff online. I would say if you are thinking of giving the BSD a go, just go for it. Do a trail and then see if you want to carry on. I'm doing a 2 week trial, to see how it goes. If it carries on like this, I know I will carry on too. I'm actually feeling a bit afraid of carbs, in the sense that I don't think my stomach could handle them. I totally get what you're saying johns about that feeling in your stomach. I would get that on 5:2 if I had too many carbs on non-fastdays. After doing the BSD I know I will have too reintroduce carbs very slowly. I think that's why this is so easy, because I just don't want them.
Today has been another good day. I had another 3 eggs today, I need to think of other things to have, not sure this many eggs are good for you. This evening we had spag bol without the spag. We had it with chickpeas instead and you know what, I actually like it more than with pasta.
No real feelings of hunger today, my stomach did do one really big rumble mid day though and then went back to sleep. I must have run out of stuff to say as I just told you about a huge stomach rumble haha. Or may be I'm just tired again .
Tomorrow is normally weigh in day for me but I'll weigh in on Sunday, one week after starting the BSD.
I'm sorry I'll have to leave it there. I wanted to reply to some of your post but I must go to bed soon, I don't need tiredness to be my down fall in this WOE. I'll try to catch up tomorrow. I hope that you are all doing well on your WOE, taking it a day at a time is all we can do. Stick with it and count the small stuff (because it really does count), it adds up to big stuff.
How are you getting on @Hazelnut20? I already know that you're doing just fine mi lovely. Almost at the end of week 5, WoW!!! Keep it up my BSD buddy xx

(By the way, Many congrats on the new baby, @johns, how lovely. I hope the little one is here now and all went well).
I's alright thank you JD!

Like you, I'm rather tired & need to get to bed! I'm all behind on some will need to get up early if it's to be delivered on time!

I'd love to write more, but will have to postpone any further musings in favour of Bedfordshire, ha ha!

Whoop whoop - enjoy your Day 7 - I'll be thinking of you!
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