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My progress, by Doodle
18 Mar 2013, 07:31
Well, I am one week in and I have lost 3lb. (Have to say I weigh far too often, so I know the weight fell off early in the week, but didn't go back up on my eating days, so that's encouraging.)
I know the first week or so will show larger losses until things settle down, but I'm not complaining!
So, fast number 3 starting now and I am trying missing breakfast for the first time today. I'll see how I go. I'm a bit anxious about it, but if it's too difficult, I'll have something - I will try to be stress free!
I am so glad I found this site. Full of supportive people and all the information I could need! :grin:
Re: My progress, by Doodle
18 Mar 2013, 13:34
Well done, great first week, keep going.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
18 Mar 2013, 20:29
Excellent progress! Congrats! :like:
Re: My progress, by Doodle
25 Mar 2013, 11:39
Well, today the scales say I have stayed the same (although sneaky looks at the scales showed a loss which has now disappeared). I put it down to preparations for Passover and I have done a lot of cooking (and eating!) this weekend, so I'm not too worried. I will have my fast days on Wednesday and then Friday or Saturday to fit in with the festival. This is the one time of year when I usually put on weight, so to stay the same will be my aim.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
01 Apr 2013, 09:57
I am so pleased with myself! I weigh the same today as I did a week ago, and at this time of year, that's a complete miracle! I am fasting today as well, so I feel in control and ready to move forward :smile:
Re: My progress, by Doodle
01 Apr 2013, 15:08
That's fab news Doodle!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
01 Apr 2013, 18:08
Well done Doodle. You sound very calm and in control.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
01 Apr 2013, 19:27
In the Progress discussion (I think--sorry, no time today to find it) someone posted a long term (6 mo. I think) chart of their weight loss with daily weigh-ins. It was lots of little up-down zigzags with definite diagonal downward trend from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. It was tremendously heartening and convinced me to post my weight daily. I think it is actually more accurate and motivating than weekly weigh-ins, especially for 1 to 4 pounds on a regular basis. Seeing that visual of an overall downward trend is awesome!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
02 Apr 2013, 08:59
Thank you, everyone. Bordergirl, I have read that and agree it is great seeing the zig zags going down. I do actually weigh everyday (always have!) so I have a similar zig zag in my head, but I'm posting weekly results on this thread to be my personal record. I am quite positive about this plan.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
02 Apr 2013, 09:21
I'm kind of curious about this weighing every day lark, but I'm a bit nervous about doing it. I'm usually a strict once a week girl, same time, same place.
Im not sure how I'd feel if the scale went up.
I suppose I could give it a for a couple of weeks and use the App that was talked about on the original thread. I'm going to go off and see if I can find it.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
02 Apr 2013, 09:45
'Libra' on Android, not sure about Apple.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
02 Apr 2013, 09:50
"True weight" for iphones is good.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
02 Apr 2013, 09:58
Thanks People!! I've just downloaded 'Fatwatch' for iphone. It's pretty straight forward. We'll see how things go........
Re: My progress, by Doodle
02 Apr 2013, 10:06
Thanks so much everyone. I have just downloaded "True weight" on my iPhone and input all my daily weights from when I started on 11 march - it's FAB!
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