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Re: My progress, by Doodle
08 Dec 2013, 02:48
You will lose, but it will be subtle, then WHAM! you will suddenly see a loss. It will come, you have done very well but give yourself (and mind and body) time to get used to the changes. :)
Re: My progress, by Doodle
08 Dec 2013, 07:56
Keep going Doodle. Dont get disheartened. Because you are in the healthy weight range it will take time but it will happen. Go Doodle!
Xxx julianna
Re: My progress, by Doodle
09 Dec 2013, 16:23
Thank you so much for your posts - they mean a lot to me :)
Re: My progress, by Doodle
18 Dec 2013, 22:32
Doodle - you've done so well, and are looking so good on it. Don't get disheartened.. you've got a good BMI so don't get too peeved by it all. :heart: :like:
Re: My progress, by Doodle
20 Dec 2013, 10:47
Thanks Suchard :) Lovely to see you back on here x
Re: My progress, by Doodle
29 Mar 2014, 12:49
Well! What a long time since I posted on here!

No news really!! I gained a bit and lost it again, and I have continued to log my weekly TrueWeight from the app - so although I go up and down a little with my daily weighings, I haven't lost a thing for AGES. Maybe I'm just supposed to be here?! I'm not going to try to eat less on my eating days, or to fast more often than I am, so really, for very little effort, this is working for me. And to be honest, a BMI of 24 is so much lower than I'd ever hoped.

I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have time to post on this forum more often (and annoyed that the site is blocked at work!), but I'll post when I can :)

So - I guess I win the crown for the longest plateau ever?!
Re: My progress, by Doodle
10 Apr 2014, 22:07
Hmmm, just as well this is only a record for myself....

Ditto from 2 weeks ago - what a surprise! Feel like giving up now.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
10 Apr 2014, 22:55
@Doodle don't give up, though it is hard when you keep the foot on the pedal and see no results on scales for instance. What you are doing is giving your body a comparative rest two days per week by minimal eating. Your BMI is in at least into the top end healthy range, many of us still can only dream of a BMI like yours. There are all the other benefits as well which may well have drawn you into intermittent fasting as discussed by MM

Have you looked at your sugar consumption, have you converted over to lower carbs and healthier fats and less prepared food in the central isles of supermarket. Are your clothes down a size or two. The point is there are still many way to tweak as discussed on the forum. Mostly though I think struggles with plateaus are part of the territory for some of us and it is what you do while you find yourself with this challenge that is important. Dealing with stalls is still to be understood I feel

Wishing you all the best and hope you find your mojo and the downward trend happens for you.
Re: My progress, by Doodle
11 Apr 2014, 15:45
@gillymary - thank you so much for your reply. I was feeling particularly fed up yesterday, and your post has really helped me put it all into perspective.
You are right, and I am going to keep all those positives in mind.

I just noticed, we began our 5:2 journey at the same time! I don't think I have ever stayed on another eating plan for as long as this one, and I really think it is something I will be able to continue for many years to come. The medical benefits which have been shown by my doctors should be reason enough :)

Thanks again. x
Re: My progress, by Doodle
12 Apr 2014, 14:07
Doodle wrote: @gillymary - thank you so much for your reply. I was feeling particularly fed up yesterday, and your post has really helped me put it all into perspective.
You are right, and I am going to keep all those positives in mind.
Thanks again. x

:clover: Hey @Doodle Don't you get down + fed up
You've been there for me + many others over your time
Now look how long it took me and although it does become disheartening I'm proof that sticking with it and yes mixing things up really helps, I did every mix-up I could think of with no definite result weightloss wise, a tiny change with the tape measure, then bingo (wings and all) spotted carorees advice to Debs, the one thing I hadn't tried was going even lower in my carbs to force my body to burn fat, as you are aware it worked for me but not for Deb we just need the correct "key" then we can get on with the job in hand, I do think our bodies do have a happy weight and how we know when we're at the end of our intended journey well that's the biggest mystery. :clover:

take a peep into gorba's post in the tracker weigh in thread
just to see if anything rings true for you. :clover:
Re: My progress, by Doodle
12 Apr 2014, 20:41
@Sue.QHow kind of you to post on here for me. I admit to getting quite tearful about it all - it seems so unfair sometimes when some others seem to be able to lose quite regularly, and I know when I'm doing what worked before, and various mixing-up trials, and still the scales don't budge, I do wonder why I'm doing it at all.
Then I look at all the positives and remember exactly why I'm doing it.

This week there are significant days for my family so I will not be fasting on my usual days, but I am going to enjoy the family time and then get back onto it from Wednesday and see how I go.

Life is precious, family is special, and I am not going to let myself be upset by this. Thank you very much for your post - I will definitely check out the ideas in that thread and see what happens....
Re: My progress, by Doodle
08 Feb 2019, 19:38
Helloooooo! Several years since I was on here, but I've found you all again and thought I would update.

I had a rather traumatic event in January 2015 and have been having counselling since then. Things are more settled now but PTSD can last....!

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in April 2016. Obviously my diet had to change to very strict gluten free but I haven't missed gluten really. I generally do intermittent fasting as 16:8 most days. My weight did go up when I was first diagnosed, but I'm back down in the healthy BMI range and my clothes are smaller than when I was this weight before. I call that a success :)

Is there anyone still here who remembers me?
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