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Re: My progress, by Doodle
05 Apr 2013, 21:39
Well, I have put in my weight on the tracker today after only 5 days rather than 7, as I wanted to post my stats on Caroline's thread collecting data. So - 2lb lost (which kind of makes up for staying the same the last two weeks!) and I'm delighted.

My fast days seem much easier and straight forward now - I don't eat at all until my evening meal, and it suits me well.

I have also made my tracker stats public as I thought if I like seeing others progress, then others might like to see mine!

Thanks to everyone on here for the encouragement and support. It really is second to none. :smile:
Re: My progress, by Doodle
12 Apr 2013, 13:04
I will post my weigh in result today as it is a week since I last did so.

I have now lost 7lb since starting 5:2 and I am over the moon. I really do think I will be able to continue this. I originally put my goal as the top weight that came out 'normal' on the BMI chart, (only 3lb away now!) but if I continue and manage to go lower, I will aim for 7lbs off at a time.

Re: My progress, by Doodle
12 Apr 2013, 13:11
Congrats, Doodle! It's great hearing from a longer-timer than me (1 week!). Were you a breakfast person before - and are you now on non-fast days?
Re: My progress, by Doodle
12 Apr 2013, 13:37
Thanks debbiejgb, I'm loving it!

For my first couple of fasts, I had breakfast and evening meal, but then I tried not having breakfast and found I didn't feel so hungry skipping it. So now, on fast days, I only have water and green tea from waking up until 7pm ish. It suits me.

On non-fast days, I do eat breakfast and eat what and when I want to. :)
Re: My progress, by Doodle
12 Apr 2013, 13:43
Thanks Doodle, I have always been a breakfast person - and the first fast nearly killed me as I was hungry all day long! 2nd fast (yesterday), I skipped breakfast had a lunch and did much better. This am, my tummy was upset after breakfast, so not sure if I should continue skipping. I'll keep experimenting! Take care!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
04 May 2013, 09:56
Well, haven't posted on this thread for a while so thought I'd update.

I'm a bit down really as I'm only 1lb lower today than last time I recorded on here, but seeing the daily fluctuations on the scales has helped because, using the "TrueWeight" app on my phone, I can see the general downward trend.

I am finding 5:2 very easy as I don't count anything on my eating days, so really, it's like I'm losing weight without too much effort! (although slowly!) I'm sure I could speed things up if I paid more attention to my non-fast days, but this way I can do it forever!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
09 May 2013, 06:37
Just have to post my weigh in result this morning. I am 2lb down from my last 'official' weigh in - although that has been the same for 3 weeks. However, I am 3lb down from yesterday morning! What a boost!!

I am still using the "TrueWeight" app on my phone - had it not been for that, I honestly think I would have given up a while ago. Seeing the general downward trend on the graph is brilliant for me. My Progress Tracker shows a bit of a pattern too - staying the same for a few weeks, then losing.

S0 - I have reached the goal set by my GP! :) I am at the top of the healthy BMI range. Now I shall reduce my goal by 7lb at a time and see how I go. Don't think I'm ever going to be at the lower end of the BMI healthy range, but never say never!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
09 May 2013, 06:47
:smile: Well done you Doodle! You must be feeling great, and think of all the added health benefits you get as well as reaching your target! Enjoy the moment and bask in your success!!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
09 May 2013, 08:58
Thank you, DoodlePuppet! I am pleased, and now beginning to consider what my real target might be. I haven't weighed less than this for at least 25 years!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
09 May 2013, 09:19
:party: Wohooo Doodle - fantabadabaddulous news - well done you.
Fantastic to be top end of healthy - really pleased for you. Look forward to sharing some more cake with you soon to celebrate :victory:
Re: My progress, by Doodle
09 May 2013, 09:47
Thank you, Suchard :) and yes please, more cake with you would be lovely!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
18 May 2013, 09:58
Another pound off today :) I am SO pleased! And the next stone number doesn't seem too far away now. It was only ever a dream before!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
08 Jun 2013, 08:35
Thought it was about time I had a bit of an update on here. I have stayed the same weight at my weekly 'official' weigh ins for 4 weeks, although I am seeing a downward trend on my TrueWeight app. I see a bit of a pattern here - I lose for a few weeks, then stick for three or four, then lose again. Anyone know why?! Anyway, still below the GP's target for me, and aiming lower. Really looking forward to my update with the surgery next month and I'll see if my blood results show any difference...
Re: My progress, by Doodle
22 Jun 2013, 06:37
Well I stayed the same weight for my 'official' weigh-ins for a whole month and was getting fed up. But last week I lost a pound, and this week another, so I am feeling much happier about my progress again.
(Is it just me who feels jealous when they read of others losing more, or more regularly?! I need to ignore that green-eyed monster!)
Re: My progress, by Doodle
23 Jun 2013, 09:01
I know exactly what you mean about jealousy, I often feel just the same. I just had a peek at your progress chart, you're SO close to your goal that must feel great. Hang on in there, down is down no matter what pace you take.
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