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10 Mar 2017, 10:45
@Candicemarie great to hear your perspective, and huge congrats on the impressive health benefits that have come with it. I agree there probably is a bit of boredom creeps in with anything you do. I get ludicrous sweet cravings which I can only satisfy with sugar, but as soon as I massively up my fat they do calm down, although low carb fat can get a bit repetitive at times.
I do have sourdough once a week slathered in butter.
My dearly beloved is off home to Tassie on Monday night for a couple of weeks to sort the house out so I'm going to have a bit of a meat fest,to make a bit of a change. It will be an interesting experiment.
The only thing that has noticeably changed for me recently is the stress level has risen since I started my new job which has corresponded with increased hunger levels. I'll still stay within the 800 to 1200 calorie range but really try and limit my carbs to as low as possible.
And yes, lowest weight, not lowest ebb :oops:

18 Mar 2017, 05:12
I seem to be holding this up while Hazelnut is awol, I hope she is ok!

Weighed myself yesterday, up 2kg having failed to live up to my own expectations the last couple of weeks :cry:
I am now convinced that stress sees me permanently hungry which is driving me nuts. Literally. I have eight bars of Montezumas chocolate which I was given before Christmas, six and a half are still intact. I had one piece of a milk one and promptly scoffed the rest of the bar. Did I know what I was doing? Yes. Did I savour every mouthful? No. Pathetic.

So, this week I am mostly eating fat in an attempt to get my sugar and food cravings under control. And meat! Last night I had a succulent leg of lamb which turned out very nicely even though I am not at all competent in the meat cooking department. I'm trying to go for less than 20g of carbs to try and get my weight back down, plus some yoga for stress.

How's everyone else doing?

05 Apr 2017, 09:34
Howdy everyone! X
@debs how are you doing now? Its horrid when you feel hungry,coz its such a driving force its hard to ignore. I find it more difficult now as i get hungrier than i did in early days BSD but still managing to lose,but slowwwwwwly now.

Am quite upset to find i have oedema/ lymphodema/ lipodema. Not sure which,all are horrid. Gp has referred me to hosp for further tests,but judging by pix online,i am a text book case.
The prob is that what i assumed was fat,on top and front of knees and round ankles that just wasnt shifting,is in fact fluid and waste retention due to faulty lymph glands. This just wont go away despite me following regime of bodybrushing,hot/ cold showers,drinking lots water and detox tea,exercise,deep breathing...all to no avail.
Am gutted as have worked so hard to lose over six stone but cant get rid of my fat legs GAHhhhh! Plus some stubborn fat on hips,tum,upper arms which i fear may also be oedema.
Apparently i can look forward to compression stockings and bandaging...grrrrrrrrr!
Sorry for long rant! Hugs to all x! Anyone out there beaten this? Nobody on the oedema forum seems to be having any luck,and as its a progressive condition,tends to just get worse as time passes ( what fun!) :confused: x

05 Apr 2017, 22:08
Dear @CandiceMarie

How upsetting and frustrating for you. :cry: :frown: Particularly as you have not heard of any way to successfully treat your situation. I know there is medication that can help with fluid retention, but it may not be suitable for your situation or you may not want to go down that path - and your doctor would have suggested it, if it was suitable, I am sure.

Keeping your legs elevated can help, but that is not practical for a lot of the time of course.

I know you have found BSD a successful way to lose weight, but I wonder whether eating so few calories and presumably a limited range of foods for so long may mean your body is deficient in certain key vitamins and minerals that may not be available from your diet. I assume you have discussed your diet with your doctor?

Best wishes and good luck for finding a solution that works. :clover: :smile:

06 Apr 2017, 16:47
That's awful CandicMarie, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you can find some relief for it especially as you have worked so hard as Sassy said.
We seem to have lost Hazelnut again, I hope she's ok out there.
I'm having a bad run currently and the weight has been sneaking back on which is incredibly frustrating. I'm so hungry it isn't funny and I know it's stress, I just want to eat and eat and eat. 800 calories doesn't seem very attainable just now. I haven't dared weigh myself as I know it won't be pretty. Just hope the stress relieves itself sooner rather than later.

Debs xxxxx

06 Apr 2017, 22:48
Thanks @sassy1 yeh i think perhaps i need to eat more fruit..ive hardly had any for several months except a few berries now and then...coz fruit is quite high in carbs. Ive had a lot of green veg and salad,but hardly any carrots,peas sweetcorn. Could well be i am missing some vital mins and vits so now is the time to re inrtroduce them x my GP is great and was all for 800 cals low carb in the short term,specially when she saw the results,but doesnt approve longterm.x

@debs..i am terrible for eating when i feel stressed,just as a distraction from whats playing on my mind. i do hope yr stresses start to fade fast so you can get back on the meantime,just try to do some damage limitation,allowing yrself to eat but not going too mad.

I wonder if there could be another cause tho.. I eat when stressed but not particularly hungry,just wanting something nice to cheer me up.
When ive been insatiably hungry,its when its been the famine response that Amanda Sallis ( think thats the name) writes about. The body knows when its lacking something,and will keep giving the message loud and clear.
We need @caroreesto tell us if theres a physiological reason for whats going on with you.xx

06 Apr 2017, 22:58
@debs just read a thing,reasons why we're hungry..
This is what it says about stress eating and why..tho the solutions it gives are a bit simplistic...

"Who hasn't dealt with a high-pressure workday or relationship rough spot by giving into cravings for a pint of Rocky Road? But stress has a sneakier way of making you voracious. When you're tense, your system ramps up production of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, says Rumsey. Elevated levels of these hormones trick your system into thinking it's under attack and needs energy, so your appetite starts raging. Stress also reduces levels of the brain chemical serotonin, and that can make you feel hungry when you aren't, says Moon. Consider it a case for making it to yoga class more often, or cranking up a soothing playlist on your commute home."
Link to article, 11 reasons youre always hungry..., ... l/view-all

07 Apr 2017, 01:14
Interesting link, thanks @Candicemarie. I also looked at the "51 ways to trick your body into feeling full". Some good ideas there. (Bit hard to read with all the ads tho!) Worth a look @Debs.

I also wonder how @hazelnut20 is going. Pernelle, please get in touch! :confused: :heart: :smile:

11 Apr 2017, 13:23
Hi @candicemarie, sorry to hear about the oedema, and that Dr Google has no helpful advice for dealing with it. What a drag after your splendid 6 stone gone.

As regards the hunger, my advice would be to keep on eating BSD type foods but to jack in the 800 cal limit for now. Eating low cal for a long time can slow up your metabolism so that you end up having to permanently eat little or regain very quickly. You could sort of 5:2 your BSD food - eat as much as you want 4/5/6 days a week and less (500/800) on 3/2/1 days. That should keep your metabolism revved up.

Sending you hugs



11 Apr 2017, 20:54
Thanks my old pal @barbaritayeh it does feel a bit unfair..but then a lot of the folk ive met online have got oedema as a result of surgery for breast at least i can be grateful i havent gone thru breast cancer.
My Doc thinks its happened coz my lymph system is sluggish,due to M.E. and underactive thyroid.
What struck home was she said that blood has a pump to move it round,but we have a lot more lymph fluid than blood,but there's no pump in the lymphatic system.
So i am doing all i can to get that fluid moving. I wd love to know how much more weight i wd lose if i " drained" thoroughly! :grin: :lol:
Thanks for the good advice B x I do go up to 900/ 1000 cals these days,and will try yr 5:2 suggestion
I want to lose about ten more pounds, then just maintain and will be looking at yr old posts for guidance doing that,coz you are the Queen of Maintaineers,along with our friends @pennyforthem @merlinand @callyanna hope all you guys are doing well xxx big hugs all round!
@debs how are you,are things any better yet...i read this in an email from Deepak Chopra today..which bears out what@sassy1was saying a few posts back..

"Cravings are often at the root of letting your portions get out of control. Many cravings are due to the fact that you’re not getting the proper amount of nutrients you need at a given meal. Filling up your plate with a heaping portion of mac and cheese and garlic bread is not going to satisfy you, no matter how much you eat. Your body needs more:

Make sure you’re not overeating because you’re nutritionally deficient. A good way to do this is to fill your plate with different natural colors. For example, add a salad with:

Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil"

XX happy Easter everyone XX :heart:

17 Apr 2017, 14:04
Hi Everyone. Not been around for a while. Work stress and we have moved again. This time to South Oxfordshire. On the positive I'm down over a stone since Christmas. Combo of BSD, 16:8 and virtually no alcohol. Still a way to go but I'm plodding on. I have been taking saffron extract to help with the stress and I don't seem to have cravings and feeling hungry like poor @debs. @candicemarie great job on six stone! Sorry about your oedema. Just take care of yourself. Good advice from the others here.

18 Apr 2017, 08:11
Hi @rawkaren well done on losing that stone! interesting about the saffron,glad its helping,must keep that in mind. Less stress equals more likely to lose weight! Keep on keeping on,onwards and downwards! X

24 Apr 2017, 10:26
Hi everyone,
Still no Hazelnut here. We'll keep the thread alive in her honour though! Still struggling here with the hunger. I'm eating heaps of nuts, not ideal but better than sugar until I can get sorted. I really, really want to do some walking in the fresh air, something that is sorely lacking here with all the dust storms and respiratory problems people seem to have. Ah well, it can only get better. Hope everyone else is battling on regardless!

11 Jul 2017, 20:32
How is everyone over on this thread? Wd love to hear from you all..i know, im as bad as anyone for not logging in often enough,like we did in the olden times :lol: :razz: .
Shouting a hello out to you all,miss you,and specially to the founder of this thread,our very own @hazelnut20 Big Hugs all round xxxxx

11 Jul 2017, 21:17
Oh yes, sending lots of hugs to @hazelnut20 -- please come back, even if it's hanging your head in shame. We've all been there and we want to offer support if you need it. Or, if you're out having the time of your life and partying like there's no tomorrow, let us know so we don't worry ffs!!! ;-)

Thanks @CandiceMarie!!
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